Dr. (Smt.) Sarala Birla & Syt. B.K. Birla
To be known for developing ethical global
leaders and entrepreneurs striving for
sustainability and inclusive growth.
• To be the preferred choice for students,
faculty and recruiters.
• To create and disseminate knowledge in the
global context.
• To imbibe entrepreneurial culture through
curriculum, pedagogy, research and
• To equip students for global business
• To develop faculty as global thought
• To ingrain ethics, sustainability and inclusive
growth in all its activities.
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Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Smt. Jayashree Mohta
Birla Academy of Art & Culture
Shri D. N. Patodia
Dr. Ajit Ranade
Dr. H. Chaturvedi
Former President,
FICCI & Ex-MP, Gurgaon
Chief Economist,
Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai
Director, BIMTECH
Greater Noida
Shri A. K. Agarwala
Shri Vikash Kandoi
Chairman, Business Review Council
Aditya Birla Management Corporation
Royal Touch Fablon (P) Ltd.
Shri Ramesh Maheshwari
Shri M. K. Parida, IAS
Joint Secretary,
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Govt. of India
Executive Vice Chairman,
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd
2011 Centre for Management Case Development
2010 Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2008 India Centre for Public Policy
2005 Centre for International Business & Policy
2005 Centre for Retail Management
2002 Centre for Retail Management
2000 Centre for Research
2000 Centre for Insurance & Risk Management
1991 Centre for Business Management
1988 Year of Establishment
Director’s Message
Dr. H. Chaturvedi
The businesses today have undergone a metamorphosis. Management Education
in the emerging global knowledge economy has become increasingly complex and
therefore needs to evolve continuously. We strive to nurture and produce talent
with the knowledge, skills and perspectives to be able to take on the plethora of
challenges of the business world with dexterity. Our founders and patrons, Syt. B. K.
Birla and Dr. (Smt.) Sarala Birla have always emphasized adherence to excellence,
ethics and values both in their businesses as well as in educational institutions
established by them. At BIMTECH, we endeavor to impart and inculcate these
values among our students as we strive to shape and sharpen their mindsets by
the academic rigor and efficient professional practices which are essential in
today’s globalised world. We strive to endow them with a platform, helping them
to broaden their horizon and in the process provide them healthy, refined, holistic
and substantial education.
We are determined to provide a sound foundation in our students of lifelong
learning and this continues to attract attention of all our stakeholders. Every
member of the BIMTECH Fraternity complements each other's efforts to
synchronize and harmonize with our process of growth. The achievements of the
institute highlighted in this annual activity report are the outcome of the
remarkable support of all members of the BIMTECH family.
As we march into a new orbit of growth, we acknowledge that it is not enough that
we sit on our past laurels but as a dynamic and responsible premiere business
school of the country, we need to create and recreate ourselves in creating a
learning atmosphere. We still have a long way to go…
Deputy Director’s Message
It's time again to celebrate accomplishments… time again to introspect… time
again to tread on a road less travelled… time again to create milestones… and most
importantly, to embark on a new journey towards excellence.
Dr. Anupam Varma
Deputy Director
BIMTECH's silver jubilee memoir of 2012-13, the first Annual Report, was a
celebration of 25 years of this institute. Annual reports ahead will continue to
feature success stories and achievements on academic year basis.
Someone commented recently, “Much education today is monumentally
ineffective. All too often we give our young people cut flowers, when we should be
teaching them to grow their own plants.” Correcting -just that is at the heart of the
BIMTECH philosophy.
Since its inception, BIMTECH has been working to nurture students who contribute
actively as pioneers, innovators, creators, forerunners, discoverers, inventors,
developers in the field of management technology – in India and worldwide.
Implementing newer vistas of global research in education, putting in place
innovative curricula and pedagogical tools, giving management education greater
meaning and direction – that is way forward as we groom dynamic ambassadors
and corporate czars.
It gives me immense pleasure to showcase BIMTECH's achievements of 2013-14
through this Annual Activity Report. I am confident that it shall motivate and
inspire all of us to scale newer heights.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
I consider myself to be just another
human being with not much
difference between us. I remember,
it was perhaps April 20, 1959, that I
reached Birla House in Mussoorie
after several days of journey by train.
Soon afterwards, Pandit Nehru came
to see me. I met him for the first time
in Peking in 1954, then again at the
time of the Buddha Jayanti
celebrations in 1956.”
-Holiness the Dalai Lama
Visit of His Holiness
ecember 1, 2013: 25th Anniversary
Celebrations at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida was
irradiated by the pristine halo of His
Holiness The Dalai Lama.
Aptly concluding the Silver Jubilee celebration with
lessons on spirituality and hope, the BIMTECH
family was truly blessed by having the life time
opportunity of welcoming the Nobel Laureate, the
fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso to the city of
Greater Noida for the first time,. The event took
place at the Jaypee Integrated Sports Complex,
Greater Noida, where a select gathering of
corporate leaders, civil servants, academicians,
professionals, diplomats and parents of students
were left enraptured by the wisdom of the epitome
of compassion.
On behalf of the Birla family, The Dalai Lama was
welcomed by Smt. Rajashree Birla, Chairperson of
the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives
and Rural Development. Smt Jayashree Mohta, the
Chairperson of BIMTECH joined her to felicitate The
Holiness with a bouquet of flowers and a garland
of Khadi yarn as a symbol of Gandhian legacy. He
was also presented with a memoir – a framed
photograph of himself with Syt. B. K. Birla and
Smt. Sarala Birla on the veranda of Birla House that
was taken in 1959.
The luminaries joined His Holiness to light the lamp
of enlightenment at the venue. Dr. H Chaturvedi,
Director, BIMTECH, along with Smt. Jayashree
Mohta and Smt. Rajashree Birla showed their
gratitude to the Holiness through their welcome
notes. Smt. Birla shared that words of Holiness
have been driving her towards a great inner
strength, and encouraged her in a unique way to
bind oneself into the concept of universal family or
‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Smt. Jayashree Mohta
and Smt. Rajashree Birla quoted from several of His
books and speeches.
When His Holiness took the microphone, the whole
environment was filled with grace and peace. He
felt nostalgic about his relations with the Birla
family, which began with his early days in India. The
Dalai Lama had been given shelter by Late G. D.
Birla at Mussoorie, where he spent his first year in
December 20, 2013
Visit of His Holiness
The Dalai Lama
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
exile before moving to Dharamshala. The
session was followed by a wonderful
interactive session wherein The Dalai Lama
shared his perspectives on several critical
issues like religion, nation building, youth
empowerment, Tibet, life skills etc. His
experiences are truly inspirational learning for
people of every age. Every member in the
audience was completely enraptured and in
awe of the divine figure. His Holiness had an
immediate connect with everyone as he was
jovial throughout the session, laughing
heartily and reflecting at things with both
wisdom and reality. He reiterated that “success
and happiness are directly related to
developing a calm mind rooted in
compassion. If we pay attention to inner
values, life can be happy. There will be
problems, but the crucial issue is how we
approach them.”
As a token of gratitude at the end of his talk,
BIMTECH offered His Holiness a Patachitra- a
traditional painting from Odisha, illustrating
the life of the Buddha and requested him to
bless a Bodhi tree that was planted in the
BIMTECH campus. Dr. Anupam Varma, Deputy
Director of BIMTECH, offered the vote of
Smt. Rajashree Birla felt deeply indebted to
His Holiness for blessing BIMTECH and
believed that his benign presence shall remain
ingrained in the value system promoted by the
torchbearers here for generations to come.
She was overwhelmed by the Dalai Lama's
presence which tends to rekindle and reaffirm
the fact that his message of peace, nonviolence and tolerance to millions of people
across the globe shall be relentlessly
transmitted by the BIMTECH family.
“Words of Holiness have been
driving us towards a great
inner strength, and
encouraged in a unique way
to bind oneself into the
concept of universal family or
‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”
Smt. Rajashree Birla
Aditya Birla Centre for Community
As the program culminated, the minds and
souls were reverberating with the sum of the
three-fold path, which one has gleaned from
the teachings of the venerated Dalai Lama.
And as he points out, still, one remains a
seeker always.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
A New Beginning:
November 1, 2013
25th Convocation Ceremony
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
he convocation ceremony is a special
day in the academic life of the students.
It is a defining moment in every
student’s life giving his self-esteem a boost. It
marks the day when after two years of hard
work and dedication, the students get their
education degrees.
BIMTECH’s 25th Convocation function was
held in the lush green lawns of the institute on
November 1, 2013. The entire campus had a
festive air with decoration of flowers, buntings
and lights. The atmosphere was full of awe,
nostalgia and pride. The former Finance
Minister of India, Shri Yashwant Sinha was the
Chief Guest for the occasion. Dr. Ajit Ranade,
Member of the Board of Governors of
BIMTECH and Chief Economist, Aditya Birla
Group and Shri Vikash Kandoi, Member of the
Board of Governors of BIMTECH also graced
the occasion.
“The convocation day, for any educational
institution, is a great event in the life of the
scholars, parents and guardians, faculty and all
stake holders of an institution. It is a day of
hope, of fulfillment and of plans for the
future,” Shri Vikash Kandoi, Member, Board of
Governors BIMTECH said in his welcome
address. Dr. Ajit Ranade enlivened the
environment with quotations of Swami
Vivekananda ‘Arise, Awake and Stop Not till
the Goal is reached’ and of Steve Jobs ‘Stay
Hungry (for success) and Stay Foolish (for
miraculous achievements)’. Dr. H. Chaturvedi,
Director of the Institute, welcomed the
awardees into the alumni network of the
college and observed that hereafter, the
professional achievements of the awardees in
the global arena will keep on making the
BIMTECH family proud. He presented the
progress report of BIMTECH for the just
concluded year.
Addressing a lively audience of about 750
students, academicians and invited guests,
Shri Yashwant Sinha, stated that the young
graduates must assess the true features of the
economy in order to take correct business
decisions. The chief guest concluded with
giving a four point formula to the passing out
students by inspiring them to perform their
duties with Commitment, Courage, Ethics and
The diplomas were awarded to students from
all the five programs viz. Post Graduate
Diploma in Management, PGDM in
International Business, PGDM in Insurance
Business Management, PGDM in Retail
Management and PGDM in Sustainable
Development Practices. Continuing the
tradition of the BIMTECH PLEDGE, the
Diploma awardees exuberantly stood up to
take the oath and cheered themselves and
their friends on the occasion.
Deputy Director, Dr. Anupam Varma, expressed
his vote of thanks. A dazzling display of
fireworks was the apt finale for the grand
Excel in your pursuit,
be ethical in your corporate
life, courageously go places,
taking risks and live with
Shri Yashwant Sinha, MP
Former Finance Minister,
Govt. of India and Chairman,
Parliamentary Standing
Committee on Finance
For turbulent uncertain
times, use your knowledge
as traveller’s compass to
guide your conscience to
take up challenges.”
Dr. Ajit Ranade
Chief Economist,
Aditya Birla Group
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
OCTOBER 2, 2013
BIMTECH celebrated its 26th Foundation Day on the October 2nd, 2013. A day
etched with tradition and history. On the eve celebration of the Foundation Day,
'Court Martial', the famous play written by Swadesh Deepak, of the ASMITA
Theater Group was performed. The auspicious morning of Gandhi Jayanti was
given a spiritual start with a Sarva Dharma Prarthana Sabha, an amalgamation of
prayers from all religions, as a tribute to Gandhiji’s vision of a united India.
October 2, 2013
Foundation Day Celebration
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
he foundation day lecture was inaugurated in
the traditional way by lighting of the lamp by the
chief guest for the occasion, Dr. Ashwani Kumar,
Honourable Governor of Nagaland and Manipur and
his wife Mrs. Kumar along with Dr. H. Chaturvedi,
Director of BIMTECH and Deputy Director,
Dr. Anupam Varma.
In his welcome address, Dr. H. Chaturvedi enlightened
the audience about the prestigious heritage of
BIMTECH and values associated with the name ‘Birla’
that each one of us needs to carry forward. Gandhi
Jayanti was chosen as our foundation day by our
founders, Syt. B.K Birla and Smt. Sarala Birla, because
of the deep history that the Birlas shared with
Dr. Ashwini Kumar congratulated the BIMTECH family
for completing 25 glorious years and expressed how
he himself finds great solace in the life and ideology
of the father of our nation. The chief guest highlighted
the plethora of problems that still burden our country
from lack of development to high levels of
unemployment. Dr. Kumar stressed that if we wanted
to see this situation to change, the youth, the future of
the nation would have to take charge. The quality of
education provided shapes the minds of the youth of
today who would become the change tomorrow.
Dr. Ashwani Kumar was very firm in his thinking that
there is no shortcut to success.
The quality of education
provided shapes the minds of
the youth of today who would
become the change tomorrow."
Dr. Ashwini Kumar
Nagaland and Manipur
The foundation day function also gave us an opportunity
to celebrate several achievements on various fronts of
BIMTECH. Four distinguished members of the BIMTECH
fraternity, Mr. Firoz Ahamad, Senior Accountant, Mr. Y. S.
Aggarwal, Finance Manager, Dr. Gagan Katiyar, Assistant
Professor and Dr. L. Ramani, Associate Professor , were
felicitated by the chief guest for completing a decade of
service. The occasion also marked the launch of the new
BIMTECH website and the Annual Report.
Celebration of Indian roots and culture happened with
the community lunch, organized by the Food Conduit.
Plates made from sal leaves were laid on the floor and
people had lunch in a ‘shuddh desi’ fashion. The first
batch to be served consisted of the working staff of the
college like the domestic help, security people etc., and
their families. The subsequent batches had students from
foreign exchange, faculty and their families all basking in
the flavor of traditional India. The Foundation Day
celebrations came to an end with the Kite Flying
Programme organized by the Sports Conduit. Kite flying
has always been a very fun-filled and significant part of
all Indian festive celebrations and for BIMTECH, its
Foundation Day, is no less than a festival. The day
celebrated the spirit of BIMTECH in a unique way and
involved the entire BIMTECH family which has helped the
institute in reaching the heights it has attained.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
April 05, 2014
April 5, 2014
26th Convocation Ceremony
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
t has been decided that the Convocation of
the passing out batch would be held before
the close of the academic session from this
year onwards. Because of this two
convocations were held in the current year.
Success will not
come easy in the
global arena
without deep
domain knowledge,
problem solving
skills and
Mr. TV Mohandas Pai
Board of Manipal Global
Education Services
Pvt. Ltd.
The 26th Convocation Ceremony of BIMTECH
was held on April 5, 2014. The whole campus
was decked up in white and red theme to
celebrate the occasion. The convocation serves
as a solemn occasion for the students who are
about to battle it out in the real world as it
marks their last formal occasion in the institute
as students. The chief guest for the day was
Mr. Mohandas Pai, the Chairperson of the
Board of Manipal Global Education Services
Pvt. Ltd. and Advisor to the Manipal Education
and Medical Group and the guest of honor
was Mrs. Jayashree Mohta, Chairperson of the
Board of Governors, BIMTECH.
In her welcome address, Smt. Jayashree Mohta
remarked that BIMTECH, which was born in
1988, was formed with the objective of
providing cutting edge learning in
management sciences while being firmly
anchored in the bedrock of India’s traditional
values. Hence the leit motif of BIMTECH:
Excellence with Values.
Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH apprised
the graduating students of the responsibilities
ahead of them. The Director’s address traced
BIMTECH’s journey over the past year, taking
into cognizance, the various scenarios playing
out in today’s industries while plotting the
course for the future.
In his Keynote address to the graduating
students, Mr. TV Mohandas Pai, the
transformational leader and the man who
played a strategic role in transforming Infosys
into one of the world's most respected
software services companies in the world,
enthralled his audience on the nitty-gritty of
the manager’s responsibilities. Mr. Pai talked
about the qualities that aspiring leaders must
develop. He suggested that success will not
come easy in the global arena. As professionals
they would need deep domain knowledge,
problem solving skills and exceptional
communication skills, Mohandas Pai said to
the 357 PGDM graduating students at Birla
Institute of Management Technology
(BIMTECH) on Saturday evening.
Thereafter, the Pledge of Ethical Conduct was
administered, medals were awarded to the
exceptional performers and the diplomas were
handed over to the beaming students while
their parents looked on with pride. The vote of
thanks was proposed by the Deputy Director,
Dr. Anupam Varma. A dazzling display of
fireworks was the fitting finale to an event
signaling the transition from one phase of life
to the next for the class of 2014.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
of Section 135 of The Companies Act, 2013
October 28, 2013
Round Table on Implementation
Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
n October 28, 2013, the Roundtable on the implementation
of Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 was held at the
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee,
Director General and CEO Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
(IICA), an institute under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs,
Government of India chaired the roundtable. There was a healthy
representation from the government, the public and the private
sector, the civil society, the micro, medium and small scale sector,
the Chamber of Commerce and from the academia. The panel
members of the roundtable were Dr. Bimal Arora, Director, Centre
for Responsible Business,
Dr. K. K. Upadhyay, Head CSR, FICCI, Mr. Mukesh Gulati, Director,
Foundation for MSME Clusters, Mr. Neeraj Kapoor, AGM (R&R)
NTPC, Ms. Pushpa Sundar, Author, Business and Community,
Mr. Umesh Asaikar, Executive Director, Deepak Nitrite and
Ms. UVL Ananda, Head, Governmental and Stakeholder Affairs and
Sustainable Business Development, Bayer Group in India. The
Round Table was moderated by Mr. R. N. Bhaskar, Consulting Editor,
DNA. The panel members presented their views on the bill,
highlighted the implementation issues from their perspective and
at the same time, elaborated upon the expectations from the civil
society organizations to join hands with the corporate sector in
executing the various provisions under the CSR clause.
