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St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Tenterden
(including Newenden, Rolvenden, Rolvenden Layne, Wittersham, Stone-inOxney, Appledore, Woodchurch, Bethersden, High Halden, Biddenden, St.
Michaels and surrounding settlements)
Parish Priest: The Rt Revd. John Hine, Emeritus Bishop.
The Presbytery, 47 Ashford Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6LL
Tel: 01580 762785
Deacon: Rev. Jolyon Vickers Email – [email protected]
Parish E-mail: [email protected]
Parish Website: www.standrewstenterden.org
Hire of Parish Hall: Lesley McCarthy 07791 949652
e-mail: [email protected]
Week beginning 12th October 2014 Twenty-Eighth Sunday of the Year (A)
Today’s Mass: By Fr David Gibbons, Centre for Catholic Formation
First Reading: having defeated death, the Messiah will host a fine banquet. The Church understands this to
refer not to an event in this life but to eternal life after Christ’s second coming.
Psalm: psalm 22 is so familiar that we don’t have to worry about the words when we recite it. Rather, we can
meditate on their profound significance and attractiveness.
PSALM RESPONSE - 1800 - In the Lord's own house shall I dwell, for ever and ever
0830 - The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want
1030 - Hymn 970
Second Reading: the Church in Philippi will get their reward for helping St Paul in his hour of need from God,
who is always lavish in his generosity.
Gospel: the Parable of the King’s Wedding Feast is a parable about the judgement of Christians. The king is
God, the wedding feast is the messianic banquet (foretold in the First Reading), the servants sent out represent
the prophets, while the reference to going out and inviting everyone, “bad and good alike”, refers to the mission to
the Gentiles. All are invited, but not everyone responds. The man without a wedding garment signifies those who
live their lives other than in accordance with the Gospel.
“For many are called, but few are chosen”. These words are not intended to frighten us but to encourage us to
follow Christ, so that we can enjoy the eternal banquet in heaven.
Please remember the following in your prayers
Those ill or infirm in our parish – Giles Hutt, Elizabeth Morrison, Joseph Adams, Patricia Hook, Mary Quinlan,
Joanna Powell, Lucy Mullen, Philomena (Philly) Curtin, Mary O'Malley, Michelle McKinnon, Flo Primarolo and
Chris Conrath.
Those known to parishioners, who are ill or infirm – Margaret Donnelly, Sara Carrizales, Stephen Mountjoy, Elena
Troake (Elena Peck's daughter), Rachel Shutt (Barbara Hilder's daughter), Debra Tsimekis (Mara McDermott's
friend), Suzanne Noorian (Ann Bryant's cousin), Sister Callista (Mary Iglinska's sister), John Cregan (Ann
Williams' brother), Peter Robinson, Don Hunter (Kevin Thornton's friend), Fr. Leo Lynch, John Roylance (Rev.
Margaret Roylance’s husband), Stephen Beasley (Wendy and Andrew Butler's son-in-law), George Williams
(friend of Grace Rowson), Margaret Gosling (Rachel Heinrichsmeier's mother), David Strivens, Lara Whittaker
(friend of Maureen Davidson), Ray Palin (Maria's husband) and Mgr. Ted.
Those whose anniversaries occur about this time –Arthur McMullen, John Lorriman, Kenneth Stacey, Freddie
Ryan, Fred Paynter, Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy, James Pillans, Andrew and Michael Steapp and Catherine Rice.
Services for the week commencing Saturday the 11th October
6pm. –Vigil Mass
8.30am ( People of the parish )
10.30am.(Brian Rose RIP,)
Second Collection today for the Needs of the Diocese.(enabling the Archbishop to give grants to some of our
smallest parishes)
Monday 13
St Edward the Confessor,
10am Mass (Private Intention)
Tuesday 14 .
St Callistus, Pope & Martyr
10am Mass (for the sick of the parish)
Wednesday. 15 .
St Teresa of Jesus (Avila)
10am Mass (Val &Hugh Broad,in thanksgiving)
Thursday.16 .
St Margaret Mary Alacoque,Virgin
8am Mass (Fr. Peter Rolph RIP)
Friday 17 .
St Ignatius of Antioch,Bishop & Martyr
10am Mass followed by
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Saturday 18 .
St Luke.Evangelist.
10 – 11am Confessions.
Twenty-Ninth Sunday A
6pm Vigil Mass.
Sunday 12
Twenty-Eighth Sunday A
(Prisoners’ Sunday)
Last Sunday’s Collection for CAFOD (for the needy and hungry of the world) £370-09 WELL DONE!
