The Bells of St. Mary’s Cathedral 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Bells of
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Weekly Bulletin
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, October 12, 2014
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Mass & Calendar
October 12, 2014
Mass Schedule & Intentions
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Upcoming Events
Name of Intention
Monday, October 13
Mo. 10/13
7:00 am
Julian Torres Jr.
Tu. 10/14
7:00 am
Souls in Purgatory †
We. 10/15
7:00 am
Allan Nabity †
7 am Mass (English)
1 pm Quilters
12:15 pm and 5:15 pm Rosary for Peace
6:30 pm Pre Baptism Class (E) 7 pm Cathedral Ladies
7 pm 4th Degree KC
7 pm Youth Group leaders (Sp)
We. 10/15Sp)
5:15 pm
40 Dia Por la Vidas
Th. 10/16
7:00 am
The Intention of the Priest
Th. 10/16
5:15 pm
Betty Panowicz †
Fr. 10/17
7:00 am
Alejandra Torres
Fr. 10/17
5:15 pm
Louise Borowski †
Sa. 10/18
7:00 am
40 Days for Life
Sa. 10/18
5:00 pm - Fr. RP
Carol Ann Smith †
Su. 10/19
7:00 am - Fr. RP
Pro Populo
Su. 10/19(Sp) 8:15 am -Fr. TP
The Intention of the Priest
Su. 10/19
Evelyn Anderson Dolan †
10:00 am - Fr. RP
Su. 10/19(Sp) Noon - Fr. JP
Su. 10/19
5:00 pm - Fr. JP
The Intention of the Priest
Camille Glaze †
Please note only on Sunday Masses you will notice initials of the
priest that will be saying Mass by that time . The initials for
Fr. Richard—Fr. RP, Fr. Thomas—Fr. TP, Fr. Jose- Fr. JC
Subject to change.
October 5th Collection
Tuesday, October 14
7 am Mass (English)
10 am EP Bible Study CS Basement
2:50pm Chaplet of Mercy
3:30 pm Christian Service
6:30 pm Parish and Finance Meeting
Wednesday, October 15
7 am Mass (English)
4:45 –5:10 pm Confession
5:15 pm Mass (Español)
6:30 pm Rel Ed Class
7 pm Confirmation Class
Thursday, October 16
7 am Mass (English)
9-10 am Confession
4:45 –5:10 pm Confession
5:15 pm Mass (English)
6 pm EP Bible Study CS Basement
10 am EP Rosary
1 pm Quilters
2pm Tai Chi
6:30 pm RCIA
7 pm DivorceCare
Friday, October 17
7 am Mass (English)
4:45 –5:10 pm Confession
5:15 pm Mass (English)
6:30pm Quinceañera
7pm Sp Young Adults Group
Saturday, October 18
7 am Mass (English)
11am—Noon Confession
5 pm Mass (English)
10 am Citizenship Class
Regular Collection
Parish Debt Collection
2014 Appeal (October 5th)
Sunday, October 19
Bulletin Deadlines
All articles must be e-mailed to:
[email protected]
7 am Mass (English)
8:45 am Sunday Rel Ed
8:15 am Mass (Español)
10 am RICA (Sp)
10:00 am Mass (English) CDA Sunday
Noon Mass (Español)
4 pm EP
5 pm Mass (English)
Deadline Friday, October 17th for
Sunday, October 26th Bulletin
For more information call Barbara at 384-2523 ext 233
Eucharistic Adoration 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays of each month
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary
October 12, 2014
I can do all things in him who
strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13
6pm YG (Sp)
New to the Parish
"We give a sincere welcome to all new families moving into
our Parish. Please register in the Parish Office as soon as
possible. Families who plan to move from our parish
community are requested to inform us."
Ramblings/Ministry Schedule
Page 3
A bit of bad news from the family, one of my nieces has decided to drop out of college. Maybe it was
the pressure of being on the Dean’s list, or the classes she thought “too basic,” still she needed some “time off.” As us oldsters know,
things you put off don’t get easier; if that were the case then colleges and universities would be populated by gray haired
cheerleaders with walkers and fraternity men sitting on benches talking about fiber in the diet and prostates. No it’s certainly easier
when you’re younger; in fact I’m thinking of sending Bert and Ernie (faithful canine companions) to college. After all they’re only eight
years old and can reasonably be expected to finish an undergrad degree in four or five years. Bert of course wants to take up a
degree in eating with a minor in fetching. Naturally he would join the intramural flag fetching team at the university, if they had
one. Ernie will be a natural in school and should look forward to his Masters of Arts in sleeping; given the study and practice he puts
in, a Ph.D. level in napping is not out of the question.
