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 Critical Instructions for Transfer Students
Responding to your offer of admission, confirming your enrollment, reviewing your
preliminary statement of transfer credit, and viewing your financial aid award
To confirm your enrollment at NYU, you will need to visit our NYUHome website and use your
NYU NetID and Password to access NYUAlbert, our online portal to NYU’s student information
system where you will accept or decline your admission offer. Using NYUAlbert, you can also
review your preliminary statement of transfer credit. In addition, if you applied for financial aid
and you qualify, we will provide you with your financial aid award online. Please follow these
quick steps:
Activate your NYU NetID and create your password.
If you have not already done so, you must activate your NYU NetID and create a password. If
you have already activated your NYU NetID and created a password, you can skip to #2.
You have been assigned a NetID, which is in your admission letter. Your NetID is used to sign in
to systems at NYU. To activate this NetID and set your password, go to the NYU Information
Technology Services (ITS) Start page at Enter your NetID, click on the
"Start" button and follow the online instructions. To complete the process, you will also need
your date of birth and your NYU University ID number. Your NYU University ID is also in your
admission letter.
2. Sign in to your NYUHome service and NYU Albert.
NYUHome is a portal of entry to access online NYU services like NYUAlbert. Your username for
your NYUHome account is your NetID, and your password is the one you have just created.
NYUHome can be located at
3. View your financial aid award.
If you did not apply for financial aid, you can skip to #4.
You will receive an email when you are able to access your financial aid award, assuming you
qualify and you have filed a 2013-2014 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by our
deadline. Assuming you are eligible, you should receive this email within five to seven days of
receiving your offer of admission. Please be sure to check your ‘To Do’ list in NYUAlbert to see
if there are any documents requested. Failure to supply requested documents can result in the
delay of your financial aid award.
If you have not applied for Financial Aid and wish to apply for federal aid, you can file your
FAFSA electronically by going to Be sure to list NYU as a university to
receive your FAFSA data (NYU’s school code is 002785) and include all required electronic
Current academic year costs are available for your reference on the Financial Aid
website. Alternatively, you may visit this link directly:
If you have questions about your financial aid award, you should be in touch with the Office of
Financial Aid directly at +1 212 998 4444 or by email at [email protected]
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4. Review your preliminary statement of transfer credit, respond to your offer of admission,
and confirm your enrollment.
All admitted students should respond to our offer of admission by either accepting or declining.
To accept our offer and confirm your enrollment online, you must do so within three weeks of
your admission letter. To do so, click on “Applicant Login” in NYUAlbert, followed by
“Application Status.” Please then follow the online candidate reply process by clicking on the
“ADMISSIONS OFFER” link, which appears in the upper right hand corner of your Application
Status page. Again, you must confirm your enrollment within three weeks of the date on your
admission letter.
To review your preliminary statement of transfer credit, log in to NYUAlbert and click on
"Transfer Credit,” under “Admissions.” This will bring you to a page titled “Transfer Credit
Report,” where you can examine your credit summary. From this page, you can see what
courses will likely transfer to NYU. Here you will also find a link to a page on our website titled
"Admitted Student Transfer Credit Information" which provides more details about transfer
Students admitted to the College of Nursing should not attempt to access NYUAlbert for their
transfer credit report. Instead, we have enclosed information about your transfer credits.
Responding to your admission offer by postal mail
If you cannot respond to your admission offer online, you may respond by downloading a
Candidate Reply Form. You can access a Candidate Reply Form from the Critical Instructions
page of the Admitted Students section of the Undergraduate Admissions website, or by calling
our office to receive one. Your Candidate Reply Form and check or money order for $500,
made payable to New York University, must be postmarked within three weeks of the date of
your admission letter. Please do not send cash.
5. If you are an international student, you must complete an I-20/DS-2019 application.
The Office of Global Services needs approximately two weeks to create a new I-20 or DS-2019
upon receiving a completed I-20/DS-2019 application from you. Submit your application as
soon as you decide to attend NYU.
If you are outside the U.S. and will need to apply for a student visa to enter the U.S., file your
application by June 1 if starting in the fall semester, November 15 if starting in the spring
semester. Summer students should file at least three months before the start of classes.
For fastest processing, send the application in one PDF to
[email protected] You will receive an automatic confirmation.
The online application, along with instructions, is available at You must
use your NYU NetID, as noted on the previous page. A helpful multimedia tutorial is
available at
Freshman students beginning at NYU in London, Paris, or Florence should not submit the
application and should not have their SEVIS record transferred to NYU.
Submit supporting financial documents in English or accompanied by official English
translations. Bank statements must be dated within six months. You must show funding for
the first year in liquid assets.
6. If planning to live on campus, apply for housing.
When you accept the offer of admission and submit your enrollment deposit as indicated
above, you will also have the opportunity to submit the required housing reservation payment
as part of the same transaction. The $1,000 housing reservation payment can be paid by credit
card or electronic check. The credit card payment option is only available when you initially
accept the offer of admission and confirm your enrollment. You will then be prompted to
complete the on-line housing application. You may also access the Housing application at a
later date through the Housing Forms Channel at NYUHome. In order to secure guaranteed
housing for the 2013-2014 academic year, the reservation payment and on-line housing
application must be received within three weeks of the date of your admission letter.
New York University welcomes you.
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