VO L U M E 7
W h a t ’s n e w a t G e n e r a l M a g n a p l a t e C o r p o r a t i o n
And The Winner Is...
Before an audience of 300 of the most talented
people in the field of research and development,
Mario Casobona, Vice Chairman of the Research
and Development Council of New Jersey proclaimed General Magnaplate the winner of the
1999 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award.
award was presented to
Magnaplate for our new
CMPT technology. This
dense, multi-directional
metal weaving process
was recognized as a
“breakthrough” in the
making of layup molds
for large, contourAlva Edison
shaped, complex rein- Thomas
Patent Award
forced composite parts.
It starts with an actual part or low cost form that
replicates the part. (The form is the bottom part
of the three shown in the photo in the article on
the right.) A metal layup mold (the middle unit)
is then woven onto the form by the CMPT
process. The finished part (at the top) releases
easily off the CMPT mold.
The CMPT process is the result of the dedicated teamwork of its inventors, Doc Covino, Ed
Aversenti, Gaylon Pleasant and Allen Solomon,
all of whom were recognized during the Awards
ceremony. Congratulations to all involved for
once again proving that Magnaplate is in the
forefront of product development.
But CMPT is not the only new product
we’re proud of. MAGNAPLATE TNS™, our
newest coating, was also the recent recipient of a
prestigious award.
Presented by PLANT SERVICES magazine,
their Silver award honored TNS as one of the
most important new products developed in ‘99.
prevents any type of
pressure sensitive tape
or any adhesive or glue
residue from sticking
to or building up on
equipment parts in the
adhesives formulating,
label-making, and/or
Silver Award
New, Ultra-Thin TUFRAM 2000 ™ Coating
Exhibits Superior Wear and Corrosion
Resistance on Aluminum Parts
We are pleased to announce the introduction of
TUFRAM 2000 to the continuously expanding
series of TUFRAM coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloy parts. It offers a variety of special features that go beyond any other coating in the
TUFRAM series. It creates a consistently uniform
surface and can be applied in ultra-thin thicknesses
of .0005 – .0007" with buildup of .00025 –
.00035", making it particularly useful for close tolerance applications such as screw threads. The
thickness is customized for each application.
TUFRAM 2000 creates a surface that exhibits
superior resistance to corrosion (2,500 hours in
ASTM B-117 salt spray) as well as extremely good
wear resistance (Equilibrium Wear Rate using Taber
abrasion testing method with CS-17 wheel: 4.6
mg/10,000 cycles) under adverse conditions. It is
available in sealed or unsealed versions.
The coating also creates an effective dielectric
barrier, remaining at a constant 2.1 for a temperature range of –250°F (–157°C) to +550°F (+288°C)
and a frequency range of 5 Hz – 10,000 MHz, and
a constant dissipation factor of 0.0003 at the same
temperature ranges. Coated parts retain the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum. Volume
resistivity values remain unchanged even after prolonged soaking in water. Non-conductive , it acts
as an insulator that withstands a range of 500 –
2000 volts, compared to standard anodized films
which break down at about 340 volts.
Write, call, fax or E-Mail your request for
additional information about TUFRAM 2000
and/or other surface enhancement treatments for
aluminum and other metals.
ToRave Reviews
One of the most rewarding parts of our business
is finding people who are unfamiliar with
Magnaplate and watching their reaction when
they realize how our capabilities can help solve
their problems. Nowhere is this more evident
than on the floor of industry trade shows, like the
recent IEFP Show in Las Vegas, NV, which covered
food processing and packaging, and the CFA
Show, serving the composite industry, in Chicago,
IL. where the General Magnaplate name is now
no longer unfamiliar to thousands of attendees.
During the IEFP show hundreds of visitors
received information on our USDA/FDAcompliant surface enhancement products. The
big attraction was our MAGNAPLATE TNS™
demonstration, where we challenged visitors to
stick a strip of duct tape to a TNS-coated roller.
After three days, and three rolls of duct tape, not
one visitor could meet the challenge. They did,
however, suggest lots of new applications for
using TNS, including one individual who had a
problem packing tuna fish in metal containers.
Not to be outdone,
Show also drew
quite a crowd.
Over 300 people
who came in to our
booth were introduced to one of
the show’s hits —
a unique display
(shown in the
photo) of our “breakthrough” CMPT process
which is used to make metal molds for reinforced
composite parts. Visitors from the aerospace,
bus, automotive, and appliance industries (as well
as fabricator subcontractors) were excited about
the savings in time and money now made possible
by the CMPT process. They made a big fuss over
our other surface enhancement coatings too,
including PLASMADIZE® 2139 and NEDOX®,
which exhibit superior release, wear and resistance to corrosion on molds and other metal
parts. We’re excited about our expanded exhibit
program for 2000 which is listed on the other
side. We hope you can visit us at one of the shows.
