Page 2 Sept/Oct 2014 Church Phone: 427-6264

Page 2
Sept/Oct 2014
Church Phone: 427-6264
Pastor: Rev. Paul F. Hooker, Jr.: 548-9322
Stephen Edwards, Ministry Leadership Contact: 427-8236
Our Prayer List
You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you can do no more than pray until you have prayed
Please take a few moments in your busy week to lift up these special needs in prayer
Our Church, Our Country, Our Schools & Colleges, Catch the Vision
Japan, Haiti, Jean Melio – Sonlight Christian Mission in Haiti, Kevin Woolley, Bike4God Mission, Gideons
Natural Disaster Victims and Relief Workers, Disaster Relief Volunteers, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity
Allen, Ronnie
Alvarado, Jesus
Alburg, Cindy
Ashby, Gary
Atkins, Derrick
Barriger, Alicia
Barringer, Joel
Beard, Eddie
Blankenship, Virginia
Branner, Jim
Brame, Frank
Breese, Brenda
Bullins, Dean
Bullins, Henry
Burns, Bonnie
Clark, Bobby & Vicky
Collins, Nancy
Cook, Rodney
Dalton, Mona
Dalton, Willie
Duncan, Jerry
Duncan, Nancy
Duncan, Sandra
Ellis, Grace
Evans, Jewel
Evans, Lannie
Fincher, Aileen
Fincher, Bradley & Molly
Flowers, Donna
Frennett, Riley
Front St. Baptist Church
Gammon, Virginia
Gentry, Roger
Gover, Melissa
Griffin, Brenda
Grubbs, Christine
Gutierez, Saul
Heath, Jenny
Hennis, Melodie
Hennis, Rene
Hill, Brandon
Hutchinson, Fred
Hopper, Bill
James, Marion
Joyce, Cheryl
Joyce, Francis
Joyce, Robin
Joyce, Christopher
Key, Don
King, Peter
Leffew, Carrie
Logan, Joyce
Logan, Mike
Long, Tyler
Mabe, Donna
Mahassey, Duane & Peggy
Manuel, Eric
Martin, Chris
Massey, Barbara
Mitchell, Betty
Mitchell, Charlie
Moorefield, Brenda & Family
Morton, Jackie
Morton, Ricky Dean
Murray, Christina
Nance, Amy
Neal, Buddy
Neal, MJ
Nelson, Lola
Nelson, Stephanie
Nelson, Wade
-Netcast Church
Newman, Lanny
Nickelston, Lisa
Nickelston, Madeline
Portis, Harold
Price, Debra
Pruitt, Jason & Tonya, --Christian & Kendall
Pruitt, Veronda
Reid, Kelley
Reitlinger, Lisa
Riptey, Dennis
Shelton, Larry
Shelton, Pete
Simmons, Bill
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Laura
Smith, Teresa
Stanley, Courtney
Stinson, Crystal
Strickland, James
Taggett, Faye
Tilley, Gene
Trotter, Frank
Turlington, Jamie
Tuttle, Mona
Wall, Cindy
White, Charlene
Williams, Clyde
Williams, Effie
Zur, Walter
The Bereaved
Hugh Smith Family
John Randolph Family
Elmo Dodson Family
Orene Joyce Family
Billy Purgason Family
Military/Missions Prayer List
Please pray a special prayer for these
brave folks
Befort, Joey
Befort, Josh
Befort, Matt
Benfield, Keith
Carter, Christian
Carter, Christopher
Daniels, Pvt. Aaron
Davis, Anthony
Dobosy, Shelly
Dodson, Danny
Fincher, Anthony
Harris, Zac
Hill, Ln Cpl Chad
Holley, Drew
Hooker, Caleb
Howerton, Donald
Lesbsly, John
Lenihan, Seth
Martin, Steve A., Jr.
McCoy, Pvt. Ryan
Mills, Craig
*Noah, Joshua A., MM3
Norwood, Brian
Orr, Matt
Plock, Corey
Rich, Roger
Schick, PFC Robert
Sexton, Bill & Monette
Sigmon, Travis
Strandberg, SSG Jn Matthew, Jr
Taylor, Shahayne
Walton, Kim
Whitten, Sp4 Michael
Whorton, JR
Wood, Chris & Christina
*Crew of the USS George HW Bush
Please pray for US efforts in Iraq
and those that are being
persecuted for their faith.
If you have a name you would like to have added or removed from the prayer list, write it on a note and place in the offering basket.
You may also add or remove names by sending your requests to: [email protected]