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I’ve been on the job for two months now and I am
thrilled about the opportunity to build upon the
fantastic foundation that Maxine and her team have
built over the past 18 years. During this time of
transition, I have learned much from Maxine; her keen
advice has been most helpful in understanding the
dynamics of the organization and the region’s many
players. I’ve seen first hand the leadership, which has
propelled the Tech Council to be among the finest in
the country, and I am even more humbled and honored
to have been chosen to lead the Council to 2.0.
As mentioned at the July Annual Meeting, I strongly
believe that the Council’s future success will depend
on a collective effort across the state and region. Three tenets will define the way this
organization adapts going forward. First, collaboration with new and not-so-obvious
partners—engaging and supporting the next generation of leaders will be a top priority.
Second, open innovation will be an approach that enables us to integrate the best
practices from across the country. (I’ve been in touch with a few of my counterparts
from different regions that have shared some of their success secrets.) And third, we
will be a more agile group, responding quickly to the market, trying new things and
failing fast.
In addition, during my listening tour I have gained a wide perspective on how
the Council can play an even more essential role going forward. Collectively, we
have an opportunity to take the lead in building a more robust tech, innovation and
entrepreneurship ecosystem across the state and region. In fact, today all companies—
small, large, big, small, new, and old—are essentially tech companies. If your company
or organization is not leveraging technology—from supply chain to social media to
ecommerce—then it will be disrupted by it.
Last week we held a great Leadership Summit and I am looking forward to not only
our big events like the Awards Celebration on November 20th but also the more than
100 events throughout the course of next year. I look forward to you joining me on our
journey to 2.0. I see endless opportunities ahead and am excited about some of the new
things we’re planning. Stay tuned! n
—James C. Barrood, President and CEO, NJTC
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