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Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Christ the Redeemer
Lutheran Church is a
member of The Lutheran
Church-Missouri Synod.
Rev. Scott Burmeister
Suzanne Watt
Director of Christian
Kayla Kuehnert
Director of
Family and Children’s
Nikki Witt
ECC Director
Gloria Roettger
Office Manager
Connie Phillips
Office Secretary
Norma Muller
Craig Amendt
Choir Director
John Hall
Facility Manager
“Leading people
into a living
relationship with
Jesus Christ”
You have been hearing a lot about time, talent and
treasure lately. Time is one of the most lavish gifts
God gives to us. I have heard it said that the way
we spell the word “love” is T. I. M. E. It is the
most valuable commodity in our world today. We
are paid to give it in our jobs. There are volumes of
books written on the management of time. More
often than not, our view on time is fashioned by the
culture around us. This causes the gift of God to be
misused, misunderstood and misguided. A wrong
understanding of time, and the stewardship of time,
causes us to call the time given to the church something that God never intended. The word we use is
I have been guilty of this myself. I have, in the
past, referred to much of what is done in the church
as volunteerism and bemoaned the fact that its hard
to work with volunteers. I came to the realization
of how wrong I was. I did a search for any word
that even came close to the word “volunteer” in
God’s word. It does occur several times within the
Old Testament. Have we been called to volunteer?
Is God in need of people who will volunteer their
time? Look at the definition of the word:
volunteer - (noun) a person who
voluntarily offers himself or herself
for a service or undertaking.
If this is how we think about the time that we are
giving to the church, then we are missing what God
has done, is doing, and will do for all His children.
Sunday morning worship It is God who has given us the gift of time. It is
starts at 8:15 & 10:45 AM. God who has called us to give Him honor and glory
Sunday School and Bible with our time. It is God who infiltrates time and
Classes for all ages begin becomes a man, Jesus Christ. It is God who
at 9:30 AM.
through that death on the cross forgives all sins. It
is God who opened the tomb and raises His only
Son to glory. It is God who gives us His Holy
PHONE: 918/492-6451
Spirit and causes us to live lives that fear, love and
FAX: 918/492-3524
trust in Him above all things. It is God who sanctiWeb: www.ctrtulsa.org
You can view this newsletter fies our lives by that same Holy Spirit and causes
us to walk down paths of righteousness for His
name’s sake. Read the explanation to the third artiEmail:
cle of the Apostles’ Creed:
October 2014
By: Pastor Scott Burmeister
I believe that I cannot by my own reason or
strength believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or come
to Him; but the Holy Ghost has called me by the
Gospel, enlightened me with His gifts, sanctified
and kept me in the true faith; even as He calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies the whole Christian
Church on earth, and keeps it with Jesus Christ in
the one true faith; in which Christian Church He
forgives daily and richly all sins to me and all believers, and at the last day will raise up me and all
the dead, and will give to me and to all believers in
Christ everlasting life. This is most certainly true.
A person who voluntarily offers himself or herself
for service to God is not giving glory to God.
They, by definition are reserving glory for themselves.
God has not called us to volunteer our
time for Him. God has called us to be
disciples. A disciple is almost the opposite of a
volunteer, when you think about it. A disciple does
not voluntarily offer themselves; a disciple is called
into service and is gifted with everything needed
for the task by God himself. A volunteer looks at
the gift of time as a possession that is owned by
him or her and is then distributed as he or she sees
fit. A disciple looks at the gift of time as a tool
through which God moves them by His Holy Spirit
down paths of righteousness the distribution of
which can only be spent in service to God. Serving
God means serving others and God
creates a platform from which this
gift of time is now properly understood and by which it is properly
exercised; the church.
So, stop volunteering at the church. God does not
need, or want for that matter, volunteers. You have
not been called to volunteer. What God wants,
needs and creates through His word are disciples;
followers of Jesus! Amen.
[email protected]
Early Childhood Center
Phone: 492-1416
Cornerstone 1
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Congratulations and God’s
richest blessings to all of our
couples as they celebrate
their wedding anniversary!
