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Undeliverable Canadian Addresses
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Walter Murray Collegiate Institute
1905 Preston Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7J 2E7
Principal’s Message
With a full month of school under our belts, daily routines should be well established and
the fall extra-curricular seasons are well underway. In fact, the cross-country provincial meet
was held on October 4, with Walter Murray well-represented after capturing the city
championship for the ninth time in the last decade!
Last week, as I watched our athletes run through Lakewood Park, I thought about the
feedback they were receiving about their performance. Coaches and supporters were stationed
around the course, offering athletes encouragement and advice as they passed. For each
runner who completed the course, teammates and spectators cheered, and officials recorded
the time and order of finish. Results were posted on the Saskatoon Secondary Schools Athletic
Directorate (SSSAD) website and published in the newspaper the following day.
We’ve come to that time in the semester when students also need some sense of how
things are going academically. By now, most will have received feedback regarding specific
assignments, quizzes, and small classroom tasks. The teacher should also have collected
impressions and evidence regarding how the student works independently or as a member of a
collaborative group. The opportunity to share that information is coming right up, at the Student
Progress Conferences scheduled for October 16 and 17.
Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will find detailed instructions about how to schedule
these short interviews online, using the PTI scheduler. If you have been a parent in the Walter
Murray school community for a few years, you will need to adjust to a different booking method.
We know that there are bound to be some glitches the first time through, but we ask for your
patience and support as we transition to this new booking format. We expect that his will be a
positive change, but we will, of course, be seeking your feedback.
I would also encourage you not to rely entirely on the Student Progress Conferences for
information about how your son or daughter is doing. A five minute exchange permits only a
quick overview; please arrange a follow-up meeting if you are seeking more in-depth discussion
of classroom issues or concerns. Many parents also monitor their child’s attendance using the
parent portal, or email the teacher throughout the year, as the need arises.
Whatever method you choose to stay informed, we are looking forward to working
together to support student learning.
Brian Flaherty
Walter Murray Collegiate
1905 Preston Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7J 2E7
Principal: Mr . Br ian Flaher ty
Assistant Principal: Mr . Scott Fer guson
Vice Principal: Mr s. Kar en Peter son
Main Office Phone: 306-683-7850
School Superintendent: Mr . Withman J aigobin
Attendance Phone: 306-683-7855
School Trustee: Mr s. Br onwyn Eyr e
Web Site: hhhtthttp://schools.spsd.sk.ca/waltermurray/ E‐Mail: [email protected]
Dates to Remember
October 10
October 13
October 16
October 17
October 21
October 29
November 5
November 10
November 11
November 14
November 18
December 19
Dec.22-Jan. 2
January 5
January 20
January 22-28
January 29-30
February 2
Feb 3- 6
February 9
PD Day, No classes
Thanksgiving Day, no classes
School Photo Retakes in morning
Student Progress Conferences 6:30 to 9 p.m.
Student Progress Conferences 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
No classes all day
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Marauder Academic Celebration
Take Our Kids to Work (Grade 9 only)
PD Day, No classes
Remembrance Day Holiday, No classes
Report Cards
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Last Teaching Day Prior to Christmas Break
Christmas Break
School resumes
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Semester 1 Exams
First Semester Textbook Return in LRC
Semester Turnaround, No Classes
Semester 2 begins
Textbook issue in Room 234
Report Cards
February 9
February 10
February 13
February 16
February 17-20
February 24
March 17
March 19
March 20
April 3-10
April 21
April 24
May 15
May 18
May 19
June 9
June 18-24
June 26
Report Cards
Grade 8 Open House 7 p.m.
Last day to order yearbooks *School fees must
be paid for your order to stand.*
Family Day Holiday, No Classes
February Break, No Classes
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Student Progress Conferences (6:30-9:00 p.m.)
Student Progress Conferences (1:00-3:30 p.m.)
No Classes all day
Spring Vacation, No Classes
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Report Cards
Grad Banquet and Dance
Victoria Day, No Classes
School Community Council Meeting 7 p.m.