Unfortunately the fact is that neither Bert nor Ernie will be going to higher education anytime soon; have you checked recently
on what colleges cost? I thought Catholic high schools were expensive until I saw what they wanted for one semester at the
University of Nebraska at Kearney. The University does not give scholarships to dogs and there are no federal grants for any animals
hoping to hallow the halls of higher education; I know because they said so when I emailed them the questions. They do have grants
for people experimenting on animals but I would never let Bert or Ernie get into such programs. The only experimenting my pets do is
testing which part of the church lawn is greener. Many of you are thinking, “A work study program would help them pay for college;”
but regrettably these are my animals, so “work,” “hard work,” “sweating it out,” “putting in a full day” are not in their lexicons.
If you can pay for it somehow: work study, scholarships, the military or loans college is a great thing, but it does cost. What
does not cost is the invitation to the Kingdom of God. It is open to all regardless of money, power, sins or faults. The parable of the
king and his wedding feast is a lesson for us on who is getting into the kingdom—the bad and the good alike. It is the acceptance of
the invitation through the grace of the sacraments and following Christ that permits us into heaven. So what about the guy who is
thrown out of the wedding feast because he didn’t have a wedding garment? The garment we need for the Kingdom is humility; we
have done nothing to deserve heaven, it is Jesus’ Sacrifice that pushes us through the door of salvation. We need to be clothed with
humility to know that Jesus does it all. Father Rector
Next Sunday’s Ministry Schedule (October 18th and 19th)
5:00 pm
7:00 am
8:15 am (Español)
10:00 am
Noon (Español)
5:00 pm
* Beginner
J. Rohweder
S. Perez
J. J. Hernandez
A. Ramirez
M. F. Erives
M. Rose
C. Rose
A. Rose
J. Nicholas
G. Nicolas
V. Castellans
R M. Ramirez R
S. Diaz
C. Diaz
J. Black
L. Black
K. McFarland
K. Kranz
M. Carreon
R. Kusek
M. Ceja
G. Morales
C. Pacas
M. Hernandez
C. Hernandez
A. Dominguez
E. M. Cayax
S. Murphy
P. McHugh
J. Kisner
K. Douglas
E. Fierro
L. Fierro
E. G. Montejo
G. Torres
O. Torres
M. Romero
R. Coronado
J. Carpio
M. Carpio
C. Voss
A. Diaz
J. Zahm
M. Connelly
D. Shafer
Q. Hernandez
J. L. Cayax
I. Torres
M. Connelly
L. Cornejo
M. Aguayo
J. B. Lopez
V. Wray
P. Mulligan
S. McMahan
G. McMahan
M. Carreon
G. Meyers
S. Torres
L. Cornelius
J. Calmo
H. Castorena
P. McPhillips
R. Marquez
I. Hurtado
C. Egnoske
J. Mateo N.
A. Ramirez
L. Bradley
H. Castellanos
R. Magonal
W. Melendez
If you cannot serve your scheduled time, please find a substitute, thank you.
Parish News
Page 4
Prayer Requests
Please remember the following in your prayers:
* Jerome Kosmicki, Susan Puhalla, Carol Schuster,
Guillermo Garcia, Dick Dowd, Kaylee Lukasiewicz,
Gretchen Eakes, Dawn Pirkey, Lynne Peterson
New additions to the prayer list.
Names remain on the prayer list for two months. Names may
be resubmitted upon request. To request daily prayers, call the
Parish Prayer Chain: Phyllis at 382-0306 or Joy at 379-4741.
To add or remove a name from this list, please call the
Parish office 384-2523.
Military Names
We pray for the following parishioners family and friends
who are currently serving in the military: New names in blue
USMC LCpl John G. Frankenberg 2nd Lt. Jordan Hughes
SPC Kevin Donovan
STG2/ E5 Cesar Soria
SPC. Jessica Paup
SP Force Gunner SSgt. Ron Cameron II
WO TJ Cameron
HM2 Andrew Dodendorf
LTC Chad Sekutera
Major Sam Schneider
Sgt. Christopher Donner
Specialist Chad Holmes
Sgt. Noel Jones
Commander Douglas E. Kennedy
Sgt. Jeffrey D. Michalski
Lt. Col. Brian Jovag
Msgt. Timothy Mahoney
USMC Sgt. Brandon T. Russell
If you know someone who is in the military and would like to have
their name included in this space please email the information to
[email protected] with name and rank. Thank you.
Last 300 Club Winners
Larry Cornelius $75.00 Saul Nuncio $30.00
Director of Religious Education
As we continue our spiritual and faith
journey a good way to strengthen our
relationship with Jesus is through prayer. In
today’s second reading we here "My God
will fully supply whatever you need, in
accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus". A great way to
reach Jesus is through his mother- The Blessed Virgin Mary.
This month of October what better way to teach our children how
to pray and live than by committing the family to praying the
Rosary together. Our Wednesday class learned about and said
the Rosary and so will our Sunday classes. Children learn more
about faith by those around them who role model and live by
example. It is in and through prayer that we grow as we heard
today -"I can do all things through God who strengthens me".
