2014 A C W , O

2014 Annual Conference
“Keep Art at the Core”
Convenient Location:
Crowne Plaza
Hotel and Conference Center
100 Berlin Road • Cromwell, CT 06416 • 860-635-2000
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Keynote Presentations by:
Ellen Griesedieck, Public Artist & Muralist
Pat Franklin, President-Elect, NAEA
Over 30 Workshops Offered During Three
Sessions for Art Educators of All Levels
Topics include: Curriculum, Assessment,
Hands-On, Lesson Ideas, and Administrative Topics
2014 CÆA Fall Conference
“Keep Art at the Core”
Conference Day Schedule
Wednesday, October 29 -- 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
7:30 - 8:45 a.m. Registration, Coffee, Muffins
7:30 - 1:45 p.m. Exhibitors
9:10 - 9:50 a.m. General Session 1:
Keynote: Pat Franklin, NAEA President-Elect
10:00 - 10:40 a.m. General Session 2:
Keynote: Ellen Griesedieck, The American Mural Project
10:50 - 11:40 a.m. Workshop Session A
11:50 - 12:50 p.m. Lunch
1:00 - 1:50 p.m. Workshop Session B
2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Workshop Session C
Convenient On-line Conference
Registration Process Available!
You may register on-line with Pay Pal by using
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Register by sending a check or P.O. to
Michael Earley, Conference Coordinator.
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Celebrate the achievements of your fellow art educators,
by nominating them for one of the
CÆA 2015 Outstanding Art Educator Awards
Awards Categories for Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Elementary Art Educator
Outstanding Middle Level Educator
Outstanding Secondary Art Educator
Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator
Outstanding Art Supervisor/Administrator
Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator
Outstanding Museum Art Educator
Distinguished Cooperating Teacher or Mentor
Outstanding Special Needs Educator
Service Awards
Distinguished Service to the Profession
Scott Shuler Distinguished Art Advocate
Accepting nominations now! The 2015 Connecticut Art Education Awards is the annual recognition program of the Connecticut Art Education Association. Your participation in this important recognition process will
help to showcase art educators on the state level who are doing outstanding work in the profession of art education.
Look for nomination forms in your conference packet, or visit www.caea.net to download them.
Winners will be announced on the CÆA Website (www.caea.net)
Nominations Due by January 20, 2015.
While at today’s conference please take a moment to congratulate this year’s award winners!
• Connecticut Outstanding Art Educator-Jen Leniart from Stratford Public Schools
• Outstanding Secondary Art Educator- Jeanette Gumbulevich from Waterbury Public Schools
• Rosemary Cellini Outstanding Service to the Profession- Maureen Berescik, Bethel Public Schools
CÆA is looking for several volunteers on the morning of registration. Attend this year’s conference free
(price of lunch not included) by volunteering to help out at the conference! Art education students
(Undergraduate and certifcation programs) may contact Michael Earley at [email protected]
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2014 CÆA Fall Conference
General Sessions: Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Keynote Speakers
Pat Franklin,
NAEA President-Elect
atricia “Pat” Franklin,
and Supervisor of Fine Arts
Newport News Public Schools,
Newport News, Virginia, believes that all people deserve
and benefit from experiences
in the arts, and that art educators, with the support of
NAEA, are significant contributors to the education of all
people. “I visualize the future of NAEA as a driving force
in advocating for the arts and building a professional
community of art educators who value diversity and
expertise.” Franklin says that NAEA’s vision is supported by a strategic plan, and member input, communication, and implementation of this plan are vital
components to NAEA’s successful growth. “Appreciation of cultural diversity and cultivation of understanding is promoted through arts education. It is through
the arts that 21st Century skills are utilized and given
an environment to flourish. As an educational organization we have a responsibility to promote the value
of all art forms, with an emphasis on the visual arts.”
“My vision for NAEA is molded by my personal
career in art education. I have had the challenge and pleasure of teaching art at every grade level from PreK through
college. I understand the pedagogy required based in
first-hand experiences in diverse venues including public
and private schools, museums, universities, and online.
As a Fine Arts supervisor, I know the impact of current
trends relating to student assessment and teacher evaluations. I relate to our basic common beliefs and the diverse
needs of the membership of NAEA. We are a versatile
combination of individuals with a common belief in the
value of visual arts education. It is this core belief that
shapes our organization and my vision for our future.”
