Summer 2014
Volume 3
Number 11
Dear People of St. John’s,
Last summer eleven people were on the staff of St. John’s. Only three of them will be here this fall. Although it
certainly feels like a whirlwind has gone through the office wing, it is not actually so. Joe Pace retired after 22
fruitful years at St. John’s; Pat Perkins and Peter Berton are moving on to exercise their ministry in other places.
When a reduction in our pledge income required the Vestry to restructure the staff this year, they implemented
the recommendations of Task Force One and eliminated the positions of two long term employees: Cindy Lawler’s wise oversight of our Youth programs ended on July 1, and Kathy Gelardi’s diligent office administration ended last April. In February, Larisa and Sophia, our nursery supervisors, resigned, and in September, our faithful
and highly experienced parish secretary, Karen Golfin, will retire, partly because Karen wants more time to care
for her parents, and partly because we need full time office coverage and Karen only works four days per week.
Joyce Reemts, Dwight Latif, and Janet Babbitt remain as our Financial Secretary, Sexton, and Director of Christian
Education, thanks be to God! And Scott Lamlein and Bill Eakins will bring their gifts to share with St. John’s as
our new Interim Director of Music and Associate Rector.
There are consequences to all this change and there are wonderful possibilities for growth. I urge each of you to
be a part of the evolving picture in our parish, using your skills to help manage the change. Some of you help
with our landscaping; we need others to catalogue and organize our music library, to help with office tasks and to
teach church school. We need J2A leaders, Altar Guilders, publicists, a Global Mission leader, tutors at Grace and
Covenant Prep, cooks for Loaves and Fishes, and a chair of our Newcomers Committee. We need someone to
oversee the revision of our parish website.
Do you remember the story of Elijah? The Lord passed by him and “a great and strong wind rent the mountains,
and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire:
and after the fire a still small voice. And Elijah heard it.”
We have been through a fire at St. John’s and what may feel like strong wind, but the One we are here to follow is
a sure foundation in the midst of turmoil. God has richly blessed this parish with a great staff throughout the
years, and God continues to bless us with Scott and Bill who have come to join us. Let us rejoice and give thanks.
The Reverend Hope Eakins
Interim Rector
860.523.5201 • email: [email protected] •
Godspeed and Thanks,
Congratulations and Blessings
be with you, Pat
Come to a parish picnic on August 17th after the 5 pm service in
the cloister garden. Come with all your good wishes for and
thanks to our Assistant Rector, Patrick Perkins, and his wife,
Carol. Come and celebrate all that Pat has meant to us over his
five years at St. John’s and wish him well as he goes to serve as
Rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church in Holden, Massachusetts.
Bring chairs or a blanket to sit uponBring a side dish to share –
St. John’s chefs will cook hamburgers and hot dogs, and
provide beverages and dessert.
Scott Lamlein is our new Interim Director of Music. Scott is
hard at work directing our Choir Camp, playing for the 5 pm
services on Sundays in the Cloister Garden, and preparing music for the season ahead. We will have a welcome reception for
Scott after the 5 pm service on August 3rd and a special event to
introduce him to the parish on September 7th, when our choirs
return to sing.
Bill Eakins is our new Associate Rector. Bill will start work
on August 31 and assume Patrick Perkins’s responsibilities,
with special focus on the spiritual formation of our young people. You may know Bill from his years as Rector of Trinity,
Hartford (1984-2002) or from Trinity College (’66, and Trustee
from 1994-2003) or maybe because he is married to the Interim Rector. We will welcome Bill at a coffee hour on August 31st
– and on Welcome Back Sunday, September 7th.
