HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit in Barcelona, Spain
General Information
Visit the Presales Suite where you can attend
presentations of some of the most useful
Presales tools.
Monday to Thursday
HP only on Monday.
All delegates from Tuesday to Thursday
HP Presales Suite Information
Please find below the list of the different stations as well as their respective abstract:
1 EG
Office Based Presales (OBP)
R3T StoreVista
The Office Based Presales has established itself as
one of the leading Presales shared services in EMEA
and worldwide. Stop by our booth to learn how we
can help HP, Partners and Distributors with
Technical Q&A, Solution Design, Sizing, Power
Calculations, Visio diagrams and other deliverables
which make this service so demanded and used by
HP and Partners in more than 70 countries every
month. Do you know us already? Stop by to learn
what’s new and give us feedback.
R3T StoreVista is the Number 1 Support and
Planning tool currently in use worldwide by HP
Product Management, HP Pre-Sales, HP Support and
HP Technical Consultants.
With No customer interaction required, R3T
StoreVista enables you to quickly initiate customer
interaction from an informed position.
Consisting of a lightweight, simple to use, portable
web interface, R3T StoreVista is able to run on your
laptop or a centralised server.
With more than 350 easy to create, interactive and
exportable graphs, charts and tables, R3T StoreVista
allows rapid visualization of historical and current
configuration, capacity and performance metrics for
HP 3PAR StoreServ arrays. (Other HP Storage
Products are also being included such as StoreOnce,
StoreEasy and StoreVirtual).
R3T StoreVista is able to provide technical analysis
for problem solving by remote Support teams as
well as the generation of reports for Customer facing
Account teams or use in market analysis.
HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
4 EG
5 EG
6 EG
7 EG
HP SandBox StoreOnce & 3PAR
Solution Sizers and Power Advisor
HP Unison Platform
HP Factory Integration & Logistic
HP Renew
You will get an overview of the StoreOnce Sandbox
infrastructure and how to book time on the
systems for you training needs. As well as learn the
3PAR Sandbox infrastructure and how to log in and
request time to train in the environment. Obtain
hands on experience with AO, RC, SR and many
other functions of the 3PAR architecture.
HP Sizer is to enable you to determine the most
appropriate deployment of HP servers and storage
to suit customer solution requirements.
Partner Solution Architects - See, what the Unison
Platform is about, what are the new features beyond
the classic portal functions and what is planned for
the near future. Provide inputs on your needs and
wishes for the future like social communities, ideas,
knowledge database etc.. What else should be
integrated into this platform?
Your role in Presales is to understand and influence
new technology uptake in your customers’
HP Factory Integration (FI) & Logistic Services can
help you turn these chosen technologies into a fully
deployed solution.
Our focus is on integration, test and deployment of
the customer-specific solution. The customer simply
plugs it in and turns it on.
Visit us to share your specific customer
requirements. We will explain how to engage with
the FI team to ensure that the factory delivers what
the customer wants.
HP Renew products can often win you a deal!
Learn how new tools help you
- check HP Renew product availability;
- enable reservation of our products
Learn which of our products can be integrated with
new products to optimise the pricing of a customer
specified solution.
HP Renew. Affordable, remanufactured products
that are as good as new.
HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
8 EG
HP AllianceOne
HP EMEA Customer Centers, including
EMEA Moonshot Discovery Lab
9 EG
AllianceOne is an integrated partner program
designed to help you develop & sell market-leading
solutions running on key HP technologies &
The EMEA pan-European Customer Centers are set
up to help customers explore and expand their
business vision, with the application of the right
technologies, solutions and services, quickly plan a
route that will turn their strategic vision into a
business reality. The 5 Customer Centers can host
HP/partner/customers for technology briefings,
discover workshops or Proof of Concepts.
Take the opportunity to learn more about the
Centers, their dedicated areas of expertise and how
to engage: Solution Center (Boeblingen, Germany),
Solution Innovation Center (Grenoble, France),
Innovation Centers (Geneva/Dubai), HP Business Lab
(Bristol, UK).
