Assignment Work – 2013-14 English Literature (Final) funsZ'k %

l=h; dk;[email protected] Work – 2013-14
M.A. English Literature (Final)
Max Marks – 30
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Min Marks-12
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(Assignment Work of each paper carries 30 Marks. All questions carry equal marks. Attempt all questions.)
A Study Of Fiction – I
How do you rate Aristotle as a critic?
Write a brief note on Sidney’s views on ‘Diction and Style’ of Poetry.
Write the summary of chapter 14 of “Biographia Literaria”.
Comment on Arnold’s language in the essay.
Write a critical appreciation of the Sacred wood.
A Study Of Fiction – II
Where does Tom meets Sophia.
Write a Short summary of the novel.
What connection does Orlick have with Mrs. Joe’s death ?
Why is Susan surprised when she sees Henchard again ?
How is it ironic that the boys killed Simon ?
Going Through Shakespeare – I
What are your first impressions of Jaques ?
What do you learn about Ferdinand ?
What Criticism would you offer of the play as whole ?
How does Cassiusdie ?
What was the withches Prodhecy to Banquo ?
English Language – A Study – IV
What role does the Lingua Franca of a country play ?
What do you mean by Etymology ?
What do you understand by Age-graded variation ?
What do you mean by Cannotation ?
What do mean by Inflection ?