2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report
Our Mission…
For over 39 years, the mission of the
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is
to provide a positive, safe, healthy
and fun environment that empowers
our youth to become responsible
individuals and citizens of tomorrow.
Letter From the President
There are many words we could use to describe the past year, but
they’ve all been said and we must go forward. 2009 is behind us and
we look forward to 2010 with positive optimism for a better year for
our country, community and Club.
While we have worked hard to keep all the programs and activities
going strong at the Club, we have definitely felt the pain of having to
cut back on Staff and postpone some of the maintenance projects that
are desperately needed. We were able to complete other maintenance
projects thanks to numerous volunteers and Board Members.
The following is something
I read in a publication
regarding the Boys and Girls
Club and feel it says it all:
In the life of a child can
make a huge impact on his
or her future.
Can create an unbreakable
bond with a vulnerable child
that will last throughout his
or her lifetime.
Can offer hope to an entire
From you can open the door
to a brighter tomorrow for
more of our children.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
We had successful fund raising events this year and a huge “thank you”
goes out to all the Committees and their Chairs for their continued
dedication and support of the Club. The funds from those events help
the Club continue the outstanding work that is done every year with
the children in our community.
Trained, caring, and professional Club staff and volunteers help
members take control of their lives, envision productive futures and
achieve their goals. Nationally-recognized programs help young
people succeed in school, stay healthy, learn important life skills,
pursue interests in the arts and sports, and explore vocational choices.
These are the reasons we continue to focus on providing this positive
place for the young people in our community. As parents faced many
challenges last year, the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley remained a
constant and inexpensive place for kids to feel safe.
Volunteering is a rewarding activity for both the volunteer and the
child at the Club. You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds
of Simi Valley children. Individuals and groups are welcome to
volunteer, as corporate, church or community service groups.
Volunteer time and locations are flexible to accommodate your busy
schedule. Please join in on the promise we have made to our Club
members to keep the Simi Valley Boys & Girls Club the safe haven
during non-school hours and non-school days.
My thanks to the Board of Directors, Linda and her Staff for making
my two years as President a great pleasure. It has been a blessing to
serve this important organization.
Sally Grant
2008 & 2009 Board President
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Sally Grant, 2008-2009 President
Volt Workforce Solutions
Fred Thomas, President Elect 2010-2011
Aaron Thomas & Associates
Mike Nolan, Past President 2006-2007
Aflac Insurance
Mary Bibb, V.P. Programs
Planning Commissioner, City of Simi Valley
Deb Holler, VP Finance / Treasurer
Citibank–Sycamore Plaza
Shari Schultz, V.P. Board Development
New Directions Event Planning
Susan Deese, V.P. Resource Development
Union Bank of California
Daryl Kleintob, V.P. Marketing
Pat Abruzzese
Alex Gandel
Ellen Marsh
Wayne Schultz, V.P. Property Managment
Wayne C. Schultz Agency
Pacific Coast Cabling
Troop Real Estate
Martronic Engineering Inc.
All Valley Escrow Inc
Consumer’s Title Company
Linda White, Chief Executive Officer
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Debi Aquino
Simi Valley Town Center Mall
Black Star Graphics
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Edward Jones
2009 Full Time Staff
Leanne Alva
Glen Becerra
Keith Geiger
Scott Mazza
Ben Gilbert
Karl Orlowski
Richard Rogero
Southern California Edison
Thomas J. Hartfield
Scott Tignac
First California Bank
Hartfield Financial Insurance
Services, Inc.
Simi Valley Hospital
Ted Weiner
Dee Dee Cavanaugh
Ron Chambers
Simi Valley Police
Trudi Friedman
Mailbox Plus
Virginia Hayward
Roy Jones
RR Electric Heating & Air
Waste Management / GI
TRC Medical, LLC
Simi Valley Police
Employee of the Year
Amzie Meredith
Angela Piasecki
Bruce Yi
Christine Heisley
Chuck Theobald
Earle Okamoto
Jackie Caldwell
Janette Phillips
John Olmstead
Linda White
Sandee Covone
Snooky O’Leary
Sue Means
Susan Valenzuela
It is with great pride that we award
the Club’s Director of Information
Technology, Chuck Theobald, with
the honor of Employee of the Year.
Chuck is an outstanding example of
what it means to be an invaluable
part of our team. He can always be
counted on to volunteer his time and
assistance, with no task too small or
large for him to tackle. He’s a strong
team player, and has continually
gone above and beyond the call of
duty. Congratulations Chuck and
continued success in your pursuit of
Staff Spotlight:
Teen Coordinator Mailani Fernandez
During my first summer at the BGC dance club started to expand.
More teens became interested and the club became a huge focus for
me. I enjoyed working with teens and I was now able to share one of
my passions with them. Since then, dance club has become a huge hit
throughout the teen program and the BGC, performing every chance
we get. Soon, I was not only in charge of dance club, but also a club
called Unity (a diversity club) as well as the Junior Leader Torch club
program, and the Stay Smart program. Recently I attended the Pacific
Coast Regional Keystone conference with Teen Director Bruce Yi and
eight of our Keystone members. Going to this conference was a life
changing experience for me. I had no idea what to expect, but I was
ready to learn. I met some wonderful, motivated people that are doing
amazing things with the youth in their communities. I found a new
motivation in my life. Before the conference I was a Radiation Therapy
major planning on leaving the BGC after the summer of 2010 to finish
school and work in the medical field and later become an Oncologist.
y name is Mailani Fernandez and I am the Teen Coordinator
for the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley. I acquired my
first job helping my mother with her daycare when I was only 4 years
old. This is where my passion for working with children began. Since
then I have been very active in sports and dance. I raced BMX for
13 years and have been
dancing since middle
school. I come from a very
unique family of many
different ethnic groups.
Growing up, my parents
are a huge influence in
who I am today, especially
my mother who became
physically handicapped
when I was 6 years old. She
has taught me to be openminded, independent, and
strong willed, which has
gotten me through every
obstacle in my life so far.
During my senior year of
high school I performed
with my dance group a few times at the Boys and Girls Club for a few
Mayhem special events and as a guest performer for a talent show. After
I graduated from high school I knew that I wanted to work for the
BGC, I applied and began working in December of 2007 as a Mayhem
staff member. A few months later I was asked if I was interested in a
few more hours a week working at the Valley View middle school site to
try to start a dance club. Soon I was working five days a week at Valley
View and working Mayhem Friday nights. I saw working for the BGC
as an enjoyable stepping stone in my life as I go through college.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
I’ve always had the drive for helping people and thought being a
doctor would be the best way to fulfill that drive. But attending
the Keystone conference and seeing how I’ve impacted these
teens, I realized I can combine my passion for helping people and
working with teens into one career.