EMEA Moonshot Discovery lab: "Experience is what
you get when you didn't get what you wanted".
Learn from the Global Solutions Engineering Team,
based on their experiences with early customer
adoptions. This is a compilation of their learnings in
network configurations, ILO and management of the
Moonshot servers that were due to product
shortcomings. Till such time that the products
addresses these shortcomings, and are made
available, here's what needs to be done.
The HP Moonshot Discovery Lab in Greoble has all
the latest infrastructure chassis and cartridges in
order to organize either local or remote Proof of
Concept with your customer. Come and visit us in
order to see what we can offer you
HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
Learn how to use the “new” HP Proposal Web to
generate unsolicited sales proposals and customerready responses, such as RFPs.
10 EG
The "New" HP Proposal Web
With time-saving wizards and automation tools,
quickly generate a customized, customer-ready
document containing the latest, newly-launched
products for servers, storage, networking,
Converged Systems, CloudSystem, and more.
HP Proposal Web is available for worldwide HP
employees and Channel Partners—we have over 20
language portals with translated and localized
Save your valuable sales time by using HP Proposal
Web—create standard and customized winning
proposals in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee!
12 TS
TS Support- Support Services & EPC
Meet the TS Engagement & Pursuit Center (a
specialized TS Presales organization). The team will
explain HP's support services & tools and how they
can improve the support experience adding value to
HP products and partner services. Learn also how to
engage TS solution architects and engagement
managers for large, complex custom deals.
HP Network SimulatorThe HP Network Simulator is
an ideal Comware v7 learning tool, which allows
users to create, configure, and connect simulated
networks. Visit our booth to learn more on this
powerful tool available for FREE.
13 HPN
HP Network Simulator
HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
Assessment tools for EMC Datadomain
and VNX
15 Cloud Onboarding ISV to HP Cloud Solution
In the fast growing Dedupe backup/archival market
EMC’s DataDomain has the major market share.
While HP StoreOnce is a very competent solution,
it’s still a challenge to position HP’s solution because
understanding existing environment involves
deciphering the system generated text based
‘Autosupport’ email manually. This tool automates
the complete process of analyzing an Autusupport
email and generating a customer presentable
document which describes in detail all the important
aspects that would be required to make a
meaningful conversation with the customer about
upgrading to Store Once based solution.This demo
takes the audience through the usage and also
discusses the generated report in detail.
Assessing an EMC VNX installation with the objective
of finding out differentiators which can help position
3PAR based solution can be quite a challenge. This
tool will enable a sales or pre-sales person to collect
data about a VNX system using scripts (supplied as
part of the tool) which collect configuration and
performance data about the array and then analyze
the data to create customer presentable report
which lists all the aspects one can look for while
trying to differentiate a 3PAR based solution from
VNX. This demo takes the audience through the tool
usage and also talks about the report in detail.
HP is leading the way in the private cloud
deployment. HP is extending its portfolio coverage in
order to add more value to the customers. As part of
this strategy, moving into the Platform as a Service
(PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) markets is
considered a priority. HP has built a partner
ecosystem composed of Service Providers around
the Cloud Agile program. This technical presentation
will walk through a use case on how a particular ISV
was on boarded and how several deployment
configurations were made available in order to
adapt the resource usage on expected load.
Technical walk through of automatic deployment,
configuration, using tools like HP CSA, OO etc. is
provided. A demonstration of or a video play back of
the integration will be part of the presentation
HP ETSS Barcelona – HP Presales Suite
2 – 6 February 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
16 ISS
HP against Cisco UCS
Compete and win with HP against Cisco UCS :
Stability and operational efficiency are key
requirements in converged infrastructure
deployments. Join us for a straight-forward
conversation where we compare and contrast HP
with Cisco Unified Computing System whether it is
as a standalone, a vBlock or a Flexpod to
demonstrate HP’s leadership. You will leave armed
with a clear understanding of what factors matter
the most, and the technical and operational
advantages for your customers to deploy HP’s