Colorado’s highest art of Craft Brewing Application report

Application report
Colorado’s highest art of Craft Brewing
New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO
New Belgium Brewing Company is a regional
brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado USA.
It opened in 1991 after Jeff Lebesch, the
brewery's founder, took his home brewing
passion commercially. In 2011, it produced
712,800 barrels of its various labels. As of
2010, it was the third-largest craft brewery
and seventh-largest overall brewery in the
United States.
NBB has an annual growth rate of more than
10%. As a result of this success, the existing
filtration capacity became a bottleneck. NBB
decided 2009 to install a new filter system
with higher capacity, reviewed and tested all
current, available filtration technologies and
finally decided to purchase and install a stateof-the art candle filter [SYNOX] manufactured
Description of projects
In order to minimize downtime, the new candle
filter was installed parallel to the existing horizontal leaf filter, using the same infrastructure.
SCHMID AUTOMATION AG was responsible for
the entire automation ranging from software
programming with Rockwell Controllogix and
Intouch-Wonderware to the design of the electrical infrastructure according to UL standards
and the construction and installation of all control cabinets with Allen-Bradley hardware.
The Synox candle filter was successfully installed and commissioned in close cooperation
between NBB, FILTROX and SCHMID without
requiring involvement from a third party engineering company.
A new project was started in 2012 to split up
the two filter lines for more flexibility. Moreover, new Carbonization and Pasteurizer units
have been integrated on this occasion.
This time SCHMID not only had to adapt the
Rockwell and Intouch control system to the new
needs of the brewery but was responsible for
the changes in the OPTO system of the old filter
and the BBT´s too.
In the same year, SCHMID realized a third project for the integration of 4 additional malt silos
into the existing control system together with
KÜNZEL. All three projects were completed
within the given time frame meeting or even
exceeding all of NBB s expectations.
New Silo extension
New Candle filter
New Carbonisator
New Pasteurizer
Our scope of supply
Software programming in OPTO 21
 Design of the hard- and software concept
according to NBB specification
 Automation part for a new second
filtration plant 2 in 2010
 Automation extension for pre- and
post filter line in 2013 with OPTO 21
 Delivery of MCC cabinets and field panels
 Programming of process – software Rockwell
Automation – RSLogix V19
 Programming and integration of the
SCADA Wonderware Intouch V10.5/2012
in the running system
Extended Pre-Filterline on Opto-PLC
 Software FAT with the customer,
on-site and in-house at our company
 Integration of second pre-filterline into
existing Opto system
 Commissioning and training of operator
and maintenance personnel
 Modifications in three different Opto PLCs
 Flow Chart programming and communication with Rockwell / Allen Bradley
Wonderware Intouch V10.5
Overview Filterline 2
New Intouch visualization for Pasteurizer
New Candle Filter
New Carboblender
Special features in Rockwell RSLogix V19
 Fully automated step sequence control with 18 sequences
 Comfortable
handling of objects such as
valves, motors
etc. with hand
mode, monitoring, simulation
(force) and configuration
 Online parameterization of
step and
 Simple and intuitive operation with buttons and selections.
 Extensive step chain sequencer displaying step numbers, step texts, parameters and step
enabling conditions.
 Automatic, jump and inching mode
Electrical engineering and planning in-house
 Design of the electrical diagrams
with EPLAN P8
 MCC cabinets/field panels have been
built in our panel shop, UL design
 MCC cabinets with: NEMA 12
Arc Flash panel section
 Overvoltage protection
 Power meter (Bytronics)
 Remote IO rack
 Control voltage distribution
 Motor starters, Drives
PLC section
 PLC extension rack
 Ethernet switch
 Emergency stop unit
 Control voltage breakers
 Field wiring terminals
Pneumatic section
 Air distribution, maintenance unit
 Valve bloc - Ethernet bus controlled
 Air tube field connections
 Field panels with: NEMA 4x
Control power panel section
 Remote IO rack
 Local 24VDC power supplies
 Panel light with receptacle
 Field wiring terminals
Pneumatic section
 Air distribution
 Maintenance unit outside mounted
 Valve bloc – Ethernet bus controlled
 Air tube field connections
Codes, Standards, Regulations
Industry codes, standards and references
had to be considered as
 NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code
 NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for
Industrial Machinery
 UL 508A – Industrial Control Panels
NBB electrical standards and specifications
had to be considered as well
MCC cabinet door labels
In accordance with your wishes, we realize tailor made process engineering sub-processes
as well as entire turnkey plants from the planning to the after sales service.
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