OCTOBER 12, 2014
SAT 10/11
4:00 PM
First Reading: Isaiah 25:6-10a
This passage describes the new Jerusalem as a heavenly
banquet on the mountain with the Lord God wiping away all
Second Reading: Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20
In simple, direct words, Paul thanks the Philippians for
alleviating his hardships. He stresses, though, that he is as
accustomed to poverty as to abundance and finds all his
strength in Christ.
Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14
Once more speaking to the chief priests and the elders, Jesus
relates the parable of the wedding banquet. A King, preparing
a wedding banquet for his son, summons all the invited guests.
When, after several invitations, no guests arrive, the King
commands his servants to “go out into the byroads and invite
anyone you come upon.” Again, Jesus warns the elders, “the
invited are many, the elect are few.”
SUN 10/12
8:00 AM
Daily Readings for the Week
James Porter Req. by Wife and Children
Barbara Nowak Req. by her Husband, John
Frank Batten Req. by Theresa Phillips
John Gregory Req. by The Chance Family
Maria Carnovale Req. by Leo & Sally Villa
Georgie Somers Req. by Jane & Frank
Rudolph Family Deceased Members Req. by
Jane & Frank
9:30 AM
Nick Maccaroni Sr.
James T. McVeigh, Jr. St. Simon Stock Parish
Amelia Camardo Req. by Maryann Bisirri
11:30 AM
James Cherry Req. by Tony & Mary Ziccardi
Marianne Toy Req. by Betsy Toy
100th Birthday Remembrance for the
Intentions of Millie Marrazzo
Req. by John & Eleanor Gasowski
MON 10/13
8:00 AM
People of the Parish
TUES 10/14
8:00 AM
Marie Beach Req. by Steven & Kelly DeCord
WED 10/15
8:00 AM
Mary C. Hayden Req. by St. Simon Stock Parish
THURS 10/16
8:00 AM
Dave & Jane Hobbins Req. by their Daughter
FRI 10/17
8:00 AM
Patricia Moseley Req. by St. Vincent de Paul
Anthony Esposito Req. by his Daughter
SAT 10/18
8:00 AM
Perpetual Remembrances
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31—5:1; Lk 11:29-32
Gal 5:1-6; Lk 11:37-41
Gal 5:18-25; Lk 11:42-46
Eph 1:1-10; Lk 11:47-54
Eph 1:11-14; Lk 12:1-7
2 Tm 4:10-17b; Lk 10:1-9
For the Intentions of: Our Sick and Homebound
Requested By: St. Simon Stock Parish
4:00 PM
We Welcome Into theCatholic Christian Community
Aubree Rose Stallard
Please pray for those who have continued
on their journey to the Kingdom of God:
Madeline Strong
John Middleton
Delores Tierno
Linda Markey
Samuel J. Genna Sr.
Walter Marshall
SUN 10/19
8:00 AM
PLEASE NOTE: there will be NO ADORATION on
Wednesday, October 22nd due to the Priest
Nicola Leto Req. by Sally & Leo Villa
Charles & Doris Whitman Req. by Charles
Whitman and Family
John F. Henderson Req. by his Family
9:30 AM
Peggy Ann Donahue Req. by her Husband Joe
J. Donahue Sr.
Ann Marie Van Dyke Req. By Marie Callahan
11:30 AM
Ellen V. Garrity Req. by Mom & Dad & sons
Keith, Ryan & Devin
Debra Grone Wadsworth Req. by Fred &
Patricia Eller
Robert Cifers Req. by Ashley Leyden & Family
CONFESSIONS: Confessions are held every Saturday from
3:15 – 3:45 pm in the Church.
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: is held every Wednesday in the
rectory Chapel following the 8 AM Mass until 5 PM with the
Miraculous Medal Novena at 4:30 PM.
Joseph Santone Req. by his Wife
John F. Henderson Req. by his Family
Loving Cousin Helen Delunas Req. by June
Anthony Caporelli Jr. & Ron Midili Sr. Req. by
PLEASE NOTE: the Parish Office will be CLOSED on
Columbus Day.
