Dr. Andreas Walus, LL.M.

Dr. Andreas Walus, LL.M.
Andreas provides legal advice in the sector
Healthcare & Life Sciences, he advises in particular
to German and European healthcare law. His
practice focuses on statutory health insurance,
hospitals, SHI-physicians, drugs, pharmacies,
medical devices and compliance.
Andreas pursued his studies, among others,
in Hamburg, New York (USA) and Lausanne
(Switzerland). Subsequently, he wrote his PhD on a
public security topic at the Humboldt-University of
Berlin. In 2014, he graduated as Master of Laws in
International and European Law at the University of
Amsterdam. He has been with Gleiss Lutz since
2014. Andreas was engaged as an academic assistant
at the Humboldt-University of Berlin from
2008-2012. From 2002 to 2013 he was committed to
emergency and disaster medicine as practitioner and
scholar. During his doctoral studies, he awarded a
scholarship by the state of Berlin. He is one of the
foundation members of the Institute for Legislation
and Constitution at the Humboldt-University of
Berlin. Andreas speaks German, English and French
as well as Polish elementarily.
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