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Fiche d’inscription Année scolaire 2014 - 2015
Registration form School year 2014-2015
Activité principale Club LFS / Club LFS major activity
Prénom / First name
N°Passeport / FIN/IC N°
Adresse / Address
Tel domicile / Tel home
Tel portable / Tel HP
Statut / Status
Parent / parent
Externe / External
Personnel / Staff
Personne à prévenir en cas d’accident / Person to contact in case of emergency
Nom / Name
I, (name & first name)
, hereby agree and declare to pay or indemnify the
Lycee Francais de Singapour for all claims, coasts and losses of any nature which the school may incur. I also
declare to have underwritten a personal liability (PL) insurance which will be valid during my involvement in
PL policy insurance n°---------------------------------------- with -------------------------------------------* In addition, I acknowledge that the Lycee francais de Singapour will not assume any liabilities in case of an accidental
bodily injury or
material loss or damage, in any circumstances whatsoever.
I accept that neither the Lycee francais de Singapour employees nor the activity leaders shall be liable for any loss or injury
arising. I have
read the Club Lycee francais de Singapour rules and regulation (“Charte du club”) and I accept and agree them.
Cotisation annuelle*
Yearly fee
Pour les externes
For external people
Pour le personnel LFS & parents
For LFS staff and parents
Inscription après le 02/02/2015
Registration form 02/02/2015
S$ 250
S$ 150
S$ 150
S$ 75
*L’inscription est forfaitaire et définitive pour l’année scolaire. Aucun remboursement ne sera effectué en cas
d’intempéries, d’absences
(maladie, voyage…) ou d’abandon d’activité.
Payment by cheque only payable to LYCEE FRANCAIS DE SINGAPOUR LTD.
I certify that all the above information is correct.
Date and Signature:
Administration – Tel : (65) 6488 1160, Fax : (65) 6487 2821
Ecole élémentaire – Tel : 6488 1192  Vie scolaire – Tel : 6488 1168  Service comptable – Tel : 6488 1173
Site internet :  E-mail : [email protected]