Ellen Griesedieck,
American Mural Project
llen Griesedieck is a Connecticut-based artist and
the driving force behind “The American Mural Project”. The American Mural Project is a massive three-dimensional painting that was conceived by Griesedieck to pay
tribute to working Americans. The work is approximately 120 feet long, five stories high and up to 10 feet deep
and will ultimately comprise the work of over 10,000
students from diverse communities across the country.
The project is a hybrid work of art that contains images
by Griesedieck as well as colorful contributions made by
groups of youngsters nationwide. Griesedieck, who has
been working on the mural/sculpture for more than 15
years, declares the painting is coming together in pieces in a section of two former mill buildings in Winsted,
Conn. “It’s a sort of Mount Rushmore of regular people rather than four great presidents,” says Griesedieck.
When completed, The American Mural Project will be one
of the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world. “It
started out as me just making something big so that people would take notice, and now it’s developed into something to which many wonderful people have contributed.”
Prior to Griesedieck’s involvement with the American Mural Project, she has been a photographer for People,
Sports Illustrated and
Road and Track magazines. She has exhibited
in Connecticut, New
York and Paris, and received commissions from
Times Mirror Magazines,
CBS Television, and General Motors, as well as
many other major corporate sponsors. For
more information about
The American Mural
Project, please visit the
website http://americanmuralproject.org
Hotel Accommodations
Crowne Plaza Hartford-Cromwell
100 Berlin Road • Cromwell, CT 06416
860-635-2000 • Fax: 860-635-7768 • www.cromwellcp.com
Ask for the CAEA Conference rate is $109
(Reservations must be made by October 10, 2014)
LOCATION: Conveniently located just
off I-91--11 miles south of Hartford.
Driving directions to The Crowne Plaza,
Cromwell, CT --
From North, follow I-91 South to exit #21 (Rte
372/ Berlin Rd). Take a left at the traffic light and
hotel is one block on left. 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, Ct
From South, follow I-91 North to exit #21. Make a
left at the traffic light and hotel will be 1st block on
your left.
From East, follow I-84 West to exit #86 for I-91
South. Drive 10.7 Miles to Exit #21(Route 372
Cromwell). Make a left at the traffic light and the
hotel will be 1 block on your left.
From West, follow I-84 East to exit #52 for I-91
South. Drive 12.8 Miles to Exit #21(Route 372
Cromwell). Make a left at the traffic light and the
hotel will be 1 block on your left.
Staying overnight? Special Room Rates ($109) For The Conference Are Available.
Call (860) 635-2000 for reservations before October 10,
and mention that you are attending the CAEA Conference.
Teachers --Remember, CÆA members receive
special conference rates, and are eligible to exhibit their students’ work
at this year’s Youth Art Celebration. Include your membership fee along with your
conference registration. Find YAC details and CÆA membership form inside your
registration packet or visit the CÆA website at: www.caea.net.
Avoid late fees by registering early!
Remember that workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
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There is a $45 late fee applied to all
registrations postmarked after October 20, 2014!
Workshop Sessions
Morning Session A: 50 minutes
Begins at 10:50 a.m.
WORKSHOP 1A: Secondary Level Lesson Share
Facilitators: Laurel Archambault & Stephanie Lauretano, Simsbury Public Schools
Level: Gr. 6-10
The presenters will start off this dynamic group by sharing two units which captivate and excite our students, including connections to
the Common Core. Bring your lessons, including digital media, connecting to the Common Core, or, anything that you love to teach
and would like to share!! This has proven to be an excellent resource in the past to share ideas, concepts and strategies, and for teachers
from around the state to learn from each other. Participants should bring: 30 copies of a favorite unit and handouts/resources, examples of
the in-progress or final product to display if available. Limit: 30
WORKSHOP 2A: Common Core for Arts Teachers
Facilitators: Brian Frazier & Jen Leniart, Stratford Public Schools
Level: All
WORKSHOP 3A: HOT Schools: There is Nothing Common About Our Core
Facilitators: Amy Goldbas & Amy Traggianese, HOT Schools
Level: All
We will describe how we have addressed the Common Core Standards in Stratford through the use of tiered vocabulary, close reading
strategies, text-dependent questions and the math practices. Participants should bring: an open mind.
Limit: none
The Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools program works to promote teaching and learning in, about and through the arts in a
democratic setting. The program is based upon three core components of Strong Arts, Arts Integration and Democratic Practice.