Let us all strive this month to be a Catholic role model to our
children/grandchildren/children of the Parish and encourage and
engage the children in prayer, Mass and Rosary.
Please check the Bulletin for Mass and Rosary times. The
Rosary is also said often on EWTN and Spirit Radio. Please
contact me if you are in need of a Rosary or information on how
to say the Rosary.
God Bless, Mary Rose
Director of Religious ED Office Hours
Mary Rose office hours are: Tuesday 9 am– 2 pm, Wednesday
1 pm -9 pm, Thursday 9 am -2pm, and Sunday 8 am-11a
You can email Mary at [email protected]
Hours subject to change.
Don’t forget: Priests’ Appreciation Breakfast
In honor of the priests who serve us here at the Cathedral, we
are having a parish breakfast on Sunday, October 26th, from
7:30 am until noon. We will serve pancakes & sausage and
We have extended the rosary to November 24th. The
breakfast casserole. Please make plans to attend and show
Catholic Daughters is inviting everyone to either attend a
your gratitude to Frs. Richard, Jose and Thomas. Would like to
rosary at 12:15 pm or 5:15 pm on Monday in the
help at the breakfast, please contact De Tenski at 381-8348 or
Cathedral for peace in the world. If you cannot attend please
Glenda Stittsworth at 379-9325 or Esther at 383-7798
say a rosary at your home or work sometime that day.
Extended —Rosary for Peace
Mary’s Closet Weekly Special
Altar Server Training
Thrift Store October 6th—October 11th
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Bag Sale $4—Clothing only
Altar Servers: Children who are in 3rd grade and received their
first communion and would like to be an Altar Server and do not
want to wait till January to be train. Please contact Barbara
Bosak at 384-2523 ext 233.
Change of Hours~ Mary’s Closet
Mary’s Closet
Mary’s Closet has change their Saturday hours to
10 am—3pm. Drop by and see the many treasures.
Due to our limit space Mary’s Closet will
accept fall and winter clothing only
What I began by reading I must finish by acting. —
Henry David Thoreau
Memorial Mass
There will be a Memorial Mass on Sunday, November 2nd at
the 5 pm Mass to honor our beloved deceased from St. Mary’s
Cathedral. Court Ave Maria Catholic Daughters of America No
1263 and the Knights of Columbus.
Please join us to honor these precious souls.
“Please remember the Cathedral in your will”
Parish Information
Campaign for Camille’s Cupboard
Page 5
Cathedral Eucharistic Adoration
St. Mary’s Christian Service is having a
“Campaign for Camille’s Cupboard “in October.
This is in honor and memory of Camille Glaze for
whom our food pantry is named. Camille was a
very active member of our committee and was
very loyal in her service to working in the food
pantry. Camille left us for her heavenly home on
October 2, 2010. We hold her memory very dear. And because of
this we hope to make this an annual event in October of each year.
Hy-Vee, Skagway, and Super Saver are graciously allowing us to
have a food drive in their stores on October 9th,10th and 11th.
There will be container in each store named “Campaign for
Camille’s Cupboard.’ We welcome all non perishable food items
such as cereal, pasta and sauce, soup, fruit etc. We hope this will
help us stock up before the winter months arrive to help the less
fortunate among us. We thank you for your continued support and
generosity! God bless you! Shirley Murphy Chairperson Christian
Service Committee
We would like to extend an invitation to those of you that would
be willing to write a testimony for the bulletin. We are looking for
anyone who participates in Eucharistic Adoration to share any
Adoration experience that you have had and would like to share.
It could be a moving experience you've had, how Adoration has
changed you, a prayer that you've had answered or even a
favorite prayer you say that you would like to share. Anything
that your heart moves you to write about to inspire others.
Please submit your stories to the Cathedral office either by email
or in written/letter form in an envelope marked ADORATION
STORIES. Please keep what you share to 175 words or less.
You can have your name added or it can be anonymous-just let
us know which you prefer.
The email address is: [email protected]
All articles will need to be approved by Father before being submitted for print. We will be featuring these stories throughout the
40 days– September 24– November 2nd
year so keep them coming as you are inspired to do so. Let's
The campaign is a 40-day time frame in which people in local
not keep the knowledge of how awesome Adoration is to
communities pledge to pray and fast for an end to abortion. They ourselves...let's help spread the excitement to our fellow
also commit to a 40-day prayer vigil outside an abortion center or parishioners so that they too develop a desire to grow closer to
Planned Parenthood facility (Planned Parenthood does not perform Our Lord through Adoring him at Cathedral Adoration.
abortions at all of its locations, but it refers women to its abortion
If you are longing for a deeper relationship with our Lord, you
centers and is the largest abortion business in the United States).
should consider participating in Eucharistic Adoration. People,
In many cases, those vigils are conducted 24 hours a day.
