free 3 skill level

• Simplicity® pattern 3595
• 2 yds confetti dot fabric, silver
• 2 yds silver lame fabric
• 2 yds polyester needle-punch batting
• 1/2 yd cotton fabric, white
• 1 each thick 9"x12" craft foam: pink, white
• Craft foam scraps, black, white
• 1 sheet thick 12"x18" craft foam, pink
• Ribbon:
3 yds of 1/4" pink
1 yd wide silver
2 yds narrow silver
3 yds of 1"-width grosgrain, red
• Appliques: flag, USA, 1 pkg blue stars
• 1 pkg each chenille stems: pink & silver
• 1 pkg single-fold bias tape, gray
• 1 hook & eye fastener
• 2 large snaps, silver
• 3 round buttons, silver
• 1 buckle
• Brads: 1 small, 1 black, 8 silver squares
• 2 yds featherweight boning
• Belting trim:
2 yds pink metallic
1 yd red
• Self-adhesive alphabet letters
• Pink glitter
• 2 yds Velcro® brand fastener strip, white
• Duck® brand duct tape
• Strong craft glue
• Black pen
• Pencil or wood dowel
• Scissors & craft knife
• Sewing machine & basic sewing supplies
• Iron & ironing surface
DRESS: Using confetti dot fabric, follow pattern directions for view A dress, minus the trim.
BOOTS: Use provided pattern to cut 4 from silver lame and 4 from fleece. Baste all edges and sew center front
seams. Hem all edges and add Velcro® to center back as closure.
1. Use pattern piece #19 & cut from confetti dot fabric. Follow directions for hood, minus ears & round pointed
2. Poke 10 pink & 10 silver chenille stems through dart seam (about 1") to inside of hood. Bend inside stem
ends; cover with duct tape. Bend stems around pencil or wood dowel to form robot springs & arrange.
2-in-1 astronaut & robot costume
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Control Panel:
1. Spell out TRICK OR TREAT in adhesive letters. Peel backing paper. Over a sheet of paper, shake pink glitter
onto sticky side. Press glitter into the adhesive. Set letters aside.
2. Cut 9"x6" piece of thick white craft foam. Cover with confetti dot fabric; wrap fabric to the back and glue. Cut
pink craft foam arrow & attach to fabric-covered panel with a square brad. Attach glittered letters to panel &
arrow. Attach square brad to panel corners.
3. Cut 8"x10" rectangle from thick pink craft foam. Glue confetti dot panel to pink rectangle. Glue wide silver
ribbon on back to form apron-like strap.
4. Cut length of pink belting trim surround waist & slightly overlap in back. Center at bottom of pink rectangle,
but do not attach. Poke 3 holes, centered; push shanks of 3 large silver buttons through holes. Secure on back
with short pieces of chenille stems. Glue strapping to pink rectangle. Glue Velcro® fastener to pink belting trim
at the back.
5. Use scraps of white, pink & black craft foam & black pen to make gauges & knobs. Glue to front of silver
confetti dot panel.
Project courtesy of
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores®
Designed by Debbie Miller &
Connie Glennon-Hall
Boot Cuffs:
1. Open up the boots and trace the shape of the tops onto a 12"x18" sheet of thin pink craft foam. Do this twice.
2. Glue pink belting trim to the straight (bottom) edge of the cuffs. Sew or glue Velcro® squares at the backs of
the cuffs to keep them closed.
3. Sew large silver snaps on the boot and the cuffs, at the top back, to keep the cuffs from sliding.
4. Wrap silver ribbon around the pink belting trim, centered. Secure the ribbon in the front with a square brad.
Tie the tails in a bow on the front of the cuff.
1. Use pattern piece #19 only; add 1" to center back seam and round front forehead.
2. Cut 2 each from lame, fleece and cotton.
3. Baste edges of lame to fleece. Sew darts and center back seam of lame and cotton. With right sides together,
sew lame to cotton, leaving one side of front center open.
4. Turn, press, top stitch and add Velcro®.
1. Cut 14"x29" pieces of fleece and lame.
2. Baste all edges together. Fold in half; cut a 51⁄2 " neck opening & cut up center back to form opening. Baste
these edges. Hem all sides and stitch Velcro® fastener to back opening.
3. Stitch red ribbon 11⁄4" from side edges, leaving 3" opening for belt 11⁄2 " from each end. Stitch 1 end of belting
to buckle & thread other end.
Astronaut Boot
Arm Cuffs: Use pattern piece #14, adding 1/2" to each side. Cut 2 from lame & 2 from fleece. Baste edges. Stitch
red ribbon 3" from center top. Hem sides & add Velcro® closure.
Boots: Sew red ribbon 3" down from center.
To finish costumes, add appliques.
Skill Level 3: Sewing experience needed
Approximate Crafting Time: 7 hours
Please read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions for all tools and materials used.
Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.
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