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 Turnitin Asssignment SSubmission
n 1. Access the course / un
nit where yoou want to upload the assignmentt to in Moodle 2. Go to the A
Assignment block in yo ur unit 3. Click on the
e Turnitin lo
ogo next to your assign
nment name
e 4. You will seee your name with a loggo to upload
d your assig
gnment. Clicck on ‘Subm
mit Paper’ 5. You will be requested to accept t he User Agrreement beefore you w
will be allowe
ed to submit you
ur assignment. You havve to click w
where it sayss: ‘Please cclick here to read and accept the Agreement’ 6. Click on I agree ‐‐ continue 7. Now you caan upload yyour assignm
ment as usu
ual. Prepared by: Lienq V
Van Rooyen Projectt Administrattor