Chinese Phrases for Greeting Cards By Hongyang

Chinese Phrases for Greeting Cards
By Hongyang
[email protected] 2011 by Hongyang(Canada)
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Ebook Description
Do you ever find yourself at a loss for Chinese words, phrases or sayings when you write greeting
cards or occasion cards? The “Chinese Phrases For Greeting Cards” offers you great ideas on what to
write in Chinese characters on a card for many occasions, such as Anniversary, Birthday, Appreciation,
Apology, Holiday, Farewell, Encouragement, Congratulations, Miss You, Get Well Soon, Good Luck,
Wedding, At Work, Sympathy and Condolence.
The contents of the book are categorized by different occasions . English translations are provided for
every Chinese Phrases or Sayings.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Chinese Phrases for “Anniversary”
- Anniversary to a Couple
- Anniversary for Him
- Anniversary for Her
- Wedding Anniversary
- Parent’s Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 2: Chinese Phrases for “At Work”
- Farewell
- Appreciation and Encouragement
- Thank You
- At Work Etc.
- Apologies
- Retirements
- Congratulations
- Boss
- Costumers
Chapter 3: Chinese Phrases for “Birthday”
Chapter 4: Chinese Phrases for “Congrats”
- New Baby
- Students and New Grads
- New Job
- New Home
Chapter 5: Chinese Phrases for “Holidays”
Chapter 6: Chinese Phrases for “Miss You”, “Get Well Soon”
- Miss You
- Get Well Soon
Chapter 7: Chinese Phrases for “Sorry”, “Thank You” and “Good Luck”
- Sorry
- Thank You
- Good Luck
Chapter 8: Chinese Phrases for “I Love You” and “Valentine’s Day”
- I Love You
- Valentine’s Day
Chapter 9: Chinese Phrases for “Wedding”
Chapter 10: Chinese Phrases for “Sympathy” and “Condolence”
About the Author
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Chapter 1: Chinese Phrases for “Anniversary”
Happy Anniversary
Anniversary to a Couple
Hope you two continue having the best in life with each other
Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness
Today and always…..
On this special and wonderful day
Here’s wishing you both a very happy Anniversary
Anniversary for Him
Wish I could celebrate this special day with you
Sweetheart I want you know I am think of you always……
Here’s wishing us many of more years of togetherness
Happy Anniversary
Ever since you walked into my live
It has been filled with love, laughter and joy……
You are the best thing that had ever happened in my life
I am really lucky to have you in my life
Happy Anniversary, my love
Anniversary for Her
The moment I saw you I lost myself
I realized it was love
Thank you for all that you do and all that you are
I love you with all my hearts
Happy Anniversary, my love
Love always needs to two hearts
When one talks, the other listens
When one gets hurts, the other cries
My heart is really lucky to have a companion like yours
Happy Anniversary, my love
Wedding Anniversary
Wishing you a day
Blooming with happiness and wonderful moments
Happy Anniversary
Congratulations on your 1 year of togetherness…...
Hope you two have a special day filled with love and happiness
Happy Wedding Anniversary
Parent’s Wedding Anniversary
To my loving parents:
Thank you for being the way you are
And for all you have done
You mean the world to me
Happy Marriage Anniversary
Hope you two have a wonderful day
Chapter 2: Chinese Phrases for “At Work”
Wherever you go……
Here’s wishing that happiness, success and good luck
Be with you ……Always
Gonna miss you being around
But knowing you
You would fit in perfect wherever you go.
All the very best
Appreciation and Encouragement
It may be a little tough right now
But Hey!
I know you have got it in you to make it through
Just want to say THANKS……
It’s great working with you!
Thank You
Thanks for all your supports!
You have been a big help in so many ways……
Thank you for each one!
At Work Etc.
No matter how much of work piles up on me
Know why I still get smile on my face
Because of you
Here’s a hug to say:
You are simply the best
Have a great day
I shouldn’t have done what I did……
I’m sorry
I am really sorry……!
Best wishes to your retirement!
No deadlines to meet?
No meetings to do?
No targets to achieve?
Hey, just chill in the beach.
Lucky you!
Happy Retirement!
You’ve work hard and your efforts have paid off……
Wishing you continue success in the future!
You deserve it.
Congrats on your promotion.
