Rollinsford Grade School Newsletter October 8, 2014 Upcoming Dates:

Upcoming Dates:
10/8: Fire Prevention
Day– Visit from RFD
10/10: No School
Teacher Workshop
10/11: Somersworth
Pumpkin Festival 10-4
10/13: No School
Columbus Day
10/16: School Board 6:30
10/17: WWP
10/19: Rollinsford Public
Library 5K Salmon Run
Rollinsford Grade
School Newsletter
October 8, 2014
Reminder—In order to keep our students safe, please note that dogs
are NOT allowed on RGS property at any time. If picking up a student
with your dog in tow, please wait on the sidewalk.
As we swing into autumn, the weather is becoming seasonably cooler.
To keep your family healthy, make sure that your children dress in layers, drink lots of fluids and get their annual flu shot. It is also a great
idea for your child to have an extra change of clothing in their backpack
for those unforeseen muddy days.
10/22: WWP
10/25: PTO Halloween
Party & Dance
10/30: Halloween Safety
with RPD
10/30: Trick-or-Treat in
Rollinsford 4-8 pm
The lost-and-found
bin in the annex is
getting full of sweatshirts and jackets. Is
your child missing
RGS has been spending lots of time and effort developing a healthy
climate and culture in our building. Mr. Conte’s class has gone above
and beyond by working on a class song about community that they
performed in front of the entire student body. They were so impressive that they were asked to perform the inspirational song for the
Rollinsford School Board on October 16th at 6:30. Don’t miss this
memorable performance!
Last week RGS welcomed Joan Wiegers (MA in Dance). Joan will be working with all RGS students creating a movement piece bringing teamwork,
confidence, and taking healthy risks to life. Using music, dance, rhythm,
and the themes of STICKS AND STONES our students will prepare to wow
Rollinsford on Thursday, November 13 at 6:00. Please plan to join us for a
beautiful performance.
THE SALMON RUN 2014 sponsored by the Rollinsford
Sports Corner:
Public Library will be held on Sunday, October 19 at 9 am. This
road-trail combo race starts at the base of the Salmon Falls River,
heads up through quiet neighborhoods, across a bridge that overlooks a cow pasture, into the wooded Scoutlands, under a
RR trestle, past the historic Mills at
Salmon Falls, and back down to the
riverbank. Registration begins at 7:30.
Kids FuRPLe Fun Run begins at 8:30.
Register at the RPL or online at
Soccer Intramurals
Make-up games being
held this week.
Flag Football
begins next week.
The RGS-PTO has been very busy so far this year. If you haven’t become a member yet for the
2014 – 2015 school year, it’s not too late. Family memberships are $5.00. Money from membership
dues enable us to provide additional programs and classroom supplies that are not otherwise covered
in the school budget.
During our first two meetings we appropriated the following funds:
$2000 for QPP materials to be used by all classrooms
$1800 to provide a $100 book fund to each teacher
$775 for classroom materials & supplies
$500 to the library for the book bracket challenge
$250 for the Halloween party & dance at the end of the month
We have already had our annual corn maze fundraiser at Zach’s farm. We raised over $400
from this event! Thank you to all who attended.
This week our first fundraiser with Meadow Farms went home. There are many
great items for sale in their catalogs. Money from this fundraiser will provide funds to
have Jeff & Skip from Sticks & Stones back in the school for another round of workshops
for our students. Please take a moment to look through the catalogs. You may also order online! All orders are due by 10/17/14.
The annual Halloween party for our pre-K – 4 students will be held on Saturday, October 25
from 1 – 2:30. That same evening our 5 – 7 grade students and former students will enjoy a Halloween dance from 7 – 9. If you are interested in helping with either of these events please contact
Stephanie Wentworth at [email protected] More information will be coming home soon.
Upcoming fundraisers include:
Kidstuff coupon book fundraiser from 11/18 – 12/1
Annual gift card fundraiser in mid-November
If at any time you would like to contact a board member for any reason our emails are: Kelli Haines,
President - [email protected], Danielle Phipps, Secretary – [email protected],
Pam Lebel, Treasurer – [email protected]