Our Lady of Lourdes 33rd Sunday of the Year

Our Lady of Lourdes
17th November 2013
33rd Sunday of the Year
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The readings today are full of end-time
anticipation that the Kingdom and the reign
of God are near at hand, and the Lord comes
to rule the peoples with fairness. Jesus was
teaching in the Temple all day at the time he
said these words: if people had been aware
who He was, they would have seen this as
absolutely appropriate: God in the temple.
But both the building and his own body
were to be destroyed: his body very shortly
after he spoke, and the building about thirty
years after. When Christians read or heard
Luke's Gospel the Temple had already gone,
and some thought that Jesus' other words,
about his return. 'We can always see the
'signs' of the end, and the 20th and 21st
centuries continue to provide graphic
examples to frighten us. This Gospel should
be learned by heart to know what we should
think when this happens. Don't be
frightened. Stay awake, stand ready!
Great invention
The boys had been up in the attic
together helping with some
cleaning. They uncovered an old
manual typewriter and asked
their mother what it was. She
briefly explained, but they were
still puzzled as to how it worked.
"I'll show you," their mother
said, and returned with a blank
piece of paper. She rolled the
paper into the typewriter and
began striking the keys, leaving
black letters of print on the page.
"WOW!" they exclaimed,
"That's really cool...but how
does it work like that? Where do
you plug it in?"
"There is no plug," she
answered. "It doesn't need a
"Then where do you put the
batteries?" they persisted.
"It doesn't need batteries either,"
she continued.
"Wow! This is so cool!" they
exclaimed. "Someone should
have invented this a long time ago!"
Saturday 16th November
10.00am Susann Byrne (RIP)
6.00pm Anne Brophy (RIP)
Sunday 17th November
8.30am Special Intention Bill Hammond
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9.15am Frank Phelan (RIP)
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9.15am Patrick Hickey RIP Anniv.
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9.15am Sr Jennie OP (RIP)
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9.15am Margaret Turner (RIP) Anniv.
Saturday 23rd November
10.00am Deceased member of The Luton
Circle Catenians
6.00pm Edward Lunders (RIP)
Sunday 24th November
8.30am Margaret Foulds (RIP)
9.45am Sp. Int. (AM)
11.30am Pat Halligan (RIP)
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10th November – £47.80
The spirit of curiosity is not a good
spirit: it is the spirit of dispersion, of
distancing oneself from God, the
spirit of speaking too much. And
Jesus will also tell us something
interesting: this spirit of curiosity,
that is worldly, brings us to
confusion. Curiosity urges us to
want to hear that the Lord is here or
there; or it makes us say ‘I know a
seer, a seer, that receives letters
from Our Lady, messages from Our
Lady.’ But look, Our Lady is a
Mother! And she loves us all. But
she is not the head of the Post Office
to send us messages every day.
Such curiosities distance us from
the Gospel. The Kingdom of God
does not come to attract attention
nor bring confusion, but rather, it
comes in wisdom to bring peace.