Additionally, some form of community outreach accompanies the who commit to an hour every two weeks, do over time, experience a true transformation of Faith. It puts you in the presence of
vigils. Location Public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood
our Eucharistic Lord, providing tremendous powers of
3105 North 93rd Street Omaha, Nebraska
To sign up to pray at the Bellevue location, please go to
intercession for the needs of our families, friends, parish,
diocese, and nation.
We are looking for additional Cathedral Adorers. Twenty-four
Please remember your parish
hour Eucharistic Adoration starts after the 7:00 AM Mass on the
in your planned giving.
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. If you can help, please call
the office 384-2523.
Parish Council and Finance Meeting
The Parish Council and Finance will meet Tuesday, October 14th
at 6:30 pm in Cathedral Square/
Queen of Peace -Catholic Daughters
Catholic Daughters Court Queen of Peace will be meeting
Tuesday, October 14th at Blessed Sacrament at 7pm. We will be
discussing Catholic Daughters Sunday and WRAP (White Ribbons
Against Pornography)
Need 3 Teachers for Rel Ed Classes
We are in need of 3rd and 6th grade teachers on Wednesday night
and a 2nd grade on Sunday morning. Please share your faith with
our youth, if you cannot please ask someone you may know who
can. Call Mary Rose at 384-2523 Ext 213
Tootsie Roll Drive Today
Today our Knights of Columbus will be giving out tootsie
rolls at the Masses and at local stores. A exchange for
donations used to support programs geared to improve
the quality of life for people with disabilities.
Catholic Daughters
Catholic Daughters Court Ave Maria #1263
welcome Cindy De La Cruz to the court last
month. We have 75 members in our court.
Girls 18 years and above may join. If
interested in learning about Catholic
Daughters please contact:
Barbara Bosak 379- -2175
Youth/Parish News
Page 6
Central Catholic
A Knight In Tiffany: The excitement begins! Plans are underway for this year’s annual benefit dinner auction to be
held Fri, Nov 21st. “A Knight in Tiffany” promises again to be the premiere auction event of the year and you don’t
want to miss it! If you’ve moved and/or want to make sure you receive the invitation give the Foundation Office a
call at 308-382-5499. We are accepting Corporate Sponsors at several different levels of support & would love to
have your company represented! Call for more details.
A Knight In Tiffany: Invitations for the 2014 Knight, “A Knight at Tiffany’s” should have arrived in your mailboxes
last week! If you did not receive one but would like to, please call the GICC Foundation office (382-5499) today so
we can be sure to get you one! You won’t want to miss it! The 2014 Knight will be Friday, November 21 and it’s
always a huge project that greatly benefits our students and the school. We could not have such a successful
event without the help of all the parents, students and friends of GICC that volunteer each year. Many opportunities are available to help again this year. Please visit Volunteer Spot at to sign up to help for
the 2014 Knight and help make this year’s Knight the most successful yet! If you are unable to access Volunteer Spot online, please
feel free to call the Foundation Office at 382-5499 to let us know you’re able to help.
Employment Opportunity at GICC
The Grand Island Central Catholic (GICC) Foundation is seeking an Executive Assistant to organize, support and account for fund
raising and office administration efforts. This is a full time position with excellent wage and competitive benefits. Candidate must
have office management support experience, good oral and written skills, and strong computer skills, including experience with word,
excel and accounting software (Quickbooks specifically). Visit www.gicentralcatholic.organd click on the “About the Foundation” tab
for full job description. Submit your cover letter and resume by email no later than October 31, 2014 to: [email protected],
Attention: Executive Director.
The famous Chili & Chicken Noodle Soup you’ve had at Central Catholic basketball soup suppers, can now be ordered to enjoy
at home! Cost is $5.50 a quart or 3 quarts for $15. Proceeds will go to Central Catholic. Order & pay by November 3 at the school
office, and pick your soup up Saturday November 8th at the school’s kitchen from 4-6PM. Soup from our kitchen to yours. Stock
up now for holiday company. If you have any questions or need more information, call Crusader Cooks…Sue Pirnie 390-0876 or
Jeannee Mueller Fossberg 379-2015
Check out Grand Island Central Catholic page:
Page 7
Today Readings
First Reading — On this mountain the LORD will make for all
peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines (Isaiah 25:6-10a).
Second Reading — God will supply whatever you need
(Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20).
Gospel — I have prepared my banquet, and everything is ready.
Come to the feast! (Matthew 22:1-14 [1-10]).
“On this mountain, the Lord of hosts / will provide for all
peoples / a feast of rich food and choice wines” (Isaiah 25:6).