679 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119
The Rev. Hope H. Eakins
Interim Rector
The Rev. Patrick R. Perkins
Assistant to the Rector
The Rev. Ann (Nancy) C. Miller
Priest Associate
The Rev. Barry W. Miller
Priest Associate
Mr. Scott Lamlein
Interim Music Director
Janet Babbitt
Director of Religious Education
Joyce J. Reemts
Financial Secretary
Karen A. Golfin
Parish Secretary
Dwight Latif
Buffy Cech, Warden
Colin Gillespie, Warden
Stacey Kohl, Clerk
Stewart Murchie, Treasurer
David Beers, Deanery Rep
Deb Schwartz,
Assistant Treasurer
2012-2014: Scott Donofrio, Bette-Jane Hardersen, Jean Mitchell, Susan Thaxton
2013-15: Annabel Trickett Clapp, Karan Emerick, Jeff Gostyla, John Wilcox
2014-16: Eleanor Barnes, Lynn Brooks, Christine Doty, Marki Ware
Lissie Brooks
The Fire at St. John’s
on October 10, 1992
The fire that devastated St. John’s on October 10, 1992 is central
to our self-understanding. St. John’s buildings were destroyed,
and we rebuilt and grew and flourished. What we sometimes
forget is that many parishioners were not here 22 years ago,
and some don’t even know that a fire raged so fiercely on our
site that we worshipped in homes and schools and a synagogue
for nearly three years. For those who were not here, a few photos of the destruction and rebuilding are posted on a board on
the parish hall.
Richard Krissinger
Trig Cooley
Meets on Sundays, 10:30 a.m., in the church library
Lay leaders: Victoria Crosta—text: 860-478-6524;
Melissa Render—text: 860-983-4606
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
Getting to Know Scott Lamlein
(our new Music Director)
by Ted Whittemore
Where are you from originally? Where did you grow up?
I am originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts, where, as the son of my home church’s
Christian Education Director, I was known as the kid that ran up to watch the organist
play the postlude every week.
Are you an oldest, youngest, middle or only child? Do you have any siblings?
I am the oldest of two; my brother is marketing director at a high end baking company
in Boston. But, it gets more complicated! I was adopted from birth by my parents, and
in recent years have reconnected with my birth mother and her family. So, “surprise!”
I have two younger sisters and a still living grandfather. It’s amazing and wonderful
story that I love telling, so feel free to ask me about it.
Do you have a Spouse? Significant other? Children?
My amazing wife is Mary Beth (you’ll see her in the alto section soon), and we have
three children: Christian (21), Jonah (19), and Andrew (10). Andrew is working this
summer as my assistant in the music office, and will be in the St. John’s Youth Choir
this fall.
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An organist! Ask my mom sometime about arranging the couch cushions as organ manuals (keyboards) and drafting my brother to
be the pastor.
Do you have any pets?
We have two dogs and two cats, and a household with no downtime.
What do you like to do for vacations (any season)?
We have a family home in Eastham on Cape Cod, and love to spend time there, especially in the off-season. Andy and I love to ski,
so we spend time at Okemo in Vermont.
What is your musical background/training?
I have been a self-motivated learner my entire life, and, in addition to my organ and liturgical music degree from the Hartt School, I
have pursued private study in organ and conducting, as well as in jazz piano and improvisation. Larry Allen, John Holtz, James David Christie, and Peter Niedmann are among my coaches.
What is your all-time favorite song or piece of music?
“Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copland, and the Elgar “Enigma” variations are right up there with the Widor 5th Symphony and
other pipe organ masterpieces, but I also love “Waltz for Debby” as played by Bill Evans, and music by Sting and Coldplay.
Do you have a favorite movie (new or vintage)?
I love “2001: A Space Odyssey”, but nobody knows why.
Do you have a favorite sports team?
Boston Red Sox. It was pre-determined at birth, as my father was an extreme fan, and I have tried to carry on that tradition.
When you aren't at work, you are …….?
Enjoying time with my family, finding time to enjoy God’s creation outdoors while running or walking, writing music. Oh, and
laughing, but I do that at work, too.
Anything else that you'd like to let the parish know about you?
Only that I’m very committed to helping St. John’s through this transition time, and believe strongly in the power of singing to heal,
bring peace and joy. Together, we’ll work to bring the message of Christ to this community and beyond. I look forward to meeting
all of you!
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
Getting to Know Scott Lamlein
(our new Music Director)
by Ted Whittemore
Where are you from originally? Where did you grow up?
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia because my father was stationed there during
World War II. When Dad was shipped to France after DDay, my mother and I
moved back to New Jersey, home to both my parents, where I lived until we
moved to Wilbraham, Massachusetts, when I was seven.
