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Landmark Property Management Company
406 East Fourth Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 722-9871
Fax: (336) 722-3603
Apartments Apt. No._____________
Subject: Security Deposit
Tenant Name:
Forwarding Address:
Enclosed please find a copy of the move-out inspection form for your apartment. Our records indicate the following
, the day you vacated your
status of your security deposit and/or charges due effective
Security Deposit Amount Paid:
Security Deposit Forfeited (if applicable):
Prepaid Rent:
Prepaid Other:
Security Deposit Interest:
Total Security Deposit, Prepaid Rent/Other and SD Int:
Unpaid Rent:
Unpaid Legal Fees:
Unpaid Other:
Unpaid Late Charge(s):
Vacancy Loss (if applicable):
Unpaid Tenant Damages (Itemization attached, if applicable):
Total Charges Due Project:
Balance To Be Refunded To Tenant (if positive):
Balance Due From Tenant (if negative):
Disposition of Security Deposit
Refund to Tenant Enclosed
Check #
Amount of S/D Refund $_________
This amount represents reimbursement of any unexpended portion of your security deposit held in trust while you
were a resident of the complex.
_______No Refund to Tenant/No Balance Due
Your security deposit was sufficient to cover all charges due. ( Itemization above or enclosed if applicable)
Insufficient Security Deposit
Balance Due $__________
Your security deposit was insufficient to cover all charges due. (Itemization above or enclosed if applicable). Please
remit the balance due by check, cashier’s check or money order within 14 days. Make your check paya ble to:
__________________ and mail to:
. In the event that you do not submit
payment or respond to this letter, management will report the unpaid balance to the credit bureau and initiate legal
proceedings to collect this amount. Any legal costs we incur to collect this amount will be payable by you.
If you have any questions concerning the disposition of your security deposit, please feel free to contact the on-site
manager at the above mentioned apartment complex.
Very truly yours,
Enclosure: Move-In/Move-Out Checklist
Site Manager
Tenant File
Landmark Property Management Company, Agent
Security Deposit Disposition Letter VA - O43
(Revised 09/2010)