Facility Potable Water Treatment “Legionella Prevention Technology That Works”

Facility Potable Water Treatment
“Legionella Prevention Technology That Works”
USA, Canada, Europe, GCC and Asia Since 2002
AquaLyse® lowers the exposure risks associated to waterborne
microorganisms such as Legionella pneumophila, cause of
Legionnaires disease and/or Pontiac feaver.
Improve facility compliance with international best practices by
implementing the AquaLyse® “chemical free” medical, commercial or military grade copper silver ionisation technology in your
facility’s incoming potable water supply lines and/or reservoirs.
AquaLyse® ion generators help engineers comply with...
• The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems, HSC
approved Code of practice and Guidance L8 1
• Technical Memoranda TM13 Minimizing the risk of
Legionnaires disease 2
• The Control of Legionellosis including Legionnaires' Disease
Health and Safety Series Booklet 3
Facility Potable Water
Treatment Technology
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AquaLyse® water treatment technology is specifically engineered
and manufactured for healthcare facilities, hotels, VA hospitals,
condominiums, villas, resorts, government and commercial buildings, military and other large facilities with elaborate water distribution networks.
With over 46 models to chose from, the AquaLyse® patented
water treatment technology is the most sophisticated, reliable,
robust and affordable facility potable water treatment technology
on the market today.
Anti-Legionella Code References:
London: Health and Safety
Executive/The stationery Office
London Chartered Institution of Building
Services Engineers (2002)
The Health and Safety Executive
Copper Silver Ionisation Tech Talk
Copper Silver Ionisation Water Treatment
Core Components: The Controller: AquaLyse® units include fully automated medical,
commercial and military grade copper silver ionisation PLC generators. Automated variable
power output levels are: (0-180 variable DC @ up to 160 amps) and number of chamber cells
installed for each application is in direct correlation with the daily facility potable water usage
and the type of application. The AquaLyse® PLC controller automatically adjusts the
dissipation rate for each AquaLyse® Ionisation cell with monitored variable industrial power
supplies. The flow of the copper and silver released into the water is called the ionic
dissipation rate and will be calibrated by a certified AquaLyse® technician.
Core Components: The Chamber Cells: Each AquaLyse® controller includes schedule 40
“seamless” stainless steel ionisation chamber cell(s). Within each AquaLyse® ionisation
chamber cell you will find eight (8) copper silver alloy electrodes with a total weight of 10.5Kg
(23 lbs.) per cell. The electrodes are composed of medical grade copper and silver alloy with
concentration levels that vary from (70%/30% - Cu/Ag) to (90%/10% - Cu/Ag) depending on
the technology application.
AquaLyse Quick Facts
Technology Basics: The automated controller monitors and delivers an electrical charge to
the copper and silver alloy electrodes. The generation of ionic particles are dispersed into the
potable water distribution network at concentration levels between Cu 0.4-0.8 PPM and Ag+
0.02-0.06 PPM over the existing background values. The ionisation process will saturate the
biofilm and bind to waterborne microorganisms. The biocide properties of copper silver
ionisation systems is clinically proven to control and prevent Legionella growth within facility
potable water distribution networks.
Technology Sizing: Each AquaLyse® copper silver ionisation unit is chosen based on the
calculated potable water usage for each facility. The location where the unit(s) will be utilized
is also factored into the evaluation process. Other key questions will also determine which
AquaLyse® unit perfectly fits your project objectives.
Multi-Zone: AquaLyse® offers a unique solution that can treat each zone independently
when multiple independent water treatment locations are within a common mechanical room.
This will reduce a technology footprint by up to 80% and provide an engineering solution that
can lower overall startup cost by up to 46%.
AquaLyse® Warranty:
As a world leader in water treatment technology, the AquaLyse®
copper silver ionization systems come with a full ten (10) year
limited warranty on the electronic control unit in combination with
a full one (1) year limited warranty on the chamber cells and
electrodes. If for any reason our system does not perform as
expected, we will replace or fix the defective parts at no
additional cost to you.
AquaLyse® Guarantee:
ProCare Water Treatment Inc. guarantees that our water
treatment expertise and experience in combination with properly
sized AquaLyse® industrial copper silver ionization systems will
meet or surpass your expectations and deliver appropriate
copper and silver concentration levels into your domestic potable
(cold and/or hot) water system within 12 hours or we will take
back the unit(s) and provide you with a full refund on the unit(s).
Manufactured in Canada By:
Procare Water Treatment Inc.
163 Valmont Cr.
Dieppe NB Canada E1A 6J5
Will treat all of the facility potable water system
including distal points with low water circulation.
AquaLyse® ionisation chamber cells are classified
as medical & military grade with stainless steel fire
safety code compliance and sustained 800PSI+
pressure certified.
AquaLyse® is excellent technology for both
existing facilities and facilities under MEP planning.
Fully penetrates the biofilm, site of microbiological
growth to control Legionella and other
AquaLyse® does not alter the water properties for
safe water consumption. Meets WHO, EPA, HSE
and many other drinking water standards.
Up to 50% smaller footpring compared to other
water treatment technologies.
Water temperature does not hinder the
functionality of AquaLyse®.
AquaLyse® has very low maintenance
requirements and operational cost.
Installation Example
(for 600 healthcare beds or 500 hotel rooms)
Out: 0-180 VDC
@ 40 amps
(10 amps per cell)
(AA) (BB) (CC) (DD)
Cell 1
Cell 2
Cell 3
Cell 4
200-240 VAC @ 45 amps (Source)
4-20mA, (Flow Meter Signal)
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"It's about Energy Savings, and Lowering Exposure Risks."
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