Please pray for those who have asked for our prayers:
SS John M. Ciaccio
SGT Adam Cutaiar; USMC
CTI 2 Russell Hagner
US Army SPC Jason E. Healey
Lt. Robert John Perales, Army
AMN Jeff Warrington, US Navy
Sgt. Christopher Wright
Pvt. Steven York
Nadeem Sarwar, US Army
SPC Justin Scheuren
Staff Sgt. David Sigwart
1st PV2 Amanda Sylvester
Sherri Mercier
Regina Arey
Dave Bandish
Dorothy Bannar
Richard Beppel Jr.
Makenzie Bogart
Jay Bohanon
Joe Bryson
Pasquale Caldarulo
Marie Carr
Bob Chambers
Dorothea Cheslock
John J. Clancy
Joanne Crossetta
Herb & Rosemarie Dalbow
Kathleen Deitz
Barbara Dooley
Deborah Dowd
Msgr. Francis X. Dreger
Dennis Druding III
Joanne Edmondson
Michael Evans
Rita Farina
Dolores Fahringer
Joseph Fahringer
Baby Nora Feger
Stephanie Frago
Tom Garrity
Daniel Guetherman
Douglas Hatch
John J. Henderson
Patrick Hennessy
Judy Herlihy
Cy Hill
Maria & Siggy Honrychs
Michael Honrychs
Bob Horn
Patty Kalck Jackman
Maryann Jacobs
Robert Jacobs
Grace Kelley
Mildred Kernan
Ann King
Vera Ann Kirk
Gladys LaLena
Mabel Lewis
Sophia Marie Lewis
Sarah Leyden
Margaret Liberatore
Audrey Liebler
Lillian Lovenduski
Dottie Maguire
Stephen Malloy
John Manes Jr.
Sister Marcille, IHM
Deacon Dick McCarthy
Michael McDonald
Elizabeth McHenry
Savannah McSorley
Antoinette Metzger
Marie Michael
Kaitlyn Miller
Ron Miller, Jr.
Joan Morris
Maria O’Brien
Grant O’Neill & Anna
Eileen O’Neill
Chris O’Rourke
Catherine Perkins
Martha Piatek
Diana Prichard
Quinn Rathjen
Sam Renzi
Deacon John Rich
Leon Rossi
John Sachs
Kathleen Siedlecki
Sammy and Sophia
Diane Scharle
Eleanor Scheidegg
Roger Schwartz
Frank Santilli
Krista Sheehan
Kenny Snuffin
Logan Stepler
Wayne Stepler
Dorothy Mae Stevens
Helen Swanson
Jason Talucci
Peter & Michelle Taylor
Rita Tevis
Patricia Tighe
Linda Todd
Joan Ucciferri
Domenic Vacanti
Joseph VanDyke
Kathy Watkins
Lorraine Walser
Catherine Welser
Joanne Wescott
Carol Whitesell
Colleen Yaniak
To be sure this list is updated, all names will remain on the list at this time. However, if the status of anyone listed has
changed, please let us know so the name can be removed. Thank you as we continue to pray by name for our
Homebound and Sick who need our prayers. Please contact Sister Mary Rosina ([email protected]) or Sue (856767-2563 ext. 300 or [email protected]). THANK YOU.
Daily Rosary/Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Early Morning
Please join us as we pray the Rosary and/ or Chaplet of
Divine Mercy after the 8:00 am Mass (Monday thru
Saturday). All are welcomed to join us as we pray
meditatively in peace and joy.
Wednesdays at 6:30 am
Parish Meeting Center
Men and Women ~ All Fitness Levels
Start your day feeling centered, refreshed,
and more closely connected to God.
It costs nothing to attend!
Simply bring a yoga mat and join us!!!
Call Sue at 856-685-3643 for more information.
Monday, November 3rd at 7:00 pm
St. Simon Stock Parish
We are celebrating a special “Liturgy of Life” Mass on
Monday, November 3rd at 7:00 pm. We pray for all our
deceased parishioners and friends, but most especially
for those who died since November 2, 2013.