Tasha & Anthony Bury
Chuck & Leigh Ann Fuller
Tom & Barbara Sprunger
Ed & Diane Fager
Kimberly & Nick Shannon
Marty & Rosalie Weber
Shawn & Sandy Cooper
Ian & Leigh Kelly
Heather & Jarrod Mann
Anita & Jesse Overton
Sam & Beverly Woodard
Oct. 1
Oct. 1
Oct. 2
Oct. 6
Oct. 6
Oct. 8
Oct. 12
Oct. 12
Oct. 15
Oct. 30
Oct. 30
9 yrs
26 yrs
43 yrs
35 yrs
30 yrs
48 yrs
18 yrs
8 yrs
3 yrs
10 yrs
21 yrs
For the Months of August
Total Worship Attendance ........... 972
Weekly Average ....................... 243
SS/Bible Class Attendance .......... 217
Weekly Average ......................... 72
August Giving ....................... $47,548
Monthly Budget .................... $54,615
Year to Date Giving ............ $444,467
Year to Date Budget ........... $464,231
YTD (behind) Budget ......... ($19,764)
YTD Expenses ..................... $429,075
Altar Flowers
Help our neighbors by donating food, toiletry and household items each and every
week. Just a little bit by everyone will go a long way
for those of us who are less fortunate. Questions?
Contact Cheryl Davison.
Drop your items in the grocery cart
at the collection center.
Stewardship Report
In the Fall, we typically turn our
attention to harvest and Thanksgiving, and all of the blessings
that God has showered upon us,
especially the gift of our Savior Jesus, whose birthday we
celebrate in a couple of months. As stewards, we want to
faithfully manage all that God gives, so that God can use our
gifts to increase our faith, and to reach out to others to tell
them of God's love, and bring them into a living relationship
with Jesus Christ.
October 12 is our Stewardship Consecration Sunday and, in
the weeks leading up to that Sunday, we will focus on our
blessings and our response to God's many gifts. We encourage everyone to attend a service that Sunday, and join us
after late service for a celebration meal (catered).
Stewardship Lay Ministry: Rosalie Weber, Wanda Radke,
Sandy Moeller, Eva Heim, Lori Meinders and Jan Dreyer
Cornerstone 2
The sign-up chart is available at the information center. Write your name on the date
and share the special reason for the flowers
if you wish. Simply drop your $35 check
(put ALTAR FLOWERS on the memo line)
in the offering plate the week before or that
Sunday! You may take the arrangement
home following the late service.
Flowers given for October are:
5: by Marty and Rosalie Weber in celebration of their anniversary
5: by Ed and Diane Fager in celebration of their 35th anniversary
12: by the children and grandchildren of Bill Fader in celebration of his birthday
12: by Steve Short in celebration of Johnna’s birthday
19: by Sid and Beverly McVey in honor of their grandson,
Knox’s, 3 month birthday
19: by Bob and Marilyn Rains in celebration of Arden
James’ 4th birthday
The Lutheran Hour
Now we can listen to The Lutheran
Hour on an OKC radio station!
KQCV at 800 on the AM dial will
broadcast The Lutheran Hour each
Sunday at 9:00 a.m. This is in addition to the 7:00
a.m. Broadcasts on the Tulsa station located at 740
on your AM radio.
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
A Note From the Music
October’s Party
October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came-The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.
--George Cooper
A Prayer for Pumpkin People
After Kuz Curtis Higgs wrote the popular children’s book The
Pumpkin Patch Parable, people began using her analogies to
say a prayer while carving their Halloween pumpkins. The
pumpkin prayer, a Christian alternative to Halloween traditions, reminds people of all ages what God has done for us. Use
it this fall when your family makes jack-o’-lanterns.
While cutting off the top of the pumpkin, pray, “Lord,
open my mind so I can learn new things about you.” See
Proverbs 1:7
While removing the seeds and pulp, pray, “Remove the
things in my life that don’t please you. Forgive the wrong
things I do, and help me forgive others.’’ See Matthew
While making eyes, pray, “Open my eyes to see the beauty
you’ve made in the world around me.” See Psalm 104:24.
While making the nose, pray, “I’m sorry for the times I’ve
turned up my nose at your many gifts.” See James 1:17.
While making the mouth, pray, “Let everything I say
please you.” See Psalm 19:14.
While lighting the candle, pray, “Lord, help me show your
light to others through the things I do.” See Matthew 5:16.
After carving your pumpkins, display
them as examples of how God’s love
transforms us into new creations. See 2
Corinthians 5:17.