HOT Blocks, a HOT School strategy, explores the collaboration between arts classroom teachers with non-arts classroom teachers to
reach and support all learners through an interdisciplinary approach.
Limit: 25-30
WORKSHOP 4A: Using the iPad: Beyond Art Making
Facilitator: Le Ann Hinkle, Greenwich Public Schools
Level: K-12
Participants will learn multiple strategies for using iPads that go beyond art-making. Video examples will demonstrate student use of iPads for
planning, reflecting, assessment, aesthetic discussion, small group activities, access to curriculum content; and QR TAGS.
Limit: none
WORKSHOP 5A: Meet Me Down at Coney Isle: A Playful Discovery of Place
Level: All
Facilitator: Emily Pacini Ide, School &Teacher Programs Specialist, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Explore the art of Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861–2008 (on view January 31-May 31, 2015 at the Wadsworth
Atheneum Museum of Art) through interactive visual investigations, writing prompts, and surprise experiments that support state and
national curriculum standards. The exhibition will be the first to use visual as a lens to explore the lure that Coney Island has exerted on
American culture, through paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, posters, architectural artifacts, carousel animals, ephemera, and film
clips. Teacher resources provided. Participants should bring: Open minds, active imaginations, and a notebook and pen.
Limit: 50
WORKSHOP 6A: Symbolism and Your Students
Facilitator: Adrienne Kiel, E.C. Goodwin Technical High School
Level: Gr. 7-12
WORKSHOP 7A: Old Books into New Art
Facilitator: Laura Mazzarella, South Windsor Schools Level: Gr. 6-12
Want a visual way to get to know your students? Need an introductory lesson involving symbolism? This hands-on workshop will
incorporate symbolism, demonstrations and handouts. This fun lesson can be modified for all ages. Participants should bring: Colored
pencils and/or markers and creativity. No limit
This workshop will provide attendees with a variety of ideas for lessons that incorporate discarded books as a new medium for
exploration. We will specifically focus on a unit designed for middle school students and learn how it was modified to fit a variety of
student needs. Attendees may also choose to experiment with books of their own during this workshop. Participants should bring: An
unwanted hardcover book.
Limit: 25
WORKSHOP 8A: Meaningful Knowledge/Meaningful Mural
Facilitators: Marie Ringquist & Jill Pilon, Farmington Public Schools
Level: 4-8
Murals in our schools create high visibility for our art programs, yet, how do they promote meaningful knowledge? Join art instructor
Marie Ringquist and literacy specialist Jill Pilon in a mural-making process, blending both art and writing. Participate and bring one
meaningful object to be incorporated into a meaningful mini mural. Participants should bring: One meaningful 3D object related to art and
best describes your artistic strength. Examples: paint brush, empty glue bottle, stain glass bits. (All art objects will be glued to a mural and will
not be returned. Size of items should be no larger than 4”x 4” x 4”; No heavy objects, paper copies, or round objects please.)
Limit: 24
Workshop Sessions -- Session A, continued
WORKSHOP 9A: I’ll Take Clay for Five Hundred, Alex!
Facilitator: Dan Rosenthal-Baxter, Simsbury Public Schools
Level: K-6
WORKSHOP 10A: 3d printing
Facilitator: Eileen Schnyder, Rocky Hill High School
Level: Gr. 7-12
WORKSHOP 11A: Collaboration - Ours and Mine
Facilitator: Anne Sheffield, Webb Schools, Institute of Living
Level: 9-12
The answer is: I’ll Take Clay for Five Hundred, Alex! The question: What do folks who want a hands-on workshop in teaching fundamental clay techniques that supports individual student expression and doesn’t overwhelm the teacher with material management
issues sign up for this October? Come on in! We’ll talk; we’ll make clay stuff: it’ll be good. Limit: 28
This workshop is meant to introduce 3d printing technology and how it is being used by artists and how to get started. We will discuss
different printers, scanners and open source software that will allow your students to get started learning 3d printing. Limit: 20 - 30
This workshop will show examples of group projects by students, including wall sculpture, chalk art, weaving, and provide ideas for collaborative experiences in the classroom. Participants should bring: thick yarn/fiber/rope, wide ribbon for weaving, clear packing tape.
Limit: 18
Afternoon Session B: 50 minutes
Begins at 1:00 p.m.
WORKSHOP 1B: Discover Korea, “The Land of Morning Calm:” Explore Common Core Connections
Within the Visual Arts.