In light of recent and upcoming renovations to our
Church, parishioners are respectfully asked to please
refrain from bring any food or beverages, other than
water, into the Church. Let’s keep our church looking
beautiful! Thank you.
We invite all of our parishioners to join us for this special
Mass, and invite you to bring a photograph of your loved
one to place on the bookcase for the month of
November. May they rest in Peace!
Mrs. Bea Raiker, CRE [email protected]
Betty Cipolone, Admin. Assistant [email protected]
Bishop Eustace Preparatory School invites students
and parents to our Open House on Sunday, October
19, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Experience
firsthand our commitment to academic excellence,
spiritual development, and personal growth, while
touring our college style, 32-acre campus. For more
information, please call the Admissions Office at (856)
662-2160, ext. 240, or visit our website at
856- 767-1537
Registration for all students K- 8th
Registration for 2014-2015 for new or returning students
K-8th grade may be done on the website or you may
come in to the Parish Office Monday – Thursday 9am to
4 pm. Tuition for one child is $125.00; two or more
$175.00. Monthly payments may be made. If you have
a child with special needs and you would like them to
prepare for the Sacraments, please contact Mrs. Raiker
at 856-767-1537.
Gloucester Catholic Junior-Senior High will host an
Open House for all prospective students on Thursday,
October 23rd from 7:00-9:00 PM. Interested 6th, 7th
and 8th grade students and families are invited to attend
the evening showcasing academic, athletic and extracurricular offerings for both the junior and senior high.
Faculty, staff and students will discuss scholarships,
financial aid, transportation and related concerns. For
more information, visit or contact
Tom Flynn in Admissions at [email protected],org or
(856)-456-4400, ex 228.
Faith Formation Sessions
Sunday ~ 10:30 to 11:30 am
Monday ~ 4:30 to 5:30 pm
October 12th & 13th (Columbus Day)
All are invited to the Saint Joseph High School Open
House on Sunday, October 19 from noon to 2 p.m.
located at 328 Vine St., Hammonton. Receive a tour of
the school and meet the administration, teachers and
students. Find out what a Saint Joseph High School
education will mean to you. For more information, call
609-561-8700 or
Calling all young people in grades 6-12!
St. Simon Stock Youth Group
6, 7 & 8 grade meet in the gym
9-12 grade meet in the PMC
Sunday night 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Women of Wisdom Retreat
October 28-30 (mid-week)
Marianist Family Retreat Center
Cape May Point, NJ 08212
609-884-3829 or
Empty Nest? Retired? Retiring? Downsizing? You were
once a girl who became a woman then a mother (to your
own or another of God’s creation). How did you get
here? Where is God calling you now? Come explore
the wise, witty and occasionally wild world of the mature
woman! Intended for women 55+
Cost: $115 per person
A fun and energetic group of young people who
have the opportunity to hang out and have a good
time. Prayer, trips, fundraising, service projects,
game nights, gym time are just a few of the ways
we get to know each other and make friendships
based in God’s love within a supportive and loving
environment. For more information contact Mrs.
Bea Raiker, Youth Group Coordinator at 856-7671537 or [email protected]
St. Simon Stock offers opportunities for 6th through
12th grades to become more involved in the parish.
I encourage you to take advantage of all our parish
has to offer you. You have the opportunity to learn,
to live and to love your faith. All are welcome: bring
your friends! If coming out for meetings on Sunday
night is not your thing, Volunteer. Stay connected
by joining in different activities going on in the
Parish. Do you like to sing, play an instrument,
enjoy reading or greeting people? We have a
special place for you! Please contact me by email
[email protected]
Mass of Anointing and Healing
Saturday, October 18, 2014, 10:30 am, a complimentary Hot
Lunch will follow in the Hall. Mass will be celebrated by Msgr.
Michael T. Mannion at St. Cecilia Church, (Mary Queen of All
Saints Parish), 4824 Camden Avenue, Pennsauken. Those
experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual issues are
especially welcome as well as caregivers, friends and family.