Are you in the new routine yet? With fall
activities, school, and our new CTR-U, we
definitely have to adjust our schedules to
be able to participate in some of the many
activities available to us. But isn’t it great
to have the various groups for Bible study,
learning and making music on
Norma Muller
Wednesday evenings at CTR? I am so
thankful for Pastor Burmeister who inspires us with his leadership, for DCE Suzanne who uses her experience and enthusiasm
to organize so much at CTR, and for
other staff, our many lay leaders and
participants who steadfastly carry out
the programs.
If you are sitting home on Wednesday
nights, ask yourself why? Of course,
some have other commitments that prevent them from being involved at church, but if that isn’t the case for you, consider how
you will participate on Wednesday evenings. Sometimes it just
takes a little (or a lot) of extra effort to jumpstart the new system.
If you don’t have a way to the church, that can be arranged. If
you don’t want to come by yourself, call a friend to come with
I’m happy to report that the vocal choir has grown considerably
and that all participants are enjoying the experience under the
direction of Craig Amendt. The choir is such an important part of
worship as the singers lead the people in liturgy and hymns and
as they inspire us with an anthem based on one of the scripture
readings for the day.
The Children’s Chime Choir is having a
learning experience as well as fun in making
music. The children are learning that all
music of voices and instruments in our services is for worshiping our loving God and that we should play
and sing skillfully because God has given us the talent and ability
to focus as we practice. Some of the children are learning the
basics of music theory as well as how to hold, ring and damp the
chimes. Some already have a foundation of music and can concentrate on learning the skills of playing the chimes. It is my
delight to be working with these children and I thank Sarah Ross
and Caroline King for their assistance in the sessions.
Can you commit to two months of personal growth
in the CTR-U program before we are focused on
other spiritual growth during Advent and Christmas? We have October and November to try something new with people you know or can get to know.
How about giving it a try?
Cornerstone 3
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Lutheran World Relief Update…
On August 26, LWR shipped some of CTR’s school
kits to Burkina Faso, a land-locked country in West
Africa. So, we now have participated in school kit
distributions in Angola and Burkina Faso from our
2013 donations.
2014 LWR shipments included:
216 school kits
35 personal care kits
219 quilts
57 pounds of soap
An interesting side note...the 216 school kits included
♦ 864 70-page notebooks
♦ 216 each of rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers and scissors
♦ 1080 each of pencils and pens (that’s a lot of pencils and
♦ 216 boxes of crayons
♦ 216 backpacks (Outreach Ministry cover this
cost at $1.25 a piece)
Many thanks to everyone who donated items, money
and helped in organizing these kits and sewing the
quilts. We’ll be looking for your help again after we
take a short break to begin our 2015 campaign for
LWR. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished
with everyone’s help.
LWML will recycle all the
following items for you: empty
inkjet and laser printer cartridges, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, I-Pods, DVD
games/players, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops,
etc. Boxes are located at the collection center at the
south entrance of the church.
MOST Ministries collects eyeglasses and distributes them to people all over the world. A collection
box is located at the collection center. For more information go to www.mostministries.org.
PAPER RECYCLING: You can recycle all your mail/ news papers, etc. in the
collection bin in the southeast corner of
the parking lot.
Cornerstone 4
Military personnel and their families
stationed at major overseas bases in
Europe and Asia can use those manufacturer’s coupons up to six months after they
have expired. A box marked “Coupons for the
Troops” is located at the south entrance.
Having a Life Filled With Prayer
See to Please
Shift your prayer life from “Please, God” to
Please God.” Take the comma out of those
two words when you pray, and transition
your praying from asking God for things to
asking God for the pleasure of God’s pleasure. --Homiletics
A Powerful Weapon
Satan dreads nothing but prayer. His one concern is to keep the
saints from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies,
prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, he
mocks our wisdom, but he trembles when we pray. --Samuel
A Word From Matthew Henry
Seventeenth-century Bible scholar Matthew Henry had
great insight into God’s will when he proclaimed, “When God
intends great mercies for His people, He first of all sets them
Did you ever consider that when you feel the urge to engage in deep meaningful prayer, it might be God’s preparation
for “great mercies”?
Hard Faith
According to author Stephen King, “What separates the
talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard
Similarly, what separates the doubt-filled Christian from
the Christian in good spiritual health is hard faith, working and
praying diligently - and often - to build one’s faith.
Faith and Health
Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School made a study
of the effect praying can have upon those who pray. He discovered those who pray 10 to 20 minutes daily can lower their
blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and metabolic rates.
Prayer can work wonders. --Proclaim, Nov. 1,
Prayer Helps
A man was seen praying in a church and was
approached by a fairly officious person in clerical garb. Said this person: “May I help you?”
The response came clearly, “No thank you. I am
being helped!” -- Anonymous
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Celebrate LWML Sunday
with us on October 19th
LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) Sunday is traditionally celebrated in The Lutheran
Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in October. Come celebrate
here at Christ the Redeemer on Sunday, October 19, 2014.
Based on Ephesians 5:2, the theme chosen for the 2014
LWML Sunday celebration is “Fragrant Sacrifices and Offerings.” The author of this service, Rev. Victor Belton, Pastor of
Peace Lutheran Church in Decatur,
Georgia, was the proclaimer for the
Pittsburgh LWML Convention Sunday
worship service.
Our LWML looks forward to a special
time of sharing with you the exciting missions of the LWML God’s ministry around the world through mite offerings, service, prayer, and Christian fellowship.
You're invited to help with Operation School Bell!
Operation School Bell is a mission of the Assistance League of Tulsa to clothe children in
need for their school days. School counselors
bring children needing assistance to the Assistance League building on 11th and Harvard
where volunteers help fit them with their uniform shirts and
slacks and one additional outfit, shoes, jacket and more. The
LWML Women in Mission will be going down to help fit children on Tuesday, October 21. We will meet at church at 8:15
and go together to the building. Optional lunch afterwards at
Maxwell's. ALOT members, Nancy Kirby, Diane Morlock and
Patti Ross can answer any questions you may have. A sign-up
sheet will be available on Sunday, October 5. You will be glad
you helped put a smile on the faces of God's children!
Your Mite Box Offerings at Work
The Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF) has
translated and published A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories, along with Luther’s Small Catechism,
into the languages of Southeast Asia. Since 2005,
LHF has published the catechism in more than a
dozen Southeast Asian languages. Since 2008,
LHF has translated the A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories into
nine Southeast Asian languages. The Lutheran Heritage Foundation cannot keep up with the demand for these publications.
With the $72,000 grant adopted at the Pittsburgh LWML Convention, 9,000 copies of Luther’s Small Catechism and 6,000
copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories will be printed for
distribution so that Southeast Asians may come to know and
love their Savior, Jesus Christ.
In the United States, with 4.4 million immigrants from China,
Japan, and Southeast Asia, the gift of a book to a family for
their children, in a language they can read and understand,
opens doors to talking about the Christian faith and to introducing them to their Lord and Savior. After reading their children’s Bibles, parents often ask questions. Since many American pastors cannot speak the language, a copy of Luther’s
Small Catechism, written in their language, can be provided to
guide the new Christians and answer their questions. The
LWML’s gift of a $72,000 grant will provide these valuable
resources. Your offerings in your Mite Box the first Sunday of
each month helps fund this mission grant.
CTR’s Town Hall Meeting
October 27
Fellowship Hall
6:00 pm
Come and join us as we discuss
plans for the future building expansion of CTR.
All are invited and encouraged to attend.
A light meal will be served
and babysitting will be available.
SENIOR FRIENDS will meet on Oct.
12 for lunch at Panera Bread (71st &
OWLS will meet at CTR in the fellowship hall on Thursday, Oct. 9, at
11:30. A box lunch will be available
for $10. Yes, Thursday, not Wednesday. The presenter is James Holt and
he will show us what’s in our backyard, our regional backyard that is. James is a practicing archeologist and his presentation will be about artifacts
and other things of historical interest that have
been left behind by our ancestors. Please sign up
today so we know how many lunches to buy. If
you have questions call Tom Kuehnert 918-2371219. A sign up is available.
BUNCO will be at the church on Oct. 14 at 7:00
pm. Tomie and Dana Whitacre are hosting.
There is a sign up.
Cornerstone 5
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
New Books in the Library
5:00-5:30 PM
♦ Children’s Chimes Choir Practice- Sanctuary
5:30-6:30 PM
♦ Faith Friends- September-December- Gym
♦ Confirmation Classes- Library
104 Prayer- September 10-October 29
E304 You’re Made in God’s Image (Girls Only)November 5-December 17
♦ Age of Reform 1250-1550 - An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe
(8 wks) with Pastor Burmeister - Fellowship Hall West
♦ Mom’s Small Group - “Where Mom’s Connect” with
Stacey Curtis - Youth Room
5:30-6:30 PM - INTEREST SESSION - October 1
♦ Jim Walker will do a power point presentation on
early day Tulsa history.