Public Policy and Challenges
In line with vision and
mission, the institute has taken
a proactive interest in
promoting the cause of
Corporate Social
he panel discussion on ‘Think Tanks in India:
Public Policy and Challenges’ was organized by
India Policy Foundation (IPF) and Birla Institute of
Management Technology (BIMTECH). It raised some
pertinent issues and stressed on the necessity of Think
Tanks in the country to act as a bridge between
government and citizens to complete the democracy in
India. Mr. D. N. Padhi, former Chief Information
Commissioner of Odisha, alluded the fact that the
regional and national Think Tanks should be connected
and should graduate to knowledge creation and
dissemination from field evidences. The intellectual
colonization by few hundred people in this country is
taking the grass root voices away from the real policies
needed in the states and at national level. The absence
of definite policy making mechanism was highlighted in
the discussion. The critical instances of Nuclear Policy,
Foreign Diplomacy Policy, Reservation Policy, Education
Policy, Environmental issues, and Economic Policies
were offered as examples during the discussion which
should be attended by the Think Tanks as they need
very deep engagement for citizen dialogue. Dr. Rahul
Singh and Prof. N. N. Sharma from BIMTECH presented
the research projects in action throughout India and its
objective to define Indian Think Tanks and their role in
making of public policy for the present and the future.
Prof. N N Sharma
India Centre for Public Policy(ICPP)
Dr. Arup Roy Choudhary
with our students
February 8, 2014
Review of the book ‘Management by Idiots’
interaction session
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
review of the book ‘Management by Idiots’ and an
interaction session with the Chairman and Managing
Director-NTPC, Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury was organized
by Editorial conduit and Majlis, the debating and theatre
society of BIMTECH on 8th February, 2014. This pristine
occasion was honored by the author himself. “Management
by Idiots” authored by Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman &
Managing Director, NTPC Limited, is a 116 pager crisp
composition and a succinct reflection of real life anecdotes.
The book carries a sea of knowledge in itself and is like a
capsule to the exigency of corporate honchos. It reflects on
how to encourage and build enthusiasm among the
subordinates by using appreciative intelligence. On this
occasion, Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, addressed the gathering
by narrating his experience in the journey of penning down
this book.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
with Dr. Jagdish Sheth
r. Jagdish Sheth, Founder, Academy of Indian Marketing and Charles H Kelldstat, Professor of Marketing, Emory
University, interacted with faculty and research scholars in a seminar held on October 12, 2013. Initiating the
discussion, he emphasized that the faculty need to be well rounded doing various academic activities like research,
teaching, training and academic administration. While he said that the best way to learn is to teach, he was very emphatic
that creating knowledge is the primary job of a faculty. He also admonished that the faculty should not be looking to the
industry with disdain nor the people from industry who come to management institute should undermine the academician.
He painted the scenario of business education in 21st century which is very stressful in USA where Wharton has announced
1st year free online course for MBA aspirants. He surmised that a similar situation may be faced in India in future and
therefore management institutions cannot depend on fees alone. They need to aggressively generate revenue through
training and research grants. Winding up the discussion, he talked about the website Research Gate which is a social
networking site for scientists and researchers and exhorted the researchers to visit the site and get research papers of their
December 4, 2013
Greater Noida – An Urban Village”
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
A Panel Discussion on Development of
“A Modern City” at Greater Noida
n December 4, 2013, there was a Panel Discussion on “Greater Noida – An Urban Village” and book release of “Urban
Village - Life in an Indian Satellite Town” authored by Ms. Vanadana Vasudevan in BIMTECH, Greater Noida. The book
is superbly etched and is a finely detailed representation of the life of an urban village in a modern satellite town of
India. It describes how Delhi as a city is growing radially stretching its way into the rural fringes of Haryana and Uttar
The esteemed guest and panelists were Dr. Yogendra Narain, Ex CEO, GNIDA, Mr. Brajesh Kumar, Ex CEO, GNIDA and
Mr. M. R. Ramachandran Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The function started with
the release of the book and was followed by the panel discussion. The panel discussion was moderated by Director,
BIMTECH, Dr. H. Chaturvedi. The discussion was mainly on issues in Greater Noida like power supply, roads and
transportation, water supply, industries, housing and commercial spaces etc. The panelists shared their thoughts around
detailed planning that went into the setting up of Greater Noida and possible solutions into the current problem areas.
- An Interactive Career Counseling
ervin Malhotra and Zubin Malhotra, leading
career counselors of the country, conducted an
interactive career counseling session with the
students and gave interesting insights to them on the
impact of their career choices, as they gear up in their
preparations for the placement and summer internship,
on January 11, 2014 at BIMTECH. While the students
shared important concerns regarding placements and
internships with them, they sought to allay the fears
and apprehensions and share their personal
experiences with the students.
March 6, 2014
Strengthening Indian Democracy through
Electoral Reforms, by Dr. Ajit Ranade
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
IMTECH organized a special lecture by Dr. Ajit Ranade on
“Strengthening Indian Democracy through Electoral Reforms” on
March 6, 2014. Dr. Ajit Ranade is the Chief Economist at the
Aditya Birla Group, a $40 billion Indian multinational conglomerate. He
is also member of the Board of Governors of BIMTECH. Dr. Ranade
discussed the various facets of electoral politics in India.
The fact that in India candidates are elected through a minimalistic
percentage of votes cast during election which renders Indian
democracy non-representative in the strictest sense of the term was
highlighted in the course of the discussion. He observed that in the 543
constituencies, an average of 2 million people cast vote. However, the
elected representative may account for merely 13% of the entire
population of the constituency. This is because India follows the First
Past the Post policy to elect the winner of the election. He shared some
startling facts with the audience, such as, 77.9% representatives (MPs)
were elected with less than 50% of votes cast, whereas 98% were by
less than 50% of the registered voters! He made a shocking discloser
about the number of MP’s facing criminal charges (i.e. Heinous crimes
like murder, rape and attempt to rape). He mentioned that in the
fifteenth Loksabha 162 out of the 543 representatives were facing such
criminal charges. Whereas, according to the Representation of People
Act (1951), Section 8, such candidates don’t even qualify to contest
elections. 31% of the Rajya Sabha representatives have criminal cases
against them pending in courts. Dr. Ranade rightly commented that
31% of Indians may not be criminal but 31% of their representatives
are! At the same time, Dr. Ranade pointed out another undesirable but
widespread practice, of dynastic politics. Surprisingly out of the elected
candidates below 31 years of age, 100% are torch-bearers of their
family political culture. Therefore, it’s important that we elect our
representatives rather than some family’s next generation to the
parliament. The inspiring and thought provoking session by Dr. Ranade
was indeed revered by one and all.
In India, candidates are elected
through a minimalistic percentage of
votes cast during election which
renders Indian democracy nonrepresentative in the strictest sense of
the term."
Dr. Ajit Ranade
Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
– The Business Schools in the Twenty- First Century
January 8, 2014
‘The Business School in the Twenty-First Century:
Emergent Challenges and New Business Models’
panel discussion, motivated by the book ‘The Business
School in the Twenty-First Century: Emergent Challenges
and New Business Models’, published by Cambridge
University Press, was organized on January 8, 2014 by BIMTECH,
MBAUniverse.com and Cambridge University Press in New Delhi.
Business Schools in the US are going through a mid-life crisis
and need an alternative business model. If Indian Business
Schools don’t watch out, they maybe headed the same way
unless some reverse innovation can be brought about. This can
happen only with reforms in laws pertaining to education in
India. Dr. Sheth and the two co-authors of his book Professor
Peter Lorange, founding Dean of IMD (Switzerland) who has now
set up his own B-School, Lorange Institute, and Professor
Howard Thomas, Dean of Singapore Management University
pointed out issues that ailed the global B-schools, Dr. D. K.
Bandopadhyay, former VC of Indraprastha University, Dr. Raj
Dhankar, Dean of Faculty of Management Studies and Dr. H.
Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH addressed the critical challenges
faced by the B- Schools in India. Dr. Dhankar presented the
immediate scenario of Indian as well as global business
education and also connected it with some of the issues as
pointed in the book on the quality of teaching, quality of
research and commercialization of the business education. Dr.
Bandyopadhyay pointed out on the theoretical foundation of the
programme and need for real accreditation and regulatory
September 13, 2013
The Academic Advisory Committee Meetings
on Planning Academic Architecture:
at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai
Captains of Industry
rubbed shoulders with
BIMTECH faculty, resulting in
the introduction of new courses
and revision and up-dating of
our existing courses in
Marketing and Retail, bringing
them in sync with industry
realities and requirements.”
Prof. Dhruv Chak
Marketing & Business Communication
The Academic Advisory Committee Meetings
he academic advisory committee in finance area was held Mumbai on September 6, 2013. Twenty nine CEOs / CFOs
from top corporate houses attended the meeting. The committee thoroughly reviewed the existing course curriculum
and gave recommendations. The members highlighted their expectation regarding knowledge and skill from a fresh
management graduate. The discussions have helped to bridge the gap between industry and academia and are also likely
to provide many opportunities for our faculty to work with industry leaders and understand the best practices.
This committee is permanent in nature and would meet at least once a year.
The Marketing Advisory Committee meeting which was attended by 32 participants, was organized on December 20, 2013
at the Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. Prof. Dhruva Chak, Head of the Marketing and Business Communication Areas at
BIMTECH, explained the working of the academic system at BIMTECH and how the curriculum is revised bi-annually, and
the role and importance of the Academic Advisory Committees in the process. The participants, divided into 5 panels, each
moderated by BIMTECH Marketing faculty, including Dr. Anupam Varma, Prof. Jagdish Shettigar, Prof. Pankaj Priya,
Prof. Sunil Sangra and Prof. Dhruva Chak, deliberated upon the current Marketing syllabus for PGDM and PGDM Retail.
Several valuable suggestions emanated from the discussion for additional courses, modifications in the present syllabi and
minutes were circulated to all the attendees. These are presently under consideration and will be incorporated in the 201416 syllabus.
– Cooking Challenge
irla Institute of Management Technology organized the third round of cooking competition for its employees called
BIMTECH CONNECT on April 30, 2014 at its premises. The organizing team comprising of Dr. Anuj Sharma,
Prof. Archana Singh, Mr. Amrendra Pandey, Ms. Rupali Singh, Mr. M.S. Bhati marketed the event and made all
preparations for the event. 24 teams participated in the competition. The event was a fast paced, exciting one, with the
teams scuttling around the activity plaza preparing their dishes.
The challenge to the participants was that they prepare a single dish within forty five minutes. The teams consisting of
two members were free to make a starter, a main course, a dessert or a drink. The dish had to be vegetarian and sufficient
to be judged by a panel of four esteemed judges. The dishes were judged on the basis of taste of the food, its
presentation, the nourishment of the food, the knowledge of their dish and it’s innovativeness.
The judges were stalwarts in their own right. Chef Lalit Bhat and Rahul Chaudhary from Stellar Gymkhana, Greater Noida
were joined by Mrs. Sunita Chaturvedi and Mrs. Subra Varma from BIMTECH family to judge the participants. The judges
were impressed by the dedication and hard work put in by the participants and organizers alike. A total 6 prizes were
awarded including tastiest dish, most presentable dish and most sparking work station. For the kids’ team special prizes
were distributed.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
March 8-9, 2014
Annual Festival
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
he second edition of the annual festival organized by Majlis -the theatre and debating society of BIMTECH was held on
March 8-9, 2014. Some of the best college theatre teams of the Delhi capital region and talented in house teams
participated in the event. The highlight of the first day was the stage play competition aptly named “Ras Milap”. It was
a melange... of emotions, with teams performing genres ranging from comedy to serious drama. The second day began with
the street play competition, “Parivartan” which emphasized the importance of tackling social issues. The finale of the two
day festival was the rock band performances. The rock band- Philosophy of Life, whose percussionist Avneesh Asija,is a
student of the college, opened for Kaivalya the fusion rock band of MTV Rock On fame. The Kolkata based band Kaivalya left
the audience swaying and cheering to their music well into the night. Thus ended the much awaited, Majlis Festival.
of Classical Music with Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
s part of its continuous effort to preserving and nurturing the
cultural heritage of India, BIMTECH, in association with SPIC
MACAY (the society for promotion of Indian Classical Music, Arts &
Culture Amongst Youth) organised an evening of classical music with Pt.
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on March 13, 2014. Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is a
Grammy award winner and inventor of the Mohan Veena ( a nineteen
string modified arch top guitar with three melody strings, four drone
strings and twelve sympathetic strings).
He graced the stage along with Shri Himanshu Mahant on tabla.
Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt performed evening raga and explained “Taal”.
He left the listeners spellbound with his music. The soothing rhythm of
the Mohan Veena enthralled everyone in the audience.
April 4, 2014
at BIMTECH, Gr. Noida
MRITI 2014, a farewell function, was organized by the Cultural
Conduit with the support of all the first year students on April 4,
2014. All the juniors contributed and participated whole heartedly
to make it a memorable evening for their seniors who were not only
guides but also very good friends.
The Director, Deputy Director and many faculty members graced the
occasion with their presence. Titles like The Perfect Smile, The Nerdy, The
Angry Young Man, The PJ King, The Mr. Creative, etc. were given to the
seniors on the basis of voting which was conducted through the Facebook
Page. Seniors and juniors enthusiastically nominated and voted “the
appropriate senior” for each title to ensure that he/she wins it. The title
holder not only got the fame after receiving the award but won an
exciting prize too. Rohit Thakur, the one with “The Perfect Smile”, won a
Colgate toothpaste to keep his smile intact. Ratna Teja, “The Nerdy”, got a
pair of spectacles. This activity filled the evening with fun, excitement and
joy. During their last few days at BIMTECH, this activity brought together
the entire batch – talking, sharing, laughing and remembering their jokes.
A few performances were also held both by juniors as well as seniors.
From Batch 2013-15, Vardhika Jain, PGDM-RM, sang a song and Rashi,
PGDM-RM gave a foot tapping dance performance. Animesh Taneja and
Gunjan Kalita gave a music performance together which was enjoyed by
everyone. “The Most Todu Stage Performer”, Karthik Bhardwaj from Batch
2012-14 gave a wonderful dance performance which once again left the
audience asking for more. The grand finale was a Stage Play directed by
Pratik Sonthalia from Batch 2012-14, showcasing the journey of a student
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Tanzanian Professors Join Doctoral Programme
Institute of Financial Management (IFM), Dar E Salam,
Tanzania has signed a MoU with BIMTECH to initiate a
few academic activities including doctoral programme
offering to a faculty members of their institute.
The MoU was signed by the IFM Rector and BIMTECH
Director. Their chairman who is the Governor of their
Central Bank had visited BIMTECH in this regard.
Pursuant to the MOU, till date 10 faculty members
Mr. Zawadi Ally
Mr. Yustin I Bangi
Mr. Revocatus K.K. Bayona
Mr. John Kingu
Mr. Gregory D. Lyimo
from IFM have joined the doctoral programme at
Prof. Isaya Jayambo Jairo, Deputy Rector-Planning,
Finance and Administration, Institute of Finance
Management (IFM) has visited BIMTECH to interact
with the Tanzanian Scholars and know their progress.
He was impressed with the rigour and quality of the
programme and was satisfied with the progress of the
Tanzanian Scholars.
Mr. Richard Fue Kiangi
Mr. Tresphory Othumary Mgeni
Ms. Kasio M. Godwin
Ms. Mwila Joseph Mulenga
Mr. Ramadhani Khalid
International Doctoral Consortium
BIMTECH is now a part of International Doctoral Consortium based in St. Mary's University, Canada. Currently
there are 10 University/business schools mentioned below are members of this consortium. They come from 4
continents of the world, With BIMTECH's initiative, institutes from remaining 2 continents may join shortly.
North America
UMASS Boston, US
Athabasca University
York University, Canada
Saint Mary's University,
South America
FGV (Brazil)
Queen Mary University, UK
Radboud University of
Nijmegan (the Netherlands)
Jyvaskyla University, Finland
University of Eastern Finland,
Ph.D. Thesis Submitted
Twelve thesis have been submitted during this academic year. Out of these ten candidates have submitted Ph.D.
thesis to University of Mysore, Mysore and two candidates have submitted their thesis to Mohanlal Sukhadia
University, Udaipur.
Introduction of FPM/EFPM Programme
BIMTECH’s Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM)
have been approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 6 fellows and 12 executive fellows
have already been admitted in respective programmes.
Grant Approved by AICTE/ ICSSR
Project Title
Dr. Anshul Verma
Modernization and Removal of
Obsolescence Scheme
Mr. Devendra Kumar
Career Award for Young
Teachers (CAYT)-AICTE
Dr. Parameswar Nayak Research Promotion
Scheme (RPS)-AICTE
Dr. Shri Prakash
Conference on “Indian Economic
Growth in Regional
1st year
2nd year 3rd year
Commencement of Doctoral Programme (Academic Batch January, 2014)
The commencement of Doctoral Programmes for the January, 2014 batch was held on January 4th, 2014 at the
BIMTECH Greater Noida Campus. Professor Alakh N. Sharma, Professor and Director of the Institute for Human
Development (IHD) was the Chief Guest. Dr. Sanjeev Kishore, GM, Centre for Railway Information System, one of
the top Railways administrators and a keen researcher in the area of Management was the Guest of Honour.
Doctoral programme attaining new height
The number of scholars registering for the doctoral programme has seen a phenomenal growth during the last
three years. The number of enrollment in various programmes is given below.
Number of Doctoral Scholars admitted (July 13-June 14)
No. of Scholars admitted during the period July 2013-June, 2014
Ph.D. Programme
Fellow Programme in Management
Executive Fellow Programme in Management
Ph.D. Programme
Fellow Programme in Management
Executive Fellow Programme in Management
Total No. of Doctoral Scholars
The doctoral degree opens the gate for
research as well as provides grounding
for a bright career.”
Dr. A Sahay,
Research at BIMTECH has become
varied and strong in view of it’s
expanding horizon .”
Dr. G. N. Patel
Operations and Decision Sciences
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Business Perspectives Journal
“Business Perspectives” is a peer-reviewed bi- annual
international journal of BIMTECH, it is nearly a decade
and a half old. Business Perspectives focuses on the
objective of stimulating research and encouraging
high level intellectual investigation of un-explored
facets of Business and economy with a view to take
publishing of research and thought into the next orbit.