For more info contact: Alberta Peters, 856-665-1385.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO RCIA on Monday,
October 13th (Columbus Day). RCIA will resume on
Monday October 20th.
Welcome St. Simon Stock Travelers!
us for the
You are cordially invited to tour with us
for the next few months as we explore……
Who’s WHO?! and What’s WHAT?!!
Our glorious planet is chock full of amazing people, places and things!
Come join us for all or any of the following tours!
Discover WHO you will meet and WHAT you will find!
End 68 Hours of Hunger Project….
is a private, not-for-profit, effort to confront
the approximately 68 hours of hunger that
some young school children experience
between the free lunch they receive in school
on Friday afternoon and the free breakfast
they receive in school on Monday morning.
So….WHO is needed for this TOUR? A crew
of VOLUNTEERS! We need you to help us plan
the program so children never have a “fear of
hunger.” Claire Bloom is the amazing
founder of the program (check out Claire’s
interview on NBC news or check out the
website: )
So….WHAT is this TOUR about? It’s about
helping to put nourishing food in the little
hands of elementary school children to get
them through the weekend. Volunteers
purchase the food, pack the bags and deliver
them to the offices of the selected elementary
schools. From there, a school employee
delivers the food to the classrooms of the
individual participating students. The students
take the food home on Friday afternoon.
The great news is that this program provides
initial funds for us to get started! It is not a
difficult program to establish. It will simply
take time and volunteers. Jesus teaches that
whenever we care for the poor and
vulnerable, we care for him…..Please sign up
for this TOUR at one of the meetings listed
*If interested, we will meet on Tuesday, November 4 at 1:00pm OR 7:00pm in the PMC.
(You can choose either meeting….both will have same content.)*
The Matthew 25 Project.....
The gospel of Matthew 25 conveys a clear
message from Jesus that charity and justice is
So….WHO will you meet on this TOUR?
at the heart of our faith: “I was hungry and
Rosemarie Manes, a licensed marriage and
you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me
family therapist, who will present the topic:
drink, ill and you comforted me…”
The Deafening Silence: The Impact and
Healing for Individuals and Families from
So….WHAT will you do on this TOUR?
Suicide of a Loved One. Rosemarie’s
Our parish is partnering with the Diocesan
presentation is based on her experience of her
Office of Life and Justice to offer an
father’s suicide. Please join us.
opportunity for us to respond to the needs of
those who are “ill.”
*WED, November 12 at 9:30am OR 7:00pm in the Parish Meeting Center*
Welcome St. Simon Stock Travelers!
Bible Study Tour
So….WHO should explore this TOUR?
Anyone who is available on Wednesday
mornings. No prior knowledge of the Bible is
Join us each week as we enjoy one another’s
company and study the Sunday scripture
readings for the upcoming Sunday.
Additional topics are added.
So….WHAT should you expect on this TOUR?
To meet lovely, entertaining folks both inside
and outside of the Bible!
Coffee and snacks included!
*Most Wednesday mornings from 9:00-11:00am in PMC.
First gathering: Wednesday, October 1 at 9:00am.*
(RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
So….WHAT can you discover on this TOUR?
Come discover who God is in terms of our
Catholic faith tradition and how God is
present in our daily lives! At the end of this
tour, the participants become full members of
the Catholic Church through the sacraments
of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
So….WHO is eligible for this TOUR?
Individuals who have never been baptized or
who are baptized in another Christian
tradition, or those who are baptized Catholic
but have not celebrated the Sacraments of
Eucharist and/or Confirmation, or those who
have questions about Roman Catholicism.
Sign up soon!
*First gathering: Monday, October 6 at 7:00pm in Parish Meeting Center*
2nd Annual Christmas Carol Festival
So….WHAT should you expect on this TOUR? To celebrate Christmas the old fashioned
way, singing carols that are near and dear to us!
So….WHO will be asked to sing on this TOUR? Everyone! And all adults and children are
asked to bring BELLS to play along. Also, kindly bring your Blessed Mother from your
crèche/manger to be blessed if you wish.