Facilitators: Susan Kopecki, Wethersfield Schools & Michelle Shive, Ledyard Schools
Level: K-6
This session will provide participants with a brief presentation of Korea, focusing on selected artistic, cultural, and historic contributions.
Participants will receive a multitude of resources that are engaging and interdisciplinary, connecting with Common Core. Come explore
the beauty, depth and complexity of Korean Art and discover innovative ways to bring it to your classroom. Limit: 25
WORKSHOP 2B: Making Sense of the New Standards
Level: All
Facilitators: Cindy Parsons, Glastonbury Public Schools & Jill Goldberg, Retired, Vernon Public Schools
Are you confused about the new art standards? This workshop will provide an overview of the structure of the new National Core Art
Standards, and their implications for your program. A discussion will follow a demonstration on navigating the NCAS website to help
answer some of the questions for implementation and address related issues.
Limit: 35-40
WORKSHOP 3B: It’s In The Cards
Facilitator: Nancy Fishell, Retired, John Lyman School, Middlefield
Level: All
WORKSHOP 4B: Assessment Purpose and Design in Visual Arts
Facilitator: Le Ann Hinkle, Greenwich Public Schools
Level: All
This workshop will show you how to use art postcard collections (or prints) to teach art history, visualization skills, dramatic interpretation, brain storming, writing and more. You will also get some ideas for using these for student evaluation and team building. Participants should bring: Open minds. Limit: 25
Participants will learn multiple strategies for developing formative and summative assessments; analyzing and reporting on data collected;
and using data to increase student achievement. Video and print examples will be used to demonstrate authentic classroom experiences
with assessments.
No limit
WORKSHOP 5B: What Do You See in the Master’s Artwork?
Facilitator: Ina Malloy, Amity High School
Level: Gr. 7-12
Following a comprehensive investigation of how imagery speaks volumes through visual literacy students will select a former or current
artist to study and try to capture their spirit, look and feel, without infringing on copyright laws or creating a derivative which they learn
how to distinguish between. Participants should bring: An open mind Limit: 50
WORKSHOP 6B: Making Professional Connections through the CÆA
Facilitator: Michael Earley, Art Supervisor, Cheshire Public Schools, CÆA Co-President
Level: All
This session discusses the many opportunities available to you as an active member of the CÆA. Maybe you would like to learn more
about our annual Youth Art Celebration, help organize the Art Slam in Hartford, become a board member, work on the CAEA Fall
Conference or simply attend one (or all) of our monthly board meetings to help guide the direction of the association. There are many
opportunities for you to volunteer, so come hear about them and see where you can fit in. “Active participation in the CÆA can fulfill
the Professional Responsibilities section of your SEED evaluation.” No limit Workshop Sessions: Session B, continued
WORKSHOP 7B: Common Core for Arts Teachers
Facilitators: Brian Frazier & Jen Leniart, Stratford Public Schools
Level: All
WORKSHOP 8B: Inquiry-Based Instruction Using Contemporary Art
Facilitator: Julie Sawyer, Farmington High School
Level: Gr. 7-12
WORKSHOP 9B: Digital Printing on Uncommon Surfaces
Facilitator: Eileen Schnyder, Rocky Hill High School
Level: Gr. 6-12
We will describe how we have addressed the Common Core Standards in Stratford through the use of tiered vocabulary, close reading
strategies, text-dependent questions and the math practices. Participants should bring: an open mind
No limit
Looking at the work of Kara Walker and Kehinde Wiley, we will look at questions students raised and the large works of art they created
in a collaborative setting. Participants will work collaboratively to create their own mini installation. Participants should bring: A collaborative spirit of inquiry! Limit: 18
With the Epson 3000 printer and ink-aid products, prints can be made on many atypical surfaces. This will be an introduction to digital
printing on atypical surfaces such as fine art paper, canvas, metal and more. This discussion will show you the possibilities that digital
printing can bring to your classroom and curriculum. Handouts will be provided. Limit: 20
WORKSHOP 10B: The Ins and Outs of the Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards
Facilitator: Andrea Haas, CÆA President, Wethersfield Public Schools Level: 7-12
Learn about the ins and outs of the Scholastic Art Awards Online Registration System (ORS) and about how to submit your students
work. This workshop is valuable for both teachers new to Scholastic Art Awards and experienced teachers who have been submitting
work for years. Come and see what’s new and improved for the 2015 Scholastic Art Awards and get the inside track. No limit
Afternoon Session C: 11/2 hours
Begins at 2:00 p.m.