I changed to a psychology major and plan on attending CSUN
next year so I can continue working for the BGC while continuing my
education. I have fallen in love with the teen program and the teens
have become a second family to me. I feel truly blessed to have been
given the opportunity to work with them. The Boys and Girls Club is
no longer a stepping stone in my life, it is now the path towards my
Mailani Fernandez
Teen Coordinator
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Core Programs
Character and Leadership Development
The Boys & Girls Club of
Simi Valley is committed to
providing our children with
high quality programs that
invest in their success. We are
proud to offer programs that
allow our children to realize
their full potential.
Junior Leaders / Leaders In Training
Club members have always had a place to go and a place to grow at the Boys & Girls
Club of Simi Valley. For members who set higher goals for themselves, the Club offers
our Junior Leader and Leader-In-Training volunteer programs. Both programs focus
on character and leadership development through volunteerism at the Club and within
the community, with a two-fold benefit of gaining valuable job skills & experience as
well as community service hours to fulfill their volunteer requirements for school. We
have proudly helped hundreds of teens achieve success and personal growth by setting a
firm foundation of hard work and good ethics which will also help our community by
providing a high quality workforce in the years to come.
Keystone Club
Teens develop leadership skills and partake in opportunities for planning, decisionmaking, contributing to Club and community as a Keystone Club member. These smallgroup leadership development clubs are for young people ages 14 to 18 whose members
elect officers, choose their own activities and plan and implement community service
projects. In 2009, for the first time in our 40 year history, 8 of our Keystone Club
members, along with 2 staff members attended the regional Keystone Conference. Our
Keystone members returned so inspired and determined to attend the national Keystone
conference, they developed fundraisers and sponsorship opportunities to fund their trip.
It was an amazing and impactful experience that they will never forget!
Stay Smart Club
Teenagers today face a new world of challenges and opportunities. Stay Smart is an
effective and unique way for the Boys & Girls Club to engage teenagers in meeting
these challenges. It is a creative, fun learning experience that provides young teens with
accurate information, resistance training, and other critical skills for avoiding alcohol,
tobacco, drugs, and premature sexual involvement as well as managing the daily stress
of being a teenager. The Stay Smart program also provides training in how to resist peer
and media pressure, communication and coping skills to ease stress of adolescence, plus
decision-making and life-planning skills to support healthier choices.
Unity Diversity Club
The name UNITY stands for Understand my uniqueness and appreciate the diversity
of our society, Not make judgment based on how others look but seek to know them,
Identify bias and unfairness around me and encourage others to do what’s right, Treat
everyone with respect, Yes, I can make a difference – it all begins with me. Unity is club
to educate young teens to understand and embrace different cultures, backgrounds, and
lifestyles to prepare them to live in an increasingly diverse society. The goal of this club is
to cultivate individuality, build cultural identity, and appreciate diversity.
Core Programs
Education & Career Development
Power Hour
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley offers after-school programs to help our
members achieve academic success by encouraging them to complete their homework
and school projects while at the Club. Our Learning Center Library provides a study
hall atmosphere where students can do homework, read, and study in a quiet space.
Members also receive homework assistance from staff members and volunteer tutors
from local colleges and high schools. PowerPoints are awarded to children who complete
their homework, which can earn them admission into our weekly PowerParty. Our
members look forward to the prizes, goodies, and rewards given out at the PowerParty
which motivates them to correctly complete their homework assignments each day.
The Club provides
diverse activities in five
core areas:
• Character &
• Education & Career
• Sports, Fitness &
• Health & Life Skills
• The Arts
Jump Start
Jump Start is a summer tutoring program that allows students to receive academic
strengthening during the summer months so they don’t loose the skills and knowledge
gained during the school year. Jump Start operates twice per week in 45 minute sessions
with a 1:6 student / teacher ratio led by a SVUSD certified teacher. This program
emphasizes fractions, multiplication, reading, comprehension, writing techniques and
more, all for an affordable fee.
Tutoring For Success
This high-quality and affordable after-school tutoring program provides our members
with one-on-one tutoring sessions with a 1:6 student / teacher ratio with certified Simi
Valley Unified School District teachers. Our caring and professional tutors engage
students in specific academic skill improvement activities based on their individual
needs, helping them gain mastery over difficult subjects. Tutoring For Success operates
during the school year on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3-6pm at the Club.
Career Launch
In 2007 together with the support of community partners, the Boys & Girls Club of
Simi Valley implemented Career Launch, a fun and exciting teen job readiness program
that prepares teens to enter the workforce by developing essential skills to finding success
in the working world. Career Launch sessions include resume writing, interviewing
skills, proper attire, effective communication and more. In the spring of 2009 many of
our Career Launch participants attended the annual Job & Career Expo hosted at the
Club in collaboration with the city’s Youth Employment Services Department. It was the
most successful expo to date, where dozens of local employers conducted on-the-spot
interviews with hundreds of candidates, many of whom were Career Launch graduates.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Core Programs
Health & Life Skills
Kid’s Fit
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley addresses the growing issue of childhood obesity
with the multi-faceted Kid’s Fit Nutrition Education and Physical Fitness program. We
create opportunities for young people to improve and develop active, healthy lifestyles
and positive, healthy attitudes through a comprehensive approach which focuses on
teaching our young members the importance of healthy eating habits and provides them
with a wide-ranging approach to nutrition education through fun and interactive classes
and activities. Kid’s Fit also provides our Members with the opportunity to participate
in a variety of sports, fitness and recreation programs which are designed to get members
up and moving through daily challenges that strengthen their bodies and minds.
Money Matters
It’s a proven fact that people become the best money
managers when they have the chance to develop these skills
early in life. Money Matters is a nationally recognized
program that is proudly sponsored by the Charles Schwab
Foundation that empowers our young members by teaching
them practical money management skills, allowing them to
become financially independent by setting and achieving
personal financial goals.
Parent Project and Teen Project
This national program has been extremely successful in bringing adolescents and their
parents together to learn life skills and anger management techniques. Teen classes are
held separately and are designed to enrich life skills and help teens communicate with
their parents and peers without negative behaviors. It’s a win-win situation for both
parents and their teens that creates more peaceful home-lives for many Simi Valley
Core Programs
Sports, Fitness & Recreation
Sports Galore
Our structured sports programs teach young members basic skills and reinforce team
concepts in a fun environment. Basketball, arena football, soccer, and hockey are just a
few of the intramural sports offered at the Club. Other physical activities including dodge
ball, capture the flag, volleyball, Prisoner, kick-ball, baseball and more! Pick one, or pick
them all; there’s something for the athlete in everyone, everyday, right here at the Club.
Skate Club
Skate Club offers members the opportunity for recreational skating in a safe, supervised
environment. Skate Club members are encouraged to bring their skateboards to use on
the outside court to practice their latest tricks and hone their skills. Special field trips to
the popular local SkateLab indoor skate park are also offered year-round.
Nature Club
Nature Club is a very popular club that invites members looking to learn more about
their environment to develop a greater appreciation for the world we live in. Members
participate in a variety of nature-oriented projects such as park field trips and clean-up
days, composting, making bird feeders and other “green” activities to keep them engaged
in what they are learning while growing in environmental awareness.