The basic purpose is to encourage applied rather than
pure theoretical research; intent is to bring problems
and challenges of entirely new genre that are dogging
the modern industry in the emerging market
economies and the world economy at large into the
purview of research. The outcomes of research are
presented in a lucid and understandable style.
BP invites researchers to submit Research
Paper/Conceptual and Methodological
Note/Article/Case Study/Book Reviews for publication
in any functional area of Management Science in the
journal. The Journal also solicits contributions from
eminent researchers and business leaders
representing top twenty five percent of Business
schools and Universities from India and the world. The
journal provides a platform for high quality, original,
innovative, methodological and empirical research
and invites papers on management related areas such
as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International
Business, Retail Management, Sustainable
Development, Strategy Management, Economics,
Business Communication etc. Papers dealing with
empirical aspects of business in South Asian and
emerging market economies of the world will be
preferred. Further the journal also publishes high
quality papers dealing with trans-disciplinary and
multi- disciplinary aspects.
Papers for publication are selected through multiplepeer reviews to ensure originality, relevance, and
readability. Our endeavor is to make Research
papers/articles publishable hence we send all papers to
a panel of eminent Reviewers from diverse fields /areas
for a Blind Review.
South Asian Journal
for Business and Management Cases
South Asian Journal of Business and Management
Cases, started in June 2012 and published by SAGE, is a
peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal of BIMTECH.
The journal aims to provide a space for high quality
original teaching cases, research or analytical cases,
evidence-based case studies, comparative studies on
industry sectors, products, and practical applications of
management concepts. SAJBMC is international in
scope but a certain preference is given to papers that
focus on socio-economic context of South Asian
region. The prime objective of SAJBMC is to create
awareness amongst academics, researchers,
policymakers, managers, practitioners, entrepreneurs
about real-life business or management situations that
present executives with dilemma in analysis, and
decision making in the face of multiple choices in an
environment of varying uncertain outcome. The journal
fosters in-depth analysis and learning on various
aspects of business organizations, institutions, public
sector undertakings, civic bodies, NGOs and NPOs with
a focus on the economy of South Asia, and covers all
functional disciplines including, but not limited to,
accounting, business ethics, corporate governance,
diasporic communities, entrepreneurship, finance,
globalization, human resource management and
organizational development, information technology
management, marketing, operations management,
supply chain management, societal welfare
management, social issues, sustainability, strategic
management and technology management.
The most recent issue was published in June 2014.
Books Authored by Faculty - (2013 - 2014)
Name of the Author
Title of the Book
Name of the Publisher
Managing World Class Operations
Organizational Transformation
Strategic Initiatives for
Competitive Advantage in the
Knowledge Society
My Experiments with unleashing
people power
Reframing Human Capital for
Organizational Excellence
Capability Building for
Organizational Transformation
Consumer Behavior
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Bloomsbury Publishing India
Pvt. Limited
Vikas Publications
Shri Prakash,
Arun Kumr & Meenakshi;
S.Dhinesh Babu, M.Bala
Subramaniam & P.N.A.
Date of
Research Paper Published in Refereed Journals (2013-2014)
Name of the
G.N.Patel and
Pallavi Seth
Navin Shrivastava
G.N.Patel &
G N Patel
Shri Prakash &
Rekha Sharma
Shri Prakash,
Gautam Negi &
Sudhi Sharma
Anshul Verma
Anshul Verma
Meena Bhatia
G. N. Patel
Research Title of Paper
Name of the Journal
Journal Volume/
Issue No.
Date of Publication/
Measuring the Performance of
Rashtriya Swasthaya Bima Yojana in
the districts of Uttar Pradesh
Employer Branding: A Study of
Relevance and Scope
The Journal (III)
1,Issue No 4
April-June Issue, 2014
Amity Business Review
Vol. 14,No. 2,
July -Dec, 2013
Mar-Apr 2014,
Seeking alternative DEA benchmarks
51 (1)
Corporate Social Performance in
Strategic Governance and Stakeholder
Dimensions: Evidence of Indian
Multinational Manufacturing
Input Output Modeling of GrowthEffect of Indo-East African Trade
Rising Contribution of Tertiary Sector
to the Growth of Indian Economy
Asia-Pacific Journal of
Management Research and
Innovation (Sage Publication)
(Print) 0975-0320 (Online)
March 2014, for Sept 2014
Vol. XXXII 2013
Journal of Services Research
Vol.13, Issue No.2
Golden Research Thoughts
Volume 3, Issue 3
9/1/2013, 2231-5063
Golden Research Thoughts
The Management
Vol. No.3, Issue 4
Volume 48 No. 11
11/1/2013, 0972-3528
Volume 14, No.1,
January- June, 2013
ISSN: 0972-222X
“A Critical Analysis of Current Users'
Acceptance of On-line Banking In
”Economic Problem in India and
Companies Act 2013: Changing
landscape of corporate governance
and CSR
Delhi Business Review
Usage of DEA Technique for
Measuring Productivity of
Grocery Retail Outlets
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Research Paper Published in Refereed Journals (2013-2014)
Name of the
Title of Paper
Name of the Journal
Journal Volume/
Issue No.
Date of Publication
A. Bose
Seeking Alternative DEA Benchmark
OPSEARCH (Springer
Jan-March 2014, 12597013-0130-9
G N Patel and
Pratigya Kwatra
Evaluation of Corporate Social Performance
of Indian Public Sector:A Non-Parametric
International Journal of
Indian Culture and Business
Vol. No 9, Issue No 3
G. N. Patel and
Sumanta Das
Cost Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Firms
Manufacturing Drugs for Specific Diseases
Prevalent in India: A Data Envelopment
Analysis Approach
Journal of Medical
Marketing: Device,
Diagnostic and
Pharmaceutical Marketing
Vol. No 7, Issue No. 2
Shri Prakash &
Sonia Anand
Is current Export structure of India sustainable
International Journal of
Research in Economics and
Social Sciences
Volume 3/ Issue 6
2013, 2246-7382
Shri Prakash &
Chitra Bhatia
Determination of opening prices of equities
in Bombay Stock Exchange
Journal of Applied Finance
and Banking
Volume 3 , issue no 4
2013, 1792-6599
Shri Prakash &
Rekha Sharma
Indo Iranian trade: Analysis on Input-Output
Iranian Economic Review
Volume 12/Number 1
2013, 1026-6542
Shri Prakash &
Sonia Anand
Changing trade structure and terms of trade
of India
Volume 4/issue 5-6
2013, 2229-4848
Rahul Singh
A framework to study level of comfort
between employees of local and foreign
cultures in Multinational firms.
International Journal of
Business and Management
Vol. 8, No.4
2013, 1833-3850
Rahul Singh
Modeling links between the decision-making
process and luxury brand attachment: An
international comparison
Journal of Global Scholars of Volume 23, Issue 4
Marketing Science: Bridging
Asia and the World
Anshul Verma &
Kartik Dave
Challenges for Entrepreneurs in Micro
Enterprise Sector: A study of selected clusters
of Western Uttar Pradesh, India
Journal for Global Business
Advancements, Inderscience
Publishers, UK
Vol. 6, No. 3
7/13/2013, 1746-9678
Pooja Misra
Compensation: impact of rewards and
organizational justice on turnover intentions
and the role of motivation and job
satisfaction: a study of retail store operations
in NCR
International Journal of
Human Resources
Development and
Volume 13, Numbers 2-3
Pooja Misra
Impact of compensation on sales turnover
and the role of motivation in retail store
operation: Study of Delhi and NCR
IIM - Indore Management
Special Issue, CERE,
May – 2013
2013, 0975-1653
A. Sahay
Efficiency Assessment of the Tanzanian
Journal of Education and
Vol.5, No.14, 2014
G N Patel
Seeking Alternative DEA Benchmark
OPSEARCH (Springer
Jan-March 2014, 12597013-0130-9
G.N.Patel and
Smriti Pande
Efficiency and Projection of categorical DMUs:
a frontier analysis approach
Competitiveness Review-An
International Business
Vol. 23/ Issue No.4/5
2013, 1059-5422
G D Sardana
Economic recovery from natural disaster:
spotlight on interventions Tsunami affected
micro and SMEs in Sri Lanka's Galle district
Competitiveness Review-An
International Business
Vol. 23/ Issue No.4/5
2013, 1059-5422
G D Sardana
Social Business and Grameen Danone Foods
Society and Business Review
Vol.8, Issue 2
2013, 1746-5680
International Journal of
Business Performance
Vol.14 No 4
ISSN online: 1741-5039
ISSN print: 1368-4892
International Journal of
Human Resources
Development and
Vol. 13; No. 2/3
ISSN online: 1741-5160
ISSN print: 1465-6612
Manosi Chaudhuri; Tata Communications Ltd - benchmarking
training and development practices with
Geetika Dham
leading organizations
Manosi Chaudhuri
and Sakshi Puri
Competency assessment of the retail staff in
top stores of Adidas India
Research Paper Published in Refereed Journals (2013-2014)
Name of the
Title of Paper
Name of the Journal
Journal Volume/
Issue No.
Date of Publication
Manosi Chaudhuri;
Shiva Kakkar;
Sudhanshu Shekhar
A Study of the Effect of HR Practices on
Organizational Effectiveness
Inderscience's International
Journal of Indian Culture
and Business Management
Volume 6, No. 1
Somonnoy Ghosh
Managing Global Competition in Affiliative
Societies: A Case for India
Journal of Business Theory
and Practice
Vol. 1, No2, 2013|
2013, 2329-2644
A.Bose and
“Neural DEA" - A framework using Neural
Network to re-evaluate DEA benchmarks OPSEARCH
DOI 10.1007/s12597-013- 12/18/2013
Amit Sharma
Economic Growth, Employment and Rising
Educational Qualifications of workforce in
Indian Economy’
Journal of Management
Science of IIM Shillong
Vol- 4 No 1
ISSN NO- 0976-030X ,
Jan-June 2013
G.N. Patel and
Smriti Pande
Assessing Cost Efficiency Of Pharmacy Retail
Stores and Identification of efficiency Drivers
International Journal of
Business Performance
Vol. 14,No.4
G. N. Patel,
Nuzhat Khan and
Javed Akhtar
Evaluating the Factors Affecting the Attitude
of Management faculty towards Technology
Use in Classroom Teaching
International of Research in
Management and
Technology (IJRMT)
Vol No 3, Issue No. 6
G. N. Patel and
Zawadi Ali
Measuring Bank Efficiency:Evidence from the
Tanzanian Banks
International Journal of
Management and
Information Technology
Vol No 8, Issue No. 1
G. N. Patel and
Sumanta Das
Assessment of Performance of
Pharmaceutical Firms Making Drugs for
Specific Diseases Prevalent in India : A Data
Envelopment Analysis Approach
International Journal of
Management and
Information Technology
Vol No.6,Issue No 2
G N Patel ,
Javaid Akhtar
and Nuzhat Khan
Technology as A Tool for Turnaround: A Case
of Scooter India Limited
International Journal of
Management and
Information Technology
Vol 7, Issue No 3
G. N. Patel and
Smriti Pande
Measuring the Performance of Pharmacy
Stores using Discretionary and NonDiscretionary Variables
OPSEARCH (Springer
Vol. 50, Issue No. 1
Research Journal
A Research Journal of BIMTECH Students, Tattva, is a forum
for the BIMTECH students to bring to light the outcomes of
their journey of discovery into the issues in which they have
been deliberating. It is a platform for the researchers in
making. The third volume of TATTVA containing four
research articles written by our 2012-14 batches of students
as part of their Summer Internship and Short Term Projects
was published in October 2013.
BIMTECH’s quarterly Newsletter captures the vibrant and
varied life of BIMTECH for all its stakeholders. Be it academic
events like conferences, seminars, MDPs, faculty and
student achievements; or co-curricular activities like MOUs,
international collaborations; or extracurricular events like
quizzes, debates, cultural celebrations; the entire
kaleidoscope of BIMTECH is presented in the newsletter.
The future will belong to those
Management Institutions that have a
continuous urge to excel.”
Dr. Ishwar Dayal
Chief Mentor
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Research Papers Presented in Conference by Faculty (2013- 2014)
Name of the
Title of Paper
Venue of
Date of Presentation
Name of Organizing
Meena Bhatia &
Bhawna Agarwal
Intellectual Capital disclosures in IPO
prospectuses of Indian companies
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Ahmedabad, IIM
Bangalore & IIM Calcutta
Jaya Gupta
High Performance Work Practices,
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and
Turnover I intentions: The Mediating Role of
Psychological Capital of an individual’
IIM Ahmedabad Doctoral
Colloquium, held at IIM
IIM Ahmedabad
K. R. Chari
Root Cause Analysis for Process Problem
Bangalore, India
Christ University,
Navin Shrivastava
Current Trend in IR Concept and Practices
The Claridges, New Delhi
Meena Bhatia
Voluntary disclosure of Financial Ratios in
IIM Lucknow
IIM Lucknow
Parameswar Nayak
and Sanjana Tyagi
Branding the Training at Fin fare Ltd
BIMTECH Campus, 5,
Knowledge Park-II, Greater
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Amit Sharma
Contributed a joint paper entitled Food
Consumption as an indicator of Incidence of
Poverty among Indian states
National Conference on
Indian Economic Growth in
Regional Framework
28-29th Sept 2013
Bimtech and Allahabad
University and funded by
Shri Prakash and
Sonia Anand
Impact of Growth on Factor Endowment and
Structure of India's Trade
University, PUNE
University, PUNE and IORA
Pooja Misra
Economic Growth: Empirical Analysis of Top
Performing States of India”
Indian Economic Growth in
Regional Framework,
Rajeev Sharma
Human Resource Management and
Alienation in Work
Dev Sanskriti VV, Haridwar
Deptt of CS, Dev Sanskriti
VV, Haridwar
Shri Prakash
Public Expenditure, Public Debt and Economic BIMTECH Plot
Growth in GCC
No.5,Knowledge Park-II
Greater Noida
Meena Bhatia,
Vandana Mehrotra
Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Attributes:
Evidence from Indian Banking Sector
Harvard Medical School, 77
Avenue Louis Pasteur,
Boston, Massachusetts.
International Journal of
Arts & Science
Shri Prakash and
Sonia Anand
Indo-Southern and Eastern African Trade
Cooperation Society,
JNU/Bombay University
Lakshmi Divya
Vegiraju, Manosi
Benchmarking of HR Policies with Domestic
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Anupam Varma,
Abha Rishi, Rupali
Emmsons International Ltd-Scaling destiny's
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Analysis of factors affecting business to
business relationship between telecommunication operators and vendors in Sri Lanka
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Sakshi Puri and
Manosi Chaudhuri
Competency Assessment of The Retail Staff
In Top Stores of Adidas India
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Shuchi Agarwal and Employee Retention At Jindal Steel And
Manosi Chaudhuri
Power Limited
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
Rajeev Sharma,
Abhay Saxena,
Amit saxena
Supply Chain Management & E Business
India Habitat Center, Delhi
Pooja Misra
Impact of Compensation on Sales Turnover
and the role of Motivation in Retail Store
Operations: A Study of Delhi and NCR
IIM Indore
IMT, Ghaziabad
Pooja Misra
Compensation: Impact of Rewards on
Employee Engagement and the role of
Motivation in Retail Store Operations:
A Study of Delhi and NCR
IIM Bangalore
IIM Bangalore and AIMS
International, Jan 2013
Management education
should emphasize at making
students think so that they come
out with a solution rather than
merely providing conceptual
inputs. In fact, different
theoretical papers taught in
classrooms are mere pretexts
rather than end in themselves.”
Dr. Jagdish Shettigar
Centre for Retail
Cases Authored (2013 - 2014)
Name of Faculty
Case Title
Published by
Archana Shrivastava &
Manujata Midha
Developing Softer Transferable Skills through Team
The Case Centre, UK.
Veenu Sharma, G. N Patel
& A V Shukla
Prioritizing Marketing Mix Constructs For Commoditized
Products Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
The Case Centre, UK.
Building Competitive Advantage In After Sales Service
Market: A Case Of Passenger Cars In India
The Case Centre, UK.
Delay in Cheque realization: The Case of ABC Card
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Customer Relation Management in Selling of Life
Insurance in India
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Kapil Garg
IT enabled Financial Inclusion by Union Bank of India
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Kapil Garg
Policybazar.com: Rise of Online Financial Services
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Jaya Gupta
Role of High Performance Work Practices and Positive
Psychological Capital On Turnover Intentions Of It
Professionals" .
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Manosi Chaudhuri
Benchmarking of HR Policies with Domestic BPOs
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N Shrivastava
Key Drivers of Talent Management: A Case Study of Micro,
Small and Medium Enterprise
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Krishna Akalamkam
The Case of Improved Biomass Stove
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Krishna Akalamkam
Ballot Wars: Decoding Opinion Polls in UP
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Manosi Chaudhuri
Employee Retention at Jindal Steel and Power Limited
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Vedanta Resources’ Entrepreneurial Run
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Growth Concerns of a Social Enterprise:
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Nurturing Green: The Growth Dilemma
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Growth Concerns of a Social Enterprise: The case of
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Abha Rishi and
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Emmsons International Ltd- Scaling Destiny's Heights
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Richa Singh &
G N Patel
Examining Customer - Based Brand Equity Model in
Indian Sportswear Market
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Archana Shrivastava
Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth Model for
improving Organic Agriculture in India : A Case Study on
Communication and Awareness Strategies of Morarka
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Pooja Misra
Determinants of Demand in the Automobile Industry:
Case Study of Southern India
The Case Centre, UK.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
BIMTECH enforces working on applied areas of business and provide thought leadership to industry and academia. This
facilitates development and conceptualization of new ideas and concepts for the market on policy, practice and
strategy. The conference and seminars at BIMTECH are always in partnership with some leading industry face to provide a
true forum to nurture debate and action oriented thought. In its knowledge creation and dissemination activity, they
serve as a forum for academia and industry representatives to congregate, interact and exchange views, to stimulate and
build on ideas and share insights gained from rigorous research and practical experiences.