Marauder Recognition Day
Semester 2 Exams
Textbook return
Grad Exercises TCU Place 1 p.m.
We are looking for auto mechanic jobs as learning
opportunities for our willing and able mechanics 20
and 30 students. Parts are significantly discounted,
and labour is free, although it takes more time to
repair things than it would in a regular auto shop. Oil
changes, tire repairing, antifreeze or oil leaks,
electrical problems, brakes, vibrations, and check engine lights are
the kinds of work they can do. If you are interested in having a
vehicle worked on, please contact Mr. Rob Fenske, Auto Mechanics
Teacher, Walter Murray Collegiate. Email [email protected] or
call and leave a message at 306-683-8221, ext. 2874.
Mount Royal Collegiate has a High
School Carpentry Apprenticeship
Program for grade 11 and 12 students?
To register for Semester 2, or to find out
more, please contact Student Services.
 Midget Girls—Emma B. and Cindy L.
!!  Midget Boys—Csaba N., Ryan M. and Konstantin D.
Sixty-four Walter Murray Marauders ran to win the title of cross  Junior Girls—Sydney E., Mackenzie A., Lauryn A., Elliott
country city champions! A team score of 24 points compared to 9
F. and Katie T.
points for the second place finisher, Holy Cross.
 Junior Boys—Johann J., Jatin G., Liam M., and Sean L.
The following teams all placed second:
 Senior Girls—Chelsea C., Hanne S., Yiwen L.
 Midget and Junior Girls and Senior Boys
 Senior Boys—Luke G., Thomas R., Hemanshu A., and
 Midget and Junior Boys and Senior Girls
Adam H.
Several other runners may still win a berth to the provincial team.
Three of the athletes won a medal in their respective age
 Silver Medal – Csaba N. in midget boys and Luke
in Senior Boys
 Bronze Medal – Ryan M. in Midget Boys
Nineteen athletes are automatically selected to the provincial
team since their running performance placed them in the top ten
runners of their age category. They will compete at provincials
on October 4 in Madget Lake near Kamsack. Congratulations to
the following:
Congratulations to the cross country team for an amazing, heartfilled performance. You DID IT AGAIN—9 FOR 10!
Thanks to all who came and supported the team by cheering our
athletes on to run their best and by letting the runners know that
you also believed that they could do it. Haggis, hope you were
not sick. We missed you..
Coaches: Christ, Lorenzen, Schmiedge, Schoenfeld, Stensrud
Team Managers: Leah S. and Gloria S.
Hello everyone from the driver educators at Walter
Murray. A few things have changed in the last 12 months
that concern new drivers. We will explain what is needed
for students to be enrolled in the Driver Education Course.
1. Students now need a customer number when the
course starts. This can be obtained at any time at any
SGI issuer, even if the student hasn’t received an
invitation to the course yet or if the student is not yet
15 years of age. The exams for the learners licence
are now written online and a customer number is
mandatory. Paper exams are now a thing of the past.
2. When the student goes into SGI they MUST take nonphotocopy identification. This includes either a birth
certificate or valid passport, and a signed
Saskatchewan Health Card to prove residential status.
If the student has a valid SGI identification because of
travel purposes, then they do not need to go again.
3. PLEASE ENSURE the SGI issuer r ecor ds their
height and eye color. A valid email address must also
be recorded by the issuer. An access code will be sent
to that email address in order to sign up for a
“MySGI” account. If their height and eye color are
not recorded, the student will not be able to access
MySGI properly.
4. MySGI account; once completed the student goes to
www.sgi.sk.ca and registers for a MySGI account. On
the top right hand of the website is the link to sign up
and it walks them through the process. It might take
about 10 minutes.
It’s important to activate the
account as soon as possible. If
the access code remains
unused for too long it will
With their MySGI account
they can renew their licences
and also book a road test.
