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Can Lenten Love Letters
Charity and my relationship began with writing letters to one another after we met at a summer honors program called Gover­
nor’s School. I wrote to several other students for a while, but Charity was the only person I continued to write for more than just a few months. The letters were not romantic in nature. We were just keeping up with one another. I always knew when I got a letter from Charity even before I ever saw the return address. The envelope was always brightly colored with the lettering drawn in some fancy script that Charity did by hand. The mail lady who delivered to our house once told my mother how much she enjoyed the bright creative envelopes. I was not creative in the same way as Charity. My letters were plainly addressed, but I would make up humorous names for the return address, and my letters were designed to entertain more than inform. Even though these letters were not romantic, they were laying the ground work for the relationship that would eventually lead to our decision to get married. Words have great power to heal and bring people together. This is why I have encouraged the church to write Lenten Love Letters to one another for the season of Lent. The challenge is to write at least one “thank you” note each day of Lent to a person in the church. God has written a beautiful letter to each of us that goes back to the beginning of time. I bet you will be surprised when I tell you I am not talking about the Bible. The Bible is a beautiful letter, but the letter of which I am speaking is the person who speaks faith into our lives. Long before there was a written word, faithful people told the stories of faith, taught others about God, and en­
couraged those who did not know God to come into relationship with Him. We are all recipients of the words of faith God spoke to us through some faithful person who introduced us to God. Each of us who call ourselves Christian has the beautiful obligation to be God’s love letter to someone who needs to hear of His grace and love. With God’s Word written on our hearts, our lives enveloped in God’s love, and our bodies stamped with God’s Spirit, He sends us out into a world desperate to know there is a God who saves. So, practice sending your Lenten Love Letters to people in the church, but never forget the greater calling to be God’s Living Love Letter to the world. Because of His Extravagant Grace, Brian Drama Team The Drama Team is back in full force. We have several dates scheduled already. We are currently working on a song that will help to lead worship on March 17th. We will soon start working on two songs for Homecoming Sunday. We meet on Sunday nights at 5 pm for anyone 5th grade and above. If you have any questions please con­
tact Brandi Krebs (217­3550), Crystal Long (218­6302), or Deanna Smith (218­
0978). Youth . . . . . Wow! What a great start to the New Year. We have had a tremendous showing on Sunday
and Wednesday nights. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for all the help and sup­
port to make the Souper Bowl Sunday fundraiser a success. Our youth have also worked
hard every Saturday running the concession stand for Upwards basketball.
A big Thank You to Hollis Hoggard, Nick Krebs, Noah Scott, Samuel
Goff, and Max Greenough for participating in the Caswell Springs
Variety Show. Congratulations to The Soggy Bottom Boys (Nick, No­
ah, Samuel, and Max) for winning the first Caswell Springs Variety
Starting in March, we will focus on studying some Basic Bible Stories. We’ll be reviewing
events from Genesis, but we’ll take a closer look at some of the details­ and how to learn
from their mistakes. Plus we’ll have some games to go along with it! Coming soon: a Steak
Dinner night­out fundraiser!
Summer Youth Trip dates have been set for July 18­23 to Lake Junaluska with a short
stop in Gatlinburg, TN. If you are planning on going, there is a $100.00 deposit due this
month. This will be a great experience for our youth, and a great opportunity to fellowship
and worship God with others.
Education Committee The Education committee is in the process of establishing a Safe Sanctuary Policy for Caswell Springs UMC. It is our goal to reduce the risk of child abuse in our church. We would like to share some statis­
tics with you that were taken from  An estimated 906,000 children are victims of abuse and neglect every year. The rate of victimization is 12.3 children per 1,000 children. * 80% of abuse is perpetrated by adults who are known and trusted by the child.  Abusers can be found in every social class, age, and ethnic group. Often, they are charming, sociable, and fun to be around. By establishing a policy now, we hope to greatly decrease the possibility of an abuser reaching our chil­
dren. Please pray for our committee as we work together on this important task. For more information or questions please contact Chris Watkins (228­623­1733) A Note From the Music Ministry One of the best ministries that a church can offer for young disciples is a vibrant children’s music program. Through music, children are able to learn about God’s love for them in a way that will make a lasting impression. After all, music is fun! Here’s what you can expect this spring and summer... Children’s Choirs – Sunday Evenings (5:30–6:45) This spring, Penny Dearman has been very gracious to continue working with grades 4­6, while I will begin my work with two younger groups: Preschool­Kindergarten and grades 1­3. This allows all children to learn more ­ and have more fun ­ because they are with their own age group. Your child will have the opportunity to sing, play instruments, and do various movement­based activities, all of which will encourage them to praise God through song and dance. Worship Leadership – Select Sunday Mornings Children in grades 1­6 will have an opportunity to lead worship through their singing at various times this spring. Our older children (grades 4­6) will sing on Palm Sunday, and both groups will sing after Easter. While singing is a way for children to express themselves, it can also be a way for them to learn about the important role that music plays in worship. If you are a parent of a child in Preschool or Kin­