To help those in need: please bring new scarves, mittens, hats or gloves (children or
adult sizes) as a donation.
*2nd Annual Christmas Carol Festival: Sunday, December 14 at 2:00pm in the church*
Angels, Angels, Angels!
So….guess WHO you will meet on this TOUR? Angels, of course! Guardian angels. Bible angels.
Some famous. Some not-so-much!
So….WHAT kind of journey is this TOUR? One filled with fun, facts, prayer and of course angels!
Please bring an angel of any kind: a statue, a picture, a person or whatever else you wish!
*Our Gathering: Monday, December 15 at 1:00-3:00pm OR 7:00pm in the PMC
(You can choose either time….both will have same content.)*
Welcome St. Simon Stock Travelers!
World Religions
So….WHAT will you do on this
TOUR? Take a detour back to
ancient times to explore various
faith traditions, religious beliefs,
movements and rituals.
So….WHO will you meet on this TOUR?
People such as Zoroaster, Orthodox
Catholics, Confucius, the Sioux and more!
*Gatherings: Mondays 1:00-3:00pm in the Parish Meeting Center*
January19, 26—Eastern Catholic Churches & Polish National Church
February 23—Native American Spirituality
March 23—Quaker Spirituality & Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints (Mormons)
April 20—Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Confucianism
Mary Takes Us Through the Stations of the Cross
So….WHAT is Mary’s TOUR about? Mary will
travel with us to help us understand Jesus’
passion through her own eyes then and
through her eyes now as well.
Any person who wants time during Lent to
honor Mary as a mom. A mom who
experienced sorrow, pain and injustice, yet
she was compassionate and forgiving and
So….WHO should sign up for Mary’s TOUR?
*Monday, March 9 at 1:00-3:00pm OR 7:00pm in the Parish Meeting Center*
“Welcomers” Team
So….WHO does the welcoming and WHOM
are you welcoming? Our team welcomes our
new parishioners! We have 3 teams. The first
team arranges a welcome bag full of goodies
such as the history of our parish, sanctuary
artwork info, a refrigerator magnet with our
parish info, and maybe a baked goody. The
second team goes to homes to visit the new
parishioners. The third team writes and sends
greeting cards to those who are listed on our
prayer chain.
So….WHAT do you need to become a
“welcomer?” A nice, warm, “welcomer”
personality! If you got it, you’re in!
*Simply contact SueAnn for your pass into the Welcome Team Tour*
For more information on our tours please contact our tour guide, SueAnn Jeral:
856-767-1537 or [email protected]
The Adult choir is looking for new singing friends! If anyone has ever told you that you have a good voice, then you
MUST come join us. Reading music is a plus, but not required. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30pm starting
Sept 17th. For more information- Liz Williams 856-304-1167 [email protected]
Calling new members! Junior Choir begins practices on September 20th. Our first mass is October 5th at the 930am
Mass. Junior Choir is open to Second grade and above. If interested, please come to practice on Sept.20th or contact
Mary Ziccardi at 856-435-0901 or [email protected]
We are seeking two able and willing techies to work for the parish in our “streaming ministry”. These jobs include
coverage for all weekend Masses, Christmas, liturgical feasts, First Communions and Confirmation. It could even grow
into funerals and weddings. Scheduling could be flexible as long as we have coverage at every Mass. This would be a
paid position. Must be 17 years and have a driver’s license. If interested, please contact Sue Ann Jeral at the parish
offices (856-767-2563) or Tony Ziccardi (856-435-0901)
Our parish is in great need of additional Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors. If you can help with these liturgical ministries,
please contact SueAnn Jeral at 856-767-1537 or call the parish office at 856-767-2563 and leave your name, email
address and phone number. The parish will arrange for and pay for your training. Thank you!
4:00 PM
(1) A. Contrevo, A. Martini
(2) G. Grabowski, J. McKay
T. Bongiovanni, K. Talucci
C. Reilly
8:00 AM
(1) B. Vadino, A. Primo
(2) V. Vadino, P. David
J. Martin, K. Johnson
C. Kohler
9:30 AM
(1) F. Mitchell, R. Tartamosa
(2) C. Mitchell, S. Tartamosa
S. Markiewicz, D. Bilella
C. Wright
11:30 AM
(1) Sa. Leyden, C. Cordario
(2) T. Powers, K. Maronski
L. Tartaglia, B. Maronski
T. Brisbin
B. Piontkowski, Sr. Rosina
S. Villa, J. Hill
C. Rainey, T. Alibrando
M. Leyden, Sh. Leyden
J. Ingram (MC), J. Erickson
Z. Ingram, M. Cunanan
M. Mathew (MC), J. Howell
A. Mathew, K. Clayton
J. LaBarth (MC), Jas. Bilella
J. Carty, Jos. Bilella
C. Katkocin (MC), N. Garcia
B. Michaelis, O. Horan
Tony D.
Rich and Vicky
Adult Choir
Liz and Katkocin
4:00 PM
(1) B. Piontkowski, M. Fahringer
(2) B. Tresca, R. Fahringer
A. Martini, B. Bansch
A. Contrevo
8:00 AM
(1) K. Johnson, C. Kohler
(2) J. Martin, J. Kohler
S. Markiewicz, P. Miller
W. Piatek
9:30 AM
(1) B. Hansen, P. David
(2) C. Rainey, D. Druding
C. Sheridan, R. Wright
C. McCullough
11:30 AM
(1) M. Leyden, T. Powers
(2) Sh. Leyden, J. Ralston
L. Tartaglia, C. Cordario
S. Rosenbaum
K. Nicoletta, M. Fisher
S. Villa, L. Bunoza
B. Wright, J. Eddis
A. Marchessani, B. Handy
B. Michaelis (MC), Z, Dean
M. Michaelis, G. McGlinchey
B. Pallante (MC), A. McKeon C. Covone (MC), C. Hess
E. Pallante, M. Tees
N. Covone, E. Hess
M. McPeak (MC), L. Pizzileo
J. McPeak, S. Bradley
Catherine and Theresa
Junior Choir
Liz and Chrissy
4:00 PM
(1) A. Cullin, G. Grabowski
(2) K. Cullin, B. Tresca
K. Talucci, J. Talucci
B. Bansch
8:00 AM
(1) J. Kohler, D. Quinn
(2) C. Kohler, S. Villa
L. Bunoza, M. Werner
Need 1
9:30 AM
(1) D. Flood, D. Druding
(2) F. Flood, P. David
B. Hansen, C. Wright
R. McGee
11:30 AM
(1) J. Ralston, M. Leyden
(2) Sa. Leyden, C. Warrington
C. Cordario, Sh. Leyden
C. McCullough
Sr. Rosina, P. Tresca
B. Vadino, V. Vadino
J. Eddis, D. Eddis
M. Spinosi, A. Spinosi
A. Ingram (MC), J. Ingram
Z. Ingram, N. Swift
K. Clayton (MC), J. Holwell
M. Millenbach, M. Tees
C. Hess (MC), A. Visco
E. Hess, D. Visco
M. McPeak (MC), O. Horan
J. McPeak, F. Spinosi
Tony D.
Contemporary Group
Adult Choir
Steward’s Needs are Provided
“My God will fully supply whatever you need…”
God really does provide for those that are grateful and
generous. This is very difficult for people that don’t live a
Stewardship lifestyle to believer. People are skeptical
and say it’s just coincidence. If you are skeptical, try
living a stewardship lifestyle for just one month – be
generous with your gifts of time, talent and treasure and
see how God provides for your needs.
Special Notice Regarding
Our 2014 House of Charity Goal
We are very close to achieving our goal for the 2014
House of Charity If you have not contributed thus far,
please do so ASAP. Our parish will receive 10% of our
goal of $ 87,324 if we reach 100%.
Start the Fall off Right by Losing Yourself in
the Music and Energy of Zumba!!
