Two days Workshop on Industrial Tribology and

Dr P D Porey
Dr Barun Chakrabarti
Dr D V Bhatt, Professor, MED, SVNIT
Dr B M Sutaria, Asso. Prof., MED, SVNIT
Dr. H. J. Nagarhseth Prof.,MED, SVNIT
Dr. D. P. Vakharia, Prof.,MED, SVNIT
Dr. (Mrs) J. M. Meghani,Asst. Prof., MED, SVNIT
Mr. S. Soni, Asst. Prof., MED, SVNIT
Mr. S. N. Pandya, Asst. Prof., MED, SVNIT
Goal of the Workshop:
Tribology is one of the areas which is being
identified as thrust area in the industry and is
now becoming the centre of research. The
workshop aims at dissemination of the
knowledge gained by various experts from
academia and industry in the field of tribology.
It is expected that there is healthy deliberations
between speakers and delegates on all aspects
of tribology useful to industry and academics
both during the workshop.
Registration Details:
1. The interested participants should register
by sending the duly filled Registration form
along with the registration fee by Nonrefundable Demand Draft on or before
31st October, 2014 to:
The Organizing Secretary, ITA-2014,
Two days Workshop on
Industrial Tribology and
14th– 15th November, 2014
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat – 395 007
2. Demand draft should be drawn in favour of:
"Organizing Secretary ITA-2014" payable at
Surat, Gujarat, India.
3. Registration Fee:
R&D / Industry
Research Scholar
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 2,000
Rs. 1,000
PG Students
Rs. 750
Jointly Organized by:
Anchor Institute Cell (Engineering & Auto)
Registration fee includes registration kit,
working lunch, tea and snacks.
Last date of registration: 31 October, 2014
Important Information:
All delegates will be felicitated with a after
successful completion of the workshop.
(Promoted by Industries Commissionerate,
Govt. of Gujarat)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sardar Vallabbhai National Institute of
Technology, Surat, Gujarat-395 007.
About SVNIT:
About Mechanical Engineering Department:
The Institute was initially established as Sardar
Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering &
Technology in 1961 and was upgraded as a National
Institute of Technology with the status of ‘Deemed
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About Anchor Institute Cell
Anchor Institute (Engineering & Auto), SVNIT-Surat is
supported by Industries Commissioner ate, Department
of Industries and Mines, Gujarat Government,
Gandhinagar. The wide industrial base in Gujarat state is
expected to increase significantly in near future due to
the large new investments coming in as envisaged
during Vibrant Gujarat Summits. One of the issues
arising due to this will be regarding availability of
necessary technical manpower as realized by the
Industrial Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat,
Gandhinagar, in spite of sufficient technical manpower
coming out of the academic institutions. This is due to
the fact that large fraction of the fresh graduates
coming out from ITI, Polytechnics and Degree colleges
are unemployable. The need for better quality and
skilled technical manpower is increasing and will
continue to increase in time to come.
Eminent Speakers Have Accepted To Deliver lectures:
Dr D V Bhatt, Professor, MED, SVNIT, Surat.
Dr Barun Chakrabarti, Head (R&D) –
Hydrocarbon, L&T, Mumbai
Dr Jayshree Bijwe, Professor, MED, IIT - Delhi
Dr Smitamane Patil, Professor, MED, SGSIT,
Mr Abraham Mathew, General Manager,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Chennai
Dr Harish Hirani, Professor, MED, IIT - Delhi
Dr R U Upadhyay, Principal, College of Applied
Science, Changa, Ananad
Dr Rakesh Sehgal, Professor, N IT Hamirpur
Shri N M Dubey, Director, M/s., Ducom LTd.,
Mr Ramesh Chauhan, AGM, NTPC, Surat
Dr Girish Desale, CSIR, Pune
Areas to be covered:
Fundamental of Tribology
Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance
Friction & Tribology in Automobile
Bearing Tribology
Brakes and Friction Materials
Tribometers & Applications
Failure Analysis and Case Study From Industry
Rehology and Tribology of Lubrication
Workshop On
“Industrial Tribology and Practical Application”
14- 15 November, 2014
Title: (Dr. /Prof. /Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.)
Dear Sir,
I .............................................., am willing to join the two
days workshop on “Industrial Tribology and Application”
on 14th - 15th November,2014 organized by Institution
of Engineers (India), South Gujarat Local Centre &
Mechanical Engineering Department, SVNIT, Surat.
I am herewith attaching the demand draft no. ................
worth Rs. ................. Drawn in favour of Organizing
Secretary ITA-2014. Please acknowledge the receipt of
the same.
Dr K N Mistry, Principal, GIDC, Navsari
Dr B M Sutaria, Asso. Prof., MED, SVNIT, Surat.
Dr M A Bulsara, Professor, MED, GCET, V. V.
Nagar, Anand
Sign of the applicant
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