5:30-6:30 PM - INTEREST SESSION - November 5
♦ Interested in archaeology? Then join James Holt for this
interest session that will focus on explaining the basic
underlying theories and practices of archaeology, and
will include a section on the prehistory of humans in
North America and Oklahoma as well as question and
answer time. If you have a question that you would like
specifically addressed, please send your question to
James at [email protected] by November 1st to have
your question specifically included in the presentation.
6:00-7:00 PM
♦ Dinner will be available every week either catered or
through food truck service. Prices will vary. The menu
will be published the Sunday before in the bulletin.
7:00-8:00 PM
♦ Interest Session for November 5 (see above note)
♦ Open Gym and Homework Room- High
School Youth Room
♦ Choir- Balcony
♦ Confirmation Classes- Library
103 Commandments 4-10- October 1November 5
110 Baptism- November 12 & 19
♦ Rightly Dividing the Word: Reading the Bible for Understanding & Witness with James Morgan - Fellowship
Hall West
Sunday♦ 108 Lutheran Worship- Sunday mornings- September 7October 26- Sanctuary
No CTR-U on November 26. December 3-17 only 5:306:30 classes followed by dinner and Advent worship service. NO CTR-U December 24 or 31. Classes will resume
January 7, 2015.
Cornerstone 6
Any of these books and others in the library can be
checked out at any time. Fill out the library card
and place it on the library desk.
Return the books when you are finished with them
- generally after a two-week period.
Debbie Macomber: 8 Sandpiper Way, Twenty
Wishes, Glad Tidings, 311 Pelican Court, Ready
for Love, 16 Lighthouse Road, 44 Cranberry
Point, Back on Blossom Street, The Perfect Christmas, Small Town Christmas
CPH: How You Are Changing (girls 10-12; boys 10-12), Sex &
the New You (young women 13-15; young men 13-15), Love, Sex
& God (young women 15 & up; young men 15 & up), Why Boys
& Girls Are Different (boys 4-6; girls 4-6), Where do Babies Come
From? (boys 7-9; girls 7-9), How to Talk Confidently with Your
Child About Sex
Tim McGee: How to Become a Superstar Student (book & DVD)
Amy-Jill Levine: The Old Testament Part 1 & 2
Murray H. Siegel: Basic Math Part 1, 2, & 3 (book & DVD)
James A. Sellers: Algebra I Part 1, 2, & 3
Frank Cardulla: Chemistry Part 1, 2, & 3
How to Respond to…
Herbert Kern: the Jehovah’s Witness
Philips H. Lochhass: Islam
L. James Rongstad: the Lodge
Frederick R. Harm: the Science Religions
David W. Hoover: the Ocult
Bruce G. Frederickson: Satanism
Keith A. Gerberding: Transcendental Meditation
Hubert F. Beck: the Cults
Philip Lochhaas: the New Age Movement
“Faith, like light,
should always be simple and unbending;
while love, like warmth,
should beam forth on every side
and bend to every necessity of our brethren.”
--Martin Luther
ECC Labels/Box Tops
ECC is collecting labels/box tops as a continuing fundraiser. A box and flyers with all the participating products
can be found at the collection center.
ECC’s Fall Auction is
Friday, November 22.
Mark your calendar
and plan to attend!!
Some products include Campbell’s, General Mills, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Hefty, Huggies and dozens more. Be sure to
turn in the UPC codes on Campbell’s products and the box-top coupon on the
other products.
Grandparent’s Brunch
was enjoyed by all!!!!!
Everyone is
invited to the
camp’s Fall
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Pastor Burmeister
and Deon Hull were
our grillers
for the day!
Many thanks to ECC for renting
the water inflatable! The pool
was also a big hit with kids and
adults alike!!
Games of Bingo
and a delicious
lunch was
enjoyed at the
Their lunch at
the Hamlet was
enjoyed by all in
Kalli Castille,
Director of
Nutrition and
at the Cancer
Centers of
America was the
speaker for
the day.
Cornerstone 8
Trucks for
are a big
Family & Children’s Ministry
[email protected]
Kayla Kuehnert,
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
K-5th grade
Mom’s Bible Study
Wednesdays 5:306:30pm
Mom’s Bible Study & Brunch
Fridays—October 3rd and 24th
How to Stop Running the Show
and Start Walking in the Faith
Ivie and James fishing in Colorado.
