Robert Baudy
Savage Kingdom – Center Hill, FL
Lost USDA license 2007. Big Cat Rescue took four tigers.
Joe Schreibvogel
G.W Exotic Animal Park – Wynnewood, OK
Schreibvogel breeds cubs constantly and takes them from their mothers soon after birth, a
torment to mother and cubs, so they will bond or “imprint” on people instead of the mother.
He then carts them around the Midwest 50 weeks per year in a semi trailer, setting up in malls
and charging to pet them and take photos with them.
White tiger raw bottom from diarrhea
Child playing with 5 and 7 month old cubs at OK facility
Vernon Yates
Wildlife Rescue and Rehab – St. Petersburg, FL
Houses Dozens of tigers, lions, alligators, crocodiles, lemurs, baboons and bears on 2.5 acres
next to a grade school. Cats live in concrete and chain link cells.
Vernon Yates Cont’d
Makes money taking cats out for display in small wagons in parking lots and fairs.
95 degree heat - 2005
Cub on Display
Adult on Display
Kowiachobee Animal Preserve
The Menagerie Foundation Big Cat Sanctuary
Naples, FL
Diane Zonderman
Animal Rescue Kingdom – Ocala, FL
Had one tiger kept in a shed for 6 years, one bobcat in small enclosure in yard on dyed, toxic
mulch. Sent them to Vanishing Species which was shut down in 2010.
Bobcat Cage
CARE – Christmas, FL
Darryl Atkinson
Horseshoe Creek – Davenport, FL
Lost USDA license 2008.
Mange on lion
Wild Bill’s - Homassassa, FL
Josip Marcan
Marcan Tiger Preserve – Panhandle, FL
Traveling Exhibit
Backyard Cougar
Vanishing Species – Miami, FL
Ken & Sandra Smith
Wesa-a-Geh-Ya, Warren County, MO
Lost license in 2008 after tiger attack. Carolina Tiger
Rescue took 4 tigers. 22 tigers and lions sent to
G.W. Exotic Animal Park. 15 to Serenity Springs
Wildlife Center in Calhan, CO
Cole Bros. – Deland, FL
Cypress Gardens – Lakeland, FL
Collins Zoo – Collins, MI
Animal Attractions Circus Menagerie – Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL
Kathy Stearns
Dade City Wild Things – Dade City, FL
Bloody mouth and swollen eye after fight
Kathy Stearns Cont’d
Traveling Cub Petting Exhibit
On Site Cub Swim and Holding
Traveling Exhibit
Dennis Hill
White Tiger Foundations and Hill’s Exotics – Flat Rock, IN
Dick Neugehohrn
SW FL Rehab – Homestead, FL
Private Owner
Hamilton, TX
Great Cats of Indiana
Antoine Yates - Harlem, NYC, NY
Tiger in Truck - Walmart Parking Lot
Greg Green
Buffalo Lake, MN 2003
Robert Engesser
The Zoo aka Jungle Safari – Chiefland, FL
New Port Richey, FL Shopping Center Exhibit 2012
Blowing in cub’s face to punish
Terry Frisco
Bengal Tiger Encounter – Sarasota, FL County Fair 2012