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
From an early age, I was always fascinated by buildings and enjoyed making drawings and floor plans of castles, houses,
and churches. Not surprisingly, I intended to be an architect when I went to Trinity College, Hartford. However, Engineering 101 proved to be more than I could handle, and I switched my major from pre-architecture to art history.
What happened next?
In my junior year, I began to feel God calling me to ordained ministry and began the process of discernment that led to my
admission as a postulant for Holy Orders. After graduating, I studied theology at Oriel College, Oxford and the Episcopal
Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was ordained a deacon in 1969 and priest in 1970.
What is/was your favorite moment in the Episcopal Church?
I remember fondly my years as a youth minister at the Cathedral in Springfield, Massachusetts. I was in my mid-twenties
with long curly red hair - not much older than the kids who came to the folk masses and weekend retreats I organized. Songs from Godspell and J.C. Superstar were much in the air.
Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who?
When I was at Oxford, I had the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth when she visited Oriel and, as Bible Clerk, said the College’s
Latin grace at the dinner she attended.
When you are not at work you are …?
I am an avid reader with history, biography, and detective fiction being particular favorites. I also enjoy entertaining, gardening, water color painting and doing development and alumni relations work for Oriel College.
Memorable vacation?
My wife and I, along with two of our sons, our daughter-in-law and two granddaughters (5 and 2) have just returned from an
idyllic week in England. We stayed in the depths of the Suffolk countryside in a house next to a large pasture with many sheep
and goats. Every morning we awoke to the bleating and baa-ing of the animals. One goat always seemed to be calling for his
friend Neh-eh-eh-ed.
Anything else that you'd like to let the parish know about you?
I am looking forward to joining my wife Hope at St. John’s. We make a good team and have always enjoyed working together.
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
It’s the Perfect Time to Join the Choir!
No Preachin’, Just Singin’ Hymn Sing
As St. John’s enters this new chapter of its profound musical history, we invite you to be a part of creating inspirational music. St. John’s Adult Choir is looking for new singers, and Scott would welcome the opportunity to talk to
you about singing with us.
Join our new Interim Music Director Scott Lamlein on Sunday, September 14, after the 10:30 service for a chance
to sing your favorite hymns accompanied by the mighty
Austin pipe organ.
What does the Choir do? Music is a powerful and emotional force within us. Through our music-making we worship God using this great gift. We do that by leading the
hymn singing and presenting anthems that illustrate, illuminate, and bring new life to the Word of God.
Choir is a commitment: Rehearsals are generally every
other Wednesday from 6:30pm-9:15pm, and we sing in
worship at the 10:30am service most Sundays (with a
9:30am rehearsal). There are also special services and
events throughout the year.
Choir is an education: You get to learn and teach at the
same time, singing side by side with experienced singers,
and with the children of our Youth Choir. Together, we
learn the basics of music, the rich power of choral music,
and God’s message for us within that music.
Choir is a Spiritual experience, and is fun! One of the
best examples of a “church within a church,” your choir
community will come to be your closest group of friends,
working together toward a common goal, and a trusted
group of spiritual comrades. And, we laugh a lot in the process.
Following the service, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a quick
cup of coffee, and then we’ll gather in the chancel for an old
-fashioned Hymn Sing. Come prepared with the numbers of
your favorites from The Hymnal 1982, and we’ll use a couple of verses of many of your choices to sing praise to God.
Join us!
Parish Directory
In past years, St. John’s has produced our own Parish Directory at significant expense and staff time. This year we
have a chance to do it another way.
Lifetouch photographers will be at St. John’s for 12 days in
October, taking pictures of you – in family groups – even
with your pets – and putting our directory together for us.
Everyone who poses for a picture will get a free photo and
a free directory and the parish will receive extra copies depending on how many folks participate. The directory will
also include pages for information and photos of parish
So plan on coming to our “studio” in October; on-line signups will be available soon.
Give it a try! Contact Scott Lamlein today
([email protected], or 860-523-5201 x322), and we’ll
learn together how you can share your gifts of music.