WORKSHOP 1C: Recycled Art/Deconstucted and/or Altered Books
Facilitators: Linda Bryk & Kate Durand, Jane Ryan Elementary School Level: All
Deconstructing and/or altering a “recycled” adult or child’s hardcover book into a sculpture (artwork), using various cutting, folding and add on techniques.Each attendee should bring several discarded hardcover books (adult or children’s). Basic tools will be
provided (scissors, decorative scissors, glue, rulers, pencils etc). Attendees may want to bring their own tools and photos, decorative papers, magazines images etc (to enhance their finished book sculpture.
WORKSHOP 2C: STEM and Innovation in the Art Classroom
Level: Gr. 6-12, Higher Ed.
Facilitators: Rebecca Peabody & William Wright, CREC Academy of Aerospace & Engineering High School
During this interactive presentation, participants will receive an overview of The CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering.
The participants will learn about three major strands: natural theme fit verses forced theme fit, the development of theme units,
and an explanation of how technology is used and integrated in the Visual Arts and Design classroom. The natural vs. forced
theme discussion will address how our aerospace and engineering theme was seamlessly fit into the programs, how the departmental mission guides the structure of content, and how the Arts were integrated into the schedule for AA&E. The development of
theme units will include shared AA&E Visual Arts theme units, as well as a pivotal trans-curricular risk-taking rubric as part of the
discussion. Technology integration is presented through student examples with review and reflection on grade level work. During a break-out session, open discussion of other natural fits for the Visual Arts will allow for customized and guided Visual Arts
program ideas for the attendee’s home magnet school. Participants should bring: pencils and an open mind!
Limit: 25-30
WORKSHOP 3C: Sgraffito for the Beginner
Facilitator: Cynthia Amoroso, Torrington High School
Level: Gr. 3-12, Higher Ed.
WORKSHOP 4C: Monotypes in the Making
Facilitator: E. Ann Baldwin, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
Level: Gr. 6-12, Higher Ed.
In this workshop the attendees will be introduced to the history of Sgraffito followed by a demonstration of a variety of sgraffito techniques. Finally, they will be encouraged to try sgraffito using a variety of tools. Handouts will be provided. Appropriate
for 3rd grade - high school level art teachers and future art teachers. Participants should bring: a leatherhard small coil OR pinch
form-approximately 4”” in height wrapped in plastic, a full water bottle, several paper towels and a small sponge or old wash cloth
for cleanup. Optional: bring your own underglaze. (Underglaze will be provided for a fee of $2.00). Limit: 20-25
This workshop will offer direct information and application for the monotype process. Offering non-toxic printmaking on the
edge. A printmaking press will be provided. Lab fee: $15.00 fee is required for supplies. Participants should bring: Journals,
sketchbooks to sketch ideas. Limit: 18
Workshop Sessions -- Session C, continued
WORKSHOP 5C: 21st Century Classroom: Integrating Technology into Your Art Room
Facilitator: Leigh Anne Coles, Newtown Public Schools
Level: Gr. 5-12
How do you stay current with the 21st century learner expectations in your art class? Are your students creating PowerPoints and
Prezi’s? Get an upgrade with this workshop, and new tools and ideas so you can migrate your classroom into a more web-based space.
Keep your students connected and engaged outside of the class, using Google Apps for Educations. Discuss keeping parents informed
and showcasing student work online. Too hard you say? Become informed about free website builders like Wix.com make it easy, free,
and they look professional. Explore the foundations of Wix.com and get your website project started! Participants are strongly encouraged to bring LAPTOPS. While the work can be done on iPads, or mobile devices, full computer capabilities are ideal. Limit: 20-25
WORKSHOP 6C: Get On Artsonia!
Facilitator: Suzanne Dionne, Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School, Waterbury
Level: All
WORKSHOP 7C: Zentangle Introduction-Anything is Possible, One Stroke at a Time
Facilitator: Carol Dunn, Norwich Free Academy
Level: All
WORKSHOP 8C: Clay Slab Bowls
Facilitator: Liz Egan, Westbrook Middle School
Level: Gr. 5-9
Facilitator: Donna Frustere, Journalism and Media Academy Magnet School Level: Gr. 5-9
This workshop is designed for teachers who would like to participate in Artsonia, an online gallery for students. You will be assisted in starting the program. Get ready for excitement from your students, praise from colleagues, parents and administrators!