October 11th & 12th, 2014
Sunday Collection: $ 12,179.00
Electronic Parish Giving: $ 488.00
Pro-Life Collection: $ 1,551.00
Electronic Giving: 100.00
Capital Needs Debt Collection: $ 548.00
Electronic Parish Giving: $ 30.00
Candles: $ 160.00
Poor Box: $ 129.96
Tuesday Evenings
7:30 pm in the Gym
One Class is $8. Purchase $80 Punch card or Gift
[email protected] for more information.
On October 19, our Diocese will take up a second
collection for missionaries from around the world, who
through their witness to Christ, provide practical help to
the poor and allow them to experience God’s love and
mercy, His hope and peace. Your financial help on
World Mission Sunday, offered in the collection for the
Society for the Propagation of the Faith, will support the
1,150 young mission dioceses and communities who
await the “Good News” of Jesus as their saving hope.
Please be as generous as your means allow in next
week’s second collection.
The Mater Ecclesiae dinner theater fundraiser in Berlin,
New Jersey is looking for volunteer actors for their
February 2015 play. Please e-mail Linda Hasson at
[email protected] no later than October 26 if you
are interested in auditioning.
Win Big is the largest fundraiser for Our Lady of Mt.
Carmel Regional School. This year there are 80 prizes
valued at over $70,000. Tickets help to offset tuition
costs for school families. Tickets COST $50 and can be
purchased after masses or through any school family.
Drawing is on Dec. 13th at 7:00 PM in the gym. You
must be over 18. You do not need to be present to win.
At the request of Bishop Dennis Sullivan, our parish will
take up a collection on October 25th and 26th to assist
the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God who have been
treating Ebola victims in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Several brothers and co-workers have died treating
these patients. According to one of the Brothers, “They
need all the support we can give them to complete the
isolation area and to supply specific hospital materials –
gloves, masks, goggles, etc – as well as disinfectants to
control and treat the Ebola virus… There is no vaccine
and no specific effective treatment for this disease, and
treatments can only deal with the symptoms, which
makes it a matter of life and death to introduce
preventive measures and prevent contagion spreading
to family members and the health care personnel
treating the sick,” he said. Bishop Sullivan requests that
we offer our prayers as well for those suffering from
Ebola and for those who are caring for them.
St. Vincent de Paul Food Collection
Next weekend is the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.
Please remember to bring in your canned goods and
non-perishable food items.
Each week St. Simon Stock Parish highlights one of the
local businesses that support our parish by advertising in
our weekly bulletin. We appreciate your support!
Charles A. Maimone, Broker/Owner
For All Your Real Estate Needs ~Since 1951~
Grab your Girlfriends and C’mon out for OLMC’s FIRST DESIGNER BAG BINGO
Featuring *Michael Kors* along with Coach and other great designers
Friday November 7th, 7pm (Doors open at 5:30)
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Gym, Berlin, NJ
Chinese auction Door Prizes ~ 50/50 drawing Grand Prize raffles
Tickets are $25 and include 10 rounds of bingo, door prizes, coffee/tea/soda & some great surprises!
So get your friends together, bring whatever food and beverages you like and come for a fun night out!
Any question please feel free to email, call or text Karyn Bossert at [email protected] or (609) 929-7434.
Please join us Friday, October 17th from 7-9pm for a spooktacular event in our school parking lot! The parking lot will be
transformed into a fantastically fun place where kids can trick or treat from trunk to trunk with all of their friends! There is NO
charge for this great event!!! All that we ask is that you bring enough candy for approx. 300 children. Bring your cars to the
OLMC parking lot by 6:30pm, decorate your trunk with Halloween decorations, and get ready to see all the great costumes
as the children begin trick or treating at 7pm. Prizes will be awarded by our “secret” judges for the best decorated trunk as
well as costume prizes in several different categories for the kids! **Adults please sign up your "trunk" by contacting Karyn
Bossert at [email protected] or sending in the form below. All “trunks” must be signed up by Monday, October
13th. Please feel free to contact Karyn with any questions at the email above or at (609) 929-7434. We hope to see you
Name:_________________________________ Child’s Name & Grade_____________________