The numbers at Mass are counted in each Church on Sundays during October. Last Sunday 132.
Fr John writes:Second collections came thick and fast at this time of the year ! This Sunday the ‘needs of the
diocese’ is the collection we are obliged to take up, but it is also ‘Prisoners Sunday’, - organised by P.A.C.T.
(prisoners, families ,communities, a fresh start together) a Catholic organisation that supports prisoners and their
families in so many ways. They want and need our prayers and support, - but I simply could not invite you to
contribute to three collections on the same Sunday!
What does PACT actually do? They befriend families in in court when a member is sentenced, they provide a
helpline for prisoners families and their friends, they work at visitor centres at prisons for families visiting a
relative, they supervise play areas inside prisoners for prisoners children, they have family support workers, and
mount parenting and relationship training courses. And finally they are involved with resettlement support for exoffenders. Over 200,000 children each year experience the imprisonment of a parent.
I have always had great admiration for the work done by our prison chaplains - it is a difficult and demanding
ministry. Like most other Catholic bishops, I used to celebrate a couple of Masses on Christmas day in prisons, quite naturally it is a time when they experience the greatest loneliness being separated from their loved ones.
I have put some literature and envelopes in the Church porch about the work of PACT. If you are interested,
please take one. There may be some who could get involved in this sphere of charitable work. But all of us can
certainly support their work through our prayer.
Marriage MOT -Saturday 15 November. St Theresa’s Church Hall, Ashford. –a day in which married couples
can explore their relationship more deeply and gain valuable insights into their communication and the call of the
Church to be married. Booking essential; Contact Phil and Mary Pond tel 020 8651 e-mail
[email protected] £25 per couple for the expenses of the day.
SMARTLOVING 2-day non-residential COURSE AT St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre, Hendon, London NW4 4TY. Sat
18 & Sun 19 October 2014. £45 per couple includes meals & workbooks.
Make this the year you turn your good marriage into a GREAT marriage. No group sharing. Further information
at www.smartloving.org/marriage/ Enquiries/Registration [email protected] 020 7931 6064
Office for Marriage & Family Life, Vaughan House, 46 Francis Street, London SW1P 1QN.
Support for the Parish Centre.
You will be pleased to know that our Parish Centre continues to make good progress. With the excellent work by
Lesley McCarthy, bookings are increasing and our engagement with community groups is improving; income is
going up and our costs are coming under control. Thank you too, to all those parishioners who continue to
support us by making monthly standing orders, who help through ad hoc collections, events or by making special
donations. Such support is really heartening. We have also received grants from a couple of charitable
trusts. There is still a long way to go to pay off our loans, but we will be able to make a positive report to the
Diocese at the end of the year. So thanks for all your the support.
St Andrew's Parish Christmas Lunch Sunday 7th December at the London Beach hotel, 12.30pm.
We have purposely chosen a lunch time session as we know parishioners prefer a day time event rather than a
night time event, plus it gives you the opportunity to invite your family and friends to join this Parish event. The
menu will be Christmas based and a copy is in the Porch. The cost is £25 per adult with children 12 and under,
half price. Drinks are not included in the price. Please write your names on the board provided in the porch with
your choice of menu and make cheques payable to St Andrew's Parish.
I am also pleased to confirm that the London Beach Hotel is continuing its Charity scheme whereby the Parish
can claim back the cost of the food with the funds going to the Parish. So far over the past 2 events at the hotel
we have been able to claim back circa £1500.
Please make every effort to support your Parish and if you have any questions please contact Fr John, Elena
Peck or Peter Lonergan.
Tuesday 14
Wednesday 15
This Week
Tenterden Walks, starting from our car park at 10.45am
Mother's Prayers at 6pm in the parish office. New members welcome.
Choir Practice at 7.00pm
St. Vincent de Paul – meeting at 7.30pm.
Next Week-End
18 / 19
Twenty-ninth Sunday (C)
Eucharistic Ministers
Deacon Jolyon
Anne Taylor
Kevin Thornton
Flowers - Linda
Twenty- Ninth (A)
Michael Drummond-Brady
Deacon Jolyon
Michael Payne
Alan Shipton
Brian Lawrence
Deacon Jolyon
Chris Leahy
Ellie Doggwiler
“Religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion. In practice it means that
hardly anybody is allowed to mention it” Autobiography (1937) G.K. Chesterton
“Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair” – G. K. Chesterton.
Brian Lawrence
[email protected]
01233 73265