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Executive Director’s Notes
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Promotion Time
MDCA students are gearing up to go to kindergarten in the fall, and
this brings me great pride. I know that MDCA’s teachers have
worked hard to prepare our preschoolers for this next step.
Verneda Bentley 7/4
Gandora Johnson 7/4
Geraldine Knox 7/15
Tamara Peoples 7/17
Eva Ford 7/24
Sherlunda Dawkins 7/24
Valerie Weakly 7/28
Ralphine Rolling 7/30
Children’s First Learning Centers
8409 Hough Ave.
12421 Superior Ave.
1416 Hayden Ave.
Superior Academy
7020 Superior Ave.
The promotion ceremony is set for Saturday, June 2 at the Harvey
Rice Library, located at 11535 Shaker Boulevard in Cleveland.
Some have asked…Why is the promotion/graduation being held at
the library instead of the centers? The library was chosen because
it is great resource. The library offers a wealth of knowledge for
adults and children through classes and, of course, books.
Brackland Academy
12416 Brackland Ave.
Church of the Master
4050 Monticello Blvd.
St. Mark Head Start
11123 Buckeye Road
Cory Head Start
1117 East 105 St.
Avon Head Start
Look for our
Back-To-School issue
in September.
Please submit
information or photos
by August 17th.
Thank you!
10902 Avon Ave.
Zion Chapel
Brenda Thornton 8/4
Tamara Chatmon 8/6
Yvette Thompson 8/7
Elvera Pink 8/9
Cerice McCray 8/10
Mary Nichols 8/18
Wilhelmina Griggs 8/21
Ramona Menefee 8/22
Quantina Barnes 8/23
Michael Thompson 8/26
Rosonya Bogarty 8/28
4208 Lee Road
Happy Anniversary
Sherrae Dorsey
India Berry
Helen Hale
Laura Terrill
Valarie Thorpe-Baldwin
Secdonia Hall
Ruby Pickens
Sherran Cephus
March 17
March 31
April 14
April 29
May 28
June 17
June 17
June 26
Our Vision: “The Sooner They Start, The Further They'll Go.”
Ministerial Day Care/Head Start Association, a visionary trendsetter, will meet the diverse needs of our
children, families and communities by offering high quality, comprehensive services, in an environment
where diversity is valued, power is shared and individuality is respected and rewarded. We will develop and
sustain relationships in the community, building partnerships and opportunities that are responsive in
meeting and exceeding the performance standards of our lines of business. We will be the stellar early
childhood development and supportive services agency committed to excellence at all times.
Executive Director’s Note
Superior’s Fashion Show
Art & Play @ Brackland and
CFLC Hayden
appy Birthday!
2, 8
Hough’s Egg Hunt
Health Corner
Autism and Black Children 6
Cory’s Polish Boy Sale
Happy Anniversary
Dr. Seuss once said, “The more you read, the more things you will
know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
As our children move on to elementary school, I want to make sure
that our families know about the great resources offered by the
Cleveland Public Library. There will be library staff on-hand to
assist our parents if there are any questions. If you have not done
so already, you will be given an opportunity to sign up for a library
I encourage our parents to use the library and all of its invaluable
I am excited about the 2011-2012 promotion ceremony, and I look
forward to seeing you there.
The program will begin promptly as follows:
10:30 a.m.: Avon, Zion, Superior Academy, CFLC 124th
11:30 a.m.: Church of the Master, CFLC Hough, Brackland Academy
12:30 p.m.: St. Mark, Cory, CFLC Hayden
Congratulations on this wonderful milestone!
Verneda Bentley
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MDCA Newsletter
Research On
Head Start
Happy, Happy
Dana Hester 5/2
Tiffany Jones 5/6
Cashanay Addison 5/9
Vanessa Saleem-Taylor 5/10
Bertie Richards 5/14
Judy Tutwiley 5/17
Beverly Lawson 5/20
Carolyn Farmer 5/20
Doris Sullivan 5/28
Barbara Sullivan 5/28
Patricia Tatum 5/28
Chauntae Rose 6/3
Darnell Fields 6/4
Endia Terry 6/7
Helen Hale 6/8
Lisa Emory 6/17
Krissy Curtis 6/27
Ernestine Locklear 6/29
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MDCA Newsletter
Superior Academy Shows Off
Gear On Fashion Runway
Head Start children are “ready to learn,” as by the
spring of their kindergarten year, they showed
substantial increases in word knowledge, letter
recognition, math skills, and writing skills in
comparison to national norms.
Head Start children in the 2000 cohort of the Family
and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) demonstrated a
greater increase than the typical child in vocabulary
and early writing.
Head Start children are significantly more likely to
complete high school and attend college than their
siblings who did not attend Head Start.
Recent FACES data show that HS graduates, by the
spring of their kindergarten year, were essentially at
national norms in early reading and early writing and
were close to meeting national norms in early math and
vocabulary knowledge.
By the spring of their kindergarten year, HS graduates’
reading assessment scores reached national norms, and
their general knowledge assessment scores were close
to national norms.
A higher proportion of Head Start parents read to their
children more frequently than those parents of
children who were not enrolled in Head Start.
Students at Superior Academy walked the fashion runway on Friday, May 11th for a Parent
Fundraiser. Parents packed Superior Academy for the event.
Photos courtesy of Ferebee Studios