FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH new castle, Kentucky For the Record

For the Record
Last Week’s Attendance
10:00 am Sunday School
11:00 am Worship Service
Children’s Church
Today: Nick Hawkins
Last Sunday
To Date
Goal to Date
new castle, Kentucky
Making disciples among all nations for the glory of God.
Next Week: Carol Ann Tingle
Wednesday Evening Programs
Dinner begins at 6:00pm
Last Week’s Attendance
Children (6:20pm)
Youth Group (6:30pm – 7:30pm)
Adults: Moms in Prayer (6:30pm) & Bible Study (7:45pm)
--Voting on Deacon Candidates: NEXT Sunday, October 19th
immediately following the 11:00am worship service. Returning
Service Candidates: Bobby Foree and Lori Vegh. Associate Deacon
Candidate: Kelly Hall
--Women’s Prayer Breakfast NEXT Saturday, October 18th at
9:00am. Bring a Friend and your Bibles!
--Henry County Baptist Associational Meeting: NEXT Saturday,
October 18th at 6:00pm - NCFBC
--Allison’s Annual Hayride & Pumpkin Pickin’ Picnic:
Sunday, October 19th at 4:00pm. Bring a dish, a chair and a guest!
--Now Collecting for the Eliza Broadus State Missions offering.
--Operation Christmas Child: Now collecting flip flops (all sizes)
and 5x8 paper tablets (3/$1 at the Dollar Store)
(502) 845-2355
Fax: (502) 845-2354
47 East Cross Main St.
P.O. Box 126
New Castle, KY 40050
Daniel Lowry
[email protected]
Chris Mann
[email protected]
Support Staff
[email protected]
Daniel Lowry, Pastor
Chris Mann, Associate Pastor
Karen Greenwell, Worship Leader
October 12, 2014
11:00am Worship Service
Call to Worship
Scripture Reading: Psalm 24 (Pew Bible pg. 392)
Hymn – O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Hymn – We’ve a Story to Tell
Pray for your church family
Pray that God would make you a blessing to His church. Ask
God to bring one of your brothers or sisters in the church to
mind. Ask God to show you some way to serve, encourage, or
minister to them.
Hymnal #216
Hymnal #586
Confession & Assurance
Corporate Prayer of Confession
Lord, Forgive us for serving others before You. Too often we give
our allegiance to earthly things and temporary authorities.
Forgive us for revering others more than You. Help us give
ourselves to You first and most. Amen
Pray for your city & state
Pray that God would show our church where He is working in
our city and community so that we can join him there.
Pray for the ladies who were served at the Henry County
Baptist Association oil change ministry. Ask God to continue
to open doors for us to show them the love of Christ Jesus.
Song – How Deep the Father’s Love
Power Point
Kids K-3rd Grade dismissed to Children's Church
(Nursery Available for Younger Children)
Scripture Reading: Revelation 1:12-18 (Pew Bible pg. 867)
Petition & Instruction
Choir Special
Prayer of Petition
Find Us Faithful
Pray that God would grip those of us with abundance, that we
might find it in our hearts to help provide for the practical
needs of many around the world.
Pray about how you might participate in World Hunger relief.
To Whom Do We Do Reverence?
Acts 23:12-35 (Pew Bible pg.790)
Hymn – Jesus Is Lord of All
Pray for the world
Pray for health concerns
Hymnal #296
Please contact the church office with any updates or additions
(health or otherwise) to the prayer concerns
(502) 845-2355
[email protected]