ROCKET™ AMR/AMI Meter Interface Unit with LoRa™ Ultra Long Range Technology

ROCKET™ AMR/AMI Meter Interface Unit
with LoRa™ Ultra Long Range Technology
“Why Compromise? If you know what you want, then why buy anything else?”
RF Power and Range: The ROCKET™ is powered by 2-way LoRa™
(ultra long range) radio technology. LoRa™ delivers superior system
performance for range, battery operation and interference immunity
while eliminating the need for repeaters and complex infrastructure.
This translates into a higher throughput/reliability rating and
significantly lower infrastructure and maintenance costs.
Ethernet or Wi-Fi
True Hybrid Functionality: The ROCKET™ operates in Walk-by,
Drive-by AND Fixed Network modes – at the same time. There is
no conversion or migration from one reading methodology to the
next – eliminating additional visits to the device. This allows for
the most flexible implementation because a utility can grow the
system at its own pace.
Ethernet, GPRS or Wi-Fi
True Hybrid Functionality
Conservation: The ROCKET™ is serious about helping
conservation efforts. With built-in metrics for tracking
water loss and detecting watering violations, the ROCKET™
AMR/AMI System makes it easy for utilities – and their
customers – to know what’s happening.
Encoder Compatibility: The ROCKET™ is compatible with all
major manufacturers’ 3 wire encoded outputs including Badger,
AMCO/Elster, Hersey/Mueller, Master Meter, Neptune and Sensus.
Applications: The ROCKET™ enclosure is designed for both pit
AND remote applications, meaning that the same unit can be
installed in virtually any metering environment. Unlike other units
that are either pit OR remote, the ROCKET™ unit works in all
types of situations.
ROCKET™ AMR/AMI Meter Interface Unit
Programmability: Every ROCKET™ MIU is factory programmed to allow for quick and easy initialization.
The ROCKET™ utilizes easy-to-understand LED sequences to provide for a handheld-free installation
procedure, saving time and money. A handheld can be used if custom installation parameters are desired.
Flags/Exceptions: The ROCKET™ includes a wide array of flagging for all types of conditions including
Leak, Encoder Error, Encoder Unresponsive, True Tamper (cut wire), Low Battery, Reverse, and Zero and
High Consumption.
Reliability: ROCKET™ MIUs feature a circuit assembly
that is fully encapsulated in a specially formulated
potting material to completely protect the components
from moisture, corrosion and contaminants. The unit
is powered by state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Disulfide
(LiFeS2) batteries, which provide greater power over a
longer period and across a broader temperature range
than other battery technologies.
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Battery Type
Radio Frequency
Register Support
Register Detection
Communications Type
Data Profiling
-40F to +185F
-4F to +158F
6.25H x 3.50W x 2.0D
3.0V LiFeS2 AA pack, Field Replaceable
20 Years
Part 15
902-928Mhz ISM Band
All Major Encoders (3 wire)
Auto Detect
Full 2-way
300 Days, Hourly (configurable)
100% Submersible