dergarten, don’t worry: your child is not being left behind! Just as they are working toward “readiness” in school, they are also working toward this in music and in worship. Summer Music Camp – July 8–12 (Daytime) I'm excited to tell you about a new addition to our program. During the week of July 8­12, children ages 8­12 are invited to be a part of a week­long music camp which culminates in the performance of a musical on that Friday. I have chosen one of my favorite shows for our first music camp: Parablelooza! It's a musical and a game show rolled into one, where the kids (and audience!) have the opportunity to be a part of the games. It is guaranteed to be a big hit with our kids. So be sure to mark your calendars now, and look for more details as they become available. I am thrilled about having the opportunity to work with your children as we learn about Christ through music. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how your child fits into all of this. Daniel Banke (aka “Mr. Daniel”) Director of Music and Creative Arts Rotation Sunday School Happenings
The cross tells us even more about real love than any Valentine card can. God loved us so much that he sent his only Son to save us. Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life for us. We may not have to die for someone, but there are other ways to practice sacrificial love, listening, helping, encouraging, giv­
ing. Valentine's Day has past for this year but we can share that kind of love every day of the year. Think of someone in particular who needs this kind of love today. Give all the love you can, and then try to give a little more. Penny Drive for Community of Hope: We are still collecting coins for Community of Hope. While we have collected quite a pile so far we would LOVE to have more! Please don’t forget to send your loose change with your kiddos. SPRING: is knocking on the door and we are already making plans for a Spring Mission Project. More information to come as the plans come together. Lent season is among us. Sometimes it can be hard to explain to our children the importance of this season. Here are some crafts that will help your family learn the significance of Lent and Easter. The following craft ideas came from Last Supper Craft (The downloads for the disciples are at­thursday­last­supper­craft/) Supplies Needed: Cut­outs of the disciples from the website above 2 egg cartons crayons scissors glue 1. Take 2 egg cartons, and cut off the lids. 2. Snip slits in one carton just before the last 2 cups. 3. Overlap 2 sets of cups and fit together with the slits. 4. When you’re sure you have them fitting right, secure them with glue. This will leave you with “one” long egg carton with 11 cups across. 5. Print, color, and cut out the downloads. 6. Glue one person to each upside down egg carton cup. You may have to cut them a little shorter than she drew them depending on the egg cartons you’re using. Glue them all across the front side of the back row, and make sure the 2 tall ones go on the ends. See the picture: Need to know what order to glue them in? If you want them to match the da Vinci painting, match their names from the coloring pages to the order he painted them in: 7. Color and cut out the table from the printables and fold them in half along the dotted line. Adjust the length needed for your egg cartons, and glue the “table” on across the tops and front of the egg carton cups. The table will print in 2 pieces­ you have to piece them together. When you’re all done, proudly display this adorable craft on your mantel, or use it as a centerpiece for your Holy Thursday dinner table Lent­ Crown of Thorns­ Supplies Needed: 1 cup of playdough per child (salt dough also works) 20­25 toothpicks per child a plate to put their crown on We did this in children's church last week and the kids loved the idea. Start by reading the story of the Good Samaritan. Each child will need to divide their playdough into three sec­
tions. Then roll out each section into a long line. Then braid the three strands, and join to­
gether to make a circle or crown. Place the toothpicks into the crown. For every good deed that the child does during the lent season, a toothpick can be removed. If all toothpicks are removed by Easter, then they can be replaced by flowers. Dates to Remember: Stations of the Cross­ Wednesday, March 20 at 6:30pm. This is a great event for families to get a hands­on experience of what Jesus went through during His last days before His crucifix­
ion. If you have any questions, please see Amy French. Easter Egg Hunt at the Greeough's­ March 24, 4­6pm. We will have an Egg Hunt, fun games, food, and devotion. Please bring a finger food, lawn chairs/blankets, and an Easter basket. Drinks and cake will be provided. Mark & Susan live in Park Ridge subdivision. If you are coming from the 4­way stop in Hurley, go south on hwy 613, just a few miles, and Park Ridge is on your right. Stay on Park Ridge Drive until you reach 7501 Park Ridge Dr. If you have any questions, you may call Amy French at (228­990­5164) or Susan Greenough (228­588­6070) Camp Wesley Pines Summer Camp­ Dates for the Older Elementary Camp are June 3­7. Children entering 4th­7th grade are eligible to attend. Scholarships are available. Please see Amy French if your child is interested in going. Babylon:Daniel's Courage in Captivity VBS­ will begin on Sunday, June 23 through Wednesday, June 26. HIS WAY MINISTRY PSALMS 98:1
Great big thanks to all who attended, worked, or entertained to make the Oh, sing to the
Karaoke/Songfest fundraiser a success. We had a total profit of $5,659 after expenses. COH, Missions, and His Way will each receive $1,886. Lord
a new song!
