Saint Timothy Catholic Church Human Needs Committee Meeting Small Faith Groups Beginning

Saint Timothy Catholic Church
A.D. October 12, 2014
Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Human Needs Committee Meeting
Small Faith Groups Beginning
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Adult Faith Formation
Get your coffee and stay in the commons for
these interesting and insightful presentations
from 10:45-11:30 on Sunday mornings. Next
weekend, Fr. Jonathan will help us explore the
fascinating "theology of the body." On October
26, Arn Manella will introduce some of our
most heroic Catholic military chaplains.
Altar Servers Needed
Do you have a calling to be an altar server? We
are encouraging youth ages 9-17 to attend an
introduction to altar serving to be held
following the 9:30am Mass on October 19. If
interested please speak to Arn Manella or
Charlie MacDonald following any Sunday
From Our Bishops
[On Monday Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of the Diocese of Richmond and Bishop Paul Loverde of
the Diocese of Arlington issued the following through the V irginia Catholic Conference.]
Weekly Parish Bulletin
With deep disappointment, we learned today that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied review of
lower-court decisions that struck down Virginia's law prohibiting same-sex marriage and similar
laws in four other states. Because of the Supreme Court's denial, marriages between couples of
the same sex have begun today in Virginia. This occurrence reflects a fundamental
misunderstanding of the intrinsic nature of marriage and represents an injustice to over a million
Virginia voters, whose decision was to enshrine the understanding of marriage as the union of
one man and one woman into our state's constitution.
Marriage has been affirmed by countless generations because it uniquely benefits the common
good by recognizing the union of two equal but complementary individuals - that is, a man and a
woman - who, by their life-giving union, may create a family. Marriage not only benefits the man
and woman who enter it, but also best serves children because of the particular contributions that
mothers and fathers bring to family life. Therefore, Virginia's constitution rightly recognized the
unique contributions marriage makes to children and to the common good.
As Bishops, we will continue to affirm the truth about marriage, the lifelong union of one man
and one woman, as well as its essential importance to the common good. As pastors, teachers,
and faith leaders, we can do nothing less. It is our fervent hope that the Supreme Court will
reconsider this fundamental issue in the future.
Religious Education
Our Religious Education program is now in its
second month of exciting exploration of God's
truth and beauty. Parents are asked to ensure
that all children and youth ages 4 to 18 are
enrolled and actively participating.
Registration is still available for our classes
which meet Sunday mornings, 10:45-11:45am.
Please contact Anne Glancy through the parish
office or stop by St. Jude Hall next Sunday.
All Souls Day Altar
As November approaches, we look forward to
again erecting our "Altar of the Dead" near the
image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Please bring
photos of deceased loved ones to place on the
altar until the beginning of Advent. Additionally,
please write any names of deceased individuals
who you would like remembered at Mass this
month, in our parish Book of the Dead.
Youth Group Service Project
Our Youth Group is excited about participating
in the Diocesan Day of Service on November 8
by playing bingo with our neighbors at
Carrington Place. They also hope to build a
raised garden box for the residents there. They
need some help from parishioners with
carpentry experience to build it. To find out
more, please contact Mary Lynn Krusz at 4436973.
Bible Study
The group will meet for lunch at Hobbs Hole,
on Wednesday, October 15, after Lauds.
Come join us!
September 2014
Operating Income: $51,227.20
Operating Expenses: $41,962.44
Restricted Income: $7,267.87
Restricted Expenses: $7,864.63
Our next special collection will be offered on October 18
and 19 for World Mission Sunday.
A.D. October 12, 2014
Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Weekly Parish Bulletin
Mass Intentions
Tuesday, October 14, 9am
+James Neville
Wednesday, October 15, 12N Lauds
Thursday, October 16, 9am +Sadie Kathyrn Fowler
Friday, October 17, 9am
+Ann Peterson
Saturday, October 18, 5pm Pro pópulo
Sunday, October 19, 9:30am +Rosalyn Degon
Sunday, October 19, 12N
+Abelardo Hernandez
Small Faith Groups Beginning
The parish is now prepared to offer an
important tool to grow in holiness. Small
groups will gather to consider the process of
spiritual growth as outlined by some of our
greatest saints including Teresa of Avila, John
of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux, and Bernard
of Clairvaux. The weekly meetings will take
your schedule into account. If interested,
contact Fr. Jonathan.
Our Hispanic community is organizing a
kermés, a food sale that combines a festive
meal with a fundraiser, for 1:30pm on Sunday,
November 2, in honor of All Souls Day, in St.
