Junior AP English Summer Reading

Junior AP English Summer Reading
In order to be accepted into the AP English Program, you must have completed the following:
passed the English/Language Arts section of the TAKS test
have an overall yearly average of a 90 if not in an AP class last year
have an overall yearly average of an 80 if in an AP class last year
teacher recommendation
complete the summer reading assignment by designated date of August 16, 2012
You will be REQUIRED to take the AP Exam in May……it will cost
YOU approximately $90.00.
Novel to be read: THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Create a portfolio (MUST BE TYPED)
Ø Portfolio must be turned in to me in K-8 on August 16, 2012 at times listed below for test
Test over novel (objective)
Ø Test must be taken on August 16, 2012 in K-8 anytime between
9:00 – 12:00 or 2:00 – 4:00
Ø Bring a pencil as the test is on scantron
Materials needed: paper folder or small three ring binder
colored paper (optional)
map colors---crayons
INDEPENDENT READING: Hawthorne, Nathaniel…….The Scarlet Letter
Students are responsible for identifying and understanding the elements about the plot chapters:
characterization, setting, initial incidents, conflicts, climaxes, resolutions, and conclusions. You will need to
find your own copy of this novel, or you may check one out through the English Department. I highly suggest
that you definitely read the novel, use Cliff notes, access websites to review the novel, and use any source
available. A couple of good websites are:
PORTFOLIO: In a paper folder (any color) or a small three ring binder [with dividers], please include the
following information IN THIS ORDER. Everything must be double
spaced….12 font….Times New Roman script.
The following information is BEFORE the first divider:
• Title page
English III (AP) Portfolio
• Short statement as to why you want to be in the Junior AP class and what you expect out of the class.
Behind First Divider: titled
Write a brief biographical sketch of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Hawthorne uses many symbols in this novel. Briefly tell the importance of each of the following:
o the “A”
o Pearl
o the forest
Describe several ways that Dimmesdale’s inner turmoil is reflected in his behavior and appearance.
Why do you think he couldn’t admit his guilt to the town?
Behind Second Divider:
titled “Essay”
In a current television advertisement, characters in the ad have labels on their shirts stating “child
abuser.” The ad concludes by stating “if only child abusers were this easy to recognize. Report any
suspicion of child abuse.” Some states are considering mandatory labeling of homes where sex
offenders live. There is also some support for placing a label on cars indicating that the driver has been
convicted of DWI. In a well-developed essay with an introduction and conclusion, state your opinion
about this type of labeling by society (200 – 400 words). Be sure to reference The Scarlet Letter
correctly in your essay. Also, be sure to use the MLA format for documentation and Works Cited.
Behind the Third Divider:
“Q & A” (which means question and answer)
titled “Observations” [choose 2]
Write a prequel to the story in which you take the part of Hester’s best friend. Begin your story at the
point where you must watch Hester ascend the platform for her punishment. Relate the details of your
friendship using a flashback technique. Reveal your internal conflict as you watch the proceedings.
Then, take the story in any direction you wish. Here are some sample questions……
Ø How did you and Hester meet?
Ø How did she and Dimmesdale get involved?
Ø What types of forces drew them together?
Ø What has she revealed to you about their relationship?
Create a journal/diary for one of the three main characters. In that character’s voice (first person), you
will create at least 10 dated entries based on what is happening at the time. This will allow you to
comment on the major events of the plot. You MUST comment on the following:
Ø The first appearance of the character in the story
Ø Any meeting that your character has with another of the characters
Ø Any important event that occurs in the story
Ø Any physical/psychological changes in the character
Ø Where the character leaves the story
What if the characters of the novel had had computers? Choose one of the adult main characters
(Hester, Dimmesdale, or Chillingworth) and, writing as that character in first person, compose a series
of e-mail messages to a close friend. It should be someone in whom the character might be likely to
confide. You should write at least five e-mail messages of at least a paragraph each, spanning the time
frame of the novel, from the first scaffold scene to the last. Suggestion: actually write the messages as
e-mail, then save and print out each message.
Investigate at least four of the historical persons listed below who are mentioned in the novel. Find or
draw pictures (no larger than ½ sheet of paper) to represent each person in appropriate poses and
clothing for the period; then below each picture, write a paragraph identifying who the person is and
what significance he/she has in the novel. Why did Hawthorne choose to mention these people – how
does the mention of each person help us know more about characters or setting?
Ø John Eliot
Ø Richard Bellingham
Ø John Wintrhop
Ø Ann Hibbins
Ø William Blackstone
Ø John Endicott
Ø Sir Thomas Overbury
Ø Increase Mather
Ø King David (of the Bible)
Behind the Fourth Divider:
titled “Creative” [choose 2]
Hester broke an important rule of her society and paid a heavy price in ridicule and scorn. Although our
society is not Puritanical, what are some of the laws and unwritten rules that if broken result in
punishment? Choose four people who have been shunned by society or who have been involved in a
scandal. Select an example from current events. EXAMPLES: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Bill
Clinton, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, etc. On a sheet of plain paper,
illustrate the person, describe the scandal, and design the letter they should wear to atone for their crime.
Design four different greeting cards that you think Hester, Pearl, Dimmesdale, or Chillingworth would
send to each other on a holiday. You choose the holiday and design the two cards. Include a picture and
a quote or poem that they would have written in the card. This can be serious or humorous.
Create an alphabet book using one letter of the alphabet per page. It may be rhyming or non-rhyming.
It is particularly important you demonstrate that you have an understanding of the major events and
themes of the novel as well as relationships between the characters. EXAMPLE: A is for the letter
Hester wears upon her bosom as a punishment for adultery.
Behind the Fifth Divider: titled
“Choice” [choose 2]
Write a eulogy for Arthur Dimmesdale. Refer to scenes where he appears in the book to gather your
ideas. Imagine you could interview his surviving acquaintances from the novel; what would they tell
you about him? Decide on a tone (mood) and make sure your do not merely list facts. Break up your
serious information with some light-hearted thoughts. Use precise language, sensory details, action
verbs, active voice, about 200 words.
Create a documentary about the Puritans that traces their religious struggle in Europe, migration to the
New World, and establishment of Puritan villages across New England.
Write four poems. In one poem, select a theme from the novel and personify it in the poem (showing
me you understand the meaning of the theme). The other three poems are bio poems--one poem for
each three main characters. These are serious poems and your grade will reflect your understanding of
the depth of each character.
Create an elaborate book jacket for the novel using as many of the symbols from the story as possible
(minimum of 3). The book jacket will also include a summary of the book in your own words. Symbols
include the scarlet letter “A”, the color black, the forest, the brook, the roses, Indians, Hester’s clothing
(particularly her formal cap), Pearl’s clothing, Pearl’s name, the meteor, the gold embroidery of the “A”.
Create a complete chronological timeline/map of the plot from the novel.
Write a different ending to the story. Must be at least 200 words.