Autumn Open Hunter Trials Rules

A horse/pony may compete only once per class excepting in Class One a horse may
compete twice as long as it is not in the same pair.
2. When mounted a hard hat with the chinstrap fastened must be worn at all times. The
hat must be clearly marked with:
 The CE mark and the BSI kite mark with one of the following numbers:
 Pas 015: 1998
 EN 1384:1996
 BS 1384: 1987
 The CE mark and the official Snell E2001 label and number
 The CE mark and the SAI global symbol with one of the following numbers
 AS/NZS 3838 1998
 AS/NZS 3838 2003
It is recommended that a jockey skull cap must be worn if riding over fences over
80cm high and for cross country riding.
Pony club members must have their hats tagged. They will be able have their hats
tagged at point of entry.
3. Body protectors must be worn by all competitors. Long sleeves are compulsory.
4. Neither member of a pair must attempt the next fence until their partner has
cleared the previous fence
5. There will be a timed section and in the event of any clear rounds this will be the
deciding factor (optimum time)
6. The organisers reserve the right to limit or refuse any entry, if deemed necessary,
without any given reason.
7. Objections, in writing with a £20 deposit, to be lodged with the secretary no later than
15 minutes after the results have been displayed.
8. The judges’ decision is final.
9. Medical armbands to be worn by all competitors.
10. Cross country. In the event of any horse or pony refusing at one obstacle Three times they
11. If asked to leave the course by any jump judge, steward or other official YOU MUST
Legal Liability
Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence of the organisers or anyone for whom
they are in law responsible, neither the organisers of any event to which these rules apply, not
the pony club, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies, accepts any liability
for any accident, loss, damage, injury, or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, cars,
their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by
their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever.
South Wold Hunt South Pony Club
Autumn Open Hunter Trials
Sunday 12th October 2014
9.00 am Start
Entries on day
if numbers
allow with an
extra £2 per
Manor Farm, West Ashby, LN9 5PY
By kind permission of:
The Riches Family, Mr & Mrs R Weightman and
Mrs M Chaplin
Refreshments by:
All Saints Church, West Ashby
Proceeds to the Church
Horseboxes – Free Cars - £2
Blacksmith and Paramedic on site
Class 7
Intermediate Individual & Huntsman’s Challenge - Entry Fee
£15 per horse and rider. Huntsman’s Challenge open to rider
who regularly hunt.
Sponsored By: Just Horsing Around – Alford 07867 311731
For all your animal feeds and accessories
Class 8
Open - Entry Fee £15 per horse and rider
Sponsored By: M & N Mobile Horsebox, Caravan and
Trailer Services & Repairs – 07807 038313
Prizes Classes 1 and 2: 1st - £12, 2nd - £10, 3rd - £8
Class 1
Class 2
Mini Novice Pairs - One of the pair not to have been placed cross country
· Maximum height of 0.6m
· Entry fee £13 per horse & rider
Sponsored By: Liz’s Tack Room
Mini Novice - Combination not to have one won more than £10 in hunter trial
· Maximum height 0.6m
· Entry Fee: £13 per horse and rider
Class 2 may not enter Class 7, 8 and 9
Sponsored By: James Stevenson
Prizes: Classes 3 – 8: 1st -£14, 2nd - £12, 3rd - £10
Class 3
Novice Pairs - Combination not to have won more than £25 in Hunter Trial
· Maximum Height 0.76m
· Entry Fee £15 Per horse and rider
Sponsored By: E W Bowser & Son Ltd
Rosettes to 6th place in all classes
A fully returnable charge of £5 will be made for number cloths
1st refusal at any obstacle
2nd refusal at same obstacle
3rd refusal at same obstacle
Fall of Rider
Fall of Horse
Incorrect course not rectified
Jumping alternative ‘L’ Fences
20 penalties
40 penalties
60 penalties
15 penalties
Course opens for inspection: Saturday 11th October 2014 after 3 pm
Class 4
Novice Pony - Combination not to have won more than £25 in Hunter Trial
· Maximum Height 0.76m
· Entry Fee £15 Per horse and rider
Sponsored By: Lincolnshire Jumps – Ryan Pearson
Secretary – Alison Brookes - Tel: 01507 358123 Mobile: 07887 402747
Email: [email protected]
Rakaia House, Keeling Street, North Somercotes, Lincs., LN11 7PR
Prepaid entries to be received by 7th October 2014
Class 5
Class 6
Novice Horse - Combination not to have won more than £25 in Hunter Trial
· Maximum Height 0.76m
· Entry Fee £15 Per horse and rider
Sponsored By: A J Saul Hire, The Hall, Outgate, Leverton, Boston
Intermediate Pairs - Entry Fee £15 per horse and rider
Sponsored By: NFU Mutual Insurance - Spilsby
Dogs must be on leads at all times
Health and Safety
The organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health
and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must
take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must
obey the instructions of the organisers and all of the officials and stewards.
SWHS PC Thanks all its helpers and sponsors