MANIFESTO Anant Saini (130040031),

Anant Saini (130040031), contesting for the post of hostel sports secretary, if I am
nominated, I’ll propose to do the following with the cooperation of hostel council:INITIATIVES:
Will try to organize basic workshops for major sports (especially skating and pool) regularly.
Will try to transform the ground in front of 2nd wing into a kho-kho ground (with the help of
maintenance council) .where we can organize intra’s of sports like kabaddi and kho-kho .
Will try to organize battle of batches.
Will take a proper record of all the guys in hostel regarding their interests in sports and the
sports in which they have distinction.
Will propose a sports mentorship program under which a mentor for various sport will be
elected. so, if any guy has any problem related to that sport can contact to the respective sport
I will ensure use of sports equipment’s properly and if anyone found doing so will have to pay
some fine.
Will ensure all precautionary measures before any sports event like having first aid kit which
will be well equipped .
In cooperation with maintenance council I will ensure the proper conditioning of fields. I will
try to keep the sports cupboard updated replace/repair (whichever feasible) the damaged
equipment whenever required.
Will try to maintain a proper account of all the hostel sports resources like T.T bats, baddy
racket, sports getups, shin pads, volleyballs, footballs, basketballs, nets, hockey sticks, cricket kit
and other sports equipment’s present in hostel and will keep a regular check
Will keep a check on where the sports resources are being distributed before any event and shall
assure there collection after the event (GC and intra’s).
Will keep a regular check on the Carom boards, pool, foosball and table tennis tables whether
they are well maintained and equipped
Will ensure proper participation and practice for gc,s by starting intra’s 3-4 weeks before the
respective GC’s so that the team practice can be started at least 2 weeks before the GC.
Will ensure the participation of last year GC players and good players at least and surely
encourage the enthusiastic guys and fresh talents who have performed well in the intra’s and
practice sessions.
Provide incentives to the players (like t-shirts, team photo on the mess notice board,
refreshments) as well as for cheering junta (like their photo along with the team, refreshments
I will ensure that following events will be held in time with proper organization and loads of
• Vikings Cricket league (spring semester) .
• Vikings footer league.
• Ensure better league system with the G.C STYLE ensuring proper group divisions and
sufficient no. of matches for every team.
• Sports quizzes (up to date).
• Vikings Basketball League and Vikings Volleyball League.
Will organize sports orientations for enthusiastic Sophie’s and’s so that they know
about all the sports facilities provided to them by hostel council and motivating them to perform
in sports for hostel .
Part of inter iit volleyball team and was an active member of sports council of hostel 15.
Enthusiastically participated in paf.
Organized hostel 15 cricket league , t.t tournament.
Organizer at mood indigo and techfest.