Web data integration with O2MC and Hortonworks Data Platform

Web data integration with O2MC
and Hortonworks Data Platform
Partner Brief
“By combining the O2MC I/O, DimML and
Hortonworks Data Platform, companies
can move beyond analysing historical
data only, and deploy automated
prescriptive analysis of real-time data.
In-stream computing of both structured
and unstructured sources empowers
users to take a major step in interpreting
information and applying artificial
intelligence to prescribe specific actions.”
Bob Nieme
O2MC I/O offers you a prescriptive web computing platform for
developing operational solutions that transform Big Data into commercial
intelligence. Technology Providers and System Integrators can
incorporate these solutions into their own services – as a service or on
premise – to create today’s most efficient Big Data operations.
With O2MC I/O technology you can use any structured or unstructured data source and add
business rules to make predictions and decisions more and more accurate. The technology is
applicable to the entire scope of Data Analytics.
From descriptive to prescriptive
You can use it to run descriptive solutions to analyze past events and why they happened
(diagnostic). But why not use data to predict what will happen next? You can even aim for
prescriptive – the most advanced level of analytics – and receive decision options to take
advantage of future opportunities or to avoid risks that might come your way. Prescriptive
analytics with O2MC I/O can not only predict future outcomes, but it can also recalibrate
algorithms to make better and better predictions for any industry.
DimML programming language
All O2MC I/O solutions are based on DimML, a patented intuitive programming language.
DimML stands for Declarative ‘in motion’ Machine Language. Declarative means that it allows
users to express and instruct what the program should accomplish, rather than describing how it
should be accomplished. DimML’s genius is in its simplicity; making programming very intuitive
and easy to master.
DimML – The innovative language for Big Data leverage
Reduce operational costs up to 50%
Reduce code with 85%
In-stream computing
Deploy a single infrastructure for collecting,
processing and distributing high-quality data.
Reducing operational costs up to 50%.
Develop advanced data applications,
reducing the amount of code with
Effectively reduce the volume of incoming
data and computational time needed.
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O2MC I/O in the Modern Data Architecture
Features & Benefits of
Combined Solution
Reduced data volume
Instead of collecting everything and having
storage challenges, Hortonworks and O2MC I/O
can now support you in eliminating the noise
and taking better decisions on reliable data.
Real-time actions
DimML acts on insights gained within the
Hadoop cluster in real-time.
 Seamless web data / web interaction to
 Seamless integration with any visualization
Data Access:
Use the DimML Hadoop plugin as an extra data
access application within Hadoop to make data
 Update your personalization and
decisioning algorithms
 Change website content and
 Merge and distribute clickstream data to
O2MC I/O is a Certified Technology Partner
The Hortonworks Certified Technology Program reviews and certifies technologies for
architectural best practices, validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases,
benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.
Hortonworks. We do Hadoop.
Hortonworks is a leading commercial vendor of Apache
Hadoop, the open source platform for storing,
managing and analyzing Big Data. Hortonworks Data
Platform, our distribution of Apache Hadoop, provides
an open and stable foundation for enterprises and
a growing ecosystem to build and deploy Big
Data solutions.
Hortonworks is the trusted source for information on
Hadoop, and together with the Apache community,
Hortonworks is making Hadoop an enterprise
data platform. Hortonworks provides unmatched
technical support, training and certification programs
for enterprises, systems integrators and
technology vendors.
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For additional questions, contact:
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+31 (0) 20 7 60 60 76
 Hortonworks
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