National Conference on “Indian Economic Growth in Regional Framework”
National Conference on “Indian Economic Growth in the Regional Framework” was organized by BIMTECH, Greater Noida
on September 28-29, 2013 at the campus. The department of Economics, Allahabad University was the academic partner
and ICSSR supported the conference. In all, thirty-three papers, including 3 papers presented in Panel Discussion were
received. Fifty five delegates participated in the deliberations of the conference. The Conference was inaugurated by Dr. A.
K. Singh, an eminent Economist and Director (Former), Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow. Dr. A. K. Singh
highlighted the current status of development of different states and the inequalities of development that characterize the
stages and status of growth. He not only unraveled the contrast in levels of development achieved by different states of
India but also discussed how governance, political will and investment environment differ among states.
Several states in India are still struggling to catch up with the developed states even after a lapse of more than six and a
half decades since independence. The conference was organized to bring policy makers, researchers and practioners
together to debate and discuss the issues. The objectives of the conference included determination of the current status of
development of different states relative to the development of India in social and economic fields; delineation of policies,
processes and projects, which lead to sustainable inclusive and balanced growth of sectors and regions. The papers
presented ranged between topics on which the papers were presented at the conference ranged between purely
theoretical and purely empirical, local and national, and national to international aspects of growth. Conference papers
spanned across diverse themes like infrastructure related diversities to sector specific diversities.
3rd International Conference on Management Cases – ICMC 2013
BIMTECH Campus was on an intellectual high as it witnessed ICMC 2013 on December, 5 and 6 2013. The event was a joint
initiative of Birla Institute of Management Technology and School of Public Policy, George Mason University, Virginia, USA.
This confluence is organised annually with the dual motive of promoting case pedagogy as a powerful approach in
management development, as well as providing a platform for academia-institute-industry interaction. Management
practitioners, research scholars and students in management studies shared their experiences on decision making in
management related issues through cases, case studies and research cases. ICMC 2013 also tied up with eight international
journals of repute for consideration of select cases from the conference for publication in special issues.
Over 100 manuscripts (unpublished cases from the live situations, undisguised, and with permission to use primary sources
of data) were received, and finally after double blind
review process 66 cases (33 foreign, 34 Indian) were
accepted. These came from Australia, Japan, Thailand,
Malaysia, Nepal, UK, France, Germany, Finland, U.S.A,
Canada, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The two conference
volumes including full text of the papers published by
Bloomsbury Publishers were released at the conference.
The winners of Bimtech Stough Young Scholars Award
were announced who received Rs.10,000 each for
presentation of best papers at the conference.
Keynote speakers were Katrina S Rogers- PresidentFielding Graduate University, Jack High, Prof. of Economics
& Public Policy, George Mason University, Sandra Gill,
Dean, College of Business, Benedictine University, Lisle and
Cliff Oswick, Head of the Faculty of Management,
Professor of Organization Theory, and the Deputy Dean of
Case Business School, City University, London, Illinois.
Total of 60 papers were presented in 15 concurrent
sessions spread across two days. The event was well
attended by distinguished academicians, researchers, and
practitioners from across the globe.
International Conference on Supply Chain & Logistics
International Conference on Supply Chain & Logistics
Management (ICSCLM) was jointly organized by BIMTECH,
Greater Noida, India, and Hull University Business School,
UK on December 5 - 6, 2013 at the India Habitat Centre,
New Delhi. The theme of the conference was Global
Supply Chains & Emerging Market. Thought leaders from
the industry and global academia emphasized about some
of the key supply chain challenges for the next decade
which companies and businesses will have to prevail. 58
full research papers were selected and 47 were presented
on live problems. There was global representation at the
conference with delegates participating in the conference
from more than 15 countries including USA, U.K,
Singapore, Australia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland,
Taiwan, Korea, Ghana, Iran, Tunisia, Sultanate of Oman,
Czech Republic, Malay and India. The delegates
represented corporate bigwigs, academicians, researchers
and practitioners.
The lead speakers at ICSCLM 2013 concentrated on micro
issues which are evident in emerging markets in the form
of challenges which need to be surmounted expeditiously.
The industry professionals, corporate bigwigs and
academicians from across the world put forward their
Indian Economic Growth in Regional Framework
ICMC 2013
Supply Chain & Logistics Management
Indian Marketing Summit 2014
Library Automation and Content Development
insights into the research and applications in supply chain
and logistics operations on the second day. The third day
was dedicated to various technical sessions for scholarly
discussions and deliberation, panel discussion and
valedictory function. The Advisory Board of the ICSCLM in
their post conference meeting decided that similar
International Conferences should be organized annually
with an emphasis on different themes. The prominent
speakers at the conference included Dr. C S Lalwani,
Emeritus Professor, Hull University, Mr. Harry Lagad, VP,
Corporate Projects(South & South East Asia), Toll Global
Logistics , Mr. Kimble Winter, CEO, Logistics Executive
Group, Akzo Nobel India, Mr. Howard James Scott,
Director, Big Bear Enterprises, Mr. V. R. Sharma, Deputy
MD, Jindal Steel, Mr. Pawanexh Kohli, Chief Advisor,
National Center for Cold Chain Development(NCCD), Mr.
Sajal Mittra, Director, Blupith Consultancy, Mr. Shammi
Dua, Head Logistics,Mr. Achal Paliwal, Head, Logistics and
Exports, Honda Cars and Mr. Vinod Asthana, MD, Central
Rail side Warehousing Company (CRWC).
Indian Marketing Summit 2014
The Eighth Annual Indian Marketing Summit was
organized by BIMTECH in association with the PHD
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on March 14, 2014.
The theme of the Summit was 'India's Evolving Youth
Culture: Opportunities for Brands’. Youth are the key focus
in the marketing blue prints of most brands. Therefore a
huge marketing space has been opened up for marketers
to exploit. The eminent panelists shared their words of
wisdom in their deliberations. The welcome address of Mr.
Saurabh Sanyal was followed by the address of
Mr.Mahesh Gupta Chairman, Kent RO Systems & Vice
President, PHD Chamber. Mr Anurag Batra, Chairman &
Editor-in-chief, Exchange4media and Ms Jessie Paul, CEO,
Paul Writer.
The introductory session was followed by three technical
sessions. The first technical session: 'How Young India
Thinks- The Gen Y minds', provided insights on the
customer trends, technologies, and expectations.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
The speakers explored the purchase patterns of the youth and unfold the
future of marketing according to the tastes and preferences of youth. The
post lunch session was a discussion pivoting on 'Media Consumption Habits
of Indian Youth: Relevance of Social Media' wherein the internet and media
usage habits of India’s Gen Y were reflected upon by the speakers. The
theme of the final session was ‘Reaching the Youth: Marketing Strategies for
building loyalty’. The deliberations in this session tried to sustain youth
consumer loyalty through hardcore marketing strategies and building brand
value sustainability.
The audience comprising students, faculty and people from industry and
media were enlightened by the presence and the knowledge-sharing by the
eminent panelists.
ICSSR-National Workshop on Library Automation and Content
Development using Open Source Software
In continuation with its legacy of organizing Knowledge Building
Programme series XII, which is one of its kind, the Knowledge Centre,
BIMTECH organized the ICSSR-National Workshop on Library Automation
and Content Development: using Open Source Software from March 21-23,
2014 at BIMTECH, Greater Noida. The workshop was jointly organized by
Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida &
National Social Science Documentation Centre, New Delhi sponsored by
Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.
There’s no bigger way
out of the cutting edge
competition in social
marketing than
Mr. Anurag Batra
Chairman & Editor-in-chief,
The Chief Guest for Inauguration Function was Shri Pushyapati Saxena, I.A.S.
(Registrar, Gautam Budha University, Greater Noida) whereas valedictory
Function witnessed the presence of Mr. Yogendra Singh (Librarian, IIT
Roorkee, Uttrakhand). Dr. Mahaveer Singh (ICSSR), Dr. Anil Singh,
Dr. Rishi Tiwari (Secretary) and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sain (DIT Dehradun) were
also present to help and guide the participants during the whole workshop.
There was a huge participation of Library Professionals from every part of
the country. In three days workshop, 13 sessions were delivered by the
resource persons Mr. D.P. Tripathi, Assistant Librarian, NIT Raurkela, Odisha
and Mr. V.K. Mishra, NIT Raurkela, Odisha. Around forty participants
attended this workshop and learnt each and every aspect of “Koha and
Joomla” likes installation, customization, modules etc. We got positive
feedback from them.
Management Development Programmes
The Management Development Programmes
Esteemed Clients
Oriental Insurance, ONGC & more
here is a need for management development programmes and BIMTECH has been availing opportunities in this sphere for
spreading learning and building brand. Management development programs are customized with an aim to excite managers and
leaders intellectually and also build competencies to face the challenges and opportunities at higher positions in the diverse work
contexts. Management Development at BIMTECH offers both open and tailor made customized programs of various durations with
both domestic as well as overseas learning components.
BIMTECH has been delivering programs in various domains of Management and has been continuously improving and adding new
programs based on general and specific needs of organizations. We are offering programmes in the areas of Leadership, General
Management, Business Communication, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management,
International Business, Strategic Management and Sustainable Development Practices. Some of our esteemed clients are: NTPC, JSPL,
Powergrid, NBCC, IFFCO, NHPC, PEC, STC etc... The new clients of this year are EDCIL, Oriental Insurance and ONGC.
We, during the last year 2013-14, delivered 90 MDPs to leading corporates in both private and public sector and also have developed
formal and partnerships with some of the leading organizations through MoUs like NTPC and Powergrid. We have also delivered open
programmes on leadership and financial management. BIMTECH also conducted its first Open Leadership Development Programme at
BIMTECH Bhubaneswar Campus in which companies like NTPC, NALCO, Mahanadi Coal Fields, etc participated. MDPs in various areas of
International Business were conducted for the managers of PSC Ltd. Centre for MDP also conducted CBSE Effective School Management
and Leadership Programme jointly with Expressions India in which principals and people from the top management of various schools.
MoU with Maharatna NTPC
BIMTECH signed a three-year MoU with Maharatna NTPC on January 22, 2014 in the
presence of CMD Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury. The MoU has been signed between Mr.
Avinash Chaturvedi, ED, PMI, on behalf of NTPC and Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi,
Director, BIMTECH. The MoU primarily provides mutual interface between a mega
corporate and a leading academic institution to provide support for training and
development, developing Case Studies, Doctoral Research and special facility in
admissions for the wards of NTPC employees. This is NTPC's step forward to
enhance industry-academia interface for augmenting learning and development.
Delivering Long Term MDPs in General Management
Centre for Management Development has conducted as many as four two week’s
programs on Foundation course in General Management for Senior Managers and
Senior Superintendents of NTPC. This two weeks residential program was organized
at Stellar Gymkhana Club, Greater Noida, including a three day outbound Training at
Bhimtal, coordinated by Cinque Education. The classroom training included sessions
by BIMTECH faculty and guest lectures by eminent industry experts, including from
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Management Development Programmes
Second Batch of Diploma
in Foreign Trade in association with FIEO
After the overwhelming success of its first batch, BIMTECH, in
conjunction with Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO),
inaugurated its second batch of Diploma in Foreign Trade on
September 28, 2013. Shri Najib Shah, DG, Directorate of Revenue
Intelligence (Former Chief Commissioner, New Delhi) was present
in this event as the chief guest. FIEO has been serving as a
platform for promoting India’s trade with the World and also has
been serving as a platform of interaction between exporters and
policy makers.The course is open for Graduate and postgraduate
students, entrepreneurs, PSU and private sector executives in the
area of international trade and any amateur with business interest.
According to Dr. Anuj Sharma, Program Director of Diploma in
Foreign Trade, “This course will be a great addition to the skill set
of participants in terms of entering into foreign trade, as well as, a
curricular essentiality for the students who wish to pursue a career
in the field of foreign trade.“ The efforts of BIMTECH & FIEO would
result in knowledge enrichment and better understanding of the
foreign trade issues among the Indian professionals and young
Management Teachers
Program on “Inorganic Growth Strategy”
BIMTECH, in collaboration with Strategic Management Forum, the
pioneering body to propagate the concept and practice of
DFT has been a wonderful experience. I love
it because I learned so much from the faculties of
BIMTECH. There's always something to learn
even if you don't want to admit it.The DFT course
is a real worth of money and time.”
Mr. Rajiv Singh
The lectures were very interesting and has
enriched our knowledge to a great extent.“
Ms. Catherine Jeevabaranam S
strategic management in the country, had organized
Management Teachers’ Program on “Inorganic Growth Strategy”
at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) from 22–
26 October, 2013.
AICTE had been supporting such initiatives to train faculty
members in the area of strategic management due to acute
shortage of faculty in this area. Apart from the course work, the
participants are expected to bring with them their research
problem/question or their data for case writing that was
discussed threadbare to take forward to publication stage. 28
participants from 14 states and one from Nepal participated in
this programme. During parting they opined that the content
and delivery was as good as in the Foundation course in IIM,
Management Teachers
Program on “Global Business Strategy”
BIMTECH, in collaboration with Strategic Management Forum,
had organized Management Teachers’ Program on “Global
Business Strategy” at Birla Institute of Management Technology
(BIMTECH) from April 22-26, 2014.
This course aimed to provide comprehensive perspective of
Internationalization of firms , Global Strategy and Emerging
Market Strategy. 20 participants from 14 states participated in this
programme. The sessions were taken by both the academicians
and practitioners. It covered topics such as Evolution of
International Business, Theory of International Business, Market
Diversity, Cultural & Ethics, WTO Framework, etc. During parting
they opined that the content and delivery was as good as in the
Teachers Programme held in IIMs.
Income Generating Activities
Programme on "Cluster Approach to Development”
Prof. N.N.Sharma, Chairperson of PGDM (Sustainable
Development Practices) addressed participants from about 30
countries on "Cluster Approach to Development" on December
10, 2013. The participants were from countries such as Iran,
Ethiopia, Yemen, Nigeria, South Africa, Fiji, Zambia, Sierra Leone,
Kyrgyzstan, Cameroon, Mauritius, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan etc.
This programme was organized by The National Institute of
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD),
under the programmme of Ministry of External Affairs,
Government of India. The programme aims to increase livelihood
options for disadvantageous sections of the society.
Project Margdarshan:
Technical Mentoring’ for Aditya Birla Group’s Ultra Tech Cements
Project Shikhar:
Competency Mapping and Developing IDPs for
Senior Executives in NSPCL
Project Margdarshan:
Delivered for Aditya Birla Group’s Ultra Tech Cements
Margdarshan Project was an intervention initiated by UltraTech
Cement of Aditya Birla Group to facilitate ‘Technical Mentoring’ in
a structured manner for their Field Level Engineers. With the
objective to develop and guide Senior Officers as Dronas in order
to transfer their technical skills and knowledge to the junior
officers (FLE’s) as Arjuns, pilot project- ‘MARGDARSHAN’ was
launched at Aditya Cement Works.
BIMTECH draws immense pride in being associated with Aditya
Birla Group on this “Project Margdarshan”. It was conceived as a
Pilot project with Aditya Cements, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan for a
period of six months. This was conceptualized in the month of
April, 2013 and was completed in the month of February, 2014.
From BIMTECH an expert team, consisting of two faculty- Dr.
Nitika Sharma and Prof. K.K.Sinha, facilitated the entire project.
Margdarshan intervention was based on a model, which works on
the framework of Knowledge creation as well as knowledge
dissemination that requires various structural initiatives, along with
the understanding of people dynamics. The Team BIMTECH
supported the Aditya Cements in training and preparing their
team of over 100 executives, drafting and creating the
Margdarshan Policy, SOPs( Standard Operating Procedures),
Handbook, Institutional Structure, clarifying Roles and
Responsibilities, Rewards and Recognitions.
Project Shikhar:
Competency Mapping and Developing IDPs for Senior
Executives in NSPCL
NSPCL (NTPC - SAIL Power Company Private Ltd.) a joint Venture
of two Maharatna Public Sectors, NTPC and SAIL, awarded a
consultancy Project “Shikhar” to BIMTECH on Competency
Mapping and Developing Individual Development Plans (IDPs).
This Project work was undertaken during February- March 2014
with the following objectives:
To identify strengths and areas of concerns in terms of
competencies of each individual executive for meeting the
current and future leadership challenges in NSPCL; and
To prepare individual development plans (IDPs) based on the
identified gaps between required and existing set of skills,
knowledge and attributes of each target executive for
achieving performance improvement.
Dr. Parameswar Nayak, Professor. HR and OB at BIMTECH, was the
Project Leader and Lead Resource Person. The team of resource
persons includes Prof. K. K. Sinha, Professor and Head of HR & OB
Area at BIMTECH, Dr. Manosi Chaudhuri, Associate Professor-HR
and OB at BIMTECH and Prof. Pramod Joshi, Strategic Advisor at
BIMTECH. Under this Project, competency mapping of senior
executives were systematically carried out through Assessment
Development Centres (ADCs). Four ADCs of two days each were
held at three locations - at Bhilai, Durgapur and Rourkela in which
72 senior executives participated. The reports of the assessment
with details of analysis and Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
have been submitted to NSPCL in four Volumes on
March 31, 2014. The report was presented before the CEO and the
Heads of the Departments of NSPCL at New Delhi and the work of
the project team has been very well appreciated.
Management Consultancy helps
the organizations to solve issues,
create value, maximize growth and
improve the business performance.”
Prof. K. K. Sinha
Centre for Management Development
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
CIBER International Consulting
Programme Project,
TATA Power and
Scheme, support in development of Knowledge Management Scheme and Knowledge
Management System/portal, Reporting systems, Reviews System including delivering Mid
Term Reviews as well as Final Assessment, Communication Process , a robust
Sustainability system and continuously monitoring as a part of their Steering Committee ,
as it moved for 6 months. Apart from this, many workshops were conducted to sensitize,
build and facilitate identified Dronas and Arjuns into the Margdarshan process.
CIBER International Consulting Programme Project
In collaboration with the RH Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, USA.