Even when the whole world is rushing
There some who take time to encourage and inspire like you
And I am lucky to be working with you
You don’t make me work for you……
but work with you
Thanks for being such a wonderful boss
We are happy to serve you.
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you.
We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your needs.
Thank you.
Chapter 3: Chinese Phrases for “Birthday”
Happy Birthday
I wish you good health and happiness in life
Today and always…….
May you have the best Birthday ever
And may there only be happiness today and always…….
May all your dreams come true
Happy Birthday
Wishing that your special day
Burst with joy, laughter and smiles!
On your birth day
I wish you only smiles and joy
I want all of your wishers to come true
May there be new beginnings
May this year be full of happy memories and wonderful moments
May each minutes and second be filled with happiness
May there be new beginnings
May there be busting happiness all life long
May the angles guard you
May there be peace and calm
May all your dreams come true
Happy Birthday
Hope your special day
Brings you all that your heart desires!
Here’s wishing you a day
Full of pleasant surprises
Happy Birthday!
Chapter 4: Chinese Phrases for “Congrats”
New Baby
It’s a girl. Congratulations!
It’s a boy. Congratulations!
Here’s wishing you a whole lot of fun with your little one.
May all the precious little moments warm your heart forever.
Congratulations on the new arrival!
We are overjoyed at the arrival of the new member.
Wishing you lot of happiness with your little one.
Students and New Grads
Congratulations on your graduation.
Wishing you a life time dreams come true.
I wanted to let you know how happy I am.
Keep it up.
Wish you a bright future.
Congratulations on your graduation.
Wishing you luck and success in all you do.
New Job
Congratulations on your new job.
A fresh start…..
New people…..
New opportunities……
New challenges……
May you succeed in everything at your new job.
New Home
May your new home be filled with joy and cheer…...
And may it bring you happiness each day year after year.
Congratulations on your new home.
Love, luck, warmth & happiness…….
May you treasure them all in your new home.
Chapter 5: Chinese Phrases for “Holidays”
Happy Holiday!
Chapter 6: Chinese Phrases for “Miss You” and “Get Well Soon”
Miss You
I miss you
It’s hard staying away from you……
Waiting to be with you again
I miss you
Nothing is as sweet when you are not around……
Missing you
Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I stay up and think of you
And I wish to the stars
Somewhere you are thinking of me too
Missing you so much
Days are too fast……
Hours are few……
There’s never a moment when I don’t miss you
Thinking of you……
And sending you warm wishes
To make your day special and beautiful
Miss You!
Without you
The days seem so long
And the nights longer…..
Counting the days until we meet again
Can’t wait to be with you
I miss you from the bottom of my heart……
And wish for the moment when you would be beside me
Though you are not here in my arms……
You are in my thoughts……
You are in my dreams
And you are always in my heart.
I miss you.
Get Well Soon
May this heartfelt greeting
Add sunshine to your day
Please get well soon
Take good care of yourself
Sending you my brightest wishes to say,
Hope you get well soon
Just to let you know……
Someone is thinking of you,
And wishes for your good health……
Get well soon!
I am sorry to hear you are not doing well
My thoughts and prayers are with you
Hope you get well soon.
Sending you love and thinking of you
May health and wellbeing return soon to you
Sending warm thoughts……
To bright up your day!
Get well soon
Chapter 7: Chinese Phrases for “Sorry”, “Thank You” and “Good Luck”
I am sorry for my mistake.
I regret what I did.
Please forgive me.
For every mistake I did
I am sorry
Can’t get my smile back until you forgive me ……
I am sorry.
I know I have disappointed you!
But didn’t really mean that to…..
I am sorry
Sometimes the words just come out wrong……
I am really sorry!
I hurt you……
But I didn’t mean to……
Please forgive me
I am sorry I hurt your feeling
Please forgive me
I am sorry!
Please cool down your anger……
And forgive me.
Thank You
You touched my heart with your tenderness……
Thank You.
Thank you for all that you do.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
I say thank you and wish you a great day
Thank You
And wish you a day
Bright as this flower
And wonderful as you are
For all that you do
And for being special person you are……
Thank You
Thank you for always being there……
Thank you for your kindness……
Thank you for being sunshine into a day full of rain……
Thanks a ton.
You make things light for me.