Games, Petting Zoo, Train Rides, Food,
Trunk or Treating
Decorate Your Trunk Contest
Jr. High (6-8th graders)
Sr. High (9-12th graders)
Suzanne Watt
November 1414-16
Doubletree Hotel– Warren
Tulsa, OK
Featuring Rev. Ryan Matthias
from Concordia– Seward as
speaker and the band Everyday
Sunday Fellowship with friends,
participate in Bible studies, hear
from speakers on topics about Creationism, Missions, Evil Forces in the
World and more.
$100.00 by October 15
$130.00 if you register between 10/15 &
$65.00 for friends!
October 10-12
JOY– Jr High Youth Event
6th-8th grade
Camp Lutherhoma
November 2
Fall Festival
High School Small Group
We will meet again this fall on
November 5 & December 21.
Come and hang out with friends,
Participate in a Bible study on
angels, and eat!
November 5
High School Small Group
November 14-16
OK’D in Christ Youth
9th-12th grade
December 21
High School Small Group
Sunday School News
The Fall Quarter falls in what is known as “the time of the Church” in the
Church Year as the post-Pentecost season and brings the Church Year to its
close. The color of the season is green, except for festival Sundays, which
use red or white. This season in the Church’s calendar draws God’s people
to think on the last things, on heaven, and on those who have gone before
us. The Sunday School lessons for this quarter do not follow the appointed
Gospel readings in the Church’s worship as they do in the winter and spring.
The reason for this is to provide a sequential study of the Old Testament for
the children. There will be opportunities for you to make a connection to the
readings in church and the lessons that are taught. Sunday School flows out
of the Church’s worship, in which Word and Sacrament are offered to the
people of God. Help your child to make connections with the congregation’s worship.
October 5, 2014
As our children study the Bible account “Noah and the Flood” in Sunday School today, they will consider God’s messages that He gave through the flood and the rainbow. God promises to provide a Savior
to overcome sin and take its punishment for us. Parents could ask, “How do God’s promises give you
October 12, 2014
Today our children will study “God Calls Abram” who was called by God to move his family to a land
far away from his birthplace. God’s promises Abram that He would make Abram’s family a great nation
that would bring blessing to many people. You might discuss, “How do our blessings compare to those
God gave Abram?”
October 19, 2014
Today in Sunday School, our children will see how “Abram Rescues Lot.” This account is an Old Testament picture of how God rescued all of us from sin’s condemnation. Parents might ask, “How has God
rescued you from sin?”
October 26, 2014
In Sunday School today, our children will study “God’s Covenant with Abram.” As He did for Abram,
God keeps His promises, as He did in giving His own Son, Jesus, to be our Savior. Consider discussing,
“What important promises do we make as a family? How can we remind ourselves of the promises God
keeps for us?”
Come participate in CTRu on Wednesday nights!
There are confirmation classes, small groups, interest sessions as well as open gym and homework
time. There will even be dinner served!
FALL Sunday School Schedule
9:30-9:50 AM Opening Music in the Gym for Preschool-5th grade
Jr. High and Confirmation Class in the Sanctuary– Adults invited!
9:50-10:30 AM Bible Time and
Activities in Classrooms for Elementary ages
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
October 24-26, 2014 at Camp Lutherhoma
This retreat is open to all CTR women age 21 and up. There will be
Bible study, crafts, music, fellowship and more! Plus we will be
staying in the retreat cabins and have all meals cooked for us!
Some walking on camp grounds will be done over the weekend.
Cost is $65 per person and includes 2 night’s stay in the
retreat cabins and all linens, meals, and program materials.
To register, submit a registration form and check payable to
Christ the Redeemer to DCE Suzanne.
Please add these individuals to your
church directory or change the information that is currently printed.
Lena Kosted
2601 E 75th St.
Tulsa, OK 74136
Scott & Nikki Hansen (Hailey, Tyson & Kylie)
13126 S Yorktown Ave.
Bixby, OK 74008; (918)296-5284
Cornerstone 12
An LWR quilt is special! It brings warmth and
shelter to families by becoming a bed, room
divider, backpack to carry belongings, and at
times even a home.
need help in purchasing the fabric to make the
quilt tops. Donation cards are located in the
narthex. Please return your money to the church office or
in the offering plate. Each quilt costs $25 to make. Filler
material of new/used blankets as well as flat sheets in
twin size or larger are also needed (no other filler fabric can be used).
