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Thursday, October 9, 2014
Volume 59 issue 44
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Unveils New
Rules to Protect
Sex Workers
B y h olly r oBertSon
and K huon n arim
the cambodia daily
New government regulations for
the entertainment industry announced yesterday aim to offer sex
workers and other vulnerable employees increased protection under
the Labor Law, but experts warned
that implementation would be a
long and difficult task.
During an event at the Labor
Ministry, minister Ith Sam Heng
announced that the new regulations—for bars, karaoke parlors
and adult entertainment venues—
aim to improve the lives and legal
protection of the venues’ mostly fe male staff.
The proclamation, or prakas, covers working conditions, health and
safety, and access to HIV services
for sex workers, and will for the first
time offer legal protection to employees in a sector that Mr. Sam
Heng said is thriving.
“I estimate that every year most
people go to entertainment establishments one or two times, including me,” Mr. Sam Heng said at the
launch event yesterday.
“entertainment services,” he
clarified to laughter from the audience, “include discotheques, clubs
and restaurants.”
Chan Dyna, a representative of
the National entertainment Work ers’ Network, said the new rules
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Thach Setha, head of the Khmer Kampuchea Krom Community, addresses protesters yesterday outside
the Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Penh, on the last day of a five-day demonstration to demand an
apology for comments made by an embassy spokesman in June. (Story page 17)
Amid Tourism Boom, Luxury Market Beckons
B y G eorGe S tylliS
and K anG S othear
the cambodia daily
Retailers at Cambodia’s biennial
tourism exhibition were brimming
with optimism yesterday, certain
that a luxury hospitality sector is
on the cusp of a boom, while
tourism operators in the country
announced a new federation to
smooth the road ahead.
Thousands of visitors made the
trip to Phnom Penh’s Koh Pich for
the first day of the three-day
CamFood/CamHotel 2014 exhibi-
tion, sampling free food and wine
from around the world and watching contestants laying bed linen
and sauteing seafood in a series of
hospitality competitions.
This year’s event, organizers
said, has attracted more high-end
exhibitors poised to exploit the demand for high-end goods and services as the country’s tourism sector
continues to grow.
“The difference this year is that
we have more professionals coming. These people have spent a lot
of money to build a booth. You are
talking $1,000 to $10,000 to have a
booth for three days,” said Luu
Meng, president of the Cambodian
Hotel Association.
Tourist arrivals reached 2.9 million during the first eight months of
the year, a 4.2 percent increase on
the same period last year, a rise Mr.
Meng said reflects a hospitality industry that is starting to demand
higher quality products.
The number of global franchises
in the country’s hospitality sector
has risen from four to 40 in the past
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Kenyan President Faces Charges Before ICC
THe HAgue,
Netherlands - A de fense attorney for Kenyan Pres ident uhuru Kenyatta called on
judges at the International Crim inal Court to throw out allegations
of crimes against humanity, saying that prosecutors had failed to
prove their case after five years of
Prosecutors countered that Kenyatta’s government obstructed the
hunt for evidence and requested an
indefinite postponement of the trial.
They said sanctions should be con-
sidered to force Nairobi to comply
with its obligations to cooperate.
“The case has failed, and it has
failed in a way that means there is
no prospect of it going further,” defense lawyer Stephen Kay said, calling on the judges to find his client
not guilty. If the prosecutor doesn’t
offer more evidence, he said, “you
act to terminate.”
Kenyatta was summoned to the
Hague-based tribunal to answer
questions about his indictment on
charges of orchestrating a wave of
deadly post-election violence that
The Daily Newspaper of Record Since 1993
swept Kenya in 2007.
He is the first sitting head of state
to answer a summons to the court,
established 11 years ago to prosecute individuals for serious crimes
when domestic courts are unwilling or unable to do so.
Judges adjourned the hearings
and are expected to make a decision about the trial’s future before
the end of the year.
Kenyatta, dressed in a dark blue
suit, did not speak in court, but was
defiant in comments to journalists
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