Good Luck
May success be with you, always……
Wishing you good luck
Here’s wishing that……
Happiness, success and good luck are with you always.
May God give courage, strength and support……
My wishes and prayers are always with you.
May good luck and smiles are with you always….
May the beauty of the day
Give you a reason to smile……
Any you succeed in everything you do……
Good Luck
Chapter 8: Chinese Phrases for “I Love You” and “Valentine’s Day”
I Love You
Love for me is you……
And it is all about you
I cherish my life with you always being around me
Can never think how it would be without you
All I know is even when you are miles apart from me
You will still remain the most import piece of that puzzle,
Which completes my life
I love you
As we grow older together
As we continue change with age
There is one thing that will never change
I will always keep falling in love with you my sweet heart
I will love you till the end
You came into my life……
And made a wonderful world to live in
You made me feel so special
With all that you do and
All that you say……
From bottom of my heart
I would like to say just this
You are the one I love and
I will forever keep loving you
I love you
The search for a companionship ended……
When I met you
You are the one who completes me
With whom I can spend the rest of my life
Your heart is the place I want to be in
Your kiss is the thing I need the most
You are my world
I love you
I love you for those thousands reasons
You gave me to smile in this world……
Your love made me discover
The real meaning of my existence
I will use my last breath to say
I love you
A special smile
A special face
A special someone I can’t replace
I love you, I always will…..
Valentine’s Day
A Valentine wish from me to say
Thinking of you in a special way
Just as I do every day
Happy Valentine’s Day
Hope you have a special day……
Filled with love and happiness
Hops it’s as warm as your smile
And as wonderful as you are
Happy Valentine’s Day
By miles,
You are far from me
By thoughts
You are close to me
By hearts
You are in me
Happy Valentine’s Day
No matter where I go
The warmest place will always be
In your arms
Sweetheart, here’s a cozy hug to say
Love you today, tomorrow and ever after
Happy Valentine’s Day
You make my world a beautiful place to live in
And I want to thank you
For coming into my life
For you are the most precious gift
That God had given me
And I will love you for now and forever
Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart
Chapter 9: Chinese Phrases for “Wedding”
I Wish You Happiness
May each new day find your hearts closer
You live fuller
You love deeper
May God bless your marriage
And watch over you as you being your new life together
Warm wishes to bring joy……
And continued happiness in your life
In the company of each other
May you enjoy every bit of life
On your wedding
Wishing you
A happy married life
A dwelling for love and a place for care
May the nest be filled with joy for the lovely pair
Wishing you both for a life time of togetherness
May your wedding day being the new beginning
Of everlasting happiness
Best wishes for the lovely couple
Wishing you both a life time of
Everlasting love and happiness
Congratulations on your wedding
Wishing you love, luck and happiness
To last today, tomorrow and ever after…..
Hearty congratulations on your wedding
Though I can’t be there with you
As you tie the knot
I am sending you all my wishes
For this wonderful bond……
May your wedding day be the new beginning of an everlasting happiness
Chapter 10: Chinese Phrases for “Sympathy” and “Condolence”
Deep Sympathy
Here’s the hug wrapped with all my love and support…….
To confirm you at this time of loss
Can’t find words……
So, sending you these hugs and flowers
To let you know
I’m thinking of you
May love those around you
Help you through the days ahead
Thinking of you and sending you hugs to comfort……
Today and always
May loving memories bring you
Strength, comfort and peace
Extending deep and heartfelt sympathy
To you and your family……
May the memories keep you going
My prayers are with you
And may God be with you
You are in my thoughts and prayers……
Take care!
In the journey of life
Some people leaf a mark so deep
That it becomes so hard to forget them……
May you find peace and love in the memories you cherish…….
With heartfelt condolence
Sorry to hear about your loss
May it comfort you to know
That I care
About the Author
Hongyang h洋 was born in China, had achieved Bachelor degree from China and Magister degree
from Germany. She had worked as a TV reporter for German and Canadian TV stations. She lives in
Toronto, Canada and besides her full time job in the Telecommunication Industry writing has become
one of her favorite hobbies since 2005.
À 洋出生于中中,,
得中国 国学
士学位和德国 Magister 学位。她曾担任任
À 居加拿大多 多,任 于 信公司,自 2005 年起写作成成
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