The Arts
Fine Arts Club
Fine Arts is an advanced club for our young aspiring artists. Club members sketch,
sculpt and express their inner selves all while exploring their creativity and imagination. Hip Hop Club
Very popular with our teens is Hip Hop Club. Members practice twice a week under
the leadership of our Teen Coordinator learning hip-hop and modern dance moves and
choreography. This Club performs at various special events in front of an audience of
peers, families, and community members.
Cooking Club
This fun and tasty club teaches kids about kitchen safety, proper equipment use, how to
prepare healthy snacks and meals, as well as nutrition and healthy eating tips. Our kids
love to cook and share their culinary creations with their friends who are always more
than happy to test the tasty treats!
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Other Programs
ASES (After School Education and Safety Program)
In February of 2007, the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley, in collaboration with
the Simi Valley Unified School District and the California Department of Education,
expanded our after-school programming to provide free after-school care, transportation,
homework help, and one-on-one tutoring to 168 disadvantaged children at Simi’s two
Title 1 schools, Parkview Elementary and Berylwood Elementary. Our caring staff of
accredited counselors engage children in academic improvement activities during the
after school hours to help them create brighter futures for themselves and for us all. This
program has been very successful and has been expanded each year since its inception
three years ago.
Middle school students from Simi Valley have a place to call their own every Friday
night at Mayhem, our middle-school age dance. Young teens can come to have fun,
meet new friends, or hang out with old friends, safely under the supervision of Club
staff and security. Creative Sounds mobile DJ spins the kids favorite dance music, from
hip-hop and pop to R&B, and the snack bar is open for hungry teens who want a bite
to eat. Teens can also shoot hoops in our bi-weekly 3-ball tournament in the gym.
There’s truly something for everyone every Friday night at Mayhem!
Our van transportation program is second to none, providing safe pick-up for our
members from every elementary and middle school in Simi Valley. Our drivers safely
transport over 400 children each day to the Club and are trained and certified according
to strict California Highway Patrol requirements. Each child is greeted and assisted
into our Youth Bus and is safely transported back to the Club where members check in
and participate in our wide range of program activities. For a minimal fee, we provide
our parents with the peace of mind of knowing that their child is being picked up and
cared for during the after school hours until they are able to pick them up after work. To
working parents – it’s priceless!
2009 Special Events
Youth of the Year
Each year the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley recognizes
a male and female Club member as our honored Youth of
the Year. Through hard work, dedication, and service to our
organization, Arieanne McGuiness and Ryan Aragones were
recognized before their Club, community, and peers at our
annual Recognition Luncheon as our Youths of the Year for
2008. After spending time with these two exceptional young
people, the Club recognizes once again how our organization
shapes our youth, helping them create their own positive
futures. The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is proud to
have Arieanne McGuiness and Ryan Aragones represent our
organization as our honored Youth of the Year for 2009.
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
2009 Special Events
Community Pride: Simi Valley Days Parade
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley was proud to show our
community pride by again participating in the annual Simi
Valley Days parade. Club kids dressed in step with the Tropical
Carnival theme and our teen Hip Hop Club performed a
funky and fabulous dance routine for all the spectators to
enjoy. We were thrilled and honored to again receive first prize
in the community marching groups category for showing the
most community pride. As an organization that has played
an integral part of children’s lives in Simi Valley for nearly 40
years, we feel like extended family to all Simi Valley residents
and feel deeply connected to the children and families of our
2009 Special Events
Golf Tournament
The Club’s 2009 Golf Tournament at Lost Canyons Golf Club
was a great success thanks to the support of the many sponsors
and golfers who helped the Club raise over $20,000 to support
Club programs. Special thanks to our Event Chairs, Scott
Mazza of Consumers Title and Alex Gandel of Troop Real
Estate who did a fabulous job of rallying support from friends
and associates throughout the city to make the 2009 golf
tournament a tremendous success!
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
2009 Special Events
Poker Tournament
For the fifth consecutive year, the Club hosted our Texas
Holdem Poker Tournament where players enjoy a casino style
atmosphere while playing a friendly game of poker. This year’s
grand prize was a 46” LCD-HD TV won by Scott Sumner.
Scott has played in the poker tournament for three years, and
the third time was a charm, winning him first prize!
6th Annual Texas Holdem
Poker Tournament
Saturday, July 24, 2010
2009 Special Events
Auction Scavenger Hunt
These costumed characters joined the fun of the Alice in
Wonderland Scavenger Hunt, the opening event to the Club’s
31st Annual Auction. The winning team, Larry & Nadine
Block, Scott & Rhonda Hansen, and Ashley Raines were all
dressed as the Mad Hatter. No one left the club “MAD”, in
fact a good time was had by all!
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
2009 Special Events
31st Annual Auction
Save The Date for The
32nd Annual Auction
“Arabian Nights”
Saturday, June 5th, 2010
On June 6th, 2009 the Club held it’s 31st Annual Auction,
“An Alice In Wonderland Adventure”, hosting over 250 guests
who helped raise over $150,000 to support Club programs. The
evening began with five silent auctions, and continued with
a fantastic dinner and live auction called by auctioneers Bill
Hoffer Sr. and Jr., and emceed by Board Member Ben Gilbert.
The night was fun-filled and full of surprises thanks to our
extraordinary Auction Chairs Bob Huber and Deb Holler who
did a tremendous job rallying support throughout the city from
friends, neighbors, and business associates to obtain hundreds
of donated items for the auction. We thank these devoted and
caring people, as well as the many dedicated volunteers, board
members, and sponsors who continue to give their time and
heart to support the kids in our community. Thanks to you, our
31st Annual Auction was a tremendous success!
32nd Annual Auc
Saturday, June 5th,
Dollars & Sense
2009 Revenue
Our Financial Stewardship
The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley is a state chartered non-profit
organization formed to promote the health, social, educational,
vocational and character development of the young people in Simi Valley.
As a member of a nationally recognized organization, The Boys & Girls
Club of Simi Valley is exempt from federal income tax under section
501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The financial stewardship of the
Club rests with the Board of Directors who review the Clubs financial
statements on a monthly basis. The Club also performs a yearly audit
with a Certified Public Accountant in accordance with the standards
and practices established by the American Institute of Certified Public
Sources Of Income
● Program Fees
● Membership
● Fundraising
● Grants
The Club generates income from many sources, including membership
fees, program fees and transportation fees. Membership is affordable to
all at only $12 per year and allows our members to participate in Club
programs as often as they wish. Program revenue comes from daily fees,
sports programs, and transportation fees for daily van service which picks
up from 22 elementary schools and 3 middle schools in Simi Valley.
Aside from these sources of revenue, the Club relies heavily on donations
from individuals, corporate sponsors, fundraisers, government and
foundation grants, event sponsors, and in-kind donations. We are very
grateful to our friends in the community whose contributions make a
difference in the lives of our young members.