Later they can renew licence
plates for vehicles. While at
the issuer the student can also
password protect their
customer number to help
prevent identity fraud. The
password protection must be
done at the issuer.
conducts 5 driver ed
courses during the
Information will be
sent out regarding
summer driver ed in the
The driver education course is held during lunch hour
every day except Thursday. On Thursday the class is
held after school. Please keep that in mind when
booking appointments. SGI has a very strict attendance
policy. Extended holidays do not count as excused
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
at the school or by email at [email protected]
Hilda Worobec and Daryl Postey, Driver Educators
You will receive a letter of confirmation explaining the rules, but students must confirm their spot by
signing the list by the attendance desk. You must be 15 years of age to sign up for this class and you
can do this in Student Services.
The next Driver Education course begins on Wednesday, October 29 and will continue every lunch
hour for six weeks. Remember to bring your lunch.
TO BE ELIGIBLE: You must be 15 years of age. You must have selected Driver Ed during February
online registration to guarantee your spot or placed your name on the wait list in Student Services
(first come first serve). You will be placed in Driver’s Ed class sometime during the current school
The SRC is proud to announce the opening of the school
store! Located just inside the front doors at Murray Mart, we are
currently carrying T-shirts, water bottles and lanyards. Check us
out soon to get YOUR spirit wear and check us out often to see
the new products arriving weekly!
The Walter Murray “Electric Flyers Club” is BACK for 2014-2015
The Electric Flyers Club is intended for any student that is interested in flying or
learning to fly radio control model airplanes indoors. Come see what flying is all
If you are enrolled in the AVIATION STUDIES 20/30 PROGRAM or you are
interested in enrolling, this is the club for you! We have time booked in the gym at
Walter Murray Collegiate.
Walter Murray and the AVIATION STUDIES PROGRAM have formed a community link with Hub
City Radio Control Club. Members from this club will be there to demonstrate their airplanes and
skills to those students who want to learn. They will be able to offer hints, tips, and instruction on both
flying and building your own flying contraptions.
You can bring your own if you already have one. You can build your own if you want one that is unique.
You can purchase Almost Ready to Fly (ARTFs) or Ready to Fly (RTF) kits. Saskatoon’s NEWEST
HOBBY STORE ~ Express Hobbies at 411 34th Street East (306) 954-3434 can supply all your needs
and gives discounts for Aviation Studies students.
The Aviation Studies Program has “Nimbus” electric airplanes for students to learn how to fly. This is
an excellent trainer. They are light, slow, and fairly manoeuvrable. Indoor Electric Flying encompasses
the very latest in lightweight aircraft design with radio electronics and electric battery
As a member of this club, you will be asked to fundraise for projects and supplies; but It’ll be fun stuff.
The whole purpose of the club is to get students interested in flying and having fun! Flying is the
main feature on flight nights with activities that would include spot landing contests; flying the limbo;
“aircraft carrier” landings, etc.; and yes, mid-air crashes do occur. Sometimes they are spectacular! So
you may have to find out how to rebuild them.
Flight Nights are at Walter Murray, all on Mondays beginning @ 8:30 p.m. in the Boys’ Gym.
Dates in 2014 are: October 20, November 3, November 17, December 1 and 15. Dates in 2015
are: January 5, January 19, February 9, February 23, March 9, March 23, and April 13.
See Mr. Armstrong in Room 231 to sign up today!
You are invited to Walter Murray Collegiate’s
The staff and students of Walter Murray Collegiate would like to invite parents and
members of our community to our REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICES on Friday,
November 7, 2014 held at Walter Murray Collegiate.
Special Parking is available for veterans and seniors. There will be two services. The
first service will be held at 10:00 a.m. and the second service at 11:20 a.m. Please
RSVP to Mrs. Matieshen by phoning (306) 683-7850 before November 5 to indicate
how many seats and parking stalls you will need reserved.
If you know a veteran or senior, please share this information with them.