Jude Hall. Bring your appetite and a few
dollars! All proceeds go to support our capital
improvements, including the renovation and
expansion of St. Jude Hall. To find out about
making something to contribute, contact
Gonzalo Ramirez at 313-5119.
Human Needs Committee
The Human Needs Committee will be meeting
Saturday, October 18 at 6:00pm in the
Commons. This committee does vital work
here in our community. Please consider
donating your time to help out those less
20th Annual Coat, Sweater, and Blanket
Please bring new or gently used items to St.
Jude Hall until Sunday, October 19. New
blankets and baby clothes, for children up to
two years of age, are much needed. These
items will be donated to the Tappahannock
Community Center for distribution.
Saturday: Reconciliation at 4:15pm, Mass at 5:00pm
Sunday: Reconciliation at 8:45am, Mass at 9:30am,
Mass in Spanish at noon
413 Saint Timothy Lane, Tappahannock, VA 22560
phone: 804-443-2760
fax: 804-443-2022
email: [email protected]
Visit for helpful links,
information on the sacraments, and much more!
Fr. Jonathan Goertz, Pastor ([email protected])
Mrs. Anne Glancy, Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Joanie Copen, Business Manager/Bookkeeper
“Like” us on Facebook for photos and updates!
St. Callistus I, pope and martyr
St. Teresa of Jesus, virgin and doctor
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, virgin
St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr
Twenty-Ninth Sunday
Twenty-Ninth Sunday
Twenty-Ninth Sunday
Upcoming Events
Community Dinner
(Monday, October 13, 5:00pm, St. Jude Hall)
Finance Council
(Tuesday, October 14, 6:00pm, Conference Room)
Parish Council
(Tuesday, October 14, 7:00pm, Conference Room)
Bible Study
(Wednesday, October 15, 10:30am, Commons)
(Wednesday, October 15, 7:00pm, Church)
Knights of Columbus
(Wednesday, October 15, 7:30pm, St. Jude Hall)
Night Owl Adoration
(Wednesday, October 15, 9:30pm, Church)
Alcoholics Anonymous
(Thursday, October 16, 8:00pm, St. Jude Hall)
Human Needs Committee Meeting
(Saturday, October 18, 6:00pm, Commons)
Adult Faith Formation
(Sunday, October 19, 10:45am, Commons)
Alcoholics Anonymous
(Thursday, October 23, 8:00pm, St. Jude Hall)
Prayer List
For those serving our country: Lt. Patrick Howlett,
USAF; Sgt. Charles R. Mauldin, USMC; PFC Paul
Largett, US Army; Ensign Jordan Gates, US Navy;
Major Rod Dwyer, USA, PFC W. Daniel Clarke, ANG.
For healing and good health: Vergie McKenzie, Rachel
Porter, Lois Nelms, Beatrice Howard, Victoria Rizzi,
Kenna Click, Shirley Fortune-Smith, Stephen Fortune,
Gary Withnell, Virginia Holbrooks, Miles Page,
Kenneth Bryan, Clayton Faust, Bud and Anne Mauldin,
Ron Haggerty, Kim Onitas, Victoria Cutwright, Chuck
Burns, Frances Strife, Larry Miller, Eric Thompson,
John Walter, Donna and Tonya Thompson, Kevin
Bonhaus, Hattie Thornton, George Egmond, Cedell
Brooks, Betty Pullman, Wendy Payne, Ron Hinson,
Christopher Manella, Diane Miller, Charles Piscopo,
Mary Gottko, Donsey P. Harvey, Granville H. Rogers,
Sister Catherine Lillis, Barbara Severin, Jack Klein,
Leeds Corbin, Mary Sydnor, Christina Zottoli, Lucy
Rogers, Patricia Brenzovich, Yosselyn Cruz, Kenneth
Strife, Yiduk Kim, Raymond Greenwood, Rita
Devine, Gregory Woodfin, Sr., Gregory Woodfin, Jr.,
Anna Snedden, Douglas Sanger, Jean Hachey, Cindy
Graves, Christin Hannah, Jimmy Whitaker, Ginny
Flaherty, Sally Reville, Deborah Livingston, Ken
Pollack, Linda Morris, Sue Ball, Grayson Kirby, Alison
Ryan, Dorothy Sponder, Lourdes Longyear, Lucille
(Jolly) Lyons, Dylann Selig, Anne Sanger, Hal and Pat
Severin, Sheryl Sears, Kristin Via, Martha Caulkins,
Julio Marinero Camacho, Anna Coffey, Andy Caron,
Rita Noble, Tim Lyons, Allen Glazbrook, George
Goertz, Evelyn Nawrocki, Brenda Frank, Wesley Berry.