Innov-is 1250D NV1250D Sewing and

Innov-is 1250D
NV1250D Sewing and
Embroidery Machine
Create high quality embroidery designs and sewing
projects quickly and easily with the easy to use
NV1250D plus the exclusive to Brother; the Disney
difference is built in.
• 136 built-in embroidery designs including 35 designs
featuring Disney characters
• Embroidery area of 180 x 130mm
• 184 built-in sewing stitches
• 850 stitches per minute for sewing mode
• 650 stitches per minute in embroidery mode
• USB port for easy import of embroidery designs
Wide variety of built-in embroidery
Start embroidering right away with any of
the 136 built-in embroidery patterns found
on the Innov-is 1250D. Choose from florals,
35 designs featuring Disney characters,
animals, geometrics, seasonal designs and
much more.
Built-in embroidery frames
Put the finishing touch to your embroidery
with an elegant frame. Choose from 10
frame shapes and 12 border styles.
Combine with lettering to create an elegant
For all your sewing and
embroidery needs
The Innov-is 1250D has everything to appeal to your
embroidery, quilting, home furnishing and dress
making needs.
With so many great features you’ll enjoy the huge
range of creative possibilities the
Innov-is 1250D has to offer.
Built-in font styles
Built-in font styles make it easy for you
to personalize all your embroidery projects.
• 6 fonts
• 3 sizes
Functions to assist your
creativity with embroidery
LCD display screen
Manage all the functions with a simple touch
of the easy to use monochrome LCD Screen.
• Fast embroidery and sewing speed
• Embroidery editing with optional USB mouse control
• An instructional LCD touch panel
• Superior fabric management with exclusive walking foot and seven feed dogs, puts you in control
• Fabric sensor detects the thickness of the fabric, and adjusts the thread tension to the most appropriate
With hundreds of built-in sewing stitch
combinations, including a range of utility
stitches from blind hems to large decorative
patterns, the Innov-is 1250D lets you select
the right stitch for every application.
184 Built-in sewing stitches
480 Decorative Stitches
*Some designs can be stitched in different widths or sizes, which are not shown on this list.
Only Brother Brings you the Disney difference
with 35 popular characters for you to
© Disney© WINNIE THE POOH elements based on the works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.
Sideway feeding
Sideway feeding is very helpful to attach
appliqués to fabric that cannot be moved
around, such as cylindrical pieces.
Automatic upper thread tensioning
The Innov-is 1250D automatically adjusts
the thread tension to create beautiful even
stitches on any fabric.
Presser-foot pressure adjustment
Simply adjust the pressure applied on the
presser foot for the weight of the fabric you
wish to sew.
Advanced and easy to use
threading system
With its advanced automatic needle threading system,
the Innov-is 1250D makes threading the machine and
the needle effortless. Also for ease of use, all operating
buttons are on one convenient panel. Buttons include
built-in scissors, reverse/reinforcement button, needle
position up or down and start/stop.
Instantly import patterns from
Brother Memory Cards
instantly import embroidery designs from
Brother Memory Cards using the card slot
in the Innov-is 1250D.
USB port
Large embroidery area
It is so easy just insert a USB memory stick
and import your embroidery design directly
into the machine.
The Innov-is 1250D has a 180 x 130mm
embroidery area so you can create even
more intricate designs.
• The extra large 300 x 130mm multiposition embroidery frame is also included
• Multi-positional embroidery
Optional accessories
Wide table
Embroidery card library
Circular attachment
For easier handling of larger
sewing and quilting projects.
Hundreds of fantastic
patterns to choose from!
Create precise circles with a radius
ranging from 30mm to 130mm. A
great tool for creating circles with
straight stitching, zigzag, embellishing
and decorative stitches.
Embroidery threads
Brother’s range of embroidery
design software offers
features to suit all, from
beginner to advanced users.
Large collection of high
quality embroidery threads.
What’s in the Box
•Buttonhole foot “A”
•Overcasting foot “G”
•Monogramming foot “N”
•Zipper foot “I”
•Zigzag foot “J”
•Blind stitch foot “R”
•Button fitting foot “M”
•Walking foot
•Quilting foot
•Stitch guide foot “P”
•Adjustable zipper/piping foot
•Non stick foot
•Open toe foot
•1/4 inch quilting foot
•Side cutter “S”
•Quilting guide
•Seam ripper
•Bobbin (4)
•Needle set
•Twin needle
•Cleaning brush
•Eyelet punch
•Screwdriver (large)
•Screwdriver (small)
•Spool cap (large)
•Spool cap (medium) (2)
•Spool cap (small)
•Extra spool pin
•Spool net
•Foot controller
•Operation manual
•Embroidery foot “Q”
•Embroidery set (large) H 18cm x W 13cm (H 7inches x W 5 inches)
•Embroidery set (extra large multi-position) H 30cm x W 13cm
(H 12inches x W 5 inches)
•Stabilizer material for embroidery
•Embroidery bobbin thread (white)
•Alternate bobbin case (no colour on the screw)
•Knee lifter
•Grid sheet set
•Hard case
•Accesory bag
•Disc-shaped screwdriver
Specifications subject to change without notice
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