That’s what Isaiah tells us today. God is putting together a huge
party for “all peoples,” to “wipe away / the tears from every
face” (Isaiah 25:8).
And what does Jesus tell us? The reign of God, he says,
“may be likened to a king who gave a wedding feast for his
son” (Matthew 22:2). When the guests didn’t come, the king had
his servants go out “into the main roads and invite to the feast
whomever you find” (Matthew 22:9). We are called to deliver that
One of the themes woven into today’s liturgy is that of divine
generosity. Asleep to reality, people often think they have
“earned” what they have. In our better moments, though, we know
that all our gifts—even the spiritual gifts—come through God’s
generosity. Our vocation is to invite people, to remind them the
tickets aren’t for sale. We can only show up and say thank you.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co
Saints and Special Observances
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Columbus Day; Canadian Thanksgiving Day
St. Callistus I
St. Teresa of Jesus
St. Hedwig; St. Margaret Mary Alacoque;
National Boss Day
St. Ignatius of Antioch
St. Luke
Word of Life
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I dedicated you,
a prophet to the nations I appointed you.”
— Jeremiah 1:5 (NABRE © 2010 CCD. Used with permission.)
The doctor called. More tests. It's been dragging on so long
already. The whole family is feeling the strain. Are you—or is
someone you care for—going into the hospital? A Stephen
Minister would like to be there for you both now and during your
recovery. A Stephen Minister will listen and help you find the
resources to make it through this difficult time. Contact: Your
Pastor, Marilyn Boudreau—583-2961, or Nancy Badura—
382-3476. (Please do not report a friend's need without first
asking his or her permission to do so.)
St. Mary’s Cathedral Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Intentions
Vocations. That many people may hear the call of Christ and
follow Him in the priesthood and religious life.
Pro Life. That all people will come to value human life as God’s
precious gift to be accepted and loved rather
than a burden to be destroyed.
Holy Father’s Prayer October 2014
Peace: That the Lord may grant peace to those parts of the
world most battered by war and violence.
World Mission Day: That World Mission Day may rekindle in
every believer zeal for carrying the Gospel into all the world.
The confessional is a familiar setting in literature and drama.
Everyone from Doestoevsky and Shakespeare down the line to
Seinfeld has used the sacrament to tragic or comic effect or to
reveal aspects of character otherwise hidden. All of this theater,
from world classics to slapstick, has had a numbing effect on our
own expectations, and has skewed how the culture looks at us
and our struggle with sin and forgiveness, hope and healing.
Yet the artists are on to something. The reconciliation chapel
is a place where hearts are laid bare, where honesty is the
watchword, and people confess their deepest needs. It is also a
place of rebirth, or at least realignment. It is, like the baptismal
font, a place where something dies, and where something else is
born. Today, although literature has barely caught up, the place is
usually not the dark and gloomy cabinet of old; rather it is a
chapel that speaks of peace, serenity, and the comfort of a
welcome home. People in one parish were astonished recently to
see their children skipping with delight as they left the place of
their first confession. We have to wait a bit for world literature to
catch up with this reality, but at least we can experience the joy of
penance, the thrill of a new beginning, the assurance of God’s
love. —Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Parish Information
Weekend Masses–English
Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 7 am ,10 am & 5pm
Daily Masses–English
Mon - Sat 7am Thu- Fri 5:15 pm
Horario de Misas-Español
Domingo 8:15 am & Noon
Miércoles 5:15 pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Wed - Fri - 4:45 - 5:10 pm & Thursday 9– 10 am
Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 pm or by appointment.
Adoration, Healing Mass,
Chaplet, and Rosary
Hora Santa: Primer Sábado de cada mes a las 7pm
First Friday Rosary– 4:50 pm before 5:15 pm Mass
24 Hour Eucharistic Adoration – 2nd/4th Tuesday
Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Second Tuesday-2:50 pm
Healing Mass- (English) – Second Thursday- 11 am
Rosary for Pro Life– Every Thursday 4:45 pm
El Pescador Rosary – Every Tuesday -6 pm
El Pescador Rosary –Every Thursday -10 am
Daily Rosary—After every 7 am Mass
Religious Ed Class Times (September– April)
6:30 pm– 730 pm Wednesday, 8:45 am-9:45 am Sunday
Confirmation 7– 8:30 pm Wednesday
Marriage: Contact a priest directly at least 4
months in advance of proposed wedding date.
Deposited required.
Children's Baptism: parents are required to
attend a Baptism Preparation class.
Pre-Registration is required.
English class: 2nd Monday of
each month.
Spanish class: 4th Sunday of each month, 2 pm
Deadline for pre-registration is the Thursday before the
class. Please bring: proof of address and your child’s
Birth Certificate. The Godparent (s) must provide
a letter of good standing. Questions? 384-2523.