The CIBER Program was created by The Congress to foster international understanding
and enhance the ability of American businesses to prosper in the world economy. The
Smith School CIBER helps to achieve this mission by integrating the Smith School's
extensive international resources with those of Washington area institutions and
organizations. Thanks to an initiative launched by the Centre for International Affairs four
BIMTECH students Aastha Jain, Ankur Rohilla, Praveen Yeluri and Tushar Bahl, chosen
through a rigorous selection process, spent a week in Washington D.C. collaborating with
their counterparts from the Robert H Smith Business School, University of Maryland, to
work on a Consultancy project for the client Jayshree Tea. Prof. Dhruva Chak is the
BIMTECH mentor for this project.
TATA Power
The Tata Power Group of Companies has set a goal of growing its revenues and
profitability six times by 2020. The Tata Powers Journey towards this end identified
strategic pillars like “Operations Excellence”, “Execution Excellence” and “Growth” for
rallying around the company’s resources. Besides these strategic pillars the Tata Power
Team decided to have two strategic initiatives commitment to sustainability and
Institution Building. To guide this evolution in people practices, and to draw insights from
the experience of professionals who have successfully practiced greater initiatives in
related areas, they have constituted an advisory council on People’s Perspective @Tata
Power abbreviated as TPeP.
Prof. K. K. Sinha from BIMTECH has been invited to be a member of the TPeP Council.
Some of the Related Themes which the Tata Power Team would present to the council and
solicit view on strategic directions are: Leadership Development , Cultural Transformation
, Strategic HR and Organization Design, Learning and Development , Employee
Engagement , Performance Management and Industrial Relations
Assessment of HR Functional Competencies of Senior/Middle Level HR Executives of
Prof. K. K. Sinha from BIMTECH was invited by Adani Group to conduct the assessment of
HR Functional Competencies. The consultancy project was undertaken jointly with Dr.
Prabhakar Kamath, a very eminent professional and Consultant.
The HR Roundtable Series 2013-14
A Vibrant Forum of HR Leaders and Practioners:
BIMTECH along with the National HRD Network and our eminent
knowledge partner Aon Hewitt, presented a platform in the
leading cities for great corporate leaders and learned
academicians to share their rich experiences and confer on the
“Art and Science of Developing Leaders”, so that organizations,
who have been in the business of talent and leadership building
for decades, share how they built up confidence, knowledge and
the process of developing leaders in their organizations. This led
to BIMTECH create a platform in the shape of the HR Round
Tables in order to bring over some of the best in the country for
sharing with the Business world their best.
While structuring the five HR Round Tables on this contemporary
theme of Leadership, four separate subthemes for the five HR
Round Tables had been used. These include, “Leading Change –
What Transformation means” in New Delhi and Mumbai , “Is your
Leadership Science right” was the theme for Hyderabad
Roundtable, “Leadership – The India way” in Pune and “Driving
Innovation and Building Diversity” in Bhubaneswar.
This series of HR Round Tables captured and presented in brief,
very rich experiences, successful and tested practices, learnings
and brilliant insights of great business and HR Leaders from varied
sectors in business and the academics in the country. In this
forum, one could gain insights into the wide spectrum of
leadership development activities happening particularly in the
Indian businesses. The views and experiences shared on this
platform are extremely relevant since the organizations
represented by them, currently or in the past, have been known as
“leadership laboratories”. About thirty eminent business and HR
leaders contributed as our revered Panelists and more than 500
delegates from industry, profession and academics attended the
HR Roundtables.
HR Round Tables on
Leading Change – What Transformation means
Is your Leadership Science right
Leadership – The India way
Driving Innovation and Building Diversity
When we are looking at
the meaning of transformation
for the leaders in the context of
change, the focus should be on
the business environment, how
we handle the challenges there
and the sustained business
growth model.”
Mr. S Y Siddiqui
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Earlier we used to say that
we need to be a part of the race
for the competition. Today,
there is a kind of compulsion
that we need to be racing to
remain in the race for
Dr. A K Balyan
Petronet LNG
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Faculty Development Programmes
FDPs: Fostering Teaching Effectiveness
At BIMTECH we believe that the knowledge, skills and the expertise of the faculty members are the critical success factors that
facilitate and build the foundation of management education and contribute in providing cutting edge programs and technologies to
our students to enable them to deal with emerging challenges. Therefore the development needs of the faculty members is a priority.
Faculty development has been an integral part of BIMTECH’s strategy for self-renewal and increased vitality. In the FDPs, contemporary
approaches, committed to addressing the issues of vigor and renewal which expand personal awareness, strengthening relationships
among colleagues and supporting our mission and vision of the institution are adopted.
FDP on Research Methodologies:
A two day faculty development programme was conducted at BIMTECH,
Greater Noida campus on the October 9 and 10, 2013, to provide an
understanding of some common statistical techniques & their place in
research. Theoretical underpinnings of statistical techniques were also covered
and at the same time, examples and caselets were provided and illustrated so
that the participants could get the feel of the intricacies of data analysis. Using
a hands-on SPSS approach, participants were given a detailed exposure to
Regression and Factor Analysis. Theoretical premises helped a great deal in
connecting the dots and the faculty whetted the appetite for more such
enriching and engrossing sessions.
There is a need to create
learning environment for
integrated decision making as it
actually happens on the
corporate scene engaging all
functional areas.”
Dr. K. C. Arora
FDP on Disrupt or be Disrupted:
A Blueprint for Change in Management Education
Two thought provoking sessions were conducted on January 15 and February
5, 2014, in the BIMTECH campus based on the framework of a new book
commissioned by the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®) Disrupt or Be Disrupted: A Blueprint for Change in Management Education
published by Wiley with contributions by administrators and professors from
top global MBA programs— J. B. Arbaugh, Jean M. Bartunek, Kenneth G.
Brown, Erich C. Dierdorff, Daniel Feldman, Michael Hay, Brooks Holtom,
George A. Hrivnak, , Dipak C. Jain, Subhash C. Jain, Amy L. Kenworthy, Jikyeong
Kang, Rakesh Khurana, Frederick P. Morgeson, Denis J. Nayden, Lyman W.
Porter , Robert S. Rubin, Sara L. Rynes, John-Christopher (JC) Spender, and
Andrew W. Stark. This book identifies specific challenges and opportunities
that face business schools and provides strategies and best practices for
faculty selection, training, and incentives, curriculum design and student
engagement. The discussion on the various chapters formed the blueprint of
these sessions to deliberate on the key learnings and takeaways from the book
and its relevance in the present Indian scenario.
Faculty Development Programmes
FDP on
Research Methodologies, Disrupt or be Disrupted,
Inorganic Growth Strategy,
Social Media Skills,
Technology based teaching and more
FDP on Inorganic Growth Strategy:
BIMTECH, in collaboration with Strategic Management
Forum, the pioneering body to propagate the concept
and practice of strategic management in the country,
organized Management Teachers’ Program on
“Inorganic Growth Strategy” from October 22 and 26,
2013. Apart from the course work, the participants
were expected to bring with them their research
problem/question or their data for case writing that
was discussed threadbare to take forward to
publication stage. 28 participants from 14 states and
one from Nepal participated in this programme.
FDP on Social Media Skills:
FDP on the January 29, 2014, was envisioned to
present the teaching and learning possibilities
accompanying the social, participatory and
collaborative tools that have emerged in the Web 2.0
era. This programme was designed to identify
essential aspects and processes relating to the
professional learning of teachers, and what role digital
tools may have in supporting teacher professional
learning. Each faculty was assigned either an expert,
intermediate or beginner status based on their
knowledge and utilization of the tools and techniques
of social media. To have a more personalized
approach, each faculty was teamed up with another
faculty on a ‘buddy system’ so that handholding and
guidance can be created on an individualized
Workshop on Developing Skills for Self-Awareness
and Positive Attitudes:
Two half day Workshops on Developing Skills for Selfawareness and Positive Attitudes was conducted by
HR Department on March 10 and 11, 2014. The
workshop was attended by institute's managers and
officers. The HR department has drawn up a six month
in-house training calendar for developing and
learning for managers, officers and executives working
in different functions of the Institute.
User Education-cum-Orientation Programme: How
to access E-resources
A User Education-cum-Orientation Programme on
How to access E-resources was organized on
April 19, 2014. The experts from Prowess, ProQuest
Management (ABI Global) and Ebsco were invited for
the workshop. The experts discussed about the
effective uses of e-database, how to login, how to
search, download Trade Journals, Magazine, articles,
report, books, case studies, thesis, conference papers
& proceedings, newspapers, audio & video, and
others source.
On May 2, 2014 BIMTECH with Capsim®
Management simulation Inc. organized faculty
development program on Capstone Business
Simulation. FDP was very well driven by Prof. Dharma
through all the milestones laid down in the schedule
of the program. All participants were provided with
the volume of course material covering material
available at capstone website and were given prior
online registration so that they can play the simulation
before coming to the FDP classroom. In the emersion
experience of the simulation, the participants had to
go through functional collaboration and team
cohesiveness to reach the decision. Each round of
simulation gives improved insight into the strategic
decision world which makes the trainers well versed
with the pedagogy of delivering the simulation in their
classrooms. Certificate of participation were given to
all the participants. The program received good
response from the 25 participants who attended the
FDP on Technology based teaching
A FDP on ‘Technology integration in management
education’ was organized by BIMTECH taskforce
‘Greater Use of Technology’ for all the faculties on
April 29, 2014. Idea of this FDP was to bring
awareness among faculties regarding use of various
available software and technological tools like Google
Docs, Turnitin etc. in their day to day activities.
Faculties were further introduced to technological
products like McGraw-Hill Connect, Skill Cube and
Quampus which are useful in management education.
The objective of seeding love towards use of
technology among faculty members was successfully
achieved and it was an enriching experience for the
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Business education has started demanding a high level of interaction with different sets of people, different
cultures and various economies either in experience or through learning. To provide international exposure to
students and faculty, BIMTECH has forged collaborations with some of the prestigious institutions of the world.
We provide opportunity to our students through student exchange, Joint Research Projects, Scholarships etc.
We keep augmenting our global partners in order to expand our network to deliver the international exposure to
our students and to keep them in pace with the global necessities.
Exchange Students Incoming / Outgoing
In this academic year, student exchange was executed
with: Kedge Business School, France; Neoma Business
School, France; Kozmenski University, Poland;
Solbridge International School of Business, South
Korea, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. The
length of Exchange period varies from one to three
Faculty Exchange
BIMTECH host visiting Professors from partner
universities to teach our students. Prof D. Malhotra,
Philadelphia University, USA; Prof. Muditha Cooray,
University of Hertfordshire, UK; Prof. Rikke Duus,
University of Hertfordshire, UK; Prof. Sunil Mithas,
University of Maryland, USA; Prof. C. Lalwani,
University of Hull, Hull, delivered lectures to BIMTECH
students. Sixteen visits were made abroad by
BIMTECH faculties and administrative staff for various
academic activities in Europe, UK, USA, Tanzania,
Costa Rica, Dubai, Cameroon.
International scholars joined Doctoral Programme
Four faculties from IFM, Tanzania have been enrolled
in PhD programme. Last year six faculties of IFM
joined PhD.
Visit by Professors, International Industry Experts
The partial list of visitors: Mr. Kent Thomas, Missouri
State University, USA; Dr. Suraksha Gupta, Brunel
University, UK; Prof. Govind Hariharan, Kennesaw State
University, USA; Dr. Pamila Dembla, Kennesaw State
University, USA; Mr. Rakesh Lazar, Solbridge
International School of Business, South Korea; Dr.
Manish Thapa, Global College International, Nepal; Dr.
Kalyan Chakraborty, Emporia State University, USA;
Ms. Tamara Rodil, University of Nebrija, Spain; Ms.
Romina Chatterjee, University of Nebrija, Spain; Prof.
Paivi Errikson, University of Eastern Finland, Finland;
Dr. Soraya Caro, Universidad Externado de Colombia,
Colombia; Prof. Lu Wei, Antai College of Economics
and Management, China; Prof. Jie Chen, Antai College
of Economics and Management, China; Prof. Muditha
Cooray, University of Hertfordshire, UK; Prof. Rikke
Duus, University of Hertfordshire, UK; Prof. Manu
Misra, University of Hertfordshire, UK; Prof. Jagdish N.
Sheth, Emory University, USA; Prof. Sunil Mithas,
University of Maryland, USA; Prof. Sumit Rai, Frankfurt
School of Finance & Management, Germany; Dr. Tanja
Ward, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management ,
MoUs Signed
BIMTECH has joined hands with new international
partners for various associations: University of Eastern
Finland, Finland; PFH, Private University of Applied
Sciences, Germany; ICESI, Colombia; Nebrija
University, Spain; Universidad Externado de Colombia,
Colombia; Frankfurt School of Finance and
Management, Germany; ESA Business School,
Visit by Missouri State University, USA
Delegates from Missouri State University (MSU) visited
BIMTECH for further discussions on the association.
MSU is one of the premier schools of its type in the
Midwestern part of the United States. The main
agenda of their visit was to conduct educational and
cultural exchanges between the two institutes, jointly
develop modern courses and jointly promote the
development of higher education including faculty
and student exchange and collaborative research.
Visit by University of Hertfordshire, UK
Prof. M. Cooray and Prof. R. Duus from University of
Hertfordshire, UK visited BIMTECH to discuss progress
on academic activities between the two institutions
and also to discuss new areas where both the
institutions can collaborate. BIMTECH and University
of Hertfordshire have been actively involved in
Graduate Research Projects and faculty exchange for
past four years. Students from both the institutions
have been working together in virtual teams to do
research projects for companies.
Institute of Accountancy Arusha Board Members
BIMTECH has collaboration with Institute of
Accountancy Arusha on several academic activities. A
senior level team of Board members and faculty
members visited BIMTECH for discussion to develop
the cooperation to the next level. T
he delegation was lead by Prof. Johannes M. Monyo,
Rector. The meeting explored further possibilities to
work jointly in the areas of Doctoral program, masters
programs and short term training programs. Prof.
Monyo and the Board members appreciated the
growth and scholarship engagement of BIMTECH and
showed keen interest to build a better cooperation.
Dr. H. Chaturvedi visited Singapore
to attended ICAM-2014
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of
Business (AACSB) International organized Annual
meeting from April 7 and 9, 2014 at Singapore. This
was the first AACSB meeting ever held in the Asia
Pacific region and the participation was overwhelming
from China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines,
South Korea, Japan, Australia, Indonesia etc.
The theme of the conference was built on the three
On the first day various affinity group meetings were
held like PRME, Small Schools Network,
Entrepreneurship Programmes and Women
Administrators in Management Education etc. On the
next two days there were Plenary Session on “The
Collaboration Economy” and “Turning Conventional
Management Upside Down”.
For my exchange trimester
abroad, I decided to go to
BIMTECH from September to
December 2014. It was an
enriching, exciting experience
that I will never forget! Living
on the campus provides a
stimulating academic
environment. The proximity
with Indian students from
different backgrounds and the
several events organized by
the Clubs and Committees
allowed me to discovered
Indian culture. It was
Manon Coquéau
Exchange Student, France
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Dr. Abha Rishi awarded the Chevening
Scholarship to study The Chevening
Rolls Royce Innovation, Science and
Leadership Programme 2014 at The
University of Oxford
Dr. Abha Rishi has been awarded the
Chevening Scholarship to study The
Chevening Rolls Royce Innovation, Science
and Leadership Programme 2014 at The
University of Oxford. Her scholarship will start on April 9,
2014 and will continue till the June 26, 2014. The scholarship
will be administered by the Chevening Scholarships
Secretariat at the Association of Commonwealth Universities
(ACU), on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Dr. Rishi Tiwari awarded the 2014
Commonwealth Fellowship Award &
conferred “SATKAL” Young Librarian
Award, 2013
Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Librarian BIMTECH, has
been selected for 2014 Commonwealth
Fellowship Award hosted by the
University of East London. Three
Librarians from India have been selected
for this prestigious Fellowship out of more than 300
applications submitted for it. During the three months stay at
London, Dr. Tiwari will visit all the important libraries of
London and also be imparted training in various areas
related to Information System and Library Sciences.
Chanakya Award Being Conferred
to Prof Shri Prakash by Uttar
Pradesh & Uttarakhand Economic
Association (UPUEA)
The UPUEA, an Association of faculty
from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand
engaged in teaching and research
on economic issues, conferred the
prestigious ‘Chanakya Award’ to Prof
Shri Prakash for his lifelong work in economic research. The
award was conferred to him at the IX Annual Conference of
UPUEA held at Jaunpur on October 26, 2013.
PhD Degree Awarded to
Professor K C Arora
Prof. K C Arora is a Banker turned
Academician in true sense when he
was awarded Ph.D. degree on
January 6, 2014 by Aligarh Muslim
University (A Reputed Central
University). The topic of research
was “Factors Affecting Choice of
Mutual Fund Scheme by Invertors”. It is remarkable that Prof.
Arora earned his doctorate while teaching Finance and
Banking at BIMTECH at the age of 62. He has not only
motivated youngsters but posed a challenge too.
He was also conferred the Satkal Young Librarian Award,
2013 by the Satinder Kaur Ramdev Memorial Trust for
Advancement of Librarianship at a glittering function held at
IIT, Roorkie on February 22, 2014.
Dr. Vineeta Dutta Roy conferred the
Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE)
Corporate Excellence Award for the
year 2013.
Dr. Vineeta Dutta Roy was conferred the
Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE)
Corporate Excellence Award for Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR).The Institute of
Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad is a
non-profit educational society and is recognized as a "Centre
of Excellence" by the Indian Council of Social Science
Research (ICSSR), Ministry of Human Resource Development,
Government of India for doctoral studies. It has also been
recognized by eight universities in India for guidance of Ph.D
The IPE Corporate Excellence Awards recognizes and
honours companies as well as Individuals who, through their
corporate practices, have helped to raise India’s corporate
disclosure standards and corporate governance.
Ph.D. Degree Awarded to
Professor Sangeeta Shukla
Dr. Sangeeta Shukla , Assistant
Professor in the Business
Communication Area was conferred
Ph.D. Degree in English Literature by
Amravati University, Maharashtra in
March, 2014.