“A carnival of fun...wickedly amusing show.” - Time
Walter Murray Collegiate
“A virtual musical circus...driving rhythms, soaring
songs...boisterous, exuberant.” - WABC TV
The Wiz!
Tickets go on sale at noon hour in the foyer of Walter
Murray Collegiate starting October 27.
Show dates for the The Wiz are as follows:
Show Times and
Ticket Prices
Courtesy of Samuel French, Inc., Walter Murray is
proud to present the musical, The Wiz, “...the new
musical version of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L.
Frank Baum. Move on down the road! Winner of
seven Tony Awards, this beloved Broadway musical
sets Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz to music
in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel, and soul!”
Samuel French Inc.
“Radiates so much energy you can hardly sit in your
seat...great fun.” - The New York Post
“A continuous festival of movement...splendid
character songs.” - WWD
• Fundraiser Dessert Theatre for Stepping
Stones Inc. Charity and Walter Murray Music
Department – Sunday, November 16 and
Monday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. nightly.
• Evening shows - November 19, 20, 21 and
22 at 7:00 p.m. nightly and Saturday Afternoon
Matinee on November 22 at 1:30 p.m.
For more information, please contact Mr. Soucy at
[email protected]
Did you know that Walter
Murray students formed the Dan
Worden Park Safety Committee last
year after concerns were expressed
at our student forum?
Walter Murray Collegiate in
partnership with The City of
Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Health
Region, and Holy Cross High
School, are working to address
concerns brought forward about
activities and perceptions of Dan
Worden Park which is located
behind the Legion Manor Veteran’s
Home. The area is prone to
negative activity such as drugs,
alcohol, tobacco use, and at
times, citizens passing through
the area may feel uncomfortable
because of poor perceptions of
their safety in the area. The
committee includes ten members
from both the Student Teacher
Advisory Group (STAG) from
Walter Murray Collegiate and the
City of Saskatoon. Through
community partners, we are
confident that the negative
activities that occur within Dan
Worden Park area can be
This school year we will
continue to access funds to
put our revision plans into
action. Stay tuned to future
newsletter editions for more
details. If you would like
further information on our
contact our Vice Principal,
[email protected]
Students and teachers alike are thrilled by the opening of the central courtyard. While this beau ful weather lasts, Marauders will have access to this fantas c space. Moving forward we will be looking at several ways to op mize the yard for maximum use and hope to begin the real work in the spring of 2015. 6
Take Our Kids to Work Program:
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
On November 5, Grade 9 students will not be coming to
school, but they will be experiencing the ‘Real World of
Work’ across Canada! Each Grade 9 student at Walter
Murray has received information and consent forms from
Mrs. Puls in their Period 4 classroom prior to the Grade
Nine Parent Orientation Night on September 9. We are
asking parents to invite their children to their workplace.
If the parent does not work or his or her work site is
unsuitable, then we would ask you to contact a friend,
relative, or another adult, and have your son or daughter
accompany that person to work. If you know someone
who works in an industry that is of particular interest to
your son or daughter, you might ask that person if he or
she would accommodate your child.
See Your Future
See Your Future – Education & Career Fair allows grade
11 and 12 students to ask important questions about life
after high school ... Where will I study? Where will I live?
What scholarships are available? What program do I
require to get the job I want? These questions - and more will be answered by professional representatives at See
Your Future – Education & Career Fair on Monday,
November 3 at TCU Place from 9:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For
more information visit www.seeyourfuture.ca
Spotlight on Careers
Events where youth, primarily in grades 11 and 12,
experience both industrial and educational opportunities in
a field that is of interest to them. Youth visit various job
sites and a post-secondary institution, giving them a
glimpse into requirements in specific careers. More than
25 careers are highlighted. Registration and consent forms
When the Grade 9 student arrives at the work site, it is will be available in Student Services or from Mrs. Puls in
very important to adequately orientate him/her to the room 222.
security, as well as, health and safety issues relevant to
the work area and the tasks that he/she will be
performing. Each student will also receive a one-hour Spotlight on Health, Science & Technology
workplace safety lesson from their Physical Education
teacher in the upcoming weeks with his or her period 4 This is a morning event held at Kelsey Campus on
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. til
Your job as a parent is to be sure that the consent forms
(on the second page of the parent package) is signed
and returned immediately to their period 4 teacher
(these were due on Wednesday, October 1). No
student will be allowed to work without this step
completed. Even if the student does not have a work
site, the consent form must be completed.