Club Expenses
Expenses for the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley run the full breadth
of any business. The administrative staff focuses on maximizing return on
investment and is conservative in their spending. The Board of Directors
are key in maintaining our budget, always finding ways of reducing
costs by using in-kind services for many of our administrative needs.
The distribution of expenses is based on the activity being charged and
includes arts & crafts, sports, computer technology, educational supplies,
etc., and attempts to show a representative picture of expenses. As you
can see from the chart below, our greatest investment is made toward the
many youth programs that directly benefit our members.
2009 Expenses
● Program Services
● Fundraising
● Overhead
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Corporate Sponsors 2009
Chairman Sponsors ($15,000+)
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Patriot Sponsors ($10,000+)
Volt Workforce Solutions
California Wellness Foundation
Norm Kahn, Utopia Entertainment
Ted & Kathy Weiner, TRC Medical, LLC
Robert & Suzanne Levonian, LCB and Associates
Fred & Debbie Thomas, Aaron Thomas & Associates
Humanitarian Sponsors ($5,000+)
Macy’s West
Bill & Sally Grant
Waste Management
Knistrom Foundation
Union Bank of California
Southern California Edison
Rotary Club of Simi Valley
Bob Huber & Deb Holler
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Alex & Janet Gandel, Troop Real Estate
Al & Patty Muskat, Wm. “Al” Muskat, CFP
Richard & Ellen Marsh, Martronic Engineering Inc.
Dr. Ron & Leslie Resnick DVM, Ron’s Animal Hospital
Benefactor Sponsor ($2,500+)
Gold Sponsors ($1,000+)
Marcie Wolford
Simi Valley Town Center
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
Paul Hughes Family Foundation
Sandy & Sharon Bass, Catalina Spas
Mike & Lynn Nolan, Aflac Insurance
Jonathan Friedman, Jemstreet Properties
Darrell Coletto, First Automotive Group
Jonathan Friedman, Jemstreet Properties
Buck Buchanan, American Technologies
Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
Earle Okamoto, Simi Valley Basketball Academy
Mark Schwartz, Specialty Merchandise Corporation
Marion Witte
Bob & Mary Bibb
Ventura County Star
Staples – Simi Valley
Bruce & Gena Quarantello
Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise
JerryDiCanio, NBC Universal
Douglas Miller, RR Gable Inc.
Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation
Larry & Daryl Kleintob, Supercuts
Joe Cassella, Simi Pacific Building Materials
Investors in Youth 2009
Bob Messina
1st Image Photography
Barbara Partaker
21st Century Insurance
Randy Shoemaker
805 Boot Camp LLC
Henry Miller
99 Cent Only Store
A Rental Connection
Wes & Lynda Miller
A New Technique
Fred Thomas
Aaron, Thomas & Associates
Michael Adams
Adams Studios
Marshal Davidson
Gabriel Torres
Mike & Lynn Nolan
Aflac Insurance
Bill Camarillo
Dave Green
Brandy Weiss
Alamo Hills Aesthetics & Laser Ctr
Albertson’s – Sycamore Plaza
Kevin Casey
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Karen Harlen
Alcoa Fastening Systems
James Vigdor
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Robert Klaysmat
All American Audio Visual
Van & Laura Nixholm
All American Audio Visual
Leanne Alva
All Valley Escrow Inc.
Scott Dinger
All Weld
Michael Bradbury
Alston & Bird
Dan Anderson
American Hap Ki Do
Alan Adelstein
American Recorder Tech, Inc.
Buck Buchanan
American Technologies Inc
Monica Robles
American Vision Windows
Gregory Gonzales
Americomm Systems Inc
Jennifer Liebelt
Meryl Smith
Andre Agassi Charitable
Angela Spagna
Angela N. Spagna, D.C.
Lindsay McHolm
Angels Baseball
Joanne Abruzzese
ARC – Simi Valley
Margaret Zoetewy
Arms Printing
Jarrod DeGonia
Assemblyman Cameron Smythe
AT & T Services, Inc.
Darlyne Sullivan
Atlantis Casino Resort
Jay Schoen
Auto Body Unlimited
Lisa Pluger
Bill & Paula Reber
Balloon Decor & More
Bank of America Foundation
Shawn Skelton
BankCard USA Merchant
Bar-B-Ques Galore
Pat & Judy Barry
Barry’s Chevron
Marie Kasulas
Barton’s Steak and Seafood
Carol Reniger
Baskets n’ Bows
Bath & Body Works
Tammy Davidson
Bella A’more
Sherry LoVerme
Bella A’more
Lynn Clorina
Best Buy
Snooky O’Leary
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
John Olmstead
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Janette Phillips
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Angela Piasecki
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Sheryl Rowen
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Chuck Theobald
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Susan Valenzuela
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Linda White
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Bruce Yi
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Jane Deal
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Brent’s Delicatessen & Restaurant
Jodi Edger
Brunswick Valley Bowl
Cindi Hitt
Bryan K. Hitt Inc.
Sing Tong
Best Buy
Debi Aquino
Black Star Graphics
Bob Blackwell
Blackwell Elevator Company
Larry & Nadine Block
Block Surf
Blue Finn Grill & Sushi
Lisa Marie
Bodhi Spa
Myrna Moss
Body Works By Myrna
Board of Directors
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Jacqueline Caldwell
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Sandee Covone
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Mailani Fernandez
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Christine Heisley
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Sue Means
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Tyler Meek
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Amzie Meredith
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Earle Okamoto
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Lam Family
Bryan K. Hitt Inc.
Gary Hand
BS Hand & Sons Construction
Steve Handler
Bunnin of Simi Valley
Robbie Callaway
Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation
Assemblyman Cameron Smythe
Calif. Assembly-38th District
California Department of Education
Thomas Odegard
California Oaks State Bank
Assemblywoman Audra Strickland
California State Assembly – 37th
Dana Nielsen
California State Assembly-37th
Senator Tony Strickland
California State Senator – 19th
Lori Hamill
Cambria Estate Vineyards &
Garner Gerson
Candlelight Kitchen & Bar
Grant Gerson
Candlelight Kitchen & Bar
Ruth Gerson
Candlelight Kitchen & Bar
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Kimberly Walmsley
Canyon Awards
Melissa Collins
Cardio Barre
Carillo’s Mexican Deli
Ed Abele
Casden Properties
Jill Altaffer
Casden Properties
John Archibald
Casden Properties
Darren Embry
Casden Properties
Cindy Jacobelis
Casden Properties
Todd Rockey
Casino Entertainment Industries
Sandy & Sharon Bass
Catalina Spas
Ron Williams
Century 21 Hilltop
Ann Taylor Wilson
Century 21-The Elite Group
Leigh Nixon
Chamber of Commerce
Christine Dunstan
Cheshire Cat Inn
Chi Chi’s Pizza
Diana Hoefler
Chicago Title & Escrow
Deb Holler
Citi Bank-Sycamore Plaza
Mayor Paul Miller
City of Simi Valley
Mike Sedell
City of Simi Valley
Christine Silver
City of Simi Valley
Richard Weyrauch
CMR Enterprise-Handyman
Vujicic Family
Coastal Vision, Inc.
