Saint Patrick Our Lady of The Lake Catholic Church

Saint Patrick
Our Lady of The Lake
Catholic Church
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass Schedule
Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am
Daily 8:30 am
Holy Hour: Friday 6:00pm
Office Hours: Mon & Tues - 8:30 am - 1:30pm
Our Lady of The Lake: 450 E Cimarron
204 E. 4th Street
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063
Office Phone: 918-245-5840
Fax: 918-241-3100
Email: [email protected]
Reverend Paschal Mbagwu
Phone: 918-246-7253
Deacon Bob Garrett
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: 918-760-6680 or 605-6395
Mass Intentions
Sat., Oct. 11
Sun., Oct. 12
Tues., Oct. 14
Wed., Oct. 15
Thur., Oct. 16
Fri., Oct. 17
Sat., Oct. 18
Sun., Oct. 19
8:00am at Our Lady of the Lake
10:00am at St. Patrick
7:00pm at Our Lady of the Lake
Holy Hour
5:00pm † Laura Mahoney
by Nancy and Richard Alley
8:00am at Our Lady of the Lake
10:00am at St. Patrick
Baptism: By appointment.
Marriage: Four Months Notice
Confession: Sat. 4-4:45 pm
Life in the kingdom of God has often been compared to
a banquet. Isaiah describes the eschatological banquet
which God will prepare not only for the Chosen people,
but for all peoples. The banquet is more than earthly
because within it, “God will wipe away tears from all
faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away
from all the earth.” Those who are privileged to take
part in it know that they have been saved for they will
“rejoice and be glad in his salvation.” It is interesting to
note that Israel believed that the coming of the anointed
one will usher in the “in-gathering” of the nation when
God will prepared a sumptuous banquet for all. The “in
-gathering” of the nation would begin, according to
Israel’s understanding with the coming of the Messiah
on whom the arm of the Lord would rest. This idea of
calling together evokes a gathering that began in the
Exodus, the “in gathering” from the diaspora of all the
children of God scattered among the Gentile nations. It
is also a sign of the gathering of the new chosen people
of God which is the beginning of the Messianic era as
proclaimed by the prophet Ezekiel.
According to the Messianic expectation, the
divine promises directly addressed to Israel
would reach fulfillment when God himself had
gathered his people through his Chosen One as
a shepherd gathers his flock: ‘I will save my
flock, they shall no longer be a prey… I will
set up over one shepherd, my servant David,
and he shall feed them; he shall feed them
and be their shepherd. And I, the Lord, shall
be their God, and my servant David will be
prince among them’ (Ez 34:22-24). (Pope
Benedict XVI, Jesus, the Apostles and the Early Church:
General Audiences, 15th March 2006—14th February 2007
(san Francisco: Ignatius Press 2007), 14.)
Those invited to the banquet are called out of God’s
graciousness. They have a responsibility to attend in the
right frame of mind and with good dispositions. When
God calls, we should have no excuses. Nothing is more
important than the call of God: family, business, wife,
husband, mother, father or children. God knows we
need these people in our life but he still wants us to give
him the prime of place in our heart and life. “Seek you
first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness and all
other things will be added to you” (Matt 6:33). God has
given more than enough grace to all to attain eternal life
but sadly, some deliberately choose not to cooperate
with God. The door is open for all sinners to come in
but the sinner must not remain a sinner within the
banquet hall of God.
Ministers For Mass
Gift Bearers: Being arranged by Ushers as Congregation arrives
Readers for October
11 Kelly Sandberg and Barbara Mistelske
12 Pat Schumacher and Mark Leonard
18 Todd Cruice and Karen Cruice
19 Rita Hansen and Fred Hansen
Eucharistic Ministers for October
11 Lyllis carpenter and Marcia Allen; Bread - Ken Carpenter
12 Bill Obermark and Rita Hansen; Bread - Fred Hansen
18 Roger Bush and Marcia Allen; Bread - Mark Leonard
19 Kay Schumacher and Annmarie Brown; Bread - Brian
Altar Servers for October
12 MaKenzie DeWitt, Olivia Dewitt and Savannah DeWitt
19 Kathryn Cruice, Ryan Cruice and Holly Kersgieter
Ushers for October
Saturday - Ken Hill and John Osborn
Sunday - Mike Baldridge and Shane Lawson
Prayer List
The purpose for this list is to request God’s immediate blessings for
the recovery and well-being of parishioners who are experiencing
unexpected illness or crisis. Call the parish office at 245-5840 to
add names to the Sick List. Names will list for three weeks.
Cheyenne, Rachel, Margaret Ahlquist, Marilyn Ash,
Beverly Bean, Stephanie Couto, Cathy Doll,
Paquita Dudek, Terry Durborow, Ann Egan,
Paula: mother of Cochana Green, Jan Grubbs,
Gary Haik, Jeanette: niece of Paul Hatch, Ron Hull,
The Paul Hines Family, Bina Jennings, LaDonna King,
Our Troops, Eddie Rassett, Maggie Rassett,
Eddie Seals, Michele Sims, Dan Waller, Greg Walton,
Jay and Debbie Waltman, Brandi Yoachim
If you know of a parishioner who is in the hospital or who needs
to see Father Paschal, please call him at 918-246-7253.
The Second Collection this Weekend,
Oct. 11 and 12
is for Catholic Charities
Please see the envelopes
and materials that are provided in the pews.
St. Patrick Catholic Church
St. Patrick News
October is the Month of the Rosary.
Please join us before the 5:00pm Saturday Mass and
the 10:00am Sunday Mass during the month of
October. We will be leading the Rosary 20 minutes
before each Mass.
Please save the Date: Oct. 26th
4:00pm to ????
for some Family Fun.
Weiner Roast and Hayride at the Alleys
Sponsored by the Women’s Club
Bring your hot dogs, buns and anything else you
want to eat and drink. Also, remember to bring a
blanket or lawn chairs. The Women’s Club will
furnish condiments, chili an paper goods.
Directions to the Alley from the church: Approximately
10 miles north on Highway 97 (McKinley). Turn left at
the end of 97 on Rock School Road. 1/8 mile on the left,
second drive. There are two big gates at the end of the
driveway. If you have questions, please call Nancy Alley
at 918-245-4900.
Club Meeting Times
Men’s Club - 2nd Monday
Women’s Club - Quarterly
Parish Council - 4th Tuesday
RCIA - Thursday - 7:00 pm
Men’s Club Breakfast - 3rd Sunday
Rel. Ed - Sunday 9:00 am
Legion of Mary - Sat. 10:30 am
Our Lady of The Lake News
Readers for October
Nedra Cheney
Natalie Woody
Eucharistic Ministers for October
Paul Shortsleeve
Wayne Bruski
Ushers for October
Nedra Cheney
Gary Cheney
Gift Bearers for October
Connie and Larry Tatro
Adult Scripture Study
Fred Hansen will continue the Sunday Morning
Scripture Study at 8:45am. Everyone is welcome and
encouraged to come. The reading for the day are the
basis for each lesson.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
God’s Housekeeper for October
Cassandra Kreeb
Ladies Circle - October 12th
Parish Council - October 15th
Special Collections: October 12 - Catholic Charities
Oct. 19 - World Mission Sunday
October 16
McCarthy Hall
“What is a Saint”
Luke 11: 47-56
St. Patrick Catholic Church
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