To Parents/Guardian ...

To Parents/Guardian
Year 1 Rubies
Victory School’s Curriculum Plan
Term Autumn
Nonsense Poetry
Stories with familiar settings
There’s a Wocket in my Pocket – Dr Seuss
Ning Nang Nong – Spike Milligan
Jabberwocky – Jennifer Adams
Mister Magnolia – Quentin Blake
Number and Place Value
Properties of shape (2D)
Length and Height
We will be developing our French
vocabulary through songs and games.
How can you help your child?
Help your child to complete their
homework and ensure that it is returned
on a Tuesday.
Encourage your child to research the
topics we are studying in their own time,
by visiting the library or going onto the
Listen to your child read and read to your
child every day.
Help them learn words that will be sent
We will be finding out about weather and
seasonal changes. We will be recording
the weather and making observations
about the changes we observe. We will
develop a wider scientific vocabulary
around this topic.
We will be using ‘Switched on Computing’
a new computing scheme. We will be
producing a talking book. We will develop
our communication and collaboration
We will be learning about the beliefs of
Muslims. At Victory we celebrate our
differences and the values we share. The
children are very interested in religion
and in learning about the religion of their
classmates, gain more interest in sharing
their own religion and ideas.
Our history topic is Our Homes and we will
be exploring this through the theme of
making a doll’s house. We will enjoy
school trips to explore homes in the past,
on which your support will be much
appreciated. We will also look at homes in
other countries.
Our topic is me and my family. We will be
talking about our families and the people
we live with. Please talk to your children
about your family to help develop their
vocabulary and confidence.
In P.E. we will be developing our agility, coordination and balance. We are using an
exciting new scheme called REAL PE
We will be exploring the design work of
William Morris through his wallpaper and
fabric patterns. We will also look at
patterns from around the world. We will
design wallpaper for our dolls’ houses. If
you have any traditional fabric/patterns
from other countries we would really like
the children to bring them in to show us
thank you.
We will be exploring sounds and different
ways to make sounds. This will include
sounds we can make with our bodies and
with different types of instruments.