The title of Dr. Sangeeta Shukla’s thesis was “A Needs
Assessment of English Language Skills of Graduate
Students for Curriculum Development ".
he centre started a Business Incubation Cell in June 2012 to add a new dimension in the existing entrepreneurial
ecosystem. Till the end of December 2013, a total of 6 incubates had joined the centre and four of them have
established their own businesses. A special drive was initiated in January 2014, with an objective of creating an
outreach to Noida and other NCR regions. Through contacting various organisations and incubation centres in the
NCR region and nearby geographic areas, the centre received a total of 20 leads with expression of interest. A
workshop was organised for these 20. Out of this, nine incubates have confirmed their membership and four of
them have already submitted their agreement forms.
EDU NEXT joined hands with Birla Institute of
Management Technology (BIMTECH) Greater Noida to
organise a one day event on “Competition on
Business Plans” on the April 25, 2014 at BIMTECH
campus. The event was designed to cover issues like
need for training to the budding entrepreneurs and
support needed from exceptional entrepreneurs,
academicians and industry experts from India and US,
for all aspiring entrepreneurs.
Start-up founders in Technology, Education, Realestate, Health & Nutrition, Environment, Finance,
Media & Social Enterprises participated in this event
at BIMTECH Greater Noida. The objective of the event
was not only to ensure that budding entrepreneurs
get to develop their entrepreneurial skills but also be
able to prepare themselves for all the challenges of
running an enterprise.
A group of venture capitalists viz: Freekaamaal.com,
MMR and Seedfund have shown interest in
considering some start ups for their funding needs.
Subsequent upon the presentation, the team of
experts identified some potential business plans for
consideration of financial support to them.
A total of 25 start up potential enthusiasts
participated in the event and eleven start up
companies presented their business plans during the
event. The presentations were judged by a team of
three judges comprising Prof. K. R. Chari from
BIMTECH, Mr. Shailesh Vickram Singh, promoter of the
venture funding agency Seedfund, and Mr. Shantanu
Gupta, promoter of YUVA foundation. The event was
inaugurated by Mr. R.K. Dev, General Manager, Greater
Noida Authority. Mr. Shantanu Gupta of YUVA
foundation spoke about the need for innovation in
new business ideas and disruptive but innovative
concepts. Mr. Ravi Kumar, FreeKaaMaal.com,
Mr. Shailesh Vickram Singh, Seedfund and
Mr.S.R.Mustafa, Startup Activator , shared their views
and informed the audience about the opportunities in
the ecosystem.
In his valedictory address, Prof. K. R. Chari of BIMTECH
emphasised on the fact that any investor would look
at the probability of the success and feasibility of the
idea and the business plan, and then only come up
with funding offers.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
We look for students
who have demonstrated
excellence not only in
academic pursuits, but in
extracurricular activities,
personal accomplishments
and community service as
well. Individuals who love a
lively hectic daily schedule.”
Dr. A.V. Shukla,
The Admission 2014 efforts started with the on-line application form going live
in the second fortnight of September, 2013.With a sluggish economy and an
election year the business education scenario in the country in 2013-14 was
not a particularly encouraging one. While CAT-2013 saw a drop in registrations
vis -a- vis CAT 2012 many of the top private B-schools experienced a less than
enthusiastic approach of the aspirants. At the same time competition in the
form of proliferation of top brand names in the field of B-education added to
the challenges before Admission 2014 efforts. BIMTECH Admission efforts for
2014 however, saw an almost 8 percent increase in no. of applicants vying for
admissions to the various courses on offer.
The second step of the process, that of holding GD/PI's was, as per plans held
on the February 8 and 9, 2014 across fourteen centers pan India. As a part of
our efforts to increase our outreach three new centers viz Dehradun,
Trivandrum and Cochin were added this year. Approximately 700+ candidates
appeared in the 1st phase of pan India GD/PIs. Another 1000+ applicants
choose to appear in the GD/PI at Greater Noida between February 21 to 26,
2014. This ensured slightly more than 4 candidates per seat Based on the merit
lists prepared after the GD/PI & write up round, all admissions were closed on
March 31, 2014. The following charts provide a snapshot view of the class
profile for the batch of 2014-16.
Work Experience 12%
>=65-69.9 >=60-64.9 >=95-100
Without Work Experience 88%
>=36 months
>=31- 36 months
>=25-30 months
>=19-24 months
>=12-18 months
6% 5%
Any Other
27 27
20 18
15 15 13
11 11 8
B.A. Any Other BHM
5 4
3 1
Male Female Ratio
The time when I did my course
from BIMTECH was indeed wonderful!
It was modernity blended with the
traditional learning. The learning from
the peer group was great as we had
students from all age groups in my
batch of the beginners in a career with
the senior most in Industry.”
Ms. Jasleen Suri
Syndicate Bank
(BIMTECH Alumni)
r a
) a
a b
h n
nd nd adu sh str ra am arh mi .T. ak esh ay lad
es ha es ga ha rel
an ja
De ary Pun rad jast rad Ben Bi ke rkha kha il N Odi ara uja Ass tisg ash h(U rnat rad hal aga
at K gar ka al P eg N
ha ttar Tam
a Ra ra est
Ch u and
dh W
m Ch
49% 51%
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Our Recruiters
Samsung, LG, ABP, Oracle, Dabur
Mahindra, TCS, Accenture, HDFC
HCL, Aditya Birla Retail
KPMG, , Maruti Suzuki & many more
The deteriorating economic conditions of the year 2014 posed a
great challenge for the Centre for Corporate Relations in its
placement activities. However, in the end we could place 335
number of final year students, constituting of 93.31 % of the total
strength who offered themselves for the placements, out of a total
of 359 students!
Recruitments Sector wise
Among the notable corporates who have recruited from us were
Deolitte, TCS, Accenture, HDFC Ergo, Bajaj Allianz, Bajaj Auto
Finance, Bajaj Finserv Lending, HCL Group, Infiniti Retail Ltd.,
Nielsen, TVS & Sons Ltd., SRF, Aditya Birla Retail, S&P Capital IQ, ITC
Lifestyle, KPMG, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Landmark Group (Dubai),
Trident India, JK Papers, Mahindra & Mahindra, Blue Dart, Spencer
Retail, Adani Wilmar, Crisil, Philips, TCS BPO, Maruti Suzuki, Dabur
India, Catwalk, Tech Mahindra, Nerolac Paints, Samsung Electronics,
LG Electronics, Bajaj Corp Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser, Titan Industries
Ltd., Abbott India Ltd., Draft FCB Ulka, India Yamaha Motor, Oracle
India Pvt. Ltd, CSC, Godrej Infotech, Vinculum, HDFC Bank, Honda
Motor India (P) Ltd., Honeywell Technologies, Havells India Ltd., ABP
News, Birlasoft, Snapdeal, Yes Bank, National Stock Exchange, etc.
Out of a total of 123 companies who recruited from us 50 were new
The compensation package was as follows:
Highest Salary offered
INR 15.00 LPA
Average Salary offered
INR 6.75 LPA
Minimum Salary offered
INR 4.50 LPA
Highest Foreign Salary offered was INR 19.00 LPA
The year started with a surge with quality companies pitching in
early. Then came a lull and recovery was by fits and starts. There
were very pleasant surprises in the form of 50 new companies to
the campus. Among the new entrants to our campus were Abbott
India Ltd., Air Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd., Allcargo Logistics Limited,
Bajaj Corp Ltd., Bajaj Finserv Lending, Exide Industries Ltd., Hero
Corp., Kotak Mahindra Bank, National Stock Exchange, Oracle India
Pvt. Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser, SRF Foundation, Tata Consultancy
Services Ltd. (BPS), Trident India Ltd. The collective efforts brought
in the results which, in a way, exceeded our expectations!
Students’ capabilities were boosted by KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt
Diploma, IIBA Certification, XED Intellect Training, Oysters Live
Projects and about 10-12 seminars and workshops conducted
during the year.
Internships Sector wise
2% 1%
2% 1%
1% 2%
Banking & Financial Services
Consumer Goods
Export / Import
Health Care
IT Services
Market Research
All in all, it was an eventful year. The
prospects by all accounts seems to be
for a brighter 2014-15!
Prof. K. K. Krishnan
Centre for Corporate Relations
Recruiter’s Impressions...
“ We've been recruiting post graduate
management students from the
BIMTECH Campus, Greater Noida,
for the past few years. We've found
them very disciplined, highly
motivated and quick on the uptake.
Their track record in our organization
has also been outstanding.
I find that BIMTECH students are
adaptable and are eager to adjust
to the environment and to that
extent 'less demanding' and are
more eager to prove that they can
contribute first. They also have their
feet to the ground and hence are
willing and able to adapt well.“
“It is so very exciting to meet young
students of BIMTECH. They all look
intelligent, intellectual, and full of
energy. Sharing knowledge and
experience is a prime responsibility
of senior leaders of Industry and I
am happy that I could contribute a
little bit in that regard.”
Dr. Nitin Naik
Associate GM – HR
Adani Wilmar Limited
Mr. Shreyas Bagmar
Acquisition & Mobility
Centre of Excellence
Campus Recruitment
Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited
Mr. Alok Bhardwaj,
Sr. V. P.,
Canon India Pvt. Ltd
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
ecognising the need of developing examples from emerging market like India, BIMTECH realises the need to
create knowledge in various domains of management and business. In fulfilment of objectives as enshrined
in its Mission, in its quest for continued excellence and research orientation in management education, and
in its endeavour to be a partner in spread of knowledge, BIMTECH Centre for Management Case Development
(BCMCD) was established. The Centre organized the ICMC – 2013 with the objective to promote case pedagogy as a
powerful approach in management development.
An Interactive session with Vicky Lester
The centre organised an interactive session on Case
writing with Ms Vicky Lester -Deputy Director, The
Case Centre. Her session was dedicated to the theme
of case writing and issues related to it. She threw light
on the elements of good teaching cases, pros and
cons of field research and desk research.
Case Analysis Competition 2013
BIMTECH Centre for Management Case Development
(BCMCD) leaves no stone unturned to provide
simulated business environment concerning
contemporary issues to develop critical thinking and
problem solving acumen in its prospective managers.
Case Competition 2013 was organized on November
13, 2013 to encourage the management students to
find solution from various alternatives and to
encourage teamwork as in actual work situations. The
case competition was organized in two stages. Fifty
teams, involving 100 students participated in the first
The first year students were given a case titled, “The
case of improved biomass stove” developed by Prof.
Krishna Akalamkam, BIMTECH and Saroj Kumar
Mohanta, Partner and Head, Rural Marketing, MART.
To the second year students, the case titled “MART”
developed by Prof.Ishwar Dayal, Chief Mentor,
BIMTECH was administered. The teams were asked to
record their solution and logic for their decision into a
presentation for evaluation. The selected teams from
both the years presented the analysis of the case
before the audience comprising of the faculty and the
students at the final round. Two winners from both
the years were honored with a certificate and cash
prize of Rs.10, 000 and Rs. 8,000 for first and second
position at inaugural ceremony of ICMC2013 held on
December 5, 2013.
BIMTECH Case Collection
The centre has entered into a licence agreement with
The Case Centre (ECCH) authorising it to distribute
cases developed by and through BMCD. Till now total
10 cases have been registered into the case centre
BIMTECH Knowledge Centre is an essential component of BIMTECH’s research and education mission. The
combination of carefully selected traditional and digital resources via browsing interface and supported by
exceptionally fast response service, provides BIMTECH community with a library that is worthy of this world class
institution. The enthusiastic Library management, commitment of talented Library staff and the support of top
management makes the Library a most lively place on the campus providing friendly environment that enables
learning and advancement of knowledge, extends research and publication assistance and facilitates
undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars.
BIMTECHs Knowledge Centre is well equipped with precious books, Textbooks, Reference books, Periodicals and
Journals. It is supported by a large well-ventilated two floored reading-room. The library is enriched with digital
facilities and computer system. Free access of this is made available to the students, ex-students, research
workers, faculty, staff and visitors. The library frequently displays and exhibits various books, newly arrived books.
The students are lent the textbooks for the entire academic session with nominal charges through Book-Bank and
teachers and students can also buy the books directly from market and submit them to the library of which the
amount is paid immediately.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
I would like to appreciate BIMTECH
and Ranganathan Society for their
continuous efforts in establishing
libraries in different jails of Uttar
Pradesh as it helps the prisoner to
upgrade their skills and knowledge
prior to their release to find suitable
Dr. Sharad Kulshreshtha
DIG, Prison, Lucknow Zone
Uttar Pradesh.
Ranganathan Society with the help
of BIMTECH has done remarkable
work in the establishment of library
in different jails. It is an unique
landmark experiment in educating
prison inmates. I congratulate
BIMTECH and Ranganathan Society
for their efforts”
Dr. Viresh Raj Sharma
Superintendent Jail, Dasna
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
he ethos of social responsibility at the Birla Institute of
Management Technology (BIMTECH) is no different
from the value system of the House of the Birlas, one of
the oldest and the most respected industrialists in India. The
Institute is modern and progressive in its outlook but retains
its deep commitment to simplicity, respect, sensitivity and
care for others and zeal to contribute positively to the
progress of society. The Institute exercises the tenets of ethics
in its interactions and engagements with its various
The academic curriculum has core as well as elective modules
emphasising responsible Business in society. An integrated
module comprising of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance
and Corporate Social Responsibility is offered as a compulsory
module to all students across all programmes. Students are
sensitised with the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship and
provisions of support and handholding to assist ones who
might be enthused and the ones who are keen on becoming
entrepreneurs are present. Several forums where students can
engage in community development projects, help generate
awareness with respect to sustainability principles or promote
responsible student behaviour are supported and facilitated
by the Institute. BIMTECH has been actively contributing to
the society since its very inception. BIMTECH has always been
one step ahead in realizing its Corporate Social
Responsibilities and giving back something to society in one
way or the other.
The institute established Ranganathan Society for Social
Welfare and Library Development which is working
towards opening libraries in secondary schools in key
villages and jails across India, motivating under privileged
students in villages to develop reading and learning skills so
that they can avail competitive employment opportunities and
lead a dignified social existence. This society is fully initiated
and run by the students and alumni of BIMTECH along with the
support of the faculties. The society has established libraries in
several jails and villages in Gwalior, Bhutan, Noida and other
places in U.P. Automated libraries have been set up in schools
and colleges. This helped a majority of people to improve their
knowledge in various fields. Career counselling session for
students below 15 years is conducted to promote education
and social awareness among them. “If everyone donates a
thread, poor man has a shirt”. Every year “Vastra-daan”
campaign (donation of clothes and stationary items) is carried
out in nearby villages and Dasna Jail.
BIMTECH introduced a Post Graduate Diploma Course in
Sustainable Development Practices in 2010 to meet the rapidly
emerging need of development practitioners and well trained
managers in the domain. The course is based on the four
pillars of development, namely, health science, natural science,
social science and management science. In 2012 one of the
SDP students was awarded Prudential Scholarship to pursue
four-months Global Citizens Programme in Washington D.C,
United States. This scholarship has selected 26 bright students
from India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
Corporate Social Responsibility module is offered in the second
year of all Post Graduate Diploma Programmes. It aims to
sensitize students to issues related to ethical, governance and
responsible corporate behaviour. The module brings awareness
to them areas like sustainability, climate change, green business
The faculty from the CSR and Sustainable Development
programme are also regularly invited by the partner private
and public sector corporations to deliver management
development programmes and training programmes for their
executives. BIMTECH has been working at the national level
through its partnership with organisations like Federation of
Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Indian
Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), All India Management
Association (AIMA), New Delhi etc.
The CSR wing of the Institute has partnered with FICCI in
conducting their on-site assessments of CSR initiatives by
Indian Corporate for Businessworld- FICCI Annual CSR
The CSR Lead at BIMTECH was invited for partnering in the
development of course design and content for the IICA
certified CSR professional Programme which is an The Indian
Government’s initiative under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
The Institute organised a Roundtable on the
"Implementation of Section 135 of the Companies Bill,
2013" in October, 2013. It has also organised various national
conferences pertaining to CSR and Sustainability issues
The institute is committed to the UN Principles of
Responsible Management Education and has a value driven
approach with all its stakeholders. It cherishes its relationship
with various NGOs both formed by its alumni as well as
external organizations. In keeping with its commitment, it
strives to create educational frameworks, materials, processes
and environments that enable effective learning experiences
for responsible leadership.
BIMTECH has collaborated with "Grameen Creative Lab" an
initiative by the Noble Laureate Prof. Mohammed Yunus from
Bangladesh in the area of Social Business. It has partnered with
International Business Leaders Forum (UK) and CSR Asia
(Hong Kong) to support each other in various knowledge
dissemination endeavours and other events.
The Institute supports the goals and objectives of Global
Reporting Initiative as its organisational Stakeholder and
support each other as agreed upon in an MoU in learning,
development, training and research activities.
The students have also made their mark in the United Nations
Online Volunteer Programme administered by United
Nation Development Program (UNDP) and Goodness and
Mercy Missions (GMM). They regularly contribute papers in
conferences. One of the students won the coveted ‘Prudential
Scholarship’ (2012) to pursue Global Citizens Programme in
the United States.
BIMTECH –ET (Economic Times) Annual Global CSR
Conference, founded in 2010 have organized two global level
conferences. The first was “CSR as a strategy for Inclusive
Development” (organised with Germany as a ‘country’ partner)
and the second was CSR and Transparency, organised in
collaboration with Global Reporting partnership. This is a
platform where global thought leaders participate and bring on
board relevant, contemporary as well as futuristic issues related
to Business and Society.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Jagriti : A Campaign Against Acid Attacks
Jagriti - A campaign against acid attacks was organized in
which a procession assembled and formed a rally to
appeal to the people of Greater Noida by slogans ,
banners and posters, to not to attack the women with
acid. There was a nukkad natak presented by our ‘Fitoor ‘
group of our institute. The croud was addressed by
activists from an NGO called Stop Acid Attacks , along
with a victim who narrated her story and appealed to all
to prevent such atrocities.