Mary’s Closet
Mary’s Closet open 3 days a week:
Mondays and Wednesdays 1-4 pm &
Saturdays 10 am– 3 pm
Donations of clothing, small appliances,
toys, home decorations and kitchenware,
but furniture and large electronic will be accepted only
by Ann Baker. Volunteers are welcome to come and
help any time. Questions or to volunteer please contact
Ann Baker at 391-1527 or [email protected]
Mary’s Closet
Page 8
(308) 384-2523/ (308) 384-2527 (fax)
[email protected]
Facebook: St. Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island Ne
Associate Pastor:
Rev. Richard Piontkowski Jr.,ext 201 Rev. Thomas Pasala, ext 204
[email protected]
[email protected]
Episcopal Vicar for Hispanic Ministry in the
Diocese of Grand Island, in residence:
Rev. Jose Chavez, ext 211 [email protected]
Director of Religious Education
Parish Activities Coordinator:
Mrs. Mary Rose ext 213
Bulletin Editor:
[email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Bosak, ext 233
[email protected]
Director of Music:
Mr. Scott Rieker ext 219
Angelica Calderon ext. 220
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hispanic Ministry:
Bi-Lingual Secretary/Secretaria:
Mrs. Esther Gomez, ext 300
Mrs. Patty Zuniga, ext 221
[email protected]
[email protected]
Parish Nurse:
Maintenance Director:
Mrs. Kena Zebert RN, ext 235
John Farlee, ext 226
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cathedral Daycare: Director:
Mrs. Judy Priess, 398-4047
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Assistant Director
Mrs. Misty Uhrich, 398-4047
[email protected]
Mary’s Closet
Ms. Ann Baker, 391–1527
[email protected]
Immigration Office
Carmen & Jacinto Corona /
Yolanda Chavez Nuncio
308-381-2855 Ext. 301
The Parish Office Hours are Monday—Thursday
8:30 am– 4:30 pm
St. Mary’s Immigration Office– 308-381-2855
Monday~ Closed -Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am –Noon and 1-5:30pm
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday~ Closed
Bilingual NFP- - - Planificación Natural Familiar
Mr. & Mrs. Chávez (308) 383-1199/ (308)383-1474
Cathedral Daycare
NOW ENROLLING Combined Child Care/ Preschool Program
No need to worry about how to get your preschooler to daycare. Our
year-round preschool program for ages 2 to 5provides the best of both
worlds. Stop by for a tour!
We have transportation for school age
students of Wasmer, Gates and Dodge for
5:30am-6:00pm Monday-Friday
6 weeks to 12 years ~ Call for availability
All Faiths Welcome!
Anuncios en Español
Del escritorio de la Oficina de
Educación Religiosa
. A medida que continuamos nuestro
camino espiritual y de fe, una manera de
fortalecer nuestra relación con Jesús es a
través de la oración . En la segunda lectura de hoy
escuchamos “Mi Dios, por su parte, con su infinita riqueza,
remediara con esplendidez todas las necesidades de ustedes,
por medio de Cristo Jesús” Una madera excepcional de alcanzar
a Jesús es por medio de su Madre Santísima, La Virgen Maria.
Este mes de octubre , ¿qué mejor manera de enseñar a nuestros
hijos cómo orar y vivir que por la comisión de la familia a rezar el
rosario juntos. Las clases del miércoles aprendieron sobre y
dijeron el Rosario al igual lo harán las clases del domingo. Los
niños aprenden sobre la fe de aquellos a su alrededor quienes
son su modelo y ejemplo a seguir. Como escuchamos en la
lectura de hoy a través de la oración es que crecemos. " Puedo
hacer todas las cosas a través de Dios que me fortalece ".
Esforcémonos este mes para ser un modelo católico a seguir
para nuestros hijos / nietos / niños de la parroquia y alentemos e involucremos a los niños en la oración , en la Misa
y Rosario. Por favor, consulte el boletín para horarios Misa y
Rosario. El Rosario es también recitado muy seguido por EWTN
(canal de tv) búsqueme si necesita información en como recitar el
Dios los bendiga –Mary Rose- Directora
Horarios de Oficina de Mary Rose-Directora de Educación
Religiosa Mary Rose es la nueva persona encargada del programa de Educación Religiosa para los grados Kínder-al 12. Esto
incluye todo relacionado a las Primeras Comuniones y Confirmaciones. Usted puede encontrar a Mary Rose en su oficina los
Martes y Jueves de 9am-2pm, los miércoles de 1-9pm, Domingos
8am-11am. Por teléfono al 384-2523 ext. 213 correo electrónico
[email protected]
Danza Rosa de Guadalupe Se invita a los jóvenes , jóvenes
adultos y todas las personas en general a participar en la danza
la Rosa de Guadalupe. Para los horarios y lugares de práctica
por favor de comunicarse con Sergio Gutiérrez al 308-850-0708.