Kirk Memoli
Command Performance Catering
Congressman Elton Gallegly
Congress 23rd District
Mary Bibb
Congressman Elton Gallegly
Brian Miller
Congressman Elton Gallegly
Scott Mazza
Consumer’s Title Company
John Adams
Corniche Travel
Nick Belmonte
Coronado Manufacturing
Phil Belmonte
Coronado Manufacturing
Vince Belmonte
Coronado Manufacturing
Lisa Doubleday
Gary Williams
James & Janet Parr
Countrywide Financial Corp.
Michael Fraschilla
County Schools Federal Credit
Courtyard by Marriott-Simi Valley
Harry & Marilyn Van Dyck
CPA Century Accounting & Tax
Cameron Torkay
Creative Sounds DJs, Inc.
Dave Rea
Cronies Bar & Grill
Joe Lansden
Cunningham & Lansden
John Kapin
Dahme Heating
Tim & Sherryl Philen
Dale Poe Real Estate Group
William & Linda Poe
Dale Poe Real Estate Group
Rene Smith
Dale Poe Real Estate Group
Dave High
Dave High Ink
David Goldstein
Wealth Plan Network
Jill Wilbur
Bob & Jenny
Boyce Design Elements
Gary D’Amico
Diamond Star Productions
Disney Store – Topanga Plaza
Doug & Jennifer Biggs
DJ’s California Catering
Stacy Harris – England
Dole Food Company
Donut Depot
Doodle Tots
Gerard Dougherty
Dougherty Law Firm
Brad Orloff
Dr. Conkey’s Candy & Coffee
Lorraine Robertson
DTS Inc.
George Kerr
Ecology Landscape
John Lindsey
Edward Jones
Karl Orlowski
Edward Jones
Eggs ‘N Things
El Dorado Ranch
Elephant Bar
Alison Terry
Elvenstar Farms
Jazmin Anderson
Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach
Mark Goldstein
Embroidery Creations
Mary Bouchard
Empowering Pilates
Tom & Adele Mackel
Engage Marketing
Mark Samuel
Engage Marketing
Regina Antonioli
Equestrian Concepts
Estrella del Mar Golf & Beach Resort
Jarrett Baker
Euodia Salon & Day Spa
Michael Antoun
Excel Learning Center
Carlos Martinez
Extra Space Storage
Extravaganza Party Productions
Famous Dave’s Pit BBQ
Marie Holland
Fandango Special Events Inc
Investors in Youth 2009
Janet Armstrong
Far West Plywood
Sam Barakat
Farmers Insurance
Timothy & Christine Shannon
Farmers Insurance
Kiwi Cardona
Fernando’s Check Cashing
Firestone Family Estate
Darrell Coletto
First Automotive Group
Dee Dee Cavanaugh
First California Bank
Sam Porrazzo
Fix It Fast Plumbing
Fossos Classic Coverings
Mike & Chris Smith
G.I. Rubbish
Brad Boeckmann
Galpin Motors, Inc.
Chuck Goldy
Galpin Motors, Inc.
James McGee
General Electric
Jonpaul Mozee
General Electric
Michal & Jeff
Global Visions
Austin Wright
Gold’s Gym – Simi Valley
Jeff Rodino
Gold’s Gym Corporate Office
Joy Alvarez
Gotta Dance Academy
Grand Vista Hotel
Dick Rhoads
Green Acres Market
Jackie McConville
Gull Wings Children’s Museum
James Leone
Gymboree Play & Music of Simi
Liz Pitman
Haagen Dazs in the Simi Town
Tom Saulnier
Hand & Hand Total Body
Tony Mendola
Harley’s Simi Bowl
Tami Dials
Harrahs Laughlin
Bob Huber & Deb Holler
Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation
Thomas J. Hartfield
Hartfield Financial & Insurance
Sonja Souders
Highlights For Children
Bill Hoffer
Hoffer Auctions
Bill Hoffer Jr.
Hoffer Auctions
Hollywood Wax Museum
Bob Huber
Huber & Takasugi
Russ Takasugi
Huber & Takasugi
Linda Dwight
Hydrex Pest Control
Lauri Varvais
Minh’s Nails
Minh Truex
Jeff Lulla
Imagymnation Gymnastics Center
Les Robbins
Industrial & Petroleum
Craig & Tracy Willis
Infinity + One Kitchens & Baths
Inn at Deep Canyon in Palm Springs
Roger Kotch
In-N-Out Burger
Marylou Chavez
Insurance West
Mike McGuigan
Insurance West
Bob Sulzinger
Insurance West
Island Packers
Paul Lefton
Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks
David McIntire
ITT Corp., Force Protection
Paul & Pam Mueller
ITT Corp., Force Protection
Jean Rheaume
ITT Corp., Force Protection
Kenneth & Delores Robinson
ITT Corp., Force Protection
Richard & Terry Rohllf
ITT Corp., Force Protection
Jakks Pacific, Inc.
Jamba Juice – Simi Town Center
Larry & Kathy Fried
Jard Company Inc.
Gary Arendts
Jemstreet Properties
Rick Coop
Jemstreet Properties
Jonathan Friedman
Jemstreet Properties
Steve Mudhar
Jersey Mike’s
Jewels Quest
Leighann Boyd
JG Management
Sabrina Hayes
JorJay Body Care
Linda Garcia
Kaiser Permanente
Shari Wechsler
Kaiser Permanente
Larry Katz
Katz Interiors / Coast Door
Jeff Phillips
Keller Williams Realty
Jeffrey & Barbara Stern
Kiwanis Club
Eric Cohen
Kiwanis Club of Santa Susana
Nick & Carol Esser
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
John & Shelley Howard
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Ruth Jacob
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
R. Dale & Dena Kauffman
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Pam Smith
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Donald & Mary Sturt
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Mike & Kathi Van Etten
Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
Jean Buesing
Knistrom Foundation
Chae An
Korean Konnection
Keith Richman
Lakeside Community Healthcare
Larry Powell
Larry’s Landscaping
Joan Vento-Hall
Law Office of Joan Vento-Hall
Frank White
Law Office of White & Demaret
Garry Malin
Law Offices of Gary Malin
Andrew & Jennifer Monroe
Law Offices of Jennifer Monroe
Jerry & Elizabeth Paul
Law Offices of Jerry Neil
Robert Levonian
LCB and Associates, Inc.
