Arts on the Move Showcase 2014 Exhibtions!

OSAC’s Arts on the Move
Showcase 2014 Exhibtions!
(left) Bryce Erickson, Wheat Pool, oil on canvas, 21” x 47”, 1994.
(right) Bob Pitzel, Bygone Days, watercolor on Arches, 20”x 24”.
Bryce Erickson and Bob Pitzel- A Sense of Place
Bryce Erickson and Bob Pitzel explore the rural setting with intense precision and
stunning detail. This exhibition provides a study in rural Saskatchewan that is
immersive and contemplative.
Belinda Harrow, Dam, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 152 cm, 2013.
Belinda Harrow- Giant Bingo
Giant Bingo delves into the complex world of Internet dating. Combining
printmaking, drawing, sculpture and painting this exhibition explores the role
chance and luck when searching for love.
Hello In There/Hello Out There
Hello In There/ Hello Out There is an exhibition of artwork created by senior citizens
under the direction of artist Chrystene Ells through Common Weal Community
(left) Catherine Blackburn, Grandpa, acrylic on canvas, 29”x 29.5”, 2011.
(right) Katherine Boyer, 234 BPI (beads per inch), acrylic beads on cotton, 9.5”x 13.5”, 2014.
Catherine Blackburn and Katherine Boyer- My History, My Tradition
My History, My Tradition features the painting and beading works of Catherine
Blackburn and the beadings of Katherine Boyer. Both artists examine their
heritage and traditions using beading as a material and reference point.
Bart Pragnell, Untitled, watercolour on paper, 21 x 30 cm, c. 1940’s, MJM&AG collection by bequest of the artist’s
Bart Pragnell- Inspired Movement
This exhibition is curated by Heather Smith, organized by the Moose Jaw Museum
& Art Gallery and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program. Bart Pragnell
was born near Moose Jaw in 1907, and became a highly admired artist and art
instructor who worked through-out western Canada. This exhibition includes
twenty-three outstanding pieces made over Pragnell’s career.