El Especial de la semana en Mary’s Closet: Vengan a comprar
la semana de Oct. 13-18 y obtén la bolsa de ropa por $4. La
tienda está abierta los Lunes, Miércoles de 1-4pm y los sábados
de 10am-3pm.
40 Días por la Vida En la misión de salvar a los no nacidos, no
hay que preocuparnos por lo que va a pasar con nosotros sí actuamos; vamos a preocuparnos por lo que va a pasar con los
niños por nacer si no actuamos para salvarnos.
Abrigos Octubre 23 de 10am-5:30pm la parroquia St. Leo’s
2410 S. Blaine estará regalando a las familias necesitas abrigos,
guantes y gorros.
Adoración al Santísimo Cada segundo y cuarto martes de cada
mes. Después de la misa de la 7pm. Martes Oct. 14 y 28.
Page 9
Platica Pre-bautismal para el mes de Octubre:
El domingo 26 de Octubre es la siguiente platica prebautismal a las 2pm en el Centro Parroquial. Solamente
se permitirá que tomen esta plática las familias que se han
registrado para tomarla. Los interesados por favor llamen a la
oficina para que se les pueda decir los requisitos necesarios. 308
-384-2523 lunes a jueves de 8:30am-4:30pm.
Reflexiones de Vida “Los hijos son, sin duda, el don más
excelente del matrimonio y contribuyen sobremanera al bien de
los propios padres”.
“Desde antes de formarte en el seno materno, te conozco; desde
antes que nacieras, te consagré como profeta para las naciones”.
— Jeremías 1:5 ( Leccionario © 2011Comisión Episcopal de
Pastoral Litúrgica de la Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano, se
usa con permiso.)
Desayuno en apreciación a nuestros sacerdotes: El domingo
26 de Octubre, es el domingo de apreciación al Sacerdote. En
honor a los sacerdotes que sirven aquí en la Catedral, tendremos
un desayuno parroquial. El domingo 26 de octubre de 7:30am
hasta las 12 md. Se servirá pancakes, salchichas y delicioso desayuno casero. Por favor hagan planes para asistir a demostrar
su gratitud a los padres. Ricardo, José y Thomas. Si a usted le
gustaría ayudar con el desayuno, por favor de comunicarse con
De Tenski 381-8348 o con Glenda 379-9325 o Esther 383-7798.
Guadalupe Celebration: Hermanos el tiempo de preparar nuestra Celebración para nuestra Patrona de las Américas esta aquí!
Nuestra Virgen de Guadalupe! Como todos los años estamos
pidiendo su colaboración y donaciones, recuerden que si todos
colaboramos con algo nuestra celebración se lleva a cabo de la
mejor manera posible! Donaciones requeridas: platos, vasos,
servilletas, agua, condimentos para la comida (chile rojo seco),
tomates, cebollas, cilantro, chiles jalapeños, limones.
Este año la Celebración será el día 7de Diciembre 2014! Esperamos contar con su ayuda y apoyo. Como siempre comenzamos
con el rosario procesión alrededor de la escuela Católica, luego la
Misa con nuestro Obispo! Música, y danzas a la Virgen! Piñatas
para los niños, y rifa al final. Gracias Dios les Bendiga!
Esther Gómez MH
Entrenamiento de Monaguillos Niños de tercer grado en
adelante quienes ya recibieron su Primera Comunión y les gustaría servir como Monaguillos. Hay un entrenamiento programado
para Enero, pero si no quieren esperar hasta esa fecha por favor
llamen a la oficina parroquial con Barbara 384-2523 ext. 233.
Misa Memorial La Misa de las 5pm el domingo 2 de Noviembre
será para honrar la Memoria de los finados de Sta. Maria, Hijas
Católicas de las Américas #1263, Corte Ave Maria y los Caballeros de Colon. Por favor acompáñenos para honrar estas hermosas almas.
Vigésimo Octavo Domingo del Tiempo
Ordinario 12 de octubre de 2014
Todo lo puedo unido a aquél me da
fuerza. — Filipenses 4:13
Anuncios en Español
Page 10
Adoración Eucarística en la Catedral
Buscando historias de Adoración
Nos gustaría extender una invitación aquellos que están dispuestos a escribir un testimonio para el boletín. Estamos buscando a
personas que participan en la Adoración Eucarística para que compartan alguna experiencia vivida a través de la Adoración.
Puede ser una experiencia motivadora, en como la Adoración lo ha cambiado, una súplica contestada o su oración favorita que le
gustaría compartir. Lo que sea que motiva a su corazón escribir y inspirar a los demás.
