Dredging Briefing 33 Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project 10 October 2014

Dredging Briefing 33
Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project
10 October 2014
In this issue
Progress over the last week
Update on progress this week
Road and footpath closures and diversions
See what footpaths and roads we have to
divert or close so we can complete our
dredging work
Local asset repairs
Update on other local flood defence repairs on
the Somerset Moors and Levels
How we'll keep you updated on progress
Where you'll find the latest information
Forward look
What's happening over the next couple of
Progress over the last week
We have 7 gangs working. This weekend 3 land based excavators will substantially complete the
dredge of the River Tone. On the River Parrett 2 floating excavators will be working outside
Saltmoor Pumping Station and outside Ham Lawn Farm. We will review whether we can use the
amphibious machines depending upon water levels in the rivers.
We have so far removed approximately 120,000m³ of
silt. We have just 0.5km of river (1km of total river bank
length) left to dredge and remain on programme to
complete work by the end of October. This week's
visual update of the dredge can be found at:
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Road and footpath closures and diversions
The West Yeo Road will reopen on Monday 13 October between Saltmoor Pumping Station
and Myrtle Tree Cottage. If you have any questions about the work this weekend please contact
Land and Water on 07967461175.
We are awaiting permission to close the Huntworth Lane (not West Yeo Road as mentioned
last week) at New House Farm for 1 week. We hope this will come into force next week (w/k
commencing 13 October). We will use our Facebook page and @EnvAgencySW twitter account to
confirm when the closure is starting. Or you can call Wayne Hobbs from Team Van Oord on
07809 446315 if you are unsure whether the road is open. When the closure comes into force the
road will be closed from 7am until 7pm from Monday to Friday. This is in order to restore the flood
defence to the design level where the River Parrett overtopped during the winter floods. We will be
piling the river bank followed by the construction of a pile cap. We will try to open the road as soon
as possible and move to a traffic light managed option to try to minimise disruption.
The road closure along Riverside remains in place. We are now completing piling work
between Samways Farm and Shepherds Drove. You can access Riverside from the A361 as far
as Samways, otherwise please use the Shepherds Drove Diversion. The road will be on a rolling
road closure and closed between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday. There are now more limited
opportunities for us to move our piling machine from the road each day and therefore we can no
longer accommodate the midday until 1pm opening.
The week commencing 20 October we will be closing Riverside at Moorland House in order
to complete piling and wall raising. We will try our best to ensure that the piling works further
upstream on Riverside are completed by this time, however there may be a few days overlap
where both sections of road are closed and there is no through route on turning right out of
Shepherds Drove. We will keep you updated on plans for this work. Please call Wayne Hobbs
from Team Van Oord on 07809 446315 for further information.
Pedestrian and bicycle access will always be available but you may have to bear with us whilst we
make sure it is safe to walk through. Please pass this message on to those who will be affected by
this closure and may not receive our briefing notes.
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Forward look
Over the next couple of weeks:
. Floating and amphibious excavators will be working on the River Parrett between Burrowbridge
and Saltmoor, between Ham Lawn Farm and Moorland House Farm, downstream of
Westonzoyland Pumping Station, and completing works on the confluence of the rivers.
. We will hold another Wednesday drop-in at Gillards (Samways Farm) from 16:30 until 18:30.
Look for the Land and Water sign on Riverside, Burrowbridge. We may cancel the last few dropins before the end of the dredging project if the demand continues to fall.
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Local asset repairs
As well as completing the dredge, we are repairing local 'assets' like river banks, pumping
stations, sluices, gates and coastal flood defences that were damaged in the floods. These repairs
include work mentioned in the 20 year plan for the Somerset levels and Moors.
We continue to make good progress with the piling on Riverside in Burrowbridge. We are now on
site at Northmoor Pumping Station and Saltmoor Pumping Station. This week we will be starting
bank repairs on the River Parrett between Northmoor Pumping Station and Screech Owl.
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How we'll keep you updated on progress
Weekly updates will be sent to our partners, district and county councillors and parish councils for
wider dissemination. We are also putting the latest weekly updates on the Environment Agency's
We are piloting a designated Wessex Facebook page where we will be posting frequent updates,
alongside continuing to use our @EnvAgencySW Twitter account.
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Part of the Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan
Contact us Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Email us or Telephone 03708 506 506
If you would like to be added to the distribution list to receive these updates directly, please email
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