If you would be willing to accommodate other
enthusiastic students than just your son or daughter, we
would be thrilled to hear from you. There are always a
few students who have difficulty finding a work
placement to suit them. We are aiming for 100% of our
grade nine student population to be at work on
November 5. We appreciate your anticipated support of
this worthwhile career adventure.
noon that will provide students with the following
 A medical and science presentation by Dr.
Harold Dvorak entitled: “What does cancer
have to do with a cut finger?” He is the
founding Director of the Center for Vascular
Biology Research (CVBR) at the Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and a
distinguished Professor of Pathology at Harvard
Medical School.
 Hands-on activities and a career path
information presented by VIDO (Vaccine and
Infectious Disease Organization) - a world
leader in developing vaccines and technologies
against infectious diseases.
 Online registration https://mychoice.gosiast.com
Join a Company Program! This Junior Achievement program gives you the opportunity to start your own business with other students around the city. You will
be working with real products and real money. Don’t miss out on the chance to
meet new people, build lifelong skills and even earn an Entrepreneurship 30
credit. The benefits of the program are endless, such as: like traveling opportunities, local business discounts, meeting some of the wealthiest CEO’s, pizza
nights, rock band and most importantly attend the Business Hall of Fame Banquet. Program starts Tuesday, October 7. Visit the website for questions or
comments at jasask.org.
Counsellors’ Corner
Walter Murray students can go to the following websites to access informa on in the following areas regarding scholarships, career informa on sessions, tutoring opportuni es, and post-secondary events. Internet Addresses:
www.careercruising.com Username: Walter Password: Murray www.myBlueprint.ca Ac va on key: walterm3 h ps://www.ewc-rdc.ca Encounters with Canada www.seeyourfuture.ca See Your Future Educa on and Career Fair www.sasknetwork.ca Saskatchewan scholarships, bursaries and awards www.saskcareers.ca Career, sholarships, and much more *Check Counsellors’ Corner on school website as well for scholarships, post-secondary updates, and volunteer opportuni es. Need some help with your academic classes? Greystone scholar tutors are available every Tuesday in the cafeteria from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. No signing up necessary. Just show up and be ready to work! Check out new Facebook Page containing important information called:
 Student Services at Walter Murray Collegiate
Institute Top Ten Students from 2013-2014 School Year
Grade 10
Grade 9
 Gavriel A.
 Hemanshu A.
 Yuxin B.
 Albert B.
 Angela B.
 Stephanie B.
 Richard C.
 Nadeen E.
 Amandri D.
 Godwin F.
 Fakeha J.
 Namrata D.
 Sierra G.
 Min-Kyoung K.
 Iman F.
 Yiwen L.
 Deeksha K.
 Svea J.
 Jillian M.
 Christin P.
 Bushra K.
 Andras N.
 Sarah P.
 Katrianna K.
 Bishal S.
 Nikoo S.
 Casey N.
 Samia S.
 Jason X.
 Avani S.
Amy W.
 Gloria Y.
 Jingfei T.
Joel W.
 Jessie T.
Grade 11
Music Departments
Welcome new and old grades 9 to 12 choir members. We
have begun singing tests Mondays and Wednesdays at
lunch and students sign up in a group of four for a fiveminute time slot. There are around 50 members, so class
time is best used as rehearsal time and testing will take
place once every three weeks (Driver Ed. students see me
at break).
All students have been sized for a long-sleeved black shirt
that will be worn along with black from the waist down
for the Remembrance Day Services in the Girls’ gym.
Parents are welcome to attend. If you are a new
member, please bring a $20 cheque made out to Walter
Murray Collegiate for your choir shirt, as it was not
included in your school fee.
Our first concert is Tuesday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. in
the Girls’ Gym; it will take place with the Grade 9 to 12
concert and jazz bands. Warm up is 6:30 p.m. in the
A big thanks to our accompanist Thomas Hu who will be
integral to our concert planning, tour, and performances,
throughout the year.
Interested choir students may still audition for Vocal Jazz
that will meet every Wednesday from 3:20 p.m. to 4:15
p.m. starting in October. The student run Show Choir
auditions will take place before Semester 2. Don’t forget
that many students will be part of the November musical
The Wiz. Keep your eyes open for a suitable concert
singing review (due December 1).
Our choir tour destination is TBA. We will continue to
fundraise with QSP magazines, Lamontagne orders,
Sobeys, and Broadway Ice-Cream. We keep track of
individual accounts and try to keep the trip cost under
$500. Sectionals throughout the year will be during class
time, and a special Mass Choir Concert with local high
schools is TBA for March.
New members are still
welcome. See Mrs. Pittman in Room 126.
Welcome to the Walter Murray Band Program!
We are back in full swing with fundraisers and upcoming
events. Our first fundraiser QSP magazine subscriptions
was a great success; thanks to all those who contributed.
Any funds raised go directly toward offsetting the cost of
each individual’s tour. The second fundraiser is gifts and
chocolates through Lamontagne; orders are due
October 17. The third fundraiser will begin in
November for Sobey’s gift cards – orders will be due
in early December.
Smart Music Codes and instructions have been
distributed to the Grade 9 and 10 students for use
on home computers. Please ensure you install this
practice tool and have access to an internal
microphone or purchase an external mic (around
$10 at any electronics store). There are tests that
can be attempted multiple times and sent from
home and it enables practicing full ensemble
literature with accompaniment.
Grade 11/12
students can purchase an optional subsidized
subscription for $30 from Mrs. Pittman.
Practice records are due on the first band class of
every month, and students are expected to practice
120 minutes per week and submit it with a parent
signature for verification.
Junior Jazz takes place with Ms. Meyer on Mondays
from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. Senior Jazz takes place on
Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m. with Ms. MacBride.
You must be currently in band and play an
instrument traditional to jazz instrumentation (bass
guitar, double bass, drums, piano, saxophone,
trumpet, or trombone). Please see the coordinating
teacher if you are interested in joining.
Grade 9 and 11 students and new students have
been sized for a uniform/shirt.
Payment was
included in the school fees (unless you are new to
grade 10 or 12, or need a larger size). Fees must be
paid before the first concert in order to receive the
The first concert is Tuesday, November 4, followed
by a holiday concert on Wednesday, December 10 in
the Girls’ Gym. Please ensure your child has black
pants/skirt, socks, and shoes.
Paid specialists for sectionals have been organized
for Grade 9 on Wednesday, October 22 from 3:40 to
4:40 p.m. and for Grade 10 on Tuesday, October 21
after school as well. Some instruments like bassoon,
oboe, violin, French horn, and string basses will have
a sectional during class time due to the private
teachers’ schedules.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs.
Pittman, Mrs. MacBride, or Ms. Meyer.
Walter Murray Clubs
This year
meetings take
place in Room
227 on
Wednesdays at
lunch. We
always welcome new members
who will work towards making
Murray a greener place to
be. Members are encouraged to
come up with environmental
projects to work on. This year a
couple of our projects will include:
* Maintaining our compost
system in the school. We
currently collect compost from four
classrooms, both staff rooms, and
the cafeteria, and have four
outdoor bins and one indoor
vermicomposting bin. The Grow
and Home class also helps to
harvest finished compost from our
bins, and use it for their projects.
* We plan to build and use a
working solar oven. How about
trying solar baked cookies?