Por favor de dirigir sus historias para la oficina de la Catedral ya sea por correo en una carta escrita en un sobre indicando
Historia de Adoración. Por favor de mantener la historia en menos de 175 palabras. Puede optar en agregar su nombre o puede
ser anónimo lo que usted prefiera. Se puede mandar por correo electrónico a: [email protected]
Todos los artículos serán aprobado por nuestro Pastor antes de ser publicados. Estas historias serán publicadas durante todo el
año, siga mandándolas a medida que sea inspirado. No nos quedemos con el conocimiento de lo impresionante que ha sido la
Adoración con nosotros…ayudemos a compartir la emoción con otros parroquianos, para así ellos también desarrollen el deseo
de crecer cerca de nuestro Señor a través de Adorarlo durante la Adoración en la Catedral.
Si usted anhela una relación profunda con nuestro Señor, usted debe considerar participar en la Adoración Eucarística. Las
personas que se comprometen una hora cada dos semanas, o hacen más tiempo experimentan una verdadera transformación de
Fe. Te pone en la presencia de nuestro Señor Eucarístico, proporcionando enormes poderes de intersección para las necesidades
de nuestra familia, amigos, parroquia, diócesis, y nación.
Estamos en busca de Adoradores adicionales para la Catedral. Veinte y cuatro horas de Adoración Eucarística comienza después
de Misa de las 7:00AM cada segundo y cuarto Martes de cada mes. Si usted puede ayudar por favor de comunicarse a la oficina
parroquial 308-384-2523.
Queridos amigos en Cristo:
En mi propio viaje espiritual, es claro para mí que el Señor se sirvió de los demás para que me ayude a oír la llamada al sacerdocio.
Afortunadamente, yo crecí en una comunidad de personas llenas de fe. El ejemplo de las hermanas religiosas y párrocos tocó mi
vida. Mis padres tenían un gran respeto por ellos, y su santidad y carácter fueron apreciados en nuestra casa.
La llamó por su nombre 20 a 40 la iniciativa se centra en el sacerdocio y la vida consagrada, y destaca el papel de la comunidad
cristiana de convocarse a hombres y mujeres a considerar las vocaciones. Muchos sacerdotes dan testimonio de que el principio de
discernimiento fue provocada por una investigación personal de un amigo, un familiar, un sacerdote de la parroquia, un miembro
del Club Serra, o el alcance de los Caballeros de Colón. No hay nada tan poderoso como alguien diciendo: "Creo que sería un buen
Tarjetas de nominación están disponibles para la presentación de nombres. Las personas que han sido nominados serán
contactados y aprenderán sobre la vida del ministerio de un sacerdote o religioso. Por favor, tomar la iniciativa de invitar a un joven
o una joven a considerar la llamada.
Gracias por todo lo que hacen para “orar y hablar” en apoyo de la iglesia y las vocaciones usted. Por favor oren por el éxito de esta
iniciativa y por todos los sacerdotes, religiosos y religiosas.
Obispo de Grand Island
Nota de Agradecimiento
Muchas gracias a todos los que estuvieron el domingo en la
Cadena de Vida. Gracias a Doña Evita Ramos y a Carmen
Pacas por recitar el Rosario. Todos los que no pudieron estar
presentes se les pide que ofrezcan sus oraciones para que
paren los abortos. Que nuestro Señor nos de salud y bienestar
para seguir con la lucha, muchas bendiciones a todos los
Leccionarios para Proclamadores Misas de Español! Ya están Aquí!!! Favor de recogerlos en mi oficina los domingos durante la
hora de la clase de Adultos RICA! 10 am a 11:30am ! Recuerden todo el que quiera participar en la clase es bienvenido!!!!
Gracias Dios les Bendiga. Esther Gómez M.H
Space is limited. Thanks and God Bless,
Brian or Sally, coordinators 860.399.1785
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Travel Agency
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St. Mary’s Cathedral
Budget Comparison Report Summary Format
For The Two Period Ended August 31, 2014
——Period To Date ———
Operating Revenue/Receipts:
General Collections
Restricted Collections
Bequests/ Donations
Interest & Dividends
Other Income
Total Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses:
Salaries & Fringe Benefits
Restricted Collections
GI CCHS Support
Diocesan Cathedraticum
Repairs & Maintenance
Other Expenses
Major Capital Purchase
Total Operating Expenses
Net Operating Surplus (DEFICIT)
——Year To Date ———
Other Revenue/Expenses:
Cathedral Square Receipts:
Cathedral Square Expenses:
Cathedral Square NET Surplus
Daycare Center:
Daycare Receipts
Daycare Expenses
Daycare NET Surplus (DEFICIT)
SMIP (Immigration)
SMIP (Immigration) Receipts
SMIP (Immigration) Expenses
Combine Net Surplus (DEFICIT)
Diocese Loan-Principal, Balance
If you have any questions please contact Fr. Richard at 384-2523 ext 201 or email: [email protected]
Cualquier pregunta hablar con el padre Ricardo ext. 201 o por email: [email protected]