HR 360° Halogen eLearning Activation Instructions Covering every degree of your resource needs

Volume 2, Issue 8
October 2014
Pat Donison
Christi Daniels
Kelly Sherrod
Design & Editing
Donna Mowery
Covering every degree of your resource needs
Halogen eLearning Activation Instructions
1. Access the Halogen eLearning website by following this link:
2. Click “Forgot Password”
3. Type in your username, which is your network ID (1st part of
your UTMC email address {before the}).
Pat Donison, Human Resources/Payroll Manager
865-670-6102 - [email protected]
Kelly Sherrod, Payroll Assistant
865-670-6137 - [email protected]
Christi Daniels, Employee Relations/Benefit Manager
865-670-6103 - [email protected]
UPA Tobacco Affidavit:
As health insurance rates continue to rise, UPA is
focusing on wellness initiatives as a tool to help lower
claims, which in turn may reduce insurance premiums
for team members. For 2014, UPA’s main wellness
initiative is to focus on tobacco cessation. This is
especially important now as we look at implementing
a higher premium tier for team members who use
tobacco/e-cigarette products and do not complete a
tobacco cessation program.
4. Click on “Need to set or reset your security questions?” and this
On Friday, August 15, 2014, UPA launched our Tobacco
will send a new activation notification to your work email address.
Affidavit through Web Benefits on Paylocity. This
affidavit is required to be completed by all UPA team
members by the deadline of December 15, 2014.
Any team member who uses tobacco products or
e-cigarettes and does not complete a tobacco
cessation program by December 15, 2014, or misses
the deadline to complete the affidavit will
automatically default into the higher premium tier
5. Click “OK” and you will receive an email within 10-15 minutes.
effective January 1, 2015. The higher premium will be
in effect for the entire calendar year of 2015.
To access the Tobacco Affidavit, log on to Paylocity and
select Web Benefits under the Applications tab. When
Web Benefits opens, click on “Survey” to open the
affidavit. If you select the option to enroll in a tobacco
cessation program, HR will send you the information
regarding the courses available.
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