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Custom Quilling Supplies
For the largest selection of
quilling and punch supplies.
Custom Quilling June Kit
Featuring cards, loads of cardstock, print paper, quilling strips,
buttons, stickers, husking pins and lots more. The kit will also
include a Husking Card pattern , which will be emailed.
Many of the items included in this kit will
only be available in kit format.
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Quill News
Page 2
June 2010
New Items
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June Kit
June Kit Pattern
Touch of Color Strips
Small Ivy Punch
Curved Fine
Summer Fun
Farm Animals
Point Tweezers
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June 2010
Quill News
Page 3
Design Team
Recycled Mini Scrapbook
Can you guess what I made this
album out of? With three girls in
the house we go through LOTS of
YES—toilet paper tubes, they are just the
right size for this project. All you
do is flatten, wrap with your
choice of paper, punch holes, add
eyelets, then decorate. Hold them
together with the little metal rings,
make tags that fit into the
“pockets”, decorate, and enjoy!
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Quill News
Design Team
June 2010
con’t from pg3
Dad Card:
For this one, I recycled some pictures
which were printed out for another
project that were never used. The
inspiration for my project came from all of
the buzz about letters at the Yahoo
Quillers group, and at Ann Martin’s blog
“All Things Paper”. I decided to do my
letters differently. First I cut the word
DAD out of the dark green cardstock.
Next I carefully glued the quilling strips
around the letters to edge them, and then
I added the quilled elements. I folded the
aperture card so that the four openings
were inside so I could use it as a picture
frame. The cupcakes did cost $5.00 each,
but they were good!!
Pillow Gift Box:
This last project was also from recycled material… it
started life as the box from my current favorite cereal
-- MMMM! These boxes are great for a small gift or a
gift card, and they can be made in whatever size you
need. A wonderful way to keep some of that out of
the landfill and have the perfect wrap for your gift! I
have also seen the cardboard product boxes that
already have a “window” in them… hose would be
really cool to use also.
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Page 4
Quill News
June 2010
Design Team
Wisteria and Ivy Tea Light
I have been waiting to embellish this little tea light lantern and
when I saw that this month’s kit had greens, I knew it would be
just right for ivy. The shaped, quilled ivy leaves made from the
darker strips, are adhered to a wrapped green floral wire, then
the wire was bent and trailed on the tea light, and spiral tendrils
were added. I love wisteria and since it also is ivy-like, I quilled
teardrop shapes and adhered them onto a coil of the green wire,
also to get the shape of the draping flowers. The wisteria leaves
are made from the lighter green strips in the kit and are
marquises made from crimped strips. Next I added a light purple
fringe flower and punched accent flowers for a bright, summery
garden project.
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Page 5
Quill News
Design Team
June 2010
Page 6
con’t from pg5
July Calendar Page:
This month’s calendar installment used the light lime
green card stock from the kit to make zinnias. Their
yellow centers were accented with orange seed beads.
Then I added punched
violets for contrast
which made the green
zinnias pop.
The base of the page
was another of the
beautiful greens from
the kit, and is a nice
frame for the flowers.
Ivy Napkin Rings:
Since the kit features green this month I also
included a “green” project. I save different
alterable and recyclable items to make
projects from. I saw these cardboard tubes
and decided that they would be just right for
napkin rings. The ivy designer paper in the kit
was perfect to cover the tubes. I inked the
sides and ends with a medium green ink pad.
Ivy was again used, but with a different ivy leaf
of three teardrop/marquise shapes made from
the darker green strips.
The pieces of ivy were made as in
the tea light, and were perfect frames
for the eccentric circle and fringe
flowers. I will set these on my table
to adorn matching napkins.
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Quill News
June 2010
Page 7
“It’s not easy being green.” says Kermit the Frog. Well, Kermit did not know about the June monthly kit from Custom
Quilling! For me green was not only the color for this month, but also the theme—RECYCLE.
My projects are all done with recycled items I found around the house. “Green” was easy with ALL (lots!) of the
beautiful green papers, quilling strips, stickers and buttons. There was soooo much, I was unable to use everything;
LEFTOVERS for another day!
Remember….all greens go together, just ask Mother Nature!
The greens for this month inspired the garden theme of my projects and it was so hard to keep to just these three.
There are generous amounts of green quilling strips, card stock, and designer papers to create beautiful projects. I
have a card in mind to make with the cute window cutouts and great ivy theme stickers. The monthly kits are a great
way to build up your stash of supplies to use and combine for many projects to come.
Happenings at CQ
The summer shipping schedule has been established. It can be found under the Contact Us and Shipping pages.
CQ has a new list for quillers to meet other quillers in their area; check it out under Quilling Information ... Quilling Friends. Who knows? You may find a new quilling buddy!
The CQ Monthly kits are available by autoship; please contact us for more information.
A quilling star is born...
CQ received this note from Cringuta Campbell:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and
support with my previous orders. I
received my packages within just a
couple of days. I am proud to say
that I won the first prize in the
beginners framed quilled competition. [NAQG] As I only started
quilling in December last year, this
was the first competition I ever
entered and I still think that I am
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