The quilters meet every Tuesday at 10:00 in
the fellowship hall. You can cut squares, sew
squares, assemble the filler and tops, tie the
quilts - anything that strikes your fancy!
Why not join them?!
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
December 6 & 7
5:30 & 7:30 pm
Approximately 1,400 people attend the performances each year. It is a great way to
praise our great God during the Advent and
Christmas season.
Anyone interested in singing in the chorus
should contact Leon or Donna Boggs at 2585201 (H); 697-7822 (Leon cell); or Mary Ames
(627-3154). These rehearsals begin Oct. 26
from 2-4:00 pm at First Lutheran Church. Those
interested in a soloist part must try out. The tryouts are Oct. 19 from 1:30-2:00 at First Lutheran.
Orchestra tryouts will also be Oct. 19 from 1:30-2:00 at First Lutheran. If
you played last year, you do not need to tryout, but you must contact Leon
Boggs by Oct. 15 if you plan to play this year. Orchestra rehearsals begin
Nov. 16 from 2-4:00 pm.
If you are interested in ushering or helping with set up and tear down,
please contact Leon, Donna or Mary also.
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Don’t give God instructions,
just report for duty!
Cornerstone 13
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
Here is the church
Here is the steeple
Open the doors
But where are all the people.
Flu Shots are coming
to CTR this Fall.
Watch for dates in the bulletin
We are all one body in Christ and let’s all do our
part to keep this congregational body healthy so
we may worship together throughout the flu season.
Be a Good Steward
Various committees are writing the church budget for the
coming year. They’re placing their trust in God and believing in our members and friends to support the
church’s ministry.
Let us all show our faithfulness with good stewardship
through our time, talents and treasures.
Endowment Fund Report
As of August 31, 2014, the CTR Endowment Trust
Fund brokerage account balance was
$15,276.98. Other account balances have not
changed as they are reported quarterly.
Coughs and Sneezes
Spread Diseases!
The Trustees have voted to fund a Board of Director’s request for approximately $8,600 to be
used for a church painting project.
Don’t let the flu bug
No Endowment Fund gifts were received since
the last report. The congregation is reminded
that the purpose of the fund is to receive and
invest funds for future use of the congregation.
Board of Director distribution requests can be
funded if approved by the Fund’s trustees in
accordance with the Trust document’s requirements.
keep you from attending
church service
I Believe
I believe in sunshine;
but I cannot clasp its ray.
I cannot capture ocean tides;
just watch them day by day.
I believe in thinking;
yet no brick can think a thought.
I believe in loving;
though love can’t be boxed or bought.
I believe in gifts from God…
diverse, yet clear...and thus:
I believe God’s Love enfolds,
sustains, and blesses us!
--Peggy Ferrell
Poems and Prayers
Cornerstone 14
Questions can be directed to any of the Endowment Fund Trustees - Johnny Barfield 918-4923264, Scott Mabrey 918-292-9985, Jerry Morlock
918-995-7142, or Baxter Thorman 918-619-9111.
Children in Church
A little boy was attending his
first wedding.
After the service, his cousin
asked him, "How many women can
a man marry?"
"Sixteen," the boy responded.
His cousin was amazed that he had
an answer so quickly.
"How do you know that?"
"Easy," the little boy said. "All you have to do is
add it up, like the pastor said, 4 better, 4 worse, 4
richer, 4 poorer."
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church — Cornerstone, October 2014
From our seminary student….
Hello Everyone,
It’s hard to believe that I am actually sitting here in my room,
looking out at the Westfield House campus in Cambridge, England. I can’t believe that my life has actually changed as much as
it has in the past couple of months. As you all know, two months
ago I was preparing the final sermons that I would preach while
on the adventure called Vicarage. Then one month ago, I packed
all of my belongings up and drove down to Texas with my dad.
We had a good trip, although it started off a little hairy as the
final few items to be packed had to be hurriedly thrown into the
back of my truck because a thunder storm was looming directly
over my house in Elmhurst. But, when we finally made it to dry
ground in St. Louis, we successfully unwrapped the tarp, which
we had thrown over the valuable equipment, and not a single
piece of furniture had been damaged. That was the first leg of a
two-part trip for us. After I had met with everyone that I needed
and wanted to see in St. Louis, my dad and I hopped back into my
truck and drove all the way back to Hamilton, Texas, in one day.
