Declaration of Finances/
Affidavit of Financial Support
International students must submit financial support documents prior to the issuance of Form I-20. Financial documents
must total $24,117.00 for students at the associate degree level. Additional family members, such as a spouse and/or
child, will require certification of additional funds in the amount of $4,500.00 per person.
Indicate the source(s) of funds for the student’s educational expenses. If there are multiple sponsors, each sponsor must complete a
separate Declaration of Finances/Affidavit of Financial Support form. Indicate amounts in U.S. dollars.
Estimated annual expenses for
an international student
Government Sponsor_ $___________________
Personal Savings
Personal Checking
_ $___________________
Other:________________ $___________________
(Cost at the associate degree level; amounts can vary
from student to student.)
Tuition and Fees (Two Terms)
Books and Supplies (Two Terms) $1,266.00
Mandatory Insurance
(12 month coverage, paid annually)
Living Expenses*
Acceptable documents include:
• Personal funds – Recent bank letter or statement.
• Family/sponsor funds – Recent bank letter or statement
along with a notarized affidavit of financial support. You
may use the bottom of this form for the affidavit. If you
do not use this form for the affidavit, your affidavit must
contain applicant’s name, sponsor’s name, relationship to
applicant and amount of funds available for the purpose
of the applicant’s studies.
• Government/sponsoring agency – A signed copy of
the scholarship or award letter stating the amount and
duration of award.
• Examples of unacceptable financial documents include:
- Salary statement or pay stubs
- Real estate
- Credit cards/credit limits
- Investments, stocks and accounts on which
funds cannot be easily withdrawn
- Business accounts
*The estimated amount for tuition and fees is based on enrollment in
12 credit hours in the fall semester and 12 credit hours in the spring
semester. Amounts are subject to change without notice.
I, ______________________________________________
Name of student (Please print clearly)
have read and understand the above and I do swear and affirm
that the financial information provided is true and accurate.
Student Signature (Does not require notarization)
The affidavit below must be completed by the family member or sponsor and must match
the name of the account holder provided in the bank letter or statement. This affidavit must
be signed in the presence of a notarizing official.
Please indicate your relationship to the student:
q Father q Mother q Brother q Sister q Other: ____________________________________
I hereby certify that I, ___________________________________________________________ , will be responsible for the educational and/or living
Name of sponsor (Please print clearly)
expenses of
Name of student (Please print clearly)
each year while he/she is attending Valencia College.
I also certify that the total amount of money I have available for educational expenses at
Valencia College is U.S. $__________________________________________
I authorize the release of my supporting financial documents to verify that the promised
financial resources are immediately available to me and the student. I swear and affirm
that I know and understand the contents of this affidavit, signed by me, and that the
statements are true and correct.
Seal of Notarizing Official
Signature of Sponsor: __________________________________________________________
Signature of Notarizing Official: __________________________________________________
Date Signed and Notarized: _____________________________________________________
Notary: Sworn and subscribed before me this _____ day of_____ (month) in the year ________
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