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By SK Michael J. Gauder, Grand Knight
Brother Knights,
We are in full swing for fall sports,
which for some of us is a very busy time of year.
Some of our members are officiating sports while
others may have children or grandchildren playing
sports, but whatever the case the holiday season
will be upon us before we know it. Don’t forget to
purchase a “Football Frenzy” ticket, which is
available in the lounge. The Council will earn a
minimum of $2.50 for each $10.00 ticket sold.
Final turn-in is October 21st to ensure the tickets
are received by OSC by October 25th. We’ll be
parking cars in the Bainbridge Hall parking lot
during Boo Fest, so mark your calendars, for the
evening of October 25th.
We will be participating in the “Keep Christ
in Christmas” Christmas Card sales campaign for
Larry Clark has ordered preliminary
materials, and our Council will partnering with
Region 7 Parishes like last year. This is a good
opportunity to purchase Christmas cards with a
Christ-based theme that is absolutely appropriate
for the celebration of the Birth of the Savior.
Members of our Council provided multifaceted support to the combined Region 7 Parish
Picnic (Emmanuel, Holy Trinity, St. Joseph) that
was held on Sunday, September 21st.
preliminary work detail assisted with setting up
tables and chairs to seat an estimated 200 plus
attendees the day before the event. A group of
enthusiastic Council members assisted with food
and beverage services, assisting with various
games, conducting the Council Soccer Challenge
for over ten participants and clean-up activities
after the picnic. I was reassured by Fr. Angelo the
assistance our Council members provided was
greatly appreciated.
One last thing, the Ohio and Supreme
Councils have established increasing membership
as the primary goal of the order for the this year.
We are all well aware our Council is composed
predominately of members over 45 years of age. If
our Council is to survive, we need to recruit new
members—particularly younger men who can carry
the fraternal banner that so many of our members
have carried it in the past. Let’s all do our
collective part to encourage a son, grandson,
cousin, neighbor, or parish member to join our
Order and our Council.
By SK David Norckauer, FA
Long-Term Care Plans Offer Peace of Mind
Since its addition to the Order’s product
portfolio in 2000, long-term care (LTC) insurance has
provided the Knights of Columbus with an excellent
opportunity to further serve members and their
families. And, for our long-term care policy holders in
the United States, there’s an added bonus.
It’s called “Provider Pathway,” a program offering
access to a network of long-term care providers at
discounted rates. The network includes discounts on
products, such as hearing aids, diabetic supplies,
personal emergency response systems, and durable
medical equipment, as well as skilled nursing facilities,
assisted living, and adult day care.
Eligibility for participation in this program is
open to Knights of Columbus long-term care insurance
policyholders, their spouses, dependent children,
parents and parents-in-law. All providers are fully
credentialed and meet state licensing requirements.
If you haven’t yet spoken with me about longterm care insurance, you owe it to yourself to do so.
There are a few decisions to make in choosing a “plan”
— a comprehensive plan that covers care whether
you’re at home or in a facility, or one that covers
facility only; daily benefit amounts and benefit
durations (how long it will last); and the length of the
elimination period (waiting period) before benefits kickin. Having a professionally trained agent ― and a
brother Knight you can trust ― to help guide you
through the process is yet another valuable benefit
that comes with your membership. Take advantage of
it; contact me today.
K of C Annuities: IRA, Roth IRA, Non-Tax Qualified, Rollovers and Transfers
Knights of Columbus Insurance
David Norckauer <> Council Field Agent
[email protected]
In accordance with the Laws and Rules of
the Order a Special Election was held at the
September Council meeting to fill the
vacancy of the Treasurer. The Council is
pleased to announce that SK Richard
Kaliney was nominated and elected by
acclimation. Please congratulate Rick in his
new post.
Fraternally in Service,
SK Michael J. Gauder
Oct. 7 - Monthly Council Meeting, 7:30PM
Oct. 12 – Family Rosary Rally, U.D. Arena, 2:30PM
Oct. 14 – 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil, 7:00PM
Oct. 16 – Past Grand Knight Meeting, 7:30PM
Oct. 19 – Emmanuel Church Ministry Fair, 10:30AM
Oct. 25 – St. Joseph Ministry Fair, 4:30PM
Oct. 25 – Boo Fest Parking, 6:00PM-12:00AM
Oct. 26 – St. Joseph Ministry Fair, 10:00AM
Family Rosary Rally
Offertory Gifts
“The Family that Prays Together Stays Together”
Members of Dayton Council 500 will participating in the
Mass offered at Emmanuel Church on October 19, 2014
at the 10:30AM Mass as part of their Ministry Fair.
Members of Council 500 will also participate in the Mass
offered at St. Joseph Church on October 26, 2014 at
the 10:00AM Mass as part of their Ministry Fair.
The 10th Annual Family Rosary Rally will be held at the
University of Dayton Arena on Sunday, October 12,
2014. The Music Prelude starts at 2:30PM; the Rosary
Rally starts at 3:00PM. The Most Rev. Dennis M.
Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati is the Celebrant.
40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil sponsored by Council 500 to end Abortion
will take place at the Women’s Center on Stroop Rd. on
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 7:00pm. If you come
and join us, please do not park in the Mama Disalvo’s
parking lot (You Will Be Towed). All Are Welcome!!
Boo Fest Parking
Council 500 will be parking cars for the Oregon
District’s Boo Fest on Saturday, October 25, 2014
starting at 6:00PM. Volunteers are needed. Please
contact Grand Knight Michael Gauder for more
By Joseph Spanel, Home Corp President
As we move in to the fall season, I can report that your Dayton 500 Home Corporation is solvent and progressing in to
the future. Recently we have moved in to a relationship with a company called The Event Connection. They are a group that
plan events for their clients, and offers them many services related to event planning. One thing is that they match the client to
an appropriate hall, we hope to realize more bookings from there service at a minimal cost.
At the annual meeting in September, we voted to dissolve the Bainbridge Hall Corporation, and administer Bainbridge
Hall through the Dayton 500 Home Corporation. This will streamline our operation. We are aggressively pursuing in taking
advantage of the new law in Ohio to give Fraternal organizations like ours the opportunity to be exempted from property tax.
That would put us in a much better financial situation, even though we are doing well at this time. If we qualify, this will put a
lot of money in the bank for much needed facilities repair and improvements. Lastly if any of you know of a family member or
acquaintance, or a work situation that could use the large hall or small room push our facility, that's how we pay the bills.
DAYTON, OH 45402-2208
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