EE 446/646 – Fall 2014 - Assignment 2

EE 446/646 – Fall 2014 - Assignment 2
A. Use TMY3 data to calculate the local monthly solar energy received a fixed 1 m2
collector placed flat on a horizontal surface. Use a reflectance of ρ = 0.2. Display the
results in graphical form. Also determine the daily average solar energy received by the
B. Repeat A when the collector is placed flat on a roof that is facing south (Φc= 0) with a
tilt angle of Σ = 23o
Guide for Answering B: For each hour, create a column corresponding to the following
a) Day number n, declination angle δ, equation of time E, solar time ST, and hour angle H.
b) Sun altitude angle β and azimuth angle Φs
c) Incidence angle θ (a column for each of the 3 orientations specified above)
d) beam irradiance, diffuse irradiance, and reflected irradiance received by the collector,
then add the three components.
Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) = IB
Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI) = IDH
Beam Horizontal Irradiance (BHI) = IBH
Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) = IBH + IDH