While being a frontrunner in contributing to the
society in the field of education, BIMTECH together
with its faculty, students and staff has also been
actively engaged in activities which lie outside the
field of education.
Greenathon-2: This was the flagship event of
UFE where the focus was to save water, which is
the paramount resource for the survival of
mankind on Earth. This event was a gala affair of
a week, where the students of BIMTECH
performed the first ever ‘Flash Mob’ of Greater
Noida to promote the event and raise concern
over decreasing water levels. ‘Kabaad se Jugaad’
was the first event that highlighted the
importance of reusing the waste along with
saving water. ‘Light the Green Lantern’ was the
most successful and applauded initiative of UFE
during Greenathon-2 which saw the student
teams taking up the task of tackling issues like
water wastage, illiteracy, waste management and
many more.
Earth Hour: With an objective of drawing
attention towards electricity wastage and its
conservation, on the full moon night (poornima),
UFE conducted the first ever Earth Hour of the
college. It was a voluntary initiative where more
than 200 students joined hands to save electricity
by switching off all the lights and electrical
appliances in their hostel rooms for one hour.
Coincidently, a T-20 cricket match was played
between arch rivals of Asia- India and Pakistan.
Team UFE telecasted the entire match in the
college so that the students don’t miss the action
while they switched off the electricity.
Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (R3): Taking cue from the
motto of the club, a four day intra-college was
recently organized by the club. UFE joined hands
with UNDP-GEF to conduct a paper recycling
workshop at the campus during the mega event.
During this event students learned about the
importance of recycling in our community. They
understood the difference between usage and
wastage and how some waste can be recycled or
reused into other products. All three events DYE
RELAY were aimed to encourage students to work
towards a healthier environment.
BIMTECH supports the NGO by providing essential
educational resources to rural students to improve
their proficiency level. Various teams have been
formed for campaigning, fund raising, media (called
Campus Konnect) etc. Every year the students are
involved in events like “Vastra-daan” campaign
(donation of clothes and stationary items), “Joy of
Giving Week" which is also organised in the other
parts of the country as well, Sustainable Development
Forum- Hand-washing campaign, etc
The deeper
I tried to dive into
the ocean of
knowledge, the
I found myself.”
United Friends of Earth Forum is a club which aims
to create awareness on the environmental and social
issues. Some of the activities conducted by the club
Prof. K.R.Chari
Chief Proctor
The Social Entrepreneur: An inter-college event
that saw an active participation from the premier
B-Schools of the country like IMI, FORE, Amity,
Wellingkar, and SPJIMR to name a few. The teams
were allotted sites in the nearby village Tuglakpur
in Greater Noida, which had issues like poor
sanitation, water logging, waste disposal, impure
drinking water and many more. The teams
analyzed the grievances and came up with
pragmatic solutions to these issues through
business models.
Planestia: Conducted during the Wildlife Week,
was a series of multiple events organized in the
institute for three days. As the theme of the event
was wildlife conservation, majority of the tasks
and puzzles given to the participating teams
focussed on the wildlife in BIMTECH campus.
More than 200 students got the chance to
explore the different species of flora and fauna at
the campus. Students of BIMTECH expressed their
concern and suggestions for wildlife conservation
in India through the modes of debates, videos
and quizzes.
Other than these events, team UFE and its members
have been actively involved in other projects like
establishing a library at Dasna Jail, Ghaziabad, "spread
a smile campaign", working with a NGO ‘Jatan
Sansthan’ for the education and welfare of poor
children, waste disposal implementation at Dasna Jail,
and being a part of the community lunch service on
the foundation day of BIMTECH.
Election of Executive Members
of Bhutanese Student Association,
In our endeavour to connect with different social
groups, BIMTECH hosted election of executive
members of NOIDA Bhutanese Student Association
for academic session 2014-15 on 18th April 2014. It
was attended by about 80 Bhutanese students
studying in various institutes in Noida and Greater
Noida. Candidates standing for election of executive
members for the positions of President, Vice
President, General Secretary and Treasurer were
required to deliver talk on their manifesto before
beginning of the election process. This was in lieu to
the electoral mandates and further to influence the
members on whom to vote. The talk was explicitly
focussed on interest areas for advancing the agenda
of Bhutanese Student Association (BSA).
Computerized Library Inaugurated
at District Jail, Greater Noida:
In the contribution of Ranganathan Society for Social
Welfare and Library Development another milestone
has been added by opening a new computerized
library in India’s most high technology jail at Gautam
Buddh District on 29th May 2014, inaugurated by
District S.S.P. Dr. Pritender Singh. Besides him other
dignitaries present were Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director of
Birla Institute of Management Technology, Shri Brijesh
Kumar Singh SPRA, Shri R. S. Yadav Jail Supretendent
& Dr. Rishi Tiwari Secretary of Ranganathan Society.
Gautam Buddh district jail contains approximately
2000 books including literary, fiction , biographies of
renowned personalities and religious books shelved in
ten slotted almirah as book shelves. Dr. H. Chaturvedi
assured that in coming days more books according to
the need & demand will the added. The accessibility
of books to inmates will be made easy by providing
catalogue of books in each barrack. To run jail library
some inmates have been given training by
Ranganathan Society.
The main aim of the Ranganathan Society for Social
Welfare and Library Development is to connect
inmates to the main stream of the Society for which
this NGO is regularly arranging the programs.
बरला ामीण पु कलय गावँ जन सवाना का एक खास
आकषण ह,ै आसपास गावँ के लोग भी इसे देखकर अपने गावँ
मे एस तरह पु कालय क ापना के लये अ र अनुरोध
करते है !”
Baba Sitaram Ji
Jansiwana, Gautam Budh Nagar
Library Week at Dasna Jail
Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development, an NGO
that works for educating and creating a spark of interest for reading and
writing among the jail inmates, recently celebrated “Library Week” in Dasna
Jail, from November 15-19, 2013. It was organized by the members of the
society along with few more volunteers and was headed by Dr. Rishi Tiwari.
Around 700 jail inmates (both male and female) participated in various events
conducted by the students and this gave us a chance to explore their
extraordinary talent and creativity.
“Library Week” was inaugurated on November 15, 2013 by Dr. Rishi Tiwari
and Dr. Viresh Raj, the chief guests of the day and was followed by a short
speech by them on the importance of library to the jail inmates.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
ndustrial visits are an integral part of management education curriculum at BIMTECH and act as a catalyst for students
to acquire practical insights of the real-time business environment. While on one hand, these industrial visits facilitate
students to comprehend the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world that would help them
in shaping their careers; these visits also provide opportunities to the students to plan, organize and engage in active
learning experiences outside the classroom. The philosophy is to sensitize the students during their formative years.
These would result in more refined individuals who are analyzing things from different perspectives and helping them to
make informed decisions, acquiring transferable skills that will be useful to build a career and will remain with them for
A Trip to Sikkim & Darjeeling
Industrial Visit for PGDM 2013-15 Batch
A trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling was organized in the
last week of February 2014, for the students of PGDM
13-15 as part of their industrial visits. Dr. Gagan
Katiyar, Prof. M S Rawat, Prof.Eugene Reuben and Ms.
Meenakshi Bhat accompanied the students for the
industrial visit. The students had an opportunity to
visit Cipla, Alkem Labaratories and Yoksam Brewery
plants. The employees of the company were all very
keen to interact with the students. The visit to the
plants, which have been built on International
standards was a great learning experience. Apart from
this, students also enjoyed the participating in some
adventure sports, trekking in ice, joy ride on the DHR
(Darjeeling Himalayan Railway), Pashupati market and
the famous tea estates of Darjeeling. The tour was
truly rejuvenating and revitalizing for one and all.
A Journey to Dubai
for PGDM(IB) 2013-15 Batch
With excitement 18 students of PGDM (IB) 2013-15
Batch of BIMTECH started their journey for DUBAI main city of Emirate, along with Programme Manager,
Ms. Rupali Singh on February 17, 2014. Dubai known
for its economy built on oil industry also drives its
economy with the main revenues coming from
tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services. In
addition to visiting places of interest in Dubai the
students visited: The Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, the
biggest port in the Middle East and the world’s largest
man-made harbor; Hamariya Free Trade Zone,
Sharzah and the office and site of Paradigm Pioneers
Group. On 23 February, the students with marketing
specialization went to Blue Apple - an Ad Agency,
students in operations went to Jumbo Electronics
Logistics Work in Jebel Ali Industrial Area and those in
finance went to Wehbe Insurance Services LLC. The
trip was an amazing experience with memories and
learning’s at some of the most beautiful places of the
A Trip to Mumbai
for PGDM(IB) 2013-15 Batch
The enthusiasm of a group of twenty-one students of
PGDM(IB) saw no bounds as they went for their
educational excursion to Mumbai and Pune along
with Prof. Rajeev Sharma. For the students it was a
great learning experience as they had the opportunity
to visit the Jawahar Lal Nehru Port, a chocolate
manufacturing unit, strawberry farms, exotic beaches,
beautiful hills and the liveliness on the streets of
Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Though
it was an educational tour, the fun part was never
missed by the students.
A Trip to Mumbai and Pune
for PGDM (RM) 2013-15 Batch
Centre for Retail had organized an Industrial Tour for
the students to Mumbai and Pune from February 20
to 26, 2014, under the supervision of Prof. M.K Pant,
Veenu Sharma & Ajab Singh. They visited Reliance
Mart, West Kurla & Being Human Store. The working
of a large hypermarket was explained to them. In the
warehouse they understood the complexities of
receiving, stacking, picking and dispatching of the
Industrial Visits
Dubai, Gangtok,
Sikkim, Darjeeling, Mumbai and
SKU’s. This was followed by an excursion to
Alibagh and Lonavala, where the students
enjoyed and had a great time.
A Tour to Darjeeling and Gangtok
for PGDM (IBM) 2013-15 Batch
PGDM(IBM) students embarked for their
industrial and educational excursion visit to
Darjeeling and Gangtok. This place was a opted
this year for its natural beauty and being the
seat of Sustainable Development Practices. A
visit to the ‘Puttabong (Takvur) Tea Estate’ of
M/S Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd and ‘Takvur
Tea Estate’ made the students familiar with the
different stages of tea processing. They got an
opportunity to understand the risks associated
with the tea plantation business and the risk
mitigation measures adopted by the company.
In all, the trip was a unique learning experience
where fun was mixed with acquiring practical
Corporate houses have
always been in search of
opportunities that will
energise and prepare
human resources to face
emerging challenges,
achieve better profitability
& growth."
Prof. Akhil Pandey
Information and Technology,
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
n house Capacity Building Initiatives continued in the campus throughout the year with heightened
Academia-industry-Institute-interaction. Through these sessions, the institute strived to enable employable
students to seek placement with handsome packages in various MNC's. To make them industry ready, the
institute helps in inducing the right skill and knowledge with the support of the industry. With dynamic and
vibrant exposure of industry and academics during regular workshops and seminars, the students achieve vital
support in directing their career paths. Several eminent resource persons from the industry who groomed
BIMTECHians in this session were from a cross section of the industry and government. This initiative is to take
the responsibility of self development by way of up-skilling, re-skilling and entrepreneurial skills. Industry
Experts and Intellectual Capitals who groomed our budding managers this session with their experiential
learning were:
Centre for Business Management (CBM)
• Dr. Jagdish Sheth
Dr. DK Malhotra
Ms. Shailja Tripathi
Ms. Poonam Chopra
Dr. R C Natarajan
Dr. Ajit Ranade
Mr. M. R Gera
Mr. Salil Lal, HOD
Mr. Miachel Dias
Mr. Ranbir Chakarborty
Mr. S K Sharma
Mr. P Dwarakanath
Mr. Puneet Rampal
Dr. Arup Chaudhury
Mr. Kunal Saraogi
Mr. Ashish Pradhan
Mr. Apratim Biswas
Mr. Deepak Bharara
Founder, Academy of Indian Marketing & Charles H Kelldstat
Professor of Marketing, Emory University
Prof. Finance & coordinator, Philadelphia University
HR-Manager, Jindal Steels
Senior Consultant, Aon Hewitt
Director, TAPMI, ATHENS Glass Works
Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group
Retd. ED(HR),IOC, Labour Law Consultant, IOC
Industrial Relations, Maruti Suzuki
Labour Law Consultant, Michael Dias & Associates
Head HR, Tata Power
Director -HR, Max india Ltd.
Head-Global Talent Acquisition, Welspun Group
Chairman & MD, NTPC
Founder & CEO, Equityrush.
Sr. DGM, HR, Jindal Steels & Power Ltd.
Sr. VP, HSBC Bank
Director, Corpoarte HR, Lanco Group
Centre for International Business and Policy (CIBP)
• Mrs. Patricija Jankovice Founder
• Prof. Guo-An (Andrew) Wang
• Mr. Ashutosh Garg
Dr. D.K. Malhotra
Mr. Soumik Ganguly
Mr. Sarup Chowdhary
Prof. Renu Kohli
Dr. Ram Upendra Das
President and CEO – Academy of Regional Management, Slovenia
Professor – Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou.
Chairman, Guardian Pharmacy and Author of the book
“The Buck Stops Here” & “The Corner Office”
Editor–in- Chief, The Global Journal of Finance and Management
Global Sales & Marketing, PaGaLguy
Founding Director & CEO, GE India
Founder Director, fno Research
Professor and Sr. Fellow , Research and Information System for Developing
Countries (RIS),
Center for Retail Management (CRM)
Ms. Deepa Mahesh
Ms. Simmi Srivastava
Mr. Ramesh Krishnan
Mr. Ashish Sabberwal
Prof. Ravi Tiwari
Mr. Amit Ranjan Saxena
Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal
Mr. Ritesh Rathi
Ms. Mona Rai
Mr. Sanjay Kumaria
Mr. Amit Kohli
Mr. Lalit Chikker
Mr. Pankaj Date
Mr. Nilesh Jain
Mr. Ramesh Krishnan
Mr. Sandip Ghosh
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal
Mr. Sarup Chowdhary
Mr. Rajeev Damani
Mr.Pradeep Katyal
Mr. Hasham Muhammed
Ms Charu Goel
Mr. Amanpreet Banga
Mr. Shammi Dua
Dr. Marcel Saucet
Prof. Rajendra Sharma
Prof. Ferojuddin
Prof. Arindam Banerjee
Group Manager, Madura Garments
Founder, Kathashala
VP, Future Supply Management
VP, Reliance( North India)
Director, M/s Aggrahan Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Category Manager, Metro Cash and Carry
Senior GM,Moser Baer
GM, WalMart
Chief of Marketing Services, Tata Kisan Sansar
Business Head, Johnson
MD and Co-Founder, Food Panda
Asst. VP-Operations, Reliance Trends
Business Developer, IKEA
Head, Supply Chain, Sahara Q
Business Head, Johnwiley
Founder, Aam Admi Party
Founding Director & CEO, GE India
System Analyst, TCS
CEO, Utsav Fashion Pvt. Ltd.
HR Head, Vinculum Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Buying and Merchandising Retail Professional
Sr. Manager, DLF
Head Logistics and Customer care AkzoNobel (Dulux), India Ltd.
Research Associate USD, California.
Asso. Professor, IIFT, Kolkata
Professor, IILM
Professor, Asia Pacific Institute
India Centre for Public Policy (ICCP)
Centre for Insurance and Risk Management (CIRM)
Ms. Priya Gupta
Mr. Sanjay Mathur
Mr. Arjun Sharma
Mr. Varun Venkat
Mr. C.B. Verma
Mr. Ankur Gupta
Mr. Pankaj Tomar
Mr. Ritesh Mangla
Mr. Ankit Goyal
Ms. Smriti Srivastava
Mr. Pankaj Tomar
Mr. Satadru Banerjee
Dr. Bhabatosh Mishra
Mr. Vineet Mittal
Mr. Avinash Gosai
Mr. Vikram Sharma
Mr. Ajay Gupta
Prof. Sagar Sanyal
Ms. Ruchi Agarwal
Training Manager, Max Life Insurance
Manager, Royal Sundram GI Co. Ltd.
Sr. Manager, A G Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
Sr. Manager, Marsh & McLennan Company
DGM, Iffco Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Risk Manager, Iffco Tokiya G Co. Ltd.
VP, Marsh India Ltd.
Sr. Manager, SOC, Deloitte
Underwriter, Liberty Videocon General
Insurance JD Familiarizatio
Manager, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
VP, Marsh India Ltd.
HD, Mega HDI
Head, Apollo Munich Health Insurance
Head HR, Rural Marketing, BIG FM Network
Manager (R&D), Maruti Udhyog Ltd.
Asso. Manager, CSC
GM, Future Generali Insurance Co. Ltd.
Researcher, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
Mr. Raghwesh Ranjan
Mr. Ramesh Krishnan
Mr. Kumar Ankit
Ms. Rubina Sen
Mr. Umesh Anand
Mr. Damandeep Singh
Mr. Ganesh Tripathy
• Mr. Vishal Bhardwa
• Mr. Jatinder Singh
• Ms. Naina Shakya
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Sahara Q Shop
Social Enterprise
Global Reporting Initiative
Publisher - Civil Society Magazine
Director, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Chief Sustainability Officer, Jubilant Life
Sciences Ltd.
Asst. Executive, Director, Dalmia & COO|CSR Bharat Enterprises Ltd.
PHD Chamber, New Delhi
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
In the academic year 2013-14 BIMTECH had put extra efforts to strengthen ties with its largest
stake holders and true brand ambassadors. Occasions of Alumni get together have increased and
Alums across the country have participated with greater passion than in all previous years. Many
senior Alumni visited campus for the convocation 2013 when Shri Yashwant Sinha, Ex Finance
Minister delivered the convocation address also when Shri TV Mohandas Pai delivered, 26th
BIMTECH Convocation on April 5, 2014. Prominent among them are Mr. Alok Gupta, Ms. Kirti Raj,
Mr. Deepak Pandit, Mr. Mohit Chhabra and many others. On March 22, BIMTECH Alum Batch
2002, Mr. Apratim Biswas, interacted with students and the topic for the interaction was ‘What
industry Expects from an Internee’. On Jan 2014, senior Alums Mr. Jugal Vashist and Mr. Vikas
Sikand, Chief Executive of their respective organization have joined back to their old school for
doing Fellowship Program from BIMTECH.
