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[Tho FuxrlaEo$trnohfifuAdfioxn
Slaughser Ae{, ES65
(Punjab Act 15 of 1956)
Statementof objectsand ressons:"Article 48 of thc Constitutionof
the StateGovernmeitto organiseagriculruralaird animal
husbandry on modernand scientificlinesand in particularto take stepsior
prcservingand improvingthe breedsand prohibitiDgthc siaughterof cow and
its progeni. 'In vicw of tbis considerationtbat the cow and its progeny
must bc savcdwith a vicWtd providemilk, bullcck poweras wcll as manui€r
,it becomesimperativeto imposecompleteban on cow slaughter". (Funjab
GovcromentGazetteExtreordinary,dated thc 7th Octobcr,1955).
-Amcnded of PunjabAct,z of i981.
:- (l) This Act may bc calicd
l. Short title, extentanil coilimencement
thc PunjabPrcibibitionof CorvSlaughtcrAct, 1955.
(2) It extends
to the wholeof the Stateof Punjab.
(3) It bhallcomc into fofce at ence.
(c) ''cow" includesa bull, bullock, ox, beiferor calf ;
(cc) n'export"Eeans to take out from the Stateof Punjabto any placc
outsidcthat state);
by rules 'made underthis Act ;
(d) "prescribed"meansprescribed
and includes
(g) '-'slaltghter"meanskilliog by any methcd whatsoever
-.--ing and inflioting of physfualinjury wbich in the ordinary course will
of Punjab;and
(f ) r'Govcrnment"meansthe Government
(gl "uoeconomic cow" includesstray, unprotected,infirm, disablcd
-.easedor barron cow.
3. Prohibtionof slaughter:- Notwithstandinganything containedin any
othcr laW for thc timc beingin forceor any usageor customto thc contrary,
or causeto be slaughteredor offeror causeto be
or p;rsooshrll, slaughter
any cow ln ar,yplacein Funjab; for slaughter
Providedthat killing of a cow by accidentor in rclf defsncewill not bc
as slaughter
undertbe Act.
export of cr"rw
:- No person shall cxporCor cause
to be .exportedcow for the purposeof slaughtercither directly or through
an agent or sei'vant or any other person acting on his behalf in
contraventionof the provisions
of this Act or with the knowledgethat il
will be or i; irkely t.r slauehtcred"]
t4B. Permit for export:- (l) Any persoD desiring ,u .*O'or, cows
shall apply for a permit to such officot. et the Government may' by notification, appoint in this bchalf, stating the reasons for which they are to
bc cxported as also the number of cows and the neme of the State to which
they are proposed to be exported and shall also file a declaration to thc
effect that the cows for which tho permit for export is required shall not
bc slaughtered.
Thc fee for
issuing permits
shall be such as may be plce'
cribed l
7, Levyof chargesoffees:-ThestateGcverlEent or thetocatautbority, if so. authorised, may levy such fees as may be prcscribed for care and
mointenanceof uneconomic cows in the institution.
8. Penalty:- (1) whoever contravenes or attamptsto contavene
or abets the contravention of the provision of [Sectio4 3, scction 4'A,
eecticn 4-B or soction 5l shall be guilty of an offencepunishablc with
rigorous imprisonment fon a term Whichmay extond to two years or with
fine whicb may extend to one thousand rupeesor v;ith both'
( 3 ) B u r t l e n o f P r o o f : - I n a n y t r i a l f o r a n o f f e n c e u n d c r s u b ' s e c t i o n( l )
o r s u b - s e c t i o n( 2 ) t b e b u r d e n o f p r o v i n g t h a t t h e s l a u g h t e r e dc c , wb e l o n g c d
t o t h e c l a s s s p e c i f i e d i n c l a u s e s ( a ) o r ( b ) o f s u b ' s c c t i o n( 1 ) o f s e c t i o n4
shallbe on the accused.
9. Offeocesto be cognizableand non-$ailable:- Notwithstanding enything
c o n t a i n e d i n t h e c o d e o f @ r i m i n a lP r o c e d u r e ,1 8 9 8 ,a n o f f c n c ep u n i s h a b l e
u n d s r s u b - s c c t i o n( l ) o f s e c t i o n8 s b a l l b . . c o g n i z a b l ea n d n o n " b a i l a b l c .
9 A . ( a ) e n t e r , s t o p a n d s e a r c h ,o ' r a u t h o r i s ea n y p e r s o n t o e n t e r ,s t o p a [ d
s e a r c ha n y v e h i c l eu s e do r i n t e n d c < j t o b e u s e d f o r t h e e x p o r t o f c o w s ;
( b ) s e i z e o r B u t h o r i $ et h e s e i z u r e o f c o w s i n r e s p e c t o f w h i c h h e s u s p e c t s t h a t a n y p r o v i s i o n o f t h i s A c t h a s b e e n , ' i s b ei n g o r i s a b c u t t o b e
contravened, along with thc vehicles in which such cows arc found and
thereafter take or authorise the taking of all measures ntcessary for
securiogthe production of the cows and vehicles so seized in a court and
for their safe custody pending production ;
duties of any offflceror authority having jurisdiction under
this Act, the proeedure to be followed by such officer or authority;and
(h) the matters which are to be and may be prescribed,
(g) the
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