You’re going to love this program. Participants should bring: Fully charged Laptop, or ipad, iphone, or android can be used, but a
larger screen is easier. Prepare in advance by downloading images of 1 piece of artwork for up to 30 students -organize with names,
grade level. You can contact me: [email protected] Limit: 18
Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing & fun way to create beautiful images by drawing intricate patterns. The patterns are demonstrated step-by-step; Zentangle requires no artistic ability--opening a door to art and creativity for people of all ages and abilities. This
is a hands-on class, introducing you to the wonders and benefits of Zentangle. And take home a small work of art and a lot of enthusiasm! If you attended this workshop last year, note that we will do different patterns this year. Books and supplies available after class.
Participants should bring: Checkbook or cash to purchase extra supplies or books. Lab fee: $5 (correct change please)
Limit: 30
In this hands-on workshop, you will create a Japanese-styled bowl using templates and the slab method. Lesson plans, rubrics,
and templates will be distributed to all participants. Ways to develop a school wide community service program, the Empty Bowls
Project, will also be discussed. Limit: 24-30
Handmade books from recycled elements are only a touch of what can represent us to others. Words, lyrics, and even how we tear
our pages can tell so much about our lives. Discover how available materials constructed into a personal portable art pieces can
allow one to come alive with pride. Explore options, styles, and creative ways to piece life stories together as a sculptural portable
work of art. We will focus on the lack of high budget needs and focus on the freedom of creativity. Options include glue-less variations as well as stitched books. Join us! Participants should bring: ideas..and a song, favorite lyrics, poems, ideas, photographs or
clips from events, memories of life changing moments, sharing a book you may have made, etc. Lab fee: $10 Limit: 22
WORKSHOP 10C: Differentiation in the Visual Arts Classroom
Facilitator: Le Ann Hinkle, Greenwich Public Schools
Level: All
WORKSHOP 11C: Large Scale Art Projects
Facilitator: Stefanie Porcaro, Waterbury Public Schools
Level: All
A facilitated discussion will allow participants to ask questions and discuss differentiation with colleagues. Video examples will be
used to Illustrate a variety of differentiation strategies in the visual arts classroom.
No limit
Create a school environment that promotes the arts by creating large scale art works for your school. Give your students the opportunity to put themselves into a piece that will become a permanent fixture of their school. In this workshop we will be exploring large scale mixed media collage, murals, and mosaics. Limit: 18
WORKSHOP 12C: Bigger Pile, Smaller Shovel...Maintain Your Sanity Under the Sress!
Facilitator: Joyce St. Germaine, Retired, West Hartford Public Schools
Level: All
Common Core, teacher evaluation, state and national standards, student achievement, curriculum overhaul, pressing deadlines,
enormous piles of stress and no end in sight! How can you maintain your sanity while being an amazing art educator? Today,
under the guidance of a Certified Hypnotherapist and art educator, you will experience group hypnosis for stress reduction AND
learn a simple but powerful self hypnosis technique to reinforce your new skills throughout the school day and everyday! Participants should bring: Notebook or journal and eye covering (eye mask, bandanna, etc.)
No limit
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Meal Choices: (Lunch) Please choose one.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Dijon Chicken Wrap
Hummus Wrap (Vegetarian)
If you are joining CÆA/NAEA or are renewing your membership in order to obtain the lower conference fee,
send the membership form and check, payable to NAEA, for $100, along with a SEPARATE conference fee check,
payable to CÆA A current membership number is necessary for on-line registration!
SEND COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORMS AND CHECKS TO: Michael Earley, 240 Washington Ave., Hamden, CT 06518
Questions or concerns may be sent via email to: [email protected]
Please note: If your school system is funding your attendance up-front, it is your responsibility to
provide a copy of the purchase order to CÆA before the conference. Send a copy of your
registration form to Michael Earley in addition to the one you send to your business office.
Return address:
Cindy Parsons
Connecticut Art Education Association
1393 Andrews Street
Southington, CT 06489
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tion ISTR :
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line PLE D CH ashin 8
De COM M AN 40 W 0651 ayPal
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2014 Annual Conference
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
“Keep Art at the Core”
Keynotes by
Pat Franklin, NAEA President-Elect
Ellen Griesedieck, The American Mural Project