IMTECH Alumni Association, Mumbai and
Kolkata chapters met and elected their
representative and charted out the agenda for
next two years. Annual General meeting was held at
Mumbai on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at Global
Fusion, Linking Road, Bandra. Many senior Alumni
from batch 1995-2004 were present. The outgoing
president, Mr. Nitin Kapur, batch 1995 delivered the
welcome address. Dr. Anshul Verma Batch 2002 and
Mr. Nitin Kapur jointly proposed the name of Mr. Avtar
Monga, Batch 2001 for the new president of Mumbai
Chapter, which was supported by all present and Mr.
Monga was declared elected unanimously and
unopposed. Ms Dipika Singh, batch 1998 was elected
as General Secretary of Mumbai chapter, where as Dr.
Anshul Verma, Mr. Rahul Chandra, batch 2004 and Mr.
Siddharth Mirani, batch 2012 were also elected as Vice
Presidents of Mumbai Chapter. Ms. Neha Gupta, batch
2004 was elected as Treasurer.
One relationship that has been a constant
and extremely fulfilling throughout my
journey has been the one that I cherish the
most and that is with BIMTECH.
I have learnt, reinvented and taught at
Mr. Yogesh Bellani
FieldFresh Foods Private Limited
(JV between Bharti Enterprises &
Del Monte Pacific Ltd.)
It gives me immense pride today to see
BIMTECH progressing fast, with world class
facilities under the guidance of
Dr. Chaturvedi and his able team.”
Mr. Harveen Bedi
Business Head
Quadrangle Search (Div of Infoedge India Ltd)
Kolkata Chapter of BIMTECH Alumni Association
recently conducted annual general body meeting was
held on June 7, 2014 at Hotel Pan Asia Continental.
Mr. Partho Mukherjee was elected the President of the
Kolkata Chapter on account of majority votes. Mr.
Sumanta Rakshit , Mr. Sushil Gupta Ms. Silva Sarkar &
Mr. Saptarshi Das were proposed for the post of Vicepresident by Mr. Sourabh Sen and Mr. Saket Arora.
And all four were elected unanimously by the house.
Mr. Sourabh Sen was proposed by Mr. Partho
Mukherjee for the position of Secretary of the Chapter
and he was elected unanimously. Mr. Saket Arora was
proposed by Mr. Sourabh Sen & Jay Prakash Chhajer
for the position of Treasurer of the Chapter and he
was elected unanimously. Mr. Jay Prakash Chhajer was
proposed by Mr. Sourabh Sen for the position of Joint
Secretary of the Chapter and he was elected
unanimously. Mr. Debarshi Ray was proposed by
Ms. Silva Sarkar & Mr. Partho Mukherjee for the
position of Joint Secretary of the Chapter and he was
elected unanimously.
Chapter elections 2014 are scheduled for Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and
Chandigarh in the next three months.
Finally, BIMTECH Alumni Portal
(http://bimtech.ac.in/alumni) has been completely
revamped to connect, strengthen, develop the Alumni
Network across the globe. New features like
Remember (Photo and Video Galary), Engage (Guest
Lecture, Online Library, and Mentorship engagement),
Know (Articles, Events, News, Online Newsletters, and
Star Treks), Share and Contact options have
completely face lifted the portal.
IMTECH strongly inculcates the values of religious tolerance & “sarv
dharm sambhava”. The campus exudes extreme harmony and brings
together members of all religious groups in the campus by celebrating
festivals of all religions. This practice is with the pursuit of inculcating virtues
of happiness and brotherhood reiterating the notion that there can be no
real conflict in citizen engineers high on integrity.
Festivals @ BIMTECH
From the point of view that all religions are equally valid ways of knowing
God or truth, and the outer differences between religions are merely
incidental, the BIMTECH family celebrates all the festivals round the year with
extreme religious fervor. This year as well, the festivities were in its full glory.
The campus reverberated with the beats of DHOL on Lohri as the family
shared greetings around a camp fire. The Sun God was offered prayers
during Sankranti, Bihu and Pongal. The BIMTECH family sought blessings of
Goddess of knowledge Ma Saraswati by celebrating Saraswati Puja early in
the year. As the nature came into full bloom, BIMTECH celebrated the spring
season with the festival of colours- HOLI. Subsequently, all harvest festivals
like Onam, Baisakhi, Vishu etc. were enjoyed with delicacies and sweetmeats
of the region to show gratitude to the Almighty for the plentitudes offered
on our plates each day. The social engineers of BIMTECH lighted the lives of
underprivileged on Deepawali. The Rangolis, Diyas and Lanterns beautifully
adorned the campus and the homes of many less ordained.
Ramadan and Dussehra were marked with equal piety, and BIMTECH family
never failed to make the IFTAR parties as sumptuous as Navaratras. The
secular culture of the institute is best seen when all the members savored
fingerlicious Sewaiyyan during EID and cakes during Christmas with equal
enthusiasm. Revered Mother India was honored on Independence Day and
Republic Day by saluting the National Flag and pledging to bring India on
the global map. By the end of the year, with the tinkling of Santa’s bells,
BIMTECHians promised to ring in the New Year with gifts of innovations for
social change and development. The campus was full-on into celebrations
round the year, and both Indian and foreign nationals of the BIMTECH family
got rejuvenated with festivity and gaiety of each event.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Activities @ BIMTECH
BIZMARK Events, Tag of War, Funambulous 2
Teachers Day, National Sports Day,
Varchasava, Super Chef 4.0 & many more
n order to facilitate multi-pronged acquisition of knowledge and honing the creative skills of future managers, BIMTECH
provides a platform in the form of conduits and clubs and attempts to capture the effusive persona of the students. The
clubs and conduits are active and vibrant forums enjoying wide patronage among students. The student body called
CONDUIT comprises of members from the five committees, clubs and class representatives. The different members of the
Corporate Communications committee, Cultural committee, Discipline Committee, Food Committee and Sports Committee
work in tandem to organize various events and celebrations in the campus. Prominent Clubs in the institute include the
Bizzmark (The Marketing Club), Eco-Chamber(Economics Club), E-Cell(Entrepreneur Cell), Finwiz (Finance Club), Majlis
(The Debating and Drama Society), Noesis (Gaming Club), Palette (Art Society), Phoenix (The HR Club), QCB Club (Quiz Crazy
Bimtechians), Retailia (The Retail Club), Photography Club, Inmos (Insurance Movers & Shakers), UFE - United Friends of
Earth, Foot & Boot Club and Cycle Club.
Workshop by Asmita Theater
August 29-31, 2013, BIMTECH Activity Plaza was
abuzz with enthusiastic students who came to
“express not suppress” in the three days theater
workshop conducted by Mr. Arvind Gaur of Asmita
Theater. Well supported by Ms. Shilpi Marwah, an
acclaimed street play artist, the sessions focusing on
capital building enhanced the personality of the
participants and their ability to connect with effective
Brand It 3.0. Events
On August 28, 2013, the marketing club of BIMTECH
beckoned the new session with Brand It 3.0., an
advertisement competition. With an aim to test
creativity of students to market a product which is
disjoined from its normal association, the event had
two subcategories - Video and Enactment. Thirty
teams were challenged to sell unique products like
Patanjali Cola, Mac D dhokla, Odonil mouth freshener,
Tide fairness cream and Pepsi lassi.
Tag of War
This BIZMARK event was a simulation of Brand wars
among 6 teams allocated with different brands Samsung mobiles, Apple I Phones, Hyundai, Maruti,
Colgate and HUL oral care. These 6 teams were
selected on the basis of a current marketing affairs
quiz in which 35 teams took part. The two and a half
hour event was highly stimulating. The USP of this
event was an offer of Live Projects to the winners of
“Tag of War”.
Retrospective, the club dedicated to promoting the art
of photography in BIMTECH is amongst the most
active clubs in the college, covering all the seminars
and events that are organized by any conduit or club.
A place for photographyenthusiasts,retrospective
believes in encouraging creative expression. Last year
the club organized an intra-college event “Prabhaav”
in which participants were required to tell a story
using different expressions of people clicked by them.
The club also set up a “Photo booth” on the 15th of
August, where students could get group pictures
clicked with the Tri colour and other props to
celebrate the spirit of patriotism. Towards the end of
the session the club went big by conducting an intercollege street photography contest “Dhristikon” in
which various b-schools and Delhi University colleges
The Great Debate 2013
July 22, 2013, MAJLIS organised The Great Debate
2013, an annual event exclusively for the first year
students. More than 100 candidates tested their
oratory and debating skills while deliberating their
perspectives on “India's demographic dividend not
paying off: Indian youth to blame”.
Palette, the Art Society of BIMTECH conducted
Funambulous 2 in the beginning of October, 2013.
With a huge participation of 100+ enthusiastic
students and exciting rounds, Funambulous 2 turned
out to be a great fun event for participants and
spectators alike. Based on the lines of the popular
game Pictionary, the event turned out to be an
Sports Conduits Activities
BIMTECH organized 18 Sports events and activities for
the period July to October 2013 including core sports
events and recreation and sports culture development
Bridge the cultural gap, with a friendly football
A football match was organized between the foreign
exchange students from France and the BIMTECH
students. Living up to the theme of the event
BIMTECH students won the match with a score of 6-4.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
Teachers Day
September 5, 2013 was celebrated with a token of
adulation and amicability for BIMTECH teachers. The
Sports Conduit organized fun events such as arm
wrestling and musical chair for them on Teacher's Day.
“Matki phod” and “Kite flying”
Keeping up with the Indian tradition, Sports Conduit
organized MATKI PHOD during Janmashtami. It also
organized “Kite Flying” on October 2 on the occasion
of Gandhi Jayanti.
National Sports Day
On the occasion of National Sports Day, i.e. August
29, the BIMTECH sports enthusiasts participated in
"Celebration of National Sports Day & National
Conference on Contribution of Physical Education in
Public Health, Fitness and Sports Promotion” in New
Delhi, India. Six first year students brought fame to the
institute by receiving applauds from various Arjuna
Awardees, Dronacharya Awardees, Padmashree
nominees and many distinguished Physical Education
and Sports personalities. Vice Chancellor of Gujarat
Sports University and Former Vice Chancellor of Jiwaji
University, Gwalior. Mr. A. K. Shirotriya, blessed the
Inter Class Volleyball Tournament
Inter Class Volleyball Tournament was organized
between September 28 and 29, 2013. PGDM 2nd year
emerged as the winners of the tournament.
Interdepartmental Girls Throw ball Match
Exclusively for girls this time, Interdepartmental Girls
Throw ball Match was organized on October 4, 2013.
The girls participated with enthusiasm and PGDM - IB
1st year girls stole the show.
Interdepartmental Basketball tournament
To cater to all the basketball fans the
Interdepartmental Basketball tournament was
conducted by the conduit between October 8-10,
2013. The tournament gave the students a chance to
showcase their skills on the court.
Sports enthusiasts of BIMTECH proved their mettle at
MDI’s college festival Akshayam ’13. Our students
displayed exemplary skill and passion as they went on to
win glory for BIMTECH in Women’s Badminton & Men’s
Volleyball matches. We participated in 6 events, namely,
Volleyball Men, Badminton-Men and Women, Football,
Futsal and Cricket. The team, led by captain Ashish
Reengasia, steered victory in our favour by defeating the
host team in the finals.
BIMTECH Cycle Club
On Republic day, the Cycle club of the institute
organized Cyclathon 2014 where 36 students and 4
faculty and staff members went for a cold misty cycle
ride. The cyclathon was 14 Km long for boys and 7 Km for
girls and faculty members.
Inter B-School Futsal Tournament
On October16, 2013, Foot N Boot Club, the official
football club of BIMTECH conducted an “Inter B-School
Futsal Tournament”. The event was first of its kind in
BIMTECH where 8 teams played continuous football in a
night long Futsal (Five- a-side) Tournament. While
BIMTECH had two home teams, one team was the KEDGE
B-School of France represented by a team of BIMTECH’s
foreign exchange students and 5 visitor teams included
football teams from B-Schools IMI, MDI, FORE, IIFT and
On November 30, 2013 BIMTECH Cycle Club organized its
10th ride, with 15 riders covering 18 Km. The 11th ride of 14
Km was conducted on 4 January 2014.
BIMTECH CYCLE CLUB - Born to Pedal commemorated
WOMEN'S DAY with a morning cycle ride. Several boys and
girls joined the faculty in this ride to spread the value of
respect towards women.
Activities @ BIMTECH
BIZMARK Events, Tag of War, Funambulous 2
Teachers Day, National Sports Day,
Varchasava, Super Chef 4.0 & many more
Women’s Cricket Tournament
On February 2 and 3 2014, , Women’s Cricket Tournament
was organised for the first time in the history of BIMTECH.
The young ladies of BIMTECH wooed everyone with their
talent, strength and agility.
During January 24 to February 13, 2014, BIMTECH witnessed
the basketball league “Varchasava”. The event left everyone
Friendly football match
On December 31 2013, a friendly football match was
organized between students of BIMTECH Greater Noida and
BIMTECH Bhubaneswar. The event helped in developing a
great camaraderie between the students of both the
Foreign Chef Desi Kitchen
On February 5, 2014, Activity Plaza, BIMTECH
was spellbound when two exchange students
from France and Spain, Julie and Marina
showcased their culinary skills by serving
some lovely delicacies from their countries.
They started with the soup “Gazpacho” and
went on to serve a lavish spread ending in a
lip smacking dessert. It was truly a feast to
Prize Distribution Ceremony
On December 9, 2013, a Prize Distribution Ceremony was
organized to honour the sports talent of BIMTECH . Dr. H.
Chaturvedi felicitated the winners of all the sporting events
conducted throughout the academic session were. In his
speech the Dr. Chaturvedi congratulated the participants as
well as Sports Conduit and all the sports clubs for their
Cricket league
February 5 to 10, 2014 “Seniors Vs Juniors” Cricket league
was conducted to bid adieu to the cricket enthusiasts of
batch 2012-14, a. The second year students took this
opportunity to reminiscence their days in BIMTECH while the
first years thought it to be an apt farewell for their seniors.
“Super Chef 4.0”
On February 5, 2014, BIMTECH conducted a yet another
exciting competition -“Super Chef 4.0”. Going ahead with
enhancing the joy of eating, a team of 2 members had to
prepare a single dish within 45 minutes to be judged by a
panel of six esteemed judges. The participants were judged
on the basis of taste, texture, presentation, innovation and
knowledge of the dish by stalwarts of the hospitality
industry- Chef Gaurav Singh, ITC Maurya; Chef Shiladitya
Samaddar (currently working with the government of Delhi
has had the unique honour of having cooked for President
Barack Obama) and Mr. Ashish Kumar Gupta an alumnus of
the college and currently a hospitality consultant.
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
October 18, 2013, FINWIZ, the finance club of
BIMTECH organised Money Trail '13. There as an
overwhelming response with 54 teams registering for
the event. After going through seven gruelling
checkpoints and performing tasks ranging from
connecting the dots, identifying company logos to
solving market capitalization problems, all the teams
made it to the final task “WORD SEARCH”.
On January 13 - 27 2014, FINWIZ organized its
flagship event STOCK-O-MANIA’14. The students got
an opportunity to experience and enhance their
aptitude in trading during real time stock market
situation. Following the event, a training workshop
was conducted to provide a level playing field. The
response was overwhelming, with 128 traders
registering for the event and 8 participants making it
to the grand finale. The ultimate STOCK GURU of
BIMTECH, the finalists, had to present their strategy
during the 10-day trading session in the presence of
the jury.
Entrepreneur Cell
January 7 to 11, 2014 witnessed UDYAMI 2- an
entrepreneurial carnival by E-Cell. From delicious food
and snacks to computer equipment, from paintings by
inmates of Dasna jail, to products by NGO's, the
products on-sale was of everyone's interest.
Marketing, financial budgeting and finding sponsors
for each of these products saw unique ideas from the
promoters. After gruelling assessments STARPRENEUR
was awarded a certificate and support from 'E-cell' to
execute their model in BIMTECH campus as a 'Campus
Brain of BIMTECH 2.0
Brain of BIMTECH 2.0, a quiz competition was
organized by the QUIZ CLUB. 100 students
participated. Top 6 participants of all the 3 prelims
round were short-listed for the Grand Finale.
The momentum kept on shifting from one participant
to the other but in the end, one man kept his nerves
and emerged victorious. Nakul Yadav (PGDM-1st Year)
was ordained with the title the Brain of BIMTECH 2.0.
Global EDGE-IB, Amity Youth Festival, Noida
On February 7, 2014, keeping the quizzing spirit alive,
BIMTECH quiz wizards exhibited their talent at Amity
Youth Festival's 'Global EDGE-IB event' where Ratna
Teja (PGDM 12-14) & Pratik Sonthalia (12-14) secured
1st position, and, the 2nd Position was grabbed by
Abhinav Bajpai (PGDM 13-15) & Mohit Begani (PGDM
(IBM13-15)). Cash Prizes of Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000
respectively were awarded to the winners.
NOESIS: The Gaming Club
On February 7, 2014, NOESIS: The Gaming Club of
BIMTECH organized VELOCITAS. This fantabulous
gaming extravaganza had two events 'NFS: Most
Wanted' and 'Fifa-11'. In NFS the best gamers were
'Speed Monsters' Arsh Pahwa, Rachit Kurani & Pranav
Kesari in the Ist position, and the runners up were
'Nitrous' Govardhana, Bharath N.D. & Kiran Prabha.
While FIFA 11 winner was Rahul Bhatnagar and
runner up was Vaibhav Savena.
the journey continues...
Prof. Jaya Gupta
Assistant Professor, BIMTECH
Prof. Saloni Sinha
Assistant Professor, BIMTECH
compiled & edited by
Annual Activity Report 2013-14
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