NEDOX Coating
Extends Life
ofWater Pumps
inHostile Environments
Application of Magnaplate coatings to key
parts increases the service life of both new and
refurbished water pumps installed by LayneChristensen Co.
Traditionally, when corroded cast iron parts
fail, they are replaced with brass, bronze, or
stainless steel. Layne’s use of “synergistic”
coatings enables it to extend pump lifetime
and saves the cost of using expensive alloys.
Bowls, Shafts, and Impellers coated
The cast iron bowl assembly’s outer casing
houses the “business end” of the pump. It contains the impeller and bears the brunt of
aggressive water chemistry and sand. Layne
discovered that coating the bowl assembly
with Magnaplate’s NEDOX® 615 SB imparts a
carbide-like surface (Rc 62-70) to the part.
Layne also coats shafts, impellers and other
The coefficient of friction of NEDOX-coated surfaces is significantly lower than uncoated surfaces. Super-smooth surfaces permit
pumps to run at higher efficiency resulting in
more savings.
The NEDOX surface enhancement process
is “inexpensive and quick,” says Layne. It adds
only 40-50% to the price of the bowl assembly.
The alternative of replacing the assembly with
brass or bronze costs four times as much. A
stainless steel bowl assembly adds six times or
more to the cost. Typically, a 200 hp submersible pump would cost approximately
$130,000. The cost breakdown for various
bowl assemblies would be as follows:
Gray cast iron with
bronze impellers ..................................$15,000
NEDOX coated cast iron
with bronze impellers..........................$23,000
All bronze construction.......................$50,000
All stainless steel construction............$80,000
The NEDOX coating imparts numerous
benefits to the user while adding only about
6% to the total cost of the pump.
Y2K Trade Show Schedule
If you are planning to attend any of these trade shows, please be sure to stop at our
exhibit booth to learn more about our latest developments in surface enhancement.
January 19-21
Poultry Expo
Atlanta, GA
March 28-30
Northern California Job Shop Show
Santa Clara, CA
April 4-6
American Contract Manufacturing Shows
Toronto, Ontario
April 11-13
Mid-Atlantic Job Shop Show
Cherry Hill, NJ
April 25-27
American Contract Manufacturing Shows
Arlington, TX
May 23-25
Eastpack 2000 & Creative Packaging 2000
Philadelphia, PA
June 6-8
Atlantic Design Engineering Show
New York, NY
September 12-14
Labeling Expo
Rosemont, IL
September 27-30
Composite 2000*
Las Vegas, NV
October 17-19
New England Fall Job Shop Show
Marlborough, MA
October 25-26
Southwest Job Shop Show
Dallas, TX
November 5-9
IEFP 2000
Chicago, IL
* At Composite 2000, emphasis will be on both our new CMPT breakthrough technology for layup molding of
composite materials and our PLASMADIZE 2139 coating for superior mold release
Charles P. Covino,
Magnaplate’s Founder,
Retires as CEO
The retirement of our founder, Charles P. (“Doc”)
Covino as Chief Executive Office was recently
announced by Magnaplate’s President and new
CEO, Candida Aversenti. Doc will continue to
serve us as our Chairman of the Board and will be
available for consultation on R&D to help us further expand our family of surface enhancement
Ed Aversenti, formerly VP for Corporate
Operations, is now our Chief Operating Officer.
He also remains Secretary of our corporation.
We wish Doc continued good health and enjoyment of the many and diverse personal activities
he plans to pursue.
Just prior to his retirement, Doc received two
more honors. The Secretary of the Army recently
awarded him the Army Commendation Medal “In
recognition of his life achievements in the service of the US.” He was also promoted to the rank
of Honorary Colonel of the Army.
Newest Edition of Our
Engineering Data and
Application Guide
Now Available!
We are pleased to announce the publication
of the newest edition of what is probably the
most useful of all our brochures, our
Engineering Data and Application Guide.
The new Guide contains valuable data on
each of our synergistic and high-tech surface
enhancements for metal parts. It permits the
user to quickly determine which coating is
most likely to accomplish any particular job.
It shows which coating will work with which
base metal, and under
what conditions of use
and temperature.
To obtain your copy of
the Guide, write, call,
fax or E-Mail your
We still haven't yet decided whether to keep
calling him “Doc,” or switch to “Colonel.”
For more information, or to request literature on any of our “synergistic”
surface enhancement coatings, contact:
Linden, NJ
Arlington, TX ■ Ventura, CA ■ Racine, WI ■ Ajax, Ontario, Canada
(800) 852-3301 ■ Fax: (908) 862-6110
E-mail: [email protected] ■ Web Site: