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Essential Elements Evaluation Task Force to Begin Work
An Essential Elements Evaluation Task Force has been formed to design a
new process and requirements of the next cycle of Essential Elements
Evaluations (2015-2020.) The members are as follows:
Grace D’Amico, SSND, Chair
Ona Bessette, CND
James Keane
Julie Locey
Aaron Mitchell
Jim Muting
Br. Tim Smyth, CFC
Francesca Tambone-Puzio
Lilian Vernier
Office of Educational Services
Office of Educational Services
Catholic Memorial
Bishop Kearney
St. Thomas More
St. Laurence
St. Laurence
Bergen Catholic
Vancouver College
Associate Director
Teacher / Coach
Teacher / Campus Minister
Vice Principal Academics
Br. Raymond Vercruysse, CFC, and Br. Peter Zawot, CFC, Provincial Leadership Team
liaisons to the Office of Educational Services, will also join the group for the first meeting.
Sister Ona Bessette, CND, and Sister Grace D’Amico are very grateful to the Principals
who invited faculty and staff to consider this service and to all the people who volunteered to
be on the task force.
The first, and only, in-person meeting will be held at the Office of Educational Services in
New Rochelle, New York, November 19-20, 2014. All other meetings will use GoToMeeting.