New members are always
* Investigating the possibility of
planting fruit trees/bushes at
Both the WMCI Science Fiction/
Fantasy Club and ANIME club
have been having an absolute ball
in Room 303 over the past few
weeks. The membership of both
clubs has grown with an
enthusiastic infusion of grade 9
students, and we spend our time
watching some really good (and/or
really weird) science fiction,
fantasy, or anime movies/tv
shows. We are also preparing for
our upcoming HUMANS VS.
ZOMBIES game (sponsored by
the Sci Fi/Fantasy Club) on
October 4.
There is a new club at WMCI, and
that is the SCIENCE CLUB. The
club meets Wednesdays after
school, and serves as a place
where science contest information
is disseminated, where
mentorship for science contests
and projects can be found, and
where we explore and ponder the
latest scientific findings. New
members are always welcome!
MATH CLUB….Additional Mathematical Opportunities Await You at Walter Murray!
Math Club
Thursdays @ Lunch starting October 9
Math Circle
Fridays after school starting October 24
To learn additional math skills and concepts, as well as, to view them in different ways
To be challenged mathematically through the introduction of new ideas To socialize with like-minded students To meet new friends To be informed about the variety of math contests and to prepare for math contests At math circle, students plan and often direct/teach the sessions. Occasionally a guest speaker
may direct the learning at Math Circle. Games are often used to encourage the use of development of strategies
In room 304
Bring paper, duotang, and writing utensil along with an inquisitive mind.
If you are interested in having your son or daughter who is in grade 6, 7 or 8 participate in Math
Circle, please email Mrs. Christ @ [email protected]
In room 304 for grades 9 to 12
Location TBA for grade 6 to 8
Are you interested in exploring a new culture? Do you want to challenge
yourself and take your learning to a new level? Want to live the
adventure in Europe? Find out more at the German Exchange
information evening on Wednesday, November 19 at Aden Bowman
Collegiate library at 7:30 p.m.
Walter Murray Collegiate
Student Progress Interviews
Thursday, October 16 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Friday, October 17
1:00 – 3:30 pm
This year Walter Murray parents will schedule their own student progress conferences using an on-line scheduling program. The window for booking conferences opens at 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 8. At that
time you will be able to access the scheduling program directly, or through a link on the Walter Murray parent
To overcome certain access problems, the school division will send out new passwords during the evening of
Monday, October 6. Please test your new password by logging on to the school portal. If you have any
difficulties, please call the school at 306-683-7850 to make sure that you are able to use the on-line scheduling
program when the link is open Wednesday, October 8. You will also find instructions for the booking process
in this newsletter. Thank you for your patience as we update our approach to booking student progress conferences.
Scheduler Website – to access the scheduler site directly (only after 10:00 am on October 8):
Parent Portal – to access the PTI Scheduler Site link (right hand side of main portal page):
Parent Support – for assistance with your username and password:
[email protected] or [email protected]
Access the portal in advance of the scheduling open date to ensure you have a working username and
There is a lot of very important information on the portal throughout the year and we encourage you to check it
regularly for important announcements, reviewing your student’s attendance and other tasks.
Note that you need an email address on file at the school for access to the portal. If you change your email
address, always notify the office. Also check your SPAM filter to be sure the email wasn’t placed there.
Use the username and password that was supplied to you by email. Please use the following username format
P, your area code, your telephone number – ex. [email protected]
Keep this username and password in a place that you will be able to find when you go to access the site at a
later time.
Online Scheduler OPENS at 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 8th
Note: NO access before this date and time
Please remember to print a copy of your schedule of appointments.
Refer to the following two pages for instructions and support navigating through the online scheduler site.
Did You Know????
Maplewood can provide you with information about your son/daughter’s
timetable, attendance, and achievement
When logging into Maplewood your
username is p306home phone number
and your same password.
Click on Login
Name and picture of
student appear here
Under personal—
student ID number,
date of birth, address, phone number, emergency
contact, information, etc.
you will
see today’s
and summary of
Student Timetable shows classes for
semester one and two