Mary Ann Lewis
Lewis Galleries
Tony & Pat Nevoso
Liberty Drycleaners
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Little Caesars Pizza
Ana Rodarte-Covarrubias
Lost Canyons Golf Club
Jay Colliatie
Lost Canyons Golf Club
Lynda Nickolai
Lyndy Lyn Designs
Jason & Rochelle Price
Mach 1 Aviation
Thomas & Martha Mackel
Mackel Wallis Development
Louise Lopez
Macy’s West
Marti Miller
Macy’s West
Bilha Talmi
Macy’s West
Sheila Field
Macy’s West – San Francisco
Trudi Friedman
Mailbox Plus
Tom & Chris Marsh
Margarita Man of Ventura
Mark Waggoner
Mark Daniel Photography
Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Marc & Jacquie Abramson
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Matthew & Ashley Marsh
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Richard & Ellen Marsh
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Ron Russell
Martronic Engineering Inc.
Karen Cormier
Massage by Karen Cormier
Massage Envy Spa
Ronald L. Fazzolare
Master Cooling
Rick Johnson
Master Cooling
Jack Palm
Master Cooling
Tim Riall
Master Cooling
Mastro’s Steakhouse
Maverick Bankcard
Virginia Fleming
Maximum Recovery Specialists
Wayne Herbert
Mc Donald’s
Michael McCaffrey
McCaffrey & Associates
Richard Bock
Medeor Systems, Inc.
Lyell Hicks
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.
Ed & Dot Albrecht
P. Matthew Layne
MH Designs
Michael Mutal
Michael’s Flowers
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Maggie Kestly
Mid Valley Management
Chet Belfield
Mid Valley Properties
Mike Brindley
Mike’s Clock Emporium
Dana Apple-Coolures
Milgard Manufacturing Inc.
Shelley Jacobson
Milgard Manufacturing Inc.
Cal McClure
Milgard Manufacturing Inc.
Michelle Coiro
Millies Restaurant & Bakery
Arlene Kole
Mission Control Music
Larry Gluck
Mission: Renaissance, Inc
Modern Sun
Peter Minaskanian
Mold Precision Engineering Inc.
Steve & Laura Sojka
Money Mailer
Joe & Monica Teurlings
Monica Teurlings Photography
Michlyn Hines
Moorpark College Teaching Zoo
Col. John L. Moriarity (ret.)
Moriarity & Associates
Erin Thompson
Mr. B’s Flowers
Cynthia Aponte
MS 14-K Jewelry
Rick Harper
Napa Auto Parts
Natural Café
Adena Surabian
Nature’s Baby Products
Brad Conners
Naval Base Ventura County
Chris Conte
NBC – Access Hollywood
Scott Williams
NBC Universal
Jeremy Adell
NBC Universal
Jerry DiCanio
NBC Universal
Craig Kurland
NBC Universal
Benoit Landry.
NBC Universal
Jerry Petry
NBC Universal
Pamela Putch
NBC Universal
Paul Rock
NBC Universal
Richard Ross
NBC Universal
Richard Winnie
NBC Universal
Mark Chavez
Abilene Norris
Shari Schultz
New Directions Event Planning
NH Ball Bearings Foundation
Anna Cavanaugh
Linda Viveiros
Howard & Susan Groff
Northwest Excavating Inc.
Ray O’Loughlin
O’Loughlin & Company
Miller Vargas
Oxnard Building Materials
Pat Abruzzese
Pacific Coast Cabling
Mary Ann Powell
Pacific Park/Santa Monica
Brad & Mary Ames
Pacific Tech Imaging
Darren Provenzano
Paint A Dream
John Paul Descargar
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Linda Zeller
Party Blitz
Adam Wasserman
Party Pong
Matt Hughes
Paul Hughes Family Foundation
Terry Hughes
Paul Hughes Family Foundation
Kathy Ervin
Penny Pinchers
Ken & Alice Starr
Pepperdine School of Law
Shirley Jorgensen
Perry Hay & Chu LLP
Karolina Saloun
Perspectives Educational
Joel Bogeberg
Photography by Joel
Scott Andrews
Pioneer Copy Machine Co
Play Hair Lounge
Dave Raulin
Play It Again Sports
Caroline Gibson
Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
Tracy Shaughnessy
Posada Royale Hotel & Suites
Pam Campeau
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Kathy Martini
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Investors in Youth 2009
Jerre Reimers
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Ronald Sherer
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Sommer McCarthy
Premier America Credit Union
Debbie Harris
Pretty As You Please
Julie Prince
Prince Hypnosis, Inc.
Jeff Kriz
Print N’ Image
Seth Staszower
Print Runner
Candy Mueller
Pro Golf
Marc Schultz
Pro Signatures
Dan Barnett
PRP Wine International, Inc.
Randall McDougall
Pure Air Cabin Filter
Kreg Gable
R.R. Gable, Inc.
Jack O’Keefe
Rancho Maria Golf Club
James Meredith
Rancho Simi Recreation & Park
Barbara Simmons
Realty World
Jack Scroggins
Reardon Simi Valley Funeral
Chris Kolgen
Red’s Barbeque & Grillery
Mary Ann Lowe
Reiki & Massage by Mary Ann
Hal Reniger
Reniger Planning & Insurance
Andrew Steinfeld
Rite Aid Store 5786
Duke Blackwood
Ronald Reagan Presidential
Dr. Ronald Resnick D.V.M
Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital
Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise
Rotary Club of Simi Sunset
Rotary Club of Simi Valley
Richard & Kimberly Rogero
RR Electric, Heating & Air
Douglas Miller
RR Gable Inc
Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill
Buddy Kalencki
Rustic Canyon Golf Club
Scott Kingsbury
Saint Mary of the Angels
San Diego Champions Sports
Jill Haney
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
Edward Schneider
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Chris Acuna
Santa Barbara Maritime
Katherine Conlon
Santa Barbara Zoo
Tara Treiber
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Erin Wimmer
Santa Susana Christmas Trees
Rick Segovia
Santa Ynez Inn
Joby Schechter
Scheck & Shay’s Rockin’ Diner
Chris Callahan
Sea Landing / The Condor
SEIU United Long Term Care
Beth Kaiser
Select Comfort
Bob & Sue Gomez
Senor Gomez Courtyard
Karen Baine
Shave It
Sun Manoukian
Sierra’s Restaurant
Dr. Kenneth Szymanski
Simi Childrens Dental
Drs. Anthony & Peter Silecchio
Simi Chiropractic Health Center
Brian Reed
Simi Hills Golf Course
Joe Cassella
Simi Pacific Building Materials
Jim & Sue Rampton
Simi Recreation Vehicles
Iris Smoot
Simi Valley Acorn Newspaper
Earle Okamoto
Simi Valley Basketball Academy
Salem Arnout
Simi Valley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
Jeanette Rohal
Simi Valley Florists
Larry Hibbler
Simi Valley Ford
Monica Berlin
Simi Valley Hospital
Jeremy Brewer
Simi Valley Hospital
Mary Jane Curry
Simi Valley Hospital
Virginia Hayward
Simi Valley Hospital
Susan M. Myers
Simi Valley Hospital Foundation
Ron Chambers
Simi Valley Police Department
Roy Jones
Simi Valley Police Department
Tom Meyer
Simi Valley Police Department
Janet Seghi
Simi Valley Police Department
Bill Daniels
Simi Valley Police Officers Assn
Kevin Duncan
Simi Valley Police Officers Assn
Brad Anderson
Simi Valley Town Center
Caryl Cantrell
Simi Valley Town Center
Keith Geiger
Simi Valley Town Center
Roy & Leticia Wilson
Simi Valley Town Center
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Jeanne Davis
Simi Valley Unified School
Eric Diamond
Sinai Temple
Philip Skaggs
Skaggs Graphics
Todd Huber
Josette McGlynn
Skiff’s Bakery
Jane Fuller
Sky Dive Santa Barbara
Smart Xposure Tanning
Sony Pictures Television
Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
Glen Becerra
Southern California Edison
Jason Flame
Tang Soo Do University
Target – Simi Valley
Doug Tempo
Tempo Cleaners
Darlene Fowlks
Texaco Xpress Lube
Janice Lovelace
The Boeing Company
Gary Yates
California Wellness Foundation
Darius Gilansar
The Cheesecake Factory
Susan Williams
The Hidden Cottage
Janet Gandel
The Kitty Letter
Richard Erbe
The Law Office Of Richard Erbe
Rudy Gonzales
Southern California Edison
John Pfleger
Southern California Edison
Mark Schwartz
Specialty Merchandise
Frank McCaffer
Spicers Paper
Andrew Luna
Staples – Simi Valley
Chad Ritzer
Staples – Westlake Village
Gail Bloom
Starbucks – Simi Valley
Starbucks -Ventura
Lynn Singer
Stray Steer
Peter Carrube
Street Smart Self Defense
Robert Burns
Sukut Construction Inc.
Ron Smith
Sukut Construction Inc.
Blendi Reynolds
Sun Dance Photography
Scott Richmond
Sunset Hills Country Club
Daryl Kleintob
Colleen McIntyre
Swink’s Simi Valley Towing
The Little Gym
Barbara Frova
The Maids
John Hefley
The Phone Guy
Michel & Laurea Bardavid
The Secret Garden
Bonnie Ryder
The Universal Hilton Hotel
Soroor Campbell
The Vineyards
Robin Dietrich
The Wellness Company Melaleuca
Megan Goodchild
The Will Geer Theatricum
Steve & Cathy Shalhoob
Theresa’s Country Feed Store
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Kenny Miller
Karen Gross
Time Warner Cable
Daniel Barber
Tom Barber Golf Center
Joann Martinez
Tommy’s Floor & Carpet Care
Tony Maddox
Tony Maddox Photography
Steve Chapman
Toyota Towne of Simi Valley
Trader Joe’s
Chris Wangsaporn
TRC Medical, LLC
Ted & Kathy Weiner
TRC Medical, LLC
Treble Makers
Sally Becerra
Troop Real Estate
Gregg Bruno
Troop Real Estate
Cathy Carlson
Troop Real Estate
Alex Gandel
Troop Real Estate
Dedree Hoyt
Troop Real Estate
Darin Markarian
Troop Real Estate
Gina Martinez
Troop Real Estate
Jan Meek
Troop Real Estate
Brian & Kristi Troop
Troop Real Estate
Vick Yates
Troop Real Estate
Glenn Campagna
True Position Inc.
Tim Ohanlon
True Position Inc.
Danny Rowlett
True Position Inc.
Scott Santino
T-Top Plumbing
Tuscany Il Ristorante
Ultimate Body Aesthetics
Jason Barenblatt
Union Bank of California
Susan Deese
Union Bank of California
Janice France-Pettit
Union Bank of California
Brian Gilpatrick
Union Bank of California
Sharon LaPierre
Union Bank of California
Dot Stephan
Union Bank of California
June Diamond
Unique Glass Gifts
David Church
United Way of Bay Area
United Way of Ventura County
Jack & Elaine Freeman
Urban Strategies
Norm Kahn
Utopia Entertainment
Ted & Jeanine Montoya
Valley Aire Heating & Air
Leslie Tignac
Van’s Manufacturing
Lou Tignac
Van’s Manufacturing
Pattie Braga
Ventura County Credit Union
Colleen Toy White
Ventura County District Attorney
Captain Jerry Vandermuelen
Ventura County Fire Station 41
Bob Brooks
Ventura County Sheriff’s
Michelle Allred
Ventura County Star
Patty Brown
Ventura County Star
Su-Lin Rubalcava
Ventura County Star
Honorable Peter Foy
Ventura County Supervisor
Cheryl Heitmann
Ventura Music Festival
Ventura Office of Education
Bobby Gianetti
[email protected] Hair Salon
Pippo Calderone
Viva La Pasta
Sally Grant
Volt Workforce Solutions
Elisa Perry
Volt Workforce Solutions
Joy Roy
Volt Workforce Solutions
Mallory Van Leeuwen, AAMS
Wachovia Securities, LLC
Robert & Barbara Wagner
Wagner Design
Jon & Vickie Walluck
Waitsfield Inn
Debbie Dobbins
Joli Garcia
Tammy Tripp
Bob Bibb
Warner Bros. Studios
Dawn McGinty
Washington Mutual
Lisa Hemenway
Waste Management
Tom Jacobellis
Waste Management
Jim Riley
Waste Management
Scott Tignac
Waste Management
Wayne Schultz
Wayne C Schultz Insurance
Adrienne Everakes
Weight Watchers
Ben & Kid Gilbert
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Diane Castellano
Wellpoint Health Network
Sonya Childers
Wellpoint Health Network
Shannon Espinoza
Wellpoint Health Network
Kevin & Ariana Flynn
Wellpoint Health Network
Elizabeth Jeanes
Wellpoint Health Network
Vickey Oster
Wellpoint Health Network
Linda Runk
Wellpoint Health Network
Linda Hillier
Wells Fargo
Doug Rewers
West Coast Coupon
Westlake Golf Course
Ron Moldavon
Westshore Chiropractic
Jeff Morris Jr.
William L. Morris Chevrolet
Al & Patty Muskat
Wm. “Al” Muskat, CFP
Women’s Info Network of Simi Valley
Pierre P. Claeyssens
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Alison B.