I can’t speak for the other two ministries, but for His Way, this will allow us For He has done
to purchase 600 lb. of beef that will be used throughout the year to feed the marvelous things:
shut­ins. His right hand and
His holy arm
This was a great outreach beyond Caswell Springs. There were several de­
Have gained Him
nominations participating in the talent and many other denominations at­
the victory.
tending. Plus it was FUN. Look for this to be an annual event so get your talent ready for next year! Congratulations to first place winners Noah Scott, Nick Krebs, Samuel Goff, and Max Greenough for their presentation of “I am a man of Constant Sorrow” by the “Soggy Bottom Boys”! 01 Richard Pierce 01 Staci Barlow 01 Savannah Travis 04 Tina Goldman 4 Claire Balcer 05 Matthew Hadley 06 Avery Jackson 07 Allison Sims 07 Jared Fagan 07 McKenzie Johnson 08 Brianna Smith 09 Alan Sward 09 Ryan Davis 10 Edwin Makamson 11 Jacob Levi Sims 11 Lindey Howard 11 Martha French 12 Alex Sward 12 Lindsey Huff 12 Leslie Goff 12 Cheryl Ann Allgood 12 Brian McGhee 12 Robbie Taylor 13 Lauren Parker 13 Eual Adkison 13 Joseph White 14 Manly Barton 14 Ron Bowerman 14 Ally Stephenson 14 Madison Hall 15 Kennon Barton 16 Wes Goff 17 Latisha Goff 17 Cathy White 17 Michael Hall 19 Amber Cumbest 19 Wayne Goff 19 Jill Parker 20 Kenneth Parker 20 Lou Havard 21 Johnny Goff 21 Jody Goff 21 Lori Cupit 22 John Thomas 23 Tim Hall 23 Carolyn Davis 25 Bobby Goff 25 Patricia Bowerman 25 Cindy Stewart 26 Jim Yancey 27 Eli French 27 Madge Fisher 27 Susie Buckhalter 28 Patty Howell 30 Barbara Hutchens 30 Grant Cumbest 31 Max Greenough 31 Olivia Wachsman 31 Robin Blackledge Rotation Sunday School: We celebrated 4 Andy & Dina Hawkins 12 Brent & Patti Cumbest 15 J. R. & Brandy Hoffman 16 Jesse & Tammy Lacy 21 Harold & Elaine Morris 30 Robin & Sonya Blackledge the most generous love of all on February 10 with a Val­
entine Fun Day in Rotation Sunday school. We had lots of yummy food and Valentine crafts (thank you parents for helping!) . In our Gathering time our devotion told us about a love so great none can compare. We read John 15:13­14; Jesus said, "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. You are my friends if you do what I command." Upcoming Events: Be in prayer for upcoming Homecoming Sunday, May 5th with guest speaker Rev. David Price. Also, Spring Revival. Dates are Sunday night May 5th thru May 8th at 7:00 p.m. Morning Services will be the 6th ­ 8th at 11:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. with a lite lunch at 11:30 a.m. With guest Evangelist Rev. William Montgomery and Music directed by our own Daniel Banke. March 2013
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Psalm 27:01­3 The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear or dread? The Lord is the refuge and stronghold of It is Luper­ Katharina Amalia Dorthea von Schlegel, my life. Of whom shall I be calla, an 1697. Little is known of this writer. She afraid? Though a host encamp ancient was possibly one of the eighteenth­century against me, my heart shall not Roman Pietists of the Halle School, who compiled fear. religious the Cothnische Lieder, 1774 complete edi­
holiday. Caesar, the Roman dictator, tion. Twenty­six hymns have been attribut­
makes his appearance before the crowds in ed to her. God CAN AND WILL STILL the streets. From out of the crowd, a sooth­ OUR HEARTS AND SOULS. He minis­
sayer (a predictor of future events) calls: ters to us through the ancient Psalms of beware the Ides of March. Caesar, a very David. There is great medicine for the soul superstitious man is troubled by this pre­ in the Psalms. In any tribulation the world diction. The “ides” of March is the fif­ has to offer, we can tune our ears to the teenth of March, and just soothsayers of the Be Still my soul, another name for the num­
world or listen to the the Lord is on your side. ber fifteen. Do we see the timeless, unchanging Bear patiently, parallel in our present day? word of our Lord the cross of grief or pain. Aren’t voices calling out to and Savior, Jesus Leave to your God, us? Beware!! This is the Christ. Meditate on to order and provide. theme of our daily news. His word and feel In every change, His Presence with you. God faithful will remain. Page 534, Hymnal Hymnology Non‐Profit Org. U. S. Postage PAID Hurley, MS 39555 #9 Caswell Springs UMC RETURN ADDRESS REQUESTED 18601 Hwy 63 Moss Point, MS 39562