Center for Business Analytics Data Mining Competition

Center for Business Analytics Data Mining Competition
The Center for Business Analytics is sponsoring a Data Mining (CBA-DM) Competition.
CBA-DM is an undergraduate student-only competition intended to challenge students as
they apply Data Mining prediction models to a complex big data application.
Time Line and Due Dates
October 7
November 17
December 1
December 5
December 6
December 8
December 15
Spring 2015 TBD
Kick-off event with Business Analytics Society
First day of competition – First set of data is available
Second round of data is available
Teams self-report error rates
Mid-competition Leader Board is available
Third and final round of data is available. This is the test data set
Final predictions are due
Center for Business Analytics Networking Reception. CBA-DM prizes
1. All team members must be current undergraduate Villanova University students
enrolled in at least one class at the university.
2. One person can enter the competition but we recommend that your team be comprised
of 2-5 students with a maximum of 6 students.
All deadlines must be met by the due date before 11:59 pm. All submissions after
the final deadline will be disqualified, regardless of round or circumstance. No
exceptions will be made for deadlines.
The team must abide by the Villanova University Code of Ethics. Any team found in
violation of this code will be disqualified from the competition.
Judging Criteria
Teams will only be judged on their final predictions. The team with the lowest error rate ,
as measured by root mean square error, when predicting the test data will be awarded first
place. Likewise, second and third place will be the teams with the second and third lowest
error rates.
All prizes are funded by the Center for Business Analytics.
First Prize
Second Prize $1000
Third Prize $500
Award money will be shared equally among winning team members and will be given at
the Center for Business Analytics 2015 Spring Networking Reception.
Need more information? Contact Dr. Strandberg, [email protected]