Let me tell you it felt good to finally say I was back in Texas.
I then spent a few days visiting with family members all around
the state. I was able to see almost everyone in one fail swoop, and
I said my hellos and goodbyes as I then was packing up to fly
across the pond to my new home for one year, Cambridge, England. My month here in Cambridge has been pretty amazing so
far. The experience that I’m getting cannot be beat. I have been
out punting with my new friends, and when I say we went out
punting, I mean we had to do the punting (and no this is not the
type of punting one does while playing football). Punting in England, I quickly learned, is taking a boat down a river. However,
instead of using a motor or a paddle to travel on the water, one
needs to employ the artful skill of great balance. In punting, you
have the boat and then the person who is driving the boat stands
on a flat surface on the back of the boat and uses a long stick
(similar to a pole vaulting stick) to push your way down the river.
It takes a great deal of skill to steer the boat straight and true. Not
only do you have to have great balance in order to keep from falling off the boat while it is moving, but you have to think quickly
as the stick sometimes gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the
river. Either one simply lets go or one might quickly find themselves taking a nice cool bath. Anyways, that is enough description of punting, but I could tell you many other things that I have
learned and seen during my time in England. For instance, I could
tell you about the beautiful house that I saw in Sandringham (the
queen’s Christmas retreat) or the incredible castle I walked
through in Castle Rising. I could tell you that I am planning on
going to Scotland this weekend, London tomorrow to see the
Broadway style play Les Mis in theatre, or even that I am planning on going to Belgium and the Netherlands over my one week
break at the beginning of October. But If I do this letter may
never find its end, so I will move on to more important topics like
the class work that I am currently enrolled in.
While here in Cambridge, I will be receiving 15 hours to transfer
back to St. Louis in a year. Included in those 15 hours will be
Early Church History, Johannine Writings, Introduction to the
Old Testament: The Prophets, English and Catholic Reformations, and World Religions: Buddhism and Islam. Currently, I am
studying two of these, and in a couple of weeks I will start another at the Faculty of Divinity. Now, studying in Cambridge, or
in England in general, is quite different from studying in the
states. For instance, when one studies in England, it means they
are doing a whole lot of reading, and nothing but reading. Studying here is very much based upon what you want to get out of the
experience. There are no tests, no quizzes, and the professors are
only there as supplementary information to what you find within
the books that you immerse yourself within. Another thing that is
quite different is the fact that Colleges are not places where you
attend lectures. The best way to think of a College within England is to picture Harry Potter. Harry is placed with the Gryffindor house when he first arrives at Hogwarts. Now while he is in
that particular house, he only eats, sleeps, studies, and socializes
within the house. However, all of his classes are outside of the
Gryffindor space. That paints a good picture of studying in England. One might go off to a college, for instance King’s College
in Cambridge to study. However, while you are at your particular
college you only sleep, eat, study, and socialize within the college
grounds. Your lectures during your time are held off campus
grounds at places called “Faculties.” I will be attending the Faculty of Divinity when my next class kicks off. I’m pretty interested in seeing how this system truly works. (Now if you are still
confused and didn’t truly understand my description of how Colleges and Faculties relate don’t worry, I’m still confused myself.
But I’m sure as the year goes along I will begin to understand it
better and I can answer any questions that y’all want to ask me
while I’m going through this experience.)
For now, I think it is enough to say that I am doing a whole lot of
reading. I am listening in class, and trying to soak up every last
ounce of wisdom that my Tudors can provide, and I am loving the
entire way of life here in England. Every aspect is just a little bit
different than what I am accustomed to thanks to life in the states.
However, I can’t wait to see where else this adventure takes me
along the way. I need to wrap this up as I am supposed to wake
up early to set up for chapel tomorrow morning, but I want to
leave you with a word of thanks. I truly appreciate all that you
have done for me. The prayers, the financial support, the encouragement and the laughs that I share with y’all through your letters
and encounters. I truly pray that life is treating y’all well and that
God is continuing to pour His blessings upon you. May we ever
look to Him for strength and support!
In His Grip,
Erik Christensen
What is Stewardship?
Stewardship is not just raising funds;
It’s raising Christians.
Stewardship is not a matter of budgets;
It’s a matter of faith.
Cornerstone 15
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