Enrique Cobian
Yolanda’s Mexican Café
Elois Brett-Kress
Young At Art Studios
Jerri Hatzenbiler
Zen Garden Massage Therapy
Joergen Aaboe
Arno & Melissa Adlhoch
Kim Aguilara
Diantha Ain
Timothy Allison
Joyce Altaffer
Aragones Family
Aileen Archibald
Gary & Kay Auer
Otto & Sharon Austel
Joe & Jenny Barber
Ray & Annette Barboza
Laurie Barrett
Jeff Barton
Patrick & Sommer Barwick
Ken & Susan Bauer
Beth Beach
Glen & Sally Becerra
James Beck
Tim & Tammy Benkert
Marie Bennett
Joe & Monica Berlin
Rick Betteridge
Mo & Pat Bewley
Bob & Mary Bibb Bibb
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Bieniek
Ron Black
Todd Blair
Art Bliss
Susan Blumert
John & Barbara Bowers
Michael & Heidi Bradbury
Gina Breece
John Brodoski
Bob & Debbie Brooks
Donna Brunt
Michelle Butler
Robbie & Sue Callaway
Gary & Cathy Carlson
Amy Carrott
Frank Carter
Ernie Cavazos
Marla Chapek
Vicki Chapek
Louis Cicciari
Mike Cirona
Kathy Clark
Lee & Tina Cobb
Terry Conners
Jan Costello
Rachel Couto
Barbara Cozad
Diana Crothers
Fred Cueto
Jacque Cunningham
Norma Dailey
Linda Daniels
Robert Danielzadeh
Susan Deher
Debbie Diamond
Chloe Dimaculangan
David and Martha Ditzler
Bill & Amanda Dobbs
Carl & Willa Dobbs
Dale & Terri Doria
Patti Ducharme
Diane Dunn
Nadia Ebwini
Bill Edwards
Bob Ehlers
Wilma Englehart
Judy Farash
Marita & CJ Faulwell
Gilbert Felix
George Feyne
David Finley
Richard & Jeanette Fisher
Joyce Flores
Craig & Michelle Foster
Tara Foy
Jeff France
Arlene Gallardo
Elton & Janice Gallegly
Alex & Janet Gandel
Jan Gardner
Maxine Gardner
Ceasar Garvida
Brian & Julia Gelt
James & Janice George
Chris Gkeivelopoulos
Eric & Judy Gobble
Dr. Barton Goldsmith
Michael Graham
Bill & Sally Grant
John Griffin
Bill & Michelle Groff
Luis Guzman
Morgan Hall
Isabelle Hanft
Gerri Harrington
Phyliss Harris
Barry Harvey
Jeff & Michelle Hause
William & Diane Hawkinson
Jeff & Virginia Hayward
Bill Heintz
Dennis & Lisa Hemenway
Chad Henderson
Melody Hermance
Clauilina Hilario
Christopher & Constance Hillman
Alan Hiscocks
S.E Jensen
Timothy Jimenez
Steve & Melody Johnson
Min Kang
Lisa Kaplan
Robert Kasha
Scott & Tresa Kassan
Dhanesh Katbamna
William & Elise Kearney
Jerry & Marianne Keller
Michael and Lisa Kennedy
Edward & Wendy Kern
Jody Kershberg
Robert Kilpatrick
Gary & Kathi King
Larry & Daryl Kleintob
Kenneth & Sherrie Kolz
Michael Kreeger
Elois Kress
Gregg Kunak
Jean La Couture
Laura Lancaster
Edward & Linda Leblanc
Cynthia Lee
Florence Lee
Robert & Suzanne Levonian
Dave Livingston
Cheryll Logan
Dave Londe
Lisa Lopes
Ignacio & Lynette Lopez
Mark Luker
Brandon Lyman
Investors in Youth 2009
Steve & Donna Mace
Rajesh Malpani
Scott Mangers
Margaret Manwell
Tony Margott
Janet Marshall
Lani Martin
Terry Marvin
Ralph Mauriello
Scott & Arlene Mazza
Mike & Becky McGuigan
Brandon McGuiness
Velma McIntire
Peter & Sue Means
Ron & Jan Meek
Anneke Meicher
Kim Merjan
Lynette Merrick
Amy Meyer
Paul & Connie Miller
Fred & Lenni Miller
Brian & Muriel Miller
William Miller
Joanna Minshall
Erlinda Moore
Lisa Moore
Kris & Leah Morelock
Ann Mosch
Willy & Karen Mueller
Ken Muskat
Lauren Muskat
Adam Mutal
Robert Nagrete
Vic & Nellie Najaryan
Carol Nakamura
Deborah Nelson
Ron & Virginia Nelson
Richard & Leigh Nixon
John & Renee Nowell
Kevin & Kinuku O’Connor
Gus Ortiz
Jeff & Ilene Oseas
Stella Oster
Kathryn Palazzo
Jenessa Papron
John Park
Lynn Parker
Dr. Roy Parle, D.D.S.
Bob & Pat Pergler
Gloria Peters
Lynn Pettit
Francine Pieper
Annette Plotkin
Gary & Susan Polson
The Portaro Family
Edward & Lyda Posvar
Bob & Barbara Pratt
Donna Prenta
Bruce & Gena Quarantello
Miquel Ramirez
Merlin Reed
Dave Reiter
Hal & Carol Reniger
Ron & Leslie Resnick
Teresa Reynolds
Ron & Rochelle Ribstein
Mark & Angie Richards
Vince & Carol Richards
Reginall Richardson
Matt Rillera
Brian Rogers
Willow Rorabaugh
Dr. Joel Rothman, DDS
Steve & Joy Roy
Brandon & Brandee Ruedy
Brent & Shari Ruedy
David Sadler
Antonio Salceclo
Rita Salerno
Spencer Schmerling
Kim & Helen Schulte
Wayne & Shari Schultz
Jill Scrudato
Mike & Judie Sedell
Todd Sharp
Tom & Paula Sheil
Jamie Sher
Stuart & Sharon Siegel
Jeff Simons
Shari Sjostrom
Donald & Maxine Smith
Gary & Darla Smith
Jonathan Smith
James & Sharon Snell
Marsha Snyder
Brian & Angela Southern
Judy Stauch
Ashley Steinhardt
Richard & Maria Stermer
Fran Stillwell
Eric & Carolyn Stokes
Anna Stone
Ersel Stout
Bruce Strathearn
Greg Stratton
Eric & Gigi Swanson
Fred & Debbie Thomas
Gary Thomas
Neil Thompson
Scott & Kristin Tignac
Josh Tignac
Melodie Tollefson
Greg & Irene Totten
Shannon Traweek
David Urizar
Tonie Valdez
Patty Valenzuela
Doug Van Dyck
Jim & Tina Van Houten
Ed VanOlinda
Hipolito Vellos
Chris Velona
Richard & Vickie Vetti
Leonard Viles
Jim & Gloria Walker
Jeff & Terri Walson
Amy Wang
Gabe Ward
Jason & Kim Webb
Stan & Kathy Weiner
Julie Weiss
Kerry West
Chris White
Dan White
Dennis & Sandy Whiteman
Diana Wiest
Liz Wigton
Frank & Shriley Wilkie
Henry & Jeri Williams
Tricia Williams
Marion Witte
John & Sarah Wolfe
Marcie Wolford
John Wooden
Victoria Wright
Nate Wunderman
Lori Zafiropoulos
Andy Zagrzejewski
Boys & Girls Club of SImi Valley
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