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
J2A Celebrates Fulfilling Scotland Pilgrimage
Twenty St. John’s J2A teens along with five dedicated adult leaders journeyed on pilgrimage to Scotland from June 19 to
June 28 where they visited Camas Centre of the Iona Community on the Isle of Mull, and made a special overnight camping
trip to the nearby Isle of Iona and its ancient monastery.
The voyage, which included sightseeing in Edinburgh and beyond, featured worship, team-building, personal reflection
and spiritual discovery, sporting pastimes, dance, music and other group fun. We praise God for gracing our Pilgrims with
beautiful scenery and long Scottish summer days - with only a bit of rain!
The J2A group expressed their deep appreciation to all parishioners of St. John’s for providing this unique opportunity to
build fond memories along with many worthy faith experiences. Likewise, the J2A teens and the entire St. John’s community owes its gratitude to the five chaperones – Jeff, Buffy, Mark, Heather and Eric - for the time they have given to our
young people in preparation for the journey, and especially during the trip.
To see more photos and memories from the trip, be sure to visit the Pilgrimage blog on St. John’s website at http:// Photos courtesy of Jeff Verney and Mark Proft.
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
J2A Celebrates Fulfilling Scotland Pilgrimage
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
J2A Celebrates Fulfilling Scotland Pilgrimage
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
Church School News
This year’s Church School program will include several new features including multi-age Church school activities, a new
multi-purpose media room, and a new theme for Word Alive!
Bible Hero Sundays - “Answering God’s Call to Serve”
Bill Eakins, our new Interim Associate Rector, will present a series of eight Bible Hero Sundays. These multi-age Church
School events will allow volunteer teachers to attend the Adult Forum, participate in Meeting Sundays with various
committees such as the Women’s Fellowship Group - or to just enjoy a morning off from teaching! It is also an opportunity for our YAC members to serve in Children’s Ministry with special themed activities.
On Welcome Back Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014, please visit the Church School Activity Room bulletin board to find out more
about the series!
The New, Multi-Purpose Media Room
A new Multi-Purpose Media Room (in the old Good Shepherd room) features the Children’s Library of Books, as well as
bean bag seating! This is a place where students will be able to find some quiet time to read, and we will be able to add
movies to our curriculum!
Word Alive - God’s Game Plan
Word Alive will now feature a more active focus to include games and movement. While there will still be the occasional arts & crafts project, we recognize that kids really enjoy being actively engaged by working together!
Church School Classrooms
The Church School Fall Term will include three classrooms:
The Primary Classroom (grades K-2)
The Intermediate Classroom (grades 3-5).
The Good Shepherd Room (grades PK), which will now meet in the Nursery.
Please speak to Janet Babbitt if you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s placement.
More information about the Fall Curriculum will be available at Welcome Back Sunday on Sept. 7, 2014.
Teachers Needed for the Fall Term
Teacher Training sessions will be held in early September. More information will be coming soon.
Janet Babbitt
Update on Transition—Discernment Committee
The Discernment Committee has been meeting weekly to bi-weekly over the past two months. On July 2, we met with
Tim Hodapp from the Diocese as well as Greg Welin and Rachel Thomas, our consultants. They had some good suggestions and encouraging words. With this information, we produced draft four of our Parish Profile and on Thursday, July
10, met to review it. We sent a final draft to Tim and Bishop Douglas and they reviewed it on July 23. We are waiting
for comments back from them and hopefully it will be final very soon! We also submitted two Diocesan-driven information sheets on Monday, July 21 which also need to be reviewed and signed off on. The Committee is looking forward
to wrapping up its work and transitioning to the Recruitment Committee. We are coordinating with the Recruitment
Committee chairs to schedule a meeting to share what we have learned and the process we have gone through. We
thank all of you for your prayers and patience as we have worked through this process.
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
Our Pilgrims report that their pilgrimage to Scotland this past June was AMAZING! The J2A teens and leaders are
excited to share their life-changing experience at two upcoming events:
The Adult Forum on Oct. 5, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
A Scottish Country Dance in Hubbard Hall on Sat. Oct. 18, 2014, 6:30 pm with guest musicians coordinated
by our Music Director, Scott Lamlein.
I am pleased to announce that Buffy Ineson is our J2A Leadership and Program Coordinator. Heather Simson will
coordinate this year’s YAC program. Please contact Buffy Ineson if you are interested to be a J2A or YAC Leader.
Teacher training sessions are being planned for late August.
Additionally, we are blessed to have Emily Perow working with us this year as Special Youth Ministry consultant.
Emily Perow was the Diocesan Canon for Youth Ministry for 16 years and is Director of Christian Formation &
Youth Ministry at St. James, Farmington. She will consult with our staff and leaders to coordinate the J2A curriculum within our new 3 year program. She will co-lead J2Nights to integrate all our youth groups (Rite-13, J2A and
YAC) with inspiring, fun and relevant activities. Please extend a warm welcome to Emily.
A New Focus
The J2A program is growing! It will now feature a three-year cycle focused on one of the following themes: pilgrimage, service to others, and the Episcopal Youth Event (“EYE”). In each year, the programming will be focused on
one of those themes and will conclude in a event – a mission trip, participation in the EYE, or the pilgrimage..
This year’s theme is Service to Others! Our end year goal for YAC and J2A is to attend a Mission trip with YouthWorks, a non-profit service organization that coordinates Christian groups to participate in regional service projects for communities in need.
To kick off this year’s Service to Others theme, J2A and YAC members will participate in an overnight retreat at
Camp Incarnation on Friday, Sept. 26, 2014. Special Youth Ministry consultant, Emily Perow, will lead the retreat
with J2A and YAC leaders.
Rite-13 is Growing too!
Rite-13 will now include lessons from Weaving God’s Promises for Youth, a three-year digital curriculum for students grades 6 to 8 to provide a solid “Episcopal 101” educational foundation.
As part of this new focus, we invite all Rite-13 youth to attend the National Annual Acolyte Festival at the Cathedral
in Washington, DC. on Sat. Oct. 11, 2014. This event features 2,000 acolytes and worship leaders from across the
United States, who fill the Cathedral’s nave for a morning service of rededication and Holy Eucharist. Participants
attend workshops in the afternoon. For more information, go to Please contact
the office ASAP for important registration and deadline information: Bus spaces and overnight accommodations at
the national 4-H hostel are limited!
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
St. John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford
supports Hartford Habitat’s House of Faith
St. John’s parishioners joined other faith communities on June 14th to lend a hand at Habitat for Humanity’s
House of Faith building project at 271 Laurel Street in Hartford. On behalf of St. John’s Community Service Committee, Mark Proft presented a check for $5,000 to Hartford Habitat’s Donald Shaw.
Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian
principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope. Habitat for Humanity Hartford is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes; by advocating for fair and just housing policies; and by providing training and access to resources to help families improve their shelter conditions. Habitat for Humanity was founded on the
conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, and
that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all.
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •
Parish Life
Fall teaser, please save the date! The Parish Life Adult Mixer will be on Friday, October 3. This event is a
great way to catch up and relax with your St. John’s friends! We will need a host home, so call if yours is available.
For those who like to read ahead and need an interesting book to read this summer, Susan Clemow will be
leading a book discussion in early November, Without Buddah I could not be a Good Christian, by Paul Knitter.
We will be looking for event chairs, coordinators, etc. for the next program year, so keep Parish Life in mind
while you think of how you can serve the St. John’s community! It’s fun and very easy.
Laura Roche and Ginger Gillespie
ESOL Citizenship Class at St. John’s
A letter from a student, Milena, to her Citizenship Class Teacher, Nancy Hill:
Hello Nancy,
Maybe you remember me, I took your winter citizenship classes in West Hartford and so excited to announce you that on
May 12 I became a US citizen!!! Still so happy and proud of it!!
Thank you so much for teaching me! During your classes I
learned a lot of interesting and useful info!!! Attached you can
see one of my happiest day - The Ceremony (held 2 weeks
after my test)
Again Thank you a lot!!!
Have a wonderful summer!
Milena Cazacu.
Beverly Eaton
Jane Lupoli
Catherine